Ashley Judd’s New Movie The Identical Is Getting Craptacular Reviews

She’ll say she never reads anything about herself, but y’all know that’s total BS, right? Anyway, just do a search on reviews for the new movie that’s sort of but not really about Elvis or maybe just an Elvis impersonator, and you’ll see that everyone sort of universally hates it.

And I’m telling you that because I needed an excuse to post this photo.


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  • Hannah_955

    Mock, I don’t know how you manage to freeze the screen exactly when her eyes are going wonky and she looks extremely sanctimonious, all in the same nanosecond!

    Here are some quotes from reviews of “The Identical” which premieres tomorrow. I wonder if Ashley will support it by attending a premiere or will distance herself from it.


    “Preposterous and amateurish…a movie so bad that you’ll want to watch it with all your friends.”

    “There’s no grace in this Graceland”

    “preposterous and preachy”

    “terrible film”

    Now everybody who was involved in making the film, realizing it sucks as an actual piece of entertainment, is pounding the “faith-based” drum in hopes of getting a few church groups to rent a bus and attend the opening.

  • Hannah_955

    From the Washington Post:

    ” An implausible, heavily pasteurized showbiz saga about identical
    twin brothers separated at birth, “The Identical” may prove a tedious
    and hammy experience to kids 12 and older, though it’s okay for them to

  • Hannah_955

    From the NY Daily News:

    2 stars (out of a possible 5)

    “The cast is as scattershot as a moonshiner’s raccoon hunt. Liotta is his dependable self, but Judd is irksome.”

    “It’s not laugh-out-loud bad, it’s just melodramatic and it’s heartfelt religiosity gets overbearing. But the film does display a sense of showmanship. If a velvet Elvis you bought at a roadside yard sale could move, it might feel something like this.”

  • Hannah_955

    From Rotten Tomatoes: It has sa 3% rating.

    People, that’s almost as bad as it gets. In fact, the only movie I know of that has worse ratings starred – Ashley Judd.

    Remember “Twisted,” Ashley Judd’s last starring role in Hollywood, back in 2004? The year she “retired” to become a professional humanitarian (hey, isn’t that an oxymoron)?

    Of course her “retirement” had nothing to do with the fact that “Twisted” was the worst-reviewed movie of the entire year, scoring only a 1% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and lost $25 million on a $50 million budget. Newp, nothing to do with that.

    So, 33 reviews are in for “The Identical” on Rotten Tomatoes, and only 1 of the 33 reviews is positive.


  • Hannah_955

    More reviews:

    “Dreadful. This Elvis impersonator can’t leave the building soon enough.”

    “A shoo-in for a spot on any worst movies of 2014 list, this poorly constructed slice of propaganda, courtesy of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA), is so unintentionally campy you can’t help but laugh.”

    “Elvis Presley made some bad movies, but let’s give the King his due: He never made anything as outright awful as “The Identical.”

    “It might join “Xanadu” and “Cool as Ice” in the campy pantheon of all-time worst musical mishaps.

    “There is a powerful movie to be made about Elvis and Jesse, about survivor’s guilt and fame.The Identical isn’t it.”

    “An incompetent mishmash of mawkish sentimentality larded with a few pleasant musical numbers and some random asides about Israel.”

  • Janet Lee

    Didn’t Gigli and Glitter score higher than that? Haha

  • Janet Lee

    Ashley has a Twitter account. So, how could she possibly say that she doesn’t read anything about herself??? Dope!

  • Amy

    “It might join “Xanadu” and “Cool as Ice” in the campy pantheon of all-time worst musical mishaps.” At least AJ has been “restored to [her] proper place in the pantheon.”

  • Amy

    I feel bad for Ray Liotta — I would love to hear him dish on working with that shrew.

  • Amy

    Jennifer Aniston, who I cannot stand, had another bomb last weekend. I think it has been pulled from the theaters.

  • Janet Lee

    The last picture in this article:

    Carrying her dog everywhere through the airport and the plane. Hate to admit it, but she doesn’t look bad in that photo. Love the snarky comments for the article!