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Ashley Judd Wants You To Know How Much More “Shocking” Her Life Is Than Anyone Else’s.

I just read the most hilarious article about a keynote address Ashley Judd gave in Canada the other day. BEHOLD THIS EXCERPT (emphasis on the parts that made me roll my eyes the hardest):

She has experience volunteering with organizations that combat human trafficking, but declined to speak about those experiences. Instead, spoke about herself and the neglect and abuse she suffered in her childhood, which she disclosed in a 2012 autobiography. She spoke at length and apparently off-the-cuff about her relationship with her parents, her therapy and the death of her dog.

She drew a connection to human trafficking by saying she was like the victims, even though she has never been trafficked.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation had shown a short documentary they made about a women who’d been trafficked into the sex trade by men she met at a Winnipeg mall. He later kidnapped her, repeatedly raped her and forced her into prostitution. Judd said she was like that girl.

“I was that girl at the mall,” said Judd. “It’s a miracle I am standing here today. When I tell this story, it surprises me the extremity of my particular narrative. Not everybody has a story as shocking, or whatever you want to call it, as mine.”

Seriously, is there anyone on the planet more insufferable than Ashley, who can watch a documentary on a woman being repeatedly raped and forced into prostitution, and then immediately say that not everyone has a story as shocking as her own?” SERIOUSLY?


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You’re welcome.

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