Ashley And Wynonna Judd Are Fighting For Custody Of Wynonna’s Daughter

There’s apparently a huge custody battle happening with the Judd sisters over Wynonna’s daughter, because as everyone with functioning synapses knows, that entire family is batcrap cray.

The thing is, Grace, the daughter in question, is 17 years old. By the time the courts get through with this whole case, she’ll be an adult and none of this will matter.

According to the sourcelink, Grace WANTS to be with Ashley, because Wynonna has all sorts of emotional drama and addictions. Which begs the question, does Grace KNOW Ashley? Because wow.

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  • Hannah_955

    While that particular version of the story has a current date on it, it’s based on a months-old story that made the rounds back in late 2013. See the part where it says Ashley is currently filming Dolphin Tale 2? That was back in December 2013.

    The story blew up that month when Ashley made a police report about a GPS tracking device that was found on her car (a car that Grace drove). Even though Ashley knew Wynonna was behind it, she still filed a police report on her own sister. And then “someone” leaked it to the media, and the story of the custody dispute came out then.

    A month or so ago Wynonna posted a photo of a really expensive car that she bought Grace for her birthday (an early gift).

    I wish Wynonna would develop a spine and kick Ashley out of that farmhouse she’s been living in for free for 20 years.

  • Jessica

    The photo of the car was a joke. It was a toy car.
    She’s driving something else.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh how funny. I’m so glad I have you around to straighten me about about toy cars and Indy rings!

  • Jessica