Ashley Judd’s New Movie TANKS Its First Weekend

You guys, it’s rated like FOUR PERCENT on, which is like EPICALLY BAD. And according to this, it’s completely tanked at the box office. Here’s the key excerpt from that article:

Yes, the lone new release is Freestyle’s The Identical, which is an allegedly laughably-bad faith-based bit of speculative historical fiction, fashioned around the idea that Elvis’s twin brother, who was a stillborn, actually survived and grew up in his famous brother’s shadow. The film stars Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Joe Pantoliano, and Ray Liotta and it earned just $534,000 yesterday. The picture will be lucky to crack $1.75m for the weekend in 1,956 theaters, and with even with just a $12m budget, that’s going to hurt City of Peace Films and Identical Production Company very badly.


This calls for another horrifically bad photo of her.

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