You Know What This Reminds Me Of?

The final result anytime I try to put together furniture that only has picture instructions and not written instructions.


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  • Hannah_955

    Love this picture!

    But yes … I moved an antique file cabinet to a friend’s garage last week for a garage sale, and made the mistake of taking the drawers out and the hardware out without photographing it. When I went to reassemble it I couldn’t.

    I went on-line and began searching for photographs of this setup, I even looked at PATENTS filed by this company for their slide mechanism. Posted on Facebook asking for help. Called a local woodworking shop and asked for help, they said they would charge me $95 to do it!

    So I dragged the cabinet out to my friend’s back yard, brought my dog for company and a cup of coffee for fortification.

    And three hours later – THREE HOURS – my hands were filthy, my jeans were filthy, I was in a foul mood – but I did it! I got all four drawers back in and sliding smoothly.

    Basically, if you try every possible permutation eventually you will hit on the right one by accident.