Ashley Judd’s New Movie TANKS Its First Weekend

You guys, it’s rated like FOUR PERCENT on, which is like EPICALLY BAD. And according to this, it’s completely tanked at the box office. Here’s the key excerpt from that article:

Yes, the lone new release is Freestyle’s The Identical, which is an allegedly laughably-bad faith-based bit of speculative historical fiction, fashioned around the idea that Elvis’s twin brother, who was a stillborn, actually survived and grew up in his famous brother’s shadow. The film stars Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Joe Pantoliano, and Ray Liotta and it earned just $534,000 yesterday. The picture will be lucky to crack $1.75m for the weekend in 1,956 theaters, and with even with just a $12m budget, that’s going to hurt City of Peace Films and Identical Production Company very badly.


This calls for another horrifically bad photo of her.

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  • Dirk_The_Impailer

    Why on Earth would a supposedly Christian group use one of the most pro-abortion feminazis as an actress in their movie?!?!?!? That alone will keep me from ever seeing this movie…

  • Hannah_955

    It is continuing to tank. First weekend it made $1.6 million in 1956 theaters ($811 per screen). Second weekend it made $402K in 1274 theaters ($316 per screen). What do movie tickets cost these days, $10? That’s 32 people ALL WEEKEND in each theater who went to see this movie. I there are 5 showings a day, times three days… that’s like 2 people in the theater per showing. Wow, that’s pitiful.

    This was not initially targeted at Christian audiences but in desperation they tried to spin it that way. Didn’t work.

    That $811 per screen did get it onto one top-200 list though: Worst Opening Weekend per-theater averages – wide releases only (600+ theaters) – 1982 to Present. It’s ranked #23. Only 22 movies in the last 32 years have had worse per-theater openings. I have no idea why they decided to open this movie in almost 2000 theaters.

  • Hannah_955

    If you want to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie, the producers have posted it here:

    There’s plenty of Ashley in the first 15 minutes. She’s thin, but her face looks puffy and old and she spends most of her scenes crying and while she does a passable job, let’s just say I don’t think she’s in danger of any Oscar attention.

    The movie is pretty darned bad. Even Ray Liotta doesn’t fare very well…

  • Hannah_955

    Yoiks, they actually come out and say “Ashley Judd has never been a box office force.” Somebody tell Ashley that!

    And … she has signed on for a role in a “teen coming of age” picture – WHY do they keep casting her as a motherly figure? Don’t they know she thinks any kid alive today should never have been born because, after all, it’s “unconscionable to breed?” Methinks she CAN’T breed so she decided to turn it into an excuse to act all superior over regular folks who can do something she can’t – create the miracle of life.


    For Ashley Judd, it’s been a tough couple of weekends at the box office.

    The actress starred with Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman in the family film “Dolphin Tale 2,” which was projected by analysts to win its opening weekend, but came in with a soft $16.5 million for Warner Bros.

    That comes one week after “The Identical,” a Christian-themed indie musical drama in which she starred with Blake Rayne and Ray Liotta, bombed with less than $1.5 million despite being in more than 1,900 theaters. Things didn’t get any better this weekend, as “The Identical” brought in just $390,00 from 1,294 locations, a dismal per-screen average of $306, according to distributor Freestyle Releasing.

    Judd has never been a major box office force, but has been in several box-office hits, including the young adult tale “Divergent,” “Olympus Has Fallen” and “Double Jeopardy.”

    The weekend wasn’t all bad for Judd, however. She has reportedly signed on for the teen coming-of-age comedy “Good Kids,” and will star opposite Demian Bichir for Voltage Pictures.


  • Hannah_955

    Has anybody ever HEARD of any of the people attached to this movie?

  • Hannah_955

    Yowza. They’ve pulled the plug on “The Identical.” Week 1; 1956 theaters. Week 2: 1274 theaters. Week 3: 66 theaters. Total box office over this past 3-day weekend: $18,750. A 95% drop in box office from one week to the next.

    So, at roughly $10 per ticket that’s roughly 9 people per day per theater who went to see The Identical this weekend … how many showings per day – 3? A theater with just 3 people in it – wow.

  • Hannah_955

    Meanwhile, Ashley puts on an Herve Leger bandage dress and high heels, borrows a crapton of jewelry, has her skin, hair and makeup done, flies to New York (of course, dragging poor semi-comatose Shug along) … calls ALL the paps, all for – wait for it – an afternoon RADIO interview with a radio personality no one has ever heard of. Desperate much?

  • Jay

    Hi Hannah, where did everyone go? It’s more than a radio interview. She’s bragging about being at the Clinton Global Initiative, O magazine, and PSI work. At 46, she’s smokin’. If there is something to mock, I’m not seeing it.

  • Janet Lee

    Oh, here is that bandage dress:

    Obviously she still has many fans, as indicated by the posts. That, or Ashley’s team has typed up every positive comment.

