Ashley Judd Wants You To Believe She Hasn’t Watched This.

Seriously, you guys.  She tweeted this (only I changed the thumbnail to one that made me giggle more).

2014-08-26 13 30 12



What a load of crap.  “I don’t ever watch myself but I want everyone to watch this so I’m going to post it with a comment about how much I love my own dress except you can barely see any of the dress in this.”


And THIS, you guys.  WATCH HOW quintessentially obnoxious and better-than-you she is in this interview.


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  • Hannah_955

    No wonder Dario left her. Can you imagine going home to that?

    Oh, and she’s teaching her twitter followers about buying boxed water. And being all holier-than-thou about reduce/reuse/recycle.

    Meanwhile video and photos abound of her slugging water from plastic bottles.

    News flash, Ashley. You can buy a metal container with a screw-on lid and fill it with tap water. NOTHING TO RECYCLE.

    And apparently the sun STILL doesn’t shine in Tennessee, because she STILL doesn’t have solar panels on her farmhouse, so I guess she’s sucking dirty power off the grid just like any other mindless American consumer.

    But hey, if she says she’s an environmentalist, she must be one, right?

  • Amy

    that dress looks like something a destitute Russian figure skater might wear. Hi Hannah!

  • Janet Lee

    Soon, she’s going to be tweeting about stopping coal mining… even though her phone which sends out her tweets are powered by coal energy.

  • Hannah_955
  • Hannah_955


  • EllieUK

    Hi guys. OMG…!

  • Jay

    Don’t forget, the boxed water must be ROOM TEMPERATURE!
    Hi everyone!

  • Hannah_955

    Once again, Ashley values her privacy so much that she registers for a 10K under a fake name and then tweets a photo of herself finishing in which you can clearly see her time and the name of the race on the finisher ahead of her’s bib.

    And of course heaps herself with praise for doing all negative splits except of course for the mile when she DIDN’T do a negative split. Huh?

    She’s getting slower. She did a longer race in Leiper’s Fork at a faster pace.

    But she knows how to salvage a self-pat on the back from any situation.

    And the name she registered under? Marina Butters. But she put the first name in the Last Name field, and vice versa, so I guess she actually registered as BUTTERS MARINA.

    Bib #1137. 8th in her age group (women 45-49).

    264th overall out of 984 runners in the 10K.

  • Sam

    Okay, she just sucks.