You’re welcome.

Or, I’m sorry. Whichever one fits.


Video after the jump.

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  • Larry Sheldon

    Good grief. Add to the Overture to “William Tell” in the list of pieces that conjure up images……

  • Carolyn

    I couldn’t make it through the first movement. 😉

  • munchnstuf

    Meh. I once had a similar talent.

    (Alas, I prefer not to talk about it ever since a most unfortunate incident/misunderstanding when a young lady of ill repute once ‘insisted’ that I perform The Nutcracker after steadfastly (and quite stubbornly, if I might add) refusing to accept my previous artistic interpretation of La Traviata for, uh, ‘services’ rendered. Needless to say, I’ve never been able to enjoy ballet quite the same way ever since.) X(