  • Hannah_955

    Yup, she’s going to the CGI in NY and will be on a panel tomorrow with Bill Clinton (he’s apparently her Morgan Freeman in the “serious” world) as well as Queen Rania of Jordan and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. I hope they film it and post it on-line. My money is on:

    – inappropriate skin-tight dress

    – big tropical flower in her hair

    – knowing smile on her face as she nods and pretends to look very intellectual and well-informed while others talk

    – followed by her sucking all the air out of the room as she drones on and on telling three world leaders how to do volunteer work

    (think she won’t? she’s done that to CLINTON in the past!)

    And then she’ll tweet a photo of herself with Bill Clinton with his arm around her waist.

    I don’t know where the O Magazine interview fits in there but if it wasn’t yesterday then yes, all that dressing up was for a radio interview.

    As for PSI when has she ever done “work” for them? And certainly not in the last 5 or so years. She said in late 2012 that she was going back to Africa in 2013 and then – nothing. She made some movies and went backpacking in the Smoky Mountains. She’s been racking up speaker fees for years without any new material. She didn’t even follow through on the Nicholas Kristoff campaign in Tennessee to help women get out of sexual slavery.

    But yes, she actually does look good! It’s a phenomenon in my life and that of most of my friend that a breakup is followed by a massive self-improvement campaign (and often, bizarrely, a drastic haircut). She’s definitely in the best shape of her life. Dario leaving her catalyzed that, I’m sure.

    I’m still in touch with Jessica but I think all the air went out of the room when LoveHolmes attacked her …(was that the handle? I’ve forgotten)

    Oh, after donating an average of about $350 a year to political causes for the past 14 years, this year she donated $5,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. After all, if they don’t elect a Democrat, how is she going to go to the inaugural weekend in DC and get paid $50K to shake hands with a few paraplegic military vets and drop veiled hints about being invited to the White House?

  • Jay

    Hannah does not disappoint! Let’s see how many you get right.

    For what it’s worth, here’s her 20 minute interview. She revels in being called beautiful ad nauseam by an overly gushing Jenny, pushes Genworth long term care, Vitamix, and Hilary Clinton:

  • Hannah_955

    And Jay does not disappoint either! But I just got home (had an “accident” on the way – my fault) so I think I need a slug of Jameson’s before I listen to 20 minutes of Ashley getting her a$$ kissed.

    The accident, BTW? gawd spare me from prissy metrosexual san francisco men with 14 year old Toyota Avalons who practically faint when they see a 2″ scratch on their freaking bumper from contact during PARKING.

    And blame it on the motorcycle dyke. Yeah I said it. She’d call herself that I’m sure. So I’m parallel parking ON THE LEFT … and she pulls in her bike behind me … and I’m trying to avoid the bike, so she gets off the bike and stands on the curb and at first I think it’s cuz she’s making sure her bike is OK but then I think maybe she likes me (wink wink) but … prollly not … anyway she’s helping me park. She helps me right into contact with this guy’s bumper. Cuz gesturing toward the curb with your hands while saying “you’re on it” with absolutely no tone or expression of alarm apparently doesn’t mean I’m in the zone it means I’m making contact with his bumper. Yeah, he was in his car. So he hops out and is all “you scratched my bumper and I just got my car repaired after being rear-ended and it was PERFECT” (true dat, mine was the only scratch) … and so he wants my license and insurance.

    I literally never felt the contact. But anyhoo, I take a photo of it and call my insurance and they say if it’s under $1000 it won’t affect my rates.

    And as I’m leaving he’s asking her for her contact info because he wants a WITNESS.

    Meanwhile, a woman rear-ended me at a stop sign recently. I got her info but told her I wasn’t litigious and she’d probably never hear from me, but just in case my trunk didn’t work right or it wobbled at freeway speeds … and of course I never called her.

    Then two weeks ago I’m making a pilgrimage to the Mrs. Doubtfire house and there’s this woman and her passenger getting into a car parked at the bottom of the hill and it’s massively crowded so I think I will wait until she pulls out and take her spot. She sees me, no doubt about it. Goes into reverse (hmmm, I think, that’s weird) and then GUNS IT. Slams into me. Turns out she forgot she was in reverse, her passenger didn’t know, she’s new to San Francisco and was freaked out leaving a parking space going up a steep hill so her passenger helpfully told her to gun it. This time there was damage. Front hood a little out of true, one light knocked a bit out of whack. We exchange info, I don’t call her, I’m not going to make a claim. (My car is old.)

    So, that’s twice I’ve let people slide … and shouldn’t there be some reciprocal karma in there? But newp, I meet mr. prissy who wants his car to be perfect and has already probably tweeted and blogged about it.

