Ashley Judd’s Dog Got Bitten By A Snake, Because SHE KEEPS TAKING IT HIKING. HELLO.

If you look at Ashley Judd’s twitter or instagram, she’s constantly posting photos of her dogs on various mountain/forest treks she insists on taking them on, despite the fact that one of them (Buttermilk) is at LEAST 15 years old.

And now, it’s coming back to bite her, so to speak. BEHOLD:


It’s a process, she says.  Because she’s the dog whisperer, apparently.  15 year old Buttermilk is “committed to helping her,” she says.  Translation:  Buttermilk is a 15 year old dog who likes sleeping next to warm bodies, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER FREAKING DOG.

So pretentious.  So ridiculous.  So quintessential Ashley.

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