Oh Noes. Ashley’s New TV Show Wasn’t Picked Up.

Perhaps it’s because she’s insufferable.

2014-05-21 15 05 44

How will she spin this? Will she just pretend she never wanted to do it anyway?

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  • EllieUK

    Janet, that’s lovely about the old women.

    Jessica, I hope you let Hannah ask her questions here. I am enjoying it (Claire, I don’t care enough to google or research myself. I am not being lazy!). Oh, and I haven’t asked any questions on tumblr either! (Who is.)

    Hannah, I did your test. I think my Brit accent threw it a curve ball – it took AGES to load and when it did… New York, Honolulu and Jackson. Erm…. There is a splodge of red on the west coast (SF?) so I will include the map. Let me know πŸ™‚

  • EllieUK

    Oh, and for the record, Disqus is proving even more painful than the last system here too. I can’t follow it either (and it coincided with it all getting weird!). Sorry Mock πŸ™

  • EllieUK

    Did the map upload work? I can’t see it (again!)

  • Jessica

    Hannah, I can’t post the other emails she sent. I mean I can email them to Mock so she can laugh but when I didn’t respond to the first email she sent more with addresses, photos, a lot of information that’s not postable.

    I think the first one was to creep me out. After the others and my response to her which was a series of expletives she said she felt bad.

  • Jessica

    I’m sorry Ashley’s show wasn’t picked up. The good people of America need a nice Christian, family oriented show with a highly talented lead.
    I think the problem here is that Ashley is too talented for NBC. I think she belongs on cable where she will have more freedom to utilize her talents.

  • Janet Lee


  • Hannah_955

    So Jessica, you can’t dump so much gingerbread all at once (I mean you practically had gingerbread DIARRHEA) … and expect us (me) not to read it and ask questions! (a)

    [oops, don’t use the “at” sign as a footnote indicator or it will paste EllieUK’s handle into your message!]

    So … you didn’t answer whether you are related to Nigella Lawson, for one. That’s not one of my 20 questions πŸ˜‰

    Keeping it on topic, yay that Ashley Judd’s series wasn’t picked up. And yes, she’ll pretend it away like she pretends away all her other failures. On the other hand, it would have given us sooo much fodder for snark.

    And, in breaking news, Mitch McConnell won the Republican primary over the Tea Party candidate in Kentucky, and Alison Lundergan Grimes looks to be winning the Democratic primary with 76% of the vote against three other candidates.

    That’s one where I’m also torn. I’d like old Turtle Neck to win, but if he does, Ashley’s camp (does she have a camp? other than that congressman who had a hard-on for her candidacy that is) … will claim that if she had run, she would have beaten McConnell.

    Which – snowball/hell. But she’s the queen of making statements that cannot be disproved. Or holding herself above such discourse while other people make them.

    Ellie, I should have warned you, I think that test is based on US usage only, which is why you got such weird results.

    (a) That reminds me of a perhaps apocryphal story of the lyricist Johnny Mercer being interviewed upon leaving the premiere of a new musical. When asked how he liked the show, he replied “I could eat alphabet soup and shit better lyrics.”

  • Hannah_955

    PS For the record, I miss Jay, Caroline, Amy and Reminiscent_of_Purple.

  • Jessica

    Where did they go? I’m sure ROP is busy with the baby. I hope the drama didn’t scare them away.

    Hannah, I don’t know. I know very little about my Mother’s family. She was busy. Then she got sick. I never had the opportunity to really know her as a person.
    If Nigella is distantly related to me that would be the coolest thing ever. I liked Nigella Bites.

    Janet, That woman’s films unsettle me. I saw A very young girl once. A magazine made it sound like a sweet coming of age story Greengage Summer style. Um no.
    Fat Girl was disturbing as well.

  • Hannah_955

    I never met any of my grandparents, they were all ancient when I was born, they lived in different countries and we emigrated from England to the US when I was 4-1/2.

    My father was very secretive – I wasn’t raised with him – and besides he was manipulative – if I had asked him about his family he would have known he had information that I wanted, so he would have played with me like a cat with a mouse, just to be emotionally cruel. That’s just how he was. So even as a child I was very “f**k you I don’t need anything you have so don’t try to manipulate me” and I never asked him anything.

    I didn’t find out my own grandparents’ names until after he died, when my half-brothers shared a treasure trove of family documents with me. Apparently my father kept everything. That’s how I found out my great-grandfather was from Scotland! I was born with a Scottish last name but changed it to my mother’s maiden name when I went off to college.

    My father’s mother’s name was very very Polish. And there’s only one family in Poland with that name, so they were easy to find. My cousin in Poland gave me the password to a Polish genealogy database where his older sister had set up the family tree (I added myself!!!) … with the names of relatives going back to the year 1420. Blew my mind.

    Anyway, I think you mentioned that you got interested in your family genealogy and went on a site for a few weeks, found a bunch of relatives, including some in Ireland?