    Anyway bottom line is he deserves to have his car restored to the condition it was in before I made contact with it. But really – a 2″ scratch in the paint on a rear bumper? This is city driving, folks, it’s kind of a contact sport! Especially when you’re talking about parking. And frankly I never felt our cars make contact so I’m just taking their word for it. But yeah, I believe I did it.

    So, he’ll need a rental car, and he’ll take it to a high end auto body shop that will remove the bumper, strip the paint off, prime it all over again, spray it in a spray booth (three coats probably) … won’t be tough to get up to $1,000 on his car that has a trade in value of $3500.

    Oh, where was I? Ashley?

    She’s getting mad positive feedback on that web site, it’s insane.

    Oh, and I had a VitaMix 20 years before she had one, and mine doesn’t have a crappy plastic case, it’s metal and it’s art deco and it’s GORGEOUS.

    In fact I have two. Because one day 25 years ago I was taking my dog for a hike and passed a garage sale and someone was selling a VitaMix for $15 so I bought it and asked if I could pick it up after my hike and she said yes, and when I got back she said someone had offered her $50 for it but she had told them it was sold, and saved it for me. How cool and honorable was that?

    I remember AJ tweeting about her VitaMix but I think she spelled it ViraMix.

    BTW if anybody calls her on the fact that she didn’t go to Africa as she said she would, she’ll probably blame it on her mother being worried about her catching the Ebola virus. She would have blamed it on Dario but I don’t think he cares if she goes to Africa and catches Ebola – hee!

    I did a game at a huge amusement park for a tech company last month, they rented out part of the park when it was closed to the public!!! Did I write about that? It was so cool. I scouted and made puzzles all around the rides that they went on … I’m getting more business from other groups in the same company so I guess they liked me 🙂

    And how are YOU all? I’ve missed you a lot. Maybe we can persuade Jessica to come back and we can pick up where we left off?

  • Hannah_955

    OK, I’ve listened to the first 6 minutes. Wow, the host just kind of rambles, doesn’t she?

    Ashley has just made a point of saying that she wanted to do Dolphin Tale before Morgan Freeman was cast in it. Her way of saying she isn’t a pity hire every time she appears in one of his movies?

    Mkay, Ashley, if you say so.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, so she’s now a paid spokesperson for Genworth Long-Term Care. Does she actually reveal that at any point during the interview?

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, I wonder how she felt when “Just Jenny” asks her “So, do you like aging?” Like, she almost called her OLD – hee!

  • Hannah_955

    And, apparently she actually brought a couple of Genworth people with her who stood there in the studio during the interview – what were they – her handlers? There to grade her performance? Wonder what she’s getting paid to shill for them.

    Gee, wasn’t she all hopped up about ObamaCare? So … she’s now shilling for a company where you have to pay out of your own pocket? Isn’t ObamaCare supposed to take care of EVERYTHING?

  • Hannah_955

    Hmm, I wonder if Ashley Judd will read this before attending today’s session at CGI:

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, and as for looking good at her age? Gwen Stefani is nearly 45 (Ashley is 46) and just gave birth to her third baby in February, at age 44. Unconscionable breeder. Look at HER abs!

    OK, I couldn’t find a photo of her abs from this year, here’s one from 2009 when she was 40 (and had already had two children).

  • Janet Lee

    Oh, they look like my abs! Except not.

  • Hannah_955

    Janet – what a coincidence – me too! I was just thinking these people are like some alien species. Then I yelled at myself (in my head, so as not to disturb the neighbors) – NO THEY’RE NOT. We all have the same exact muscles in our body that respond to the laws of nature. Do crunches and stuff and you too can have abs like that!

    Yup, gonna start. Soon.

  • Hannah_955

    My powers of prediction are woefully bad. First, she dressed appropriately! Bare arms, of course, but a modest dress. And “take me seriously” pearl earrings. When she’s wearing pearls, you know she wants to be taken seriously. Second, no flower in sight. Third, apparently both Queen Rania and Bill Clinton bailed from her panel, leaving her with only Tony Blair and some non-celebrity – but more of an opportunity to hog air time. Fourth, no photo of her with Clinton – yet.

    She has begun tweeting things that make her sound VERY well informed (also referring to herself in the third person in a couple of them, which is weird). I suspect she has been boning up on position papers supplied to her by PSI since she is not known for doing independent research (or critical thinking).

    Airing tonight from @ClintonGlobal Very pleased w/ my intensive discussion on @CNN @ErinBurnett Catch me & @ZainabSalbi & @tonyblairoffice

    Did you know I believe markets & public sector & partnerships make huge impact on humanitarian issues – why? @CNN @ErinBurnett @PSIimpact

    Our world is riddled w/ catastrophic political & cultural
    expressions of religions & faiths. Where does spirituality fit? @CNN @ErinBurnett

    Boys & men aren’t “bad & wrong;” patriarchy is a system in which we all consciously or unconscious participate: @CNN

    Tune in tonight on @OutFrontCNN at 9 pm to see what @PSIimpact @AshleyJudd has to say about #familyplanning #GlobalHealth

    I am sooo in “look how that beyotch is eating those crackers” mode lately!

  • Jay

    Ah but you were spot on with the knowing smile and pretending to look intellectual. Why was she there? She even asked the same thing. If you search Twitter with her name in quotes and go to Photos, there are shots with Clinton and Melinda Gates. I gotta say, her self-improvement campaign is a smashing success.

    Sorry to hear about your fender benders. City driving is the worst. But good to hear from you, everyone else come back too!

  • Hannah_955

    Ah Jay, thanks! I always forget to put names in quotes. Hmmm, no photos of her with Clinton other than a “they ran into each other in the hallway” kind of candid shot. Is Ashley off her game? I still expect her to tweet one of them together.

    In the meantime, you’re right that I nailed the expression on her face. It’s as predictable as the pearls when she’s in a serious setting.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh AJ said she’s doing more on her FB page so I took a look at it. Her two word description for herself? Actor/Director. Does directing a 5 minute short actually give you the right to call yourself a hyphenate? Well, if she calls auditing two one-week courses at Oxford for no credit, with no papers or grades, “a bit more grad school” then I guess directing one short makes her Martin Scorsese.


  • Hannah_955

    Now this actually DOES piss me off: on she says this (well, speaking about herself in the third person): “…she graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with an MPA.”

    If anybody should know the difference between an MC/MPA (Mid-Career MPA) which is what she earned, and the actual MPA, it should be someone who went there.

    Let me lay out the differences:

    MC/MPA – one year degree
    MPA – 2 year degree

    MC/MPA – 50% rate of acceptance
    MPA – 20% acceptance rate

    MC/MPA – vanity degree for dabblers and people who want to add a Harvard degree to their resume with the minimum of effort
    MPA – degree for people who actually intend to spend their careers in public service

    No wonder all the speakers bureaus where she is registered tout her as an MPA. I naively thought they were just misinterpreting her degree and she hadn’t noticed. But she is actually the SOURCE of the error.

  • Hannah_955

    OK, so I couldn’t deliver on my predictions for CGI 2014 but here you go, all in one video:

    – Ashley Judd wearing an extremely low-cut inappropriate dress
    – flower in the hair
    – smug
    – interrupting Bill Clinton to drone on and on (well, I cheated on this one as I didn’t actually watch the video, but I gotta figure she did that a lot cuz – she loves the sound of her own voice)

    – puffy face (this is 2012 vintage)
    – namedropping Oxford although to my disappointment she didn’t repeat the claim that she was going to be doing “a bit more grad school”

  • Janet Lee

    Well, I can just make up a domain name and call myself a CEO!

  • Janet Lee

    Me too. Soon. By ‘soon’, I mean sometime in the next 50 years. Absolutely, soon.

  • Jay

    I confess I only listened to 1 minute and 30 seconds. Puffy and wonky left eye. What was that all about? Only 2 years ago, what a difference.

    Actor/Director and “MPA”? Still full of herself, that will never change

  • Hannah_955

    So Jay, not to disparage the amazing self-improvement she has undergone … nor the fact that she is apparently able to rev up her metabolism at will (aside: that’s why exercise is better for weight loss than dieting, because it revs up your metabolism to the point where you are burning more calories even when you’re *not* exercising) … I do find a few things to criticize about her recent pap walk before her radio interview:

    1) her dress is so tight the photographs practically look like x-rays

    2) she is either almost completely flat-chested or the dress has squished what little booberage she has

    3) she had weird spots all over her back and people were commenting on them

    4) I have seen this before where she was wearing a very tight dress and while it looked great from the front, from the back it looked a lot less attractive. Evidence below:

  • Guest

    Hmm, the photo didn’t show up. Lemme try again.

  • Hannah_955

    The photo didn’t show up, maybe it was too small (10 kb).

    Trying again.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, lovely a clip of Ashley blathering on and on (or is she blithering, or is blithering just an adjective, as in “blithering idiot”) – I literally do not know what point she is trying to make here, while the former Prime Minister of the UK sits there bemused twiddling his thumbs:

    I think she’s saying that if women earn more and contribute more to their family’s net worth, then men won’t abuse them so much?

    I’m sure that will REALLY fix the NFL, like TOMORROW.

  • Janet Lee

    Hannah, love your comment on the Blithering Idiot link!

  • Hannah_955

    Thanks Janet!

    Oh, and Jessica is alive and well and says that the blotches on Ashley’s back in that bandage dress are from a bad spray tan. Hee!

    So, I’m kind of obsessed this week with Ashley lying about her degree on her web site. It really pisses me off. And it got propagated to her speaker bio on various speaker bureau web sites, thence to lots of other sites on the web. I mean, why study for two years to earn an MPA when you can just lie about it and say you did?