    Before you did that, did you not ever meet your English grandparents? I got the impression you had visited the UK during your childhood. But in any event, surely you know your grandparents’ names … if so, it would have been easy to establish whether Nigella was a relative, especially one as close as a second cousin which would mean you shared a Salmon great-grandfather. That means your Salmon grandfathers would have been brothers (assuming your mom’s maiden name was indeed Salmon, which Claire seemed sure of).

  • Hannah_955

    You will laugh but I got interested in the Indy 500 this week and checked who had won pole. Then I saw there was a wikipedia page about Indy 500 pole winners, so I edited it. They had a big chart and I thought it needed fixing. First I added a column for where each pole winner finished in the actual Indy 500 because that’s the sort of data I like. Then I got irritated that I couldn’t sort by the driver’s name since their silly country flag was in the same column as their name, so I separated those out. Now I’m gruntled πŸ™‚

    You should check it out, you can click at the top and sort by different fields.

    Whoever started the page said that 18 pole position drivers had gone on to win that year’s race. By my count it was 20 so I changed the number. I did double-check my work, but it could do with a third pass.

    The page is buggy – if you click to sort on one column you can’t click to sort on any other column without refreshing the page.

    Some interesting stats:

    AJ Foyt won pole 4 times but never won the race from pole position.

    Al Unser and Al Unser Jr. are the only father/son to win pole position.

    Helio Castroneves has won the pole position four times and scored top 10 every time (2, 3, 1, 9).

    Johnny Rutherford won pole three times, and won the race two of those times.

    Rex Mays also won the pole position four times.

    Rick Mears won pole position a whopping six times and won the race three of those times! In his 15 starts he failed to finish six times. Of the nine times he finished, he won four times and was top five every single time.

    Dario may well be the winningiest Indy 500 driver never to start with pole position, although he did start from the front row four times, and won two of those times.

  • Hannah_955

    So, continuing to talk about fish and colors … Nigella Lawson’s maternal family owned a very large company in England for over 100 years. A famous company that was privately held until the late 1970’s when it was sold, and was run almost exclusively by the male members of the family. I won’t name it, but anyone interested can google it (or already has based on Claire’s not-very-subtle hints). Anybody born into that family – including you, Jessica – would know about the family history with this company.

    So … I guess we can determine whether or not you are related to Nigella Lawson by whether you know of a family connection to the company in question.

    If my questions make you uncomfortable, please let me know! I don’t want to pry if you’d rather I didn’t. I assumed that in addition to a running joke about my alma mater, a running theme that is OK with you has been “who the heck is Jessica?” Recent events have made me more curious than ever!

  • Hannah_955

    Ewww. According to Julianna Margulies, she was told by somebody that the Alicia Florick part in “The Good Wife” was offered to Ashley Judd but she turned it down.


  • Hannah_955
  • Hannah_955

    And.. this:

    @AshleyJudd is it true you were offered a role for the good wife

    ashley judd
    @beccasuxx Yes.

    I bet Ashley had a little orgasm when she sent that tweet.

  • Hannah_955

    And according to this, while Julianna Margulies hilariously claims she got “sloppy thirds” after Judd and Hunt, here is Ashley getting sloppy seconds after America Ferrera:


    And… since her speaker’s bio incorrectly states that she has a MPA from Harvard (a two year degree) when in fact she has an MC/MPA (a one year degree) – whenever she is announced as a speaker people say she has a Harvard MPA. Why apply for a 2 year program with a 20% acceptance rate, if you can get into a 1 year program with a 50% acceptance rate and then conveniently leave off the “MC” part of your degree that distinguishes it from the other one?

  • Jessica

    Weird that I have stores on both sides of the family. OMG that Irish guy was weird. I still have some of his emails. I think weird people like me or something. I seem to attract them. I never looked much in to my Father’s side either. When I did, it was amusing to find out they originated not too far from a place I once lived. It a weird way so much of it all seemed to be fate.

    It’s almost sad how many good roles she’s had the opportunity to go for but didn’t due to family reasons, her health.

    Yes. I visited the UK many times as a child. Even spent a few Summers there. But it wasn’t with blood relatives. It was all family friends. There was a feud that I can only speculate the source of.

  • Hannah_955

    So, how did a boy from San Francisco meet a girl from England?

    I myself have the Irish potato famine and Adolf Hitler to thank for my existence, very indirectly. I sometimes feel very sad knowing that somewhere out there is an alternate universe in which Adolf Hitler never existed, and as a result, millions of young people who died in WWII didn’t die after all, but went on to marry and have children; in that alternate world my father’s family didn’t emigrate from Poland to England, my father didn’t meet my mother and I never existed.

  • Jessica

    That’s very Sliding Doors.

    Mutual friends

  • EllieUK

    Hannah, oh I knew that it was just a US thing but thought I would try it to see where my accent is most closest to. Seems nowhere! just out of interest, where is that red splodge on the SW?

  • Janet Lee

    My answers alternated between the colours red and blue.

  • Janet Lee

    You don’t need to reply because it’s private, but when I read the part about your Mum’s name being very Polish, the first name that came to my mind was Agnieszka πŸ™‚

  • Janet Lee