    Remember how I’ve been saying for 2 years that her Mid-Career degree program is basically a joke in academic circles, has the highest admit rate of any graduate program at Harvard and is a vanity program for rich people with money but weak academic credentials?

    Voila – vindication:

    My favorite quote from the article (aside from the fact that you don’t really even need a bachelor’s degree to get in):

    “Among the student community it is known that Kennedy’s admission
    policies are less than strict. Pretty much anyone that has money to
    cover the tuition has a good chance to get in. They have one of the
    highest admission rates of any Harvard school,” said a former student
    who requested his name not be used.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, and The Identical continues to suck at the box office – it’s now averaging $33 per day per theater. At that rate, how do they even pay the JANITORS?

  • Janet Lee

    Ashley’s one of those women who believes herself to be SO loveable and SO beautiful that, she would label any man who disagrees with her to a misogynist, and any woman who makes criticisms on her to be jealous of her. How immature and boring. Newsflash Ashley – people don’t like you because you’re a complete fraud who has nothing real to offer!

  • Janet Lee

    I think Glitter and Gigli brought in more money than that.

  • Hannah_955

    OMG you guys, Ashley Judd actually thinks she’s Harvard PhD material. Blows my mind that she thinks she could jump from a 9 month mid-career vanity degree – where she admitted to needing private tutors – onto the PhD track at Harvard. Even for her, that’s extremely delusional!–ashley-judd-has-none

  • Janet Lee

    Hannah, I’ll take your word for it, as I couldn’t finish the video. She was too insufferable. I stopped at the pork chops part. Now she’s going to insult every person out there who worked so hard to get their Masters or Honours, especially the students who also had to work enough hours to pay for their rent and bills. The ones I knew at uni were under so much stress and some even got physical manifestations.

    And then THIS woman comes along and just ‘gets’ her Masters and wants to get a PhD??? Makes me so mad. It’s Harvard! Do they really need an endorsement from a has-been actress? I would never think any more of a university simply because some actor or celebrity went there.

  • Hannah_955

    Yeah, I’m thinking that “almost” stayed to get a PhD is like I “almost” won the lottery.

    (1) she’d have to have the discipline to commit to a 5-7 year course of study

    (2) she’d have to have an original thought

    (3) Harvard would have to have a brain fart in order to let someone so unqualified enroll in their PhD program. I mean a one year vanity degree is one thing but a PhD? PUHLEEZE.

    Hey, she just posted about the Ragnar Relay. I had never heard of it but it sounds exactly like the Hood to Coast race in Oregon that a lot of my runner friends do. Basically 12 people get sealed into two vans and take turns hopping out to run legs of a 200 mile run. Each runner does 3 legs. After each leg you get back in the van and ride along until it’s time for your next leg.

    There’s usually a team coordinator who assigns people legs depending on their strengths, whether they’re good hill runners, etc.

    I feel sorry for the people who are going to be sealed up in a van with her for going on 24 hours. Hope they bring supplemental oxygen cuz she’ll be sucking all the air out of the space.

    Here’s the legs for the Chattanooga to Nashville run which is October 24-25:

  • Janet Lee

    ‘Almost winning the lottery’ – as always, you’re so funny!

    Yes, you NEED an original idea to research and write 100,000+ words on. But maybe she believes that she has a ‘unique perspective’ on being ‘the highest paid actress in Hollywood’ and write about that and call it some sort of sociology project. Afterall, she loves to talk about herself and will find that writing 100K words on herself to be a breeze.

    Dr Ashley Judd. *Shudder*

  • Hannah_955

    no worries, she would never actually do that much work.

    I have to hand it to Ashley, she has figured out how to get credit for stuff without actually doing the work. I mean, why spend seven years writing a dissertation when you can blithely say in an interview “I almost stayed to get a PhD?” Instantly people think you are PhD material and you didn’t have to do any work at all to make them think that?

    And then, on your web site, say you have an MPA from Harvard when you actually have an MC/MPA because the average person doesn’t know the difference. And then watch while speaker bureaus propagate the error, and the average person on chat boards, when defending her, says “she has an MPA from Harvard!” (and then yours truly, sigh, pipes up to correct them).

    Thus, bestowing credit on yourself for two years of study instead of one.

    And people, let’s not forget that any mid-career (MC) program is going to cater to the lowest common denominator. They’re taking people from disparate career paths and putting them into the same classes. These are not going to be rigorous classes. And as we know, she needed tutoring to get through them.

    A couple of years ago in the 2012 election she pissed me off by saying she was tired of people criticizing the Obama White House for paying women less … and she was going to post a thorough analysis of White House salaries. Then she posted a 660 word essay, 77% of which was lifted verbatim from a single source – a “newspaper” founded by the Moonies!

    It was so sloppy and lazy it was laughable.

    So, I did my own research on the topic and posted a long essay on Facebook about it. Here ya go if you want to chew on some numbers:

  • Hannah_955

    Here’s my number crunching of the source data for White House salaries:

    I think this actual topic – based on one tweet and one essay by Ashley Judd – is what got me even madder at her. I hate fakes, and she’s as fake as they come. Like you said Janet, there are so many people who work so hard in school, hold themselves to the highest academic standards, actually roll up their sleeves and do original research, go into debt to pay for their degrees. And this bimbo who can’t do original research or analysis to save her life is going around saying casually she almost stayed to get a PhD at Harvard? Oh, the vanity.

  • Janet Lee

    Ashley Judd = Bimbo. I laughed so hard! Not that she isn’t, but that’s the first time I heard that one. Nice.

    I still don’t understand how she didn’t know that she had completed her degree. Tell any uni graduate that, and they’ll be scratching their heads. I remember counting every single credit point I did to finish before the semester started, and to see if there was a way I could finish any earlier. It’s just too suspicious.

  • Hannah_955

    Yeah Janet, that “I didn’t know I had graduated” stank to high heaven. It’s not rocket science figuring out you have enough credits to graduate. First of all, it’s something you’re aware of from your first year – that there are certain requirements to graduate. Mainly, the number of credits, the distribution of credits among various disciplines, and the requirements within your major to take certain courses. Not to mention colleges have advisors who are checking in with you to make sure you satisfy the requirements.

    What I’m guessing is that she got the celebrity free pass 20 years after the fact. She left without completing the coursework but when Ellen DeGeneres called the University of Kentucky and said “hey, can I present Ashley’s diploma to her on my show” they saw an opportunity for free publicity for the university, and thought “what the hell, what’s a few credits anyway” and went along with it.

    Either way, she’s a massively stupid moron who went to school for four years without figuring out the graduation requirements,

  • Amy

    Two snippets from a NYT article about her graduation:

    To her, going to Harvard sounded as realistic as “going to the moon.” A friend suggested she look up the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School. Reading about the center’s work with exploited women, “I just began to weep,” she says. “I thought, this is my home, these are my people, this is where I’m meant to go.”

    She loved school so much that she looked forward every weekend to going back. “Every day I was eating the best piece of homemade pie; it was something I savored,” she says. “That entire place was there simply to give. I’m in a position in my life where everybody wants something out of me. I’m constantly on transmit, coping with influx, demands, some of which are very admirable and some of which are just rude, you know.” For once, she says: “I wanted to be on receive. I wanted to have a greedy and selfish experience and just take in all I could.”

    P.S. Dario was not there to see her graduate, due to INDY 500. I’m sure if he really gave a sh%t, he could have managed to get there. Likewise, if he was actually racing at the time, wouldn’t it have been important to him that she be there and skip graduation? Can’t imagine why these two got divorced. If they were truly so in love and devoted to one another, it would have been like the the Gift of the Magi — she would have flown to INDY to surprise him and he would have gone to graduation to surprise her and they would have missed one another.

  • Hannah_955

    Amy, by the way how is your son liking school? Didn’t he just start his sophomore year?

    Anyway I got curious about the timing of the Indy 500 in 2010 and the Kennedy School graduation ceremonies.

    The graduation was Wednesday May 27th and the Indy 500 took place on Sunday May 30th.

    Dario won that year and she was there, hogging the spotlight as usual.

    I think it might have been tricky to fly from IN to MA and back – he would have had to miss a day of practise. But it would have been doable.

    BTW I found this page that shows the number of degrees issued in the various degree programs.

    They *really* crank out the Mid-Career degrees, there were 204 issued that year versus only 68 of the MPAs.

    I think I heard that tuition for the MC/MPA is $70K. That’s over $14 million for a 9-month program – a real cash cow for the university!

    Interesting that she didn’t go for the Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) which would appear to be more in line with her “humanitarian” work in the third world.

    Oh wait, this explains it (emphasis mine):

    The two-year Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) Program, Harvard Kennedy School’s newest degree, is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders in international development. It is an economics-centered, multi-disciplinary program, combining rigorous training in analytical and quantitative methods with
    an emphasis on policy and practice.

    Each academic year, a class of about 68 students enrolls in this
    selective program. Although the MPA/ID curriculum is intensely rigorous and provides a solid foundation for applied research, the program is geared to future practitioners in the field of international development rather than future academics.

  • Hannah_955

    And check out the requirements for the MPA. Not only a bachelor’s degree (which is a requirement they sometimes waive for Ashley’s Mid-Career program) but at least four courses at the graduate level. She wasn’t even close to qualifying for the academically rigorous MPA

    Program Eligibility Requirements

    Each of the Harvard Kennedy School master’s programs has a different character. Part of that character is the background and experience of the students admitted into each program. Please review the prerequisites for academic and work experience below to discover the program best suited for you.

    Master in Public Administration (MPA2)

    Academic Prerequisite

    Bachelor’s degree required and substantial graduate-level coursework similar to required core MPP courses or a relevant master’s degree (see notes below).

    Work Experience

    3 years full-time professional work experience at time of application.

    Please note, you will not be considered for admission if you do not meet both the academic and work experience requirements.

    Notes on Previous Graduate Level Coursework

    Previous graduate level coursework that will allow an applicant to qualify for MPA2 consideration must include content similar to the principles taught in required MPP core courses. A minimum of four qualifying graduate level courses is required. The courses should represent a diversity of areas and not focus on single subject. The sample lists of courses and degrees below are meant to provide guidance on courses the Admissions Committee considers similar to required MPP courses.

    Examples of graduate level courses that qualify include:


    Financial Management

    International Business

    International Development

    Management, Mathematics Courses

    Physical Science Courses Requiring Math (e.g. Physics, Chemistry)

    Politics and Advocacy

    Quantitative Analysis and Statistics

    Completed graduate degrees that typically satisfy the requirement for MPA2 consideration include:

    Master of Accountancy

    Master of Business Administration

    Master of Finance

    Master of International Business

    Master of International Development

    Master of International Economics

    Master of Quantitative Methods

    Master of Science in Engineering

  • Hannah_955

    The requirements for the MC/MPA program are much lighter, with basically no academic requirement other than a Bachelor’s degree which may be waived – absolutely no previous coursework required, which shows how not academically rigorous it is, and a minimum of seven years’ relevant professional experience … um, I don’t think acting in movies is relevant experience, so were they really willing to accept the fiction that going on a few junkets overseas for PSI qualifies as seven years’ professional experience? Wow, Harvard, you have sunk pretty low. Or maybe that just goes to show what a joke the MC/MPA program is.

    Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) and Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) Edward S. Mason Program

    Academic Prerequisite

    Bachelor’s degree required (waivers may be granted in rare circumstances).

    Work Experience

    7 years full-time relevant professional work experience by June 30 of year of enrollment. Competitive candidates typically have 14 years or more of work experience.

  • Janet Lee

    Somebody who barely finished her Bachelor’s and didn’t even know that she had ‘finished’, going on about having gone to Harvard and then getting a PhD??? What’s wrong with you, Harvard?! You’re the no.1 university in the WORLD. You’re supposed to have standards! You need absolutely NO celebrity endorsements. It’s like the cover of Vogue featuring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – was that really necessary? If anything, they probably lost long-time readers who felt betrayed.

    Also, I don’t appreciate celebrities with postgrad degrees flaunting it with a ‘I’m so much better than you because of my PhD’ attitude. Are you listening, Mayim Bialik?

  • Hannah_955

    Janet, does Mayim Bialik brag a lot? I mean, she does have an actual PhD in neuroscience, that’s not too shabby!

    You know who seems incredibly modest and also brilliant is Danica McKellar. She graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with a BS in math and has since written three NYT best-selling books aimed at teaching math to teenage girls. Friends of mine have bought them and say they’re wonderful.

    From her wikipedia page:

    As an undergraduate, she coauthored a scientific paper[13]
    with Professor Lincoln Chayes and fellow student Brandy Winn entitled “Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin-Teller models on [math symbol that can’t be typed in the mock dock!].”[14] Their results are termed the ‘Chayes–McKellar–Winn theorem’.[15][16]

    My guess is that she could clean Ashley Judd’s clock in any quantitative course.

    Ashley Judd, in my book, will always win top honors for the greatest gap between public perception and actual intellectual ability; and between actual intellectual ability and ego.

  • Hannah_955

    So I got curious about the tuition for the MC/MPA program and looked it up. This is for the 2014/2015 program:

    Tuition and Fees for the MC/MPA Program (Academic Year 2014-15)



    Mid-Career Program Fee


    Course Material Fee
    $ 405

    HKS Activity Fee
    $ 175

    University Health Services Fees (Summer)
    $ 302

    HUHS Student Health (SHF) Fee
    $ 992

    Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Fee

    Total Tuition and Fees

    Room and Board


    Books and Supplies

    Total Indirect Costs

    Total (Direct and Indirect Costs)

    Considering that she lives rent-free in Tennessee, and rented a house in Cambridge, which cost at least $4K a month versus the ~$2K the university charges for housing, her vanity degree cost over $100,000.

    I wonder if she convinced Dario to pay for it on some pretext or other.

  • Hannah_955

    Yowza. Of the 10 worst counties in which to live in the US, 6 are in eastern Kentucky – Judd country. Why, I am amazed that Ashley hasn’t just sprinkled her magic fairy dust on eastern Kentucky and made everything perfect. Maybe the local population needs her drop in and hug a few orphans – that seemed to turn things right around when she did it in Africa.

  • Janet Lee

    Yeah, I knew about her PhD and that it’s in neuroscience, but if she weren’t a celebrity, she wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it. She doesn’t actually brag about her actual PhD, but about things which are not neuroscience-related. I hadn’t thought much of her since watching her on Blossom in the 90s, then I heard that she is on Big Bang Theory (which I don’t watch) and that she had finished her PhD. I thought, wow, good for her, that’s fantastic! But my admiration was short-lived, as I heard of her bragging.

    Anyway Hannah, you’re the one who’s in the TNS! Smarter than 99.9% of the entire world’s population!

  • Janet Lee

    I don’t know where Jessica is, but if you’re reading this, did you hear that they’re making a new series of Twin Peaks?

  • Hannah_955

    Did you read that Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? She’s the young girl who spoke out about the treatment of girls in Pakistan and was shot in the head, then moved to England. She has been speaking out for girls’ rights since she was 11, she’s now 17, and even being shot in the head didn’t stop her.

    Prediction … Ashley Judd will tweet about this today and somehow manage to patronize a young woman with more guts and dedication than our Hollywood B-lister has ever dreamed of having. Because Ashley probably thinks that her “work” for women’s rights is comparable to this young woman’s bravery.

    Having said that, I do think it’s a bit gimmicky to give the Nobel Peace Prize to someone so young… but it’s not as bad as giving it to Obama.

  • Janet Lee

    I was hoping that Dr Catherine Hamlin would take the prize. She has been doing so much for so long.

  • Amy

    Hannah, you nailed it re Malala Yousafzai.

    Thank you for asking about my son — he is in his freshman year and came home this evening for fall break. He just took his little brother out for ice cream. Can you say “Awwww?”

    Looks like Alison Grimes is toast. A very tiny part of me wanted her to win, so we wouldn’t have to listen to every one tell AJ that she should have run, because she would have won. I would love to see her run and be exposed for the nothing that she is.

    Hope everyone is well! Please tell Jessica I said hi.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, Janet I hadn’t heard of Catherine Hamlin. What an amazing woman. She’s 90 years old and they never give the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously, so they’d better hurry.

    I keep hearing about these amazing women who are actually down in the trenches doing this work EVERY DAY, and it annoys me that Ashley Judd can refer to this as her “work” when she’s just a freaking dilettante burnishing her public image by dabbling in weekend humanitarianism.

    Have you all seen the media coverage of Geena Davis lately? She went from Oscar winning actress, marriage/divorce with Jeff Goldblum and Reny Harlin, then marriage/children with a non-celebrity, Mensa member, took up archery pretty late in life and almost made the US Olympic team (!) … now she’s back on the public radar as she has a role in Grey’s Anatomy AND she’s spearheading a campaign to change the self-image of girls in America by changing how they are portrayed in media (music videos, film, television, etc).

    She was inspired to “…sponsor the largest research project ever undertaken on gender in children’s entertainment (resulting in 4 discrete studies, including one on children’s television) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.”

    The interviews I’ve seen of her give the impression of someone masterfully in command of the facts, very articulate, and not ego-driven. Someone results-oriented and passionate about what she does.

    IOW the diametric opposite of Ashley Judd. I do not know why AJ seems so inauthentic to me except that I always sense her agenda is more about helping herself and looking holier-than-thou (and smarter-than-thou) than it is about helping others.

  • Hannah_955

    I will tell Jessica that you sent her best wishes! I don’t email with her much and she’s very discreet as usual. You could follow her tumbler blog if you remember what it is 🙂

    She says she doesn’t lurk on here.

  • Janet Lee

    You know which fictional character Ashley reminds me of sometimes? Blanche Debois from Streetcar Named Desire. They both seem to possess grandiose delusions.

    All this bragging AJ does is incredibly un-Christian. Jesus told his disciples to do good things for people without telling everyone about it; that, doing good is enough because God will always know. So, what does Ashley do? She lets the entire world know how amaaaazing she is by charging ridiculous amount of money to listen to her babble and brag on about herself. For charity.

    Dr Hamlin, on the other hand, has worked tirelessly for over fifty years for women who have been abandoned and forgotten by everyone they know. She doesn’t care for awards and recognition. She does what she does because she genuinely loves every single person she treats and that alone, is enough for her. It’s always like that, isn’t it? People who have so much to offer and do so much for others never need that ego-boost and recognition, whilst the ones who do little to nothing NEED to let everyone know just how great they are. I wonder if it’s because deep down, they know that they’re actually worthless, or if they really do believe that they’re fabulous.

    I’m not religious, btw. But I do remember the Sunday school classes I used to go to when I was young, and we had mandatory scripture lessons at school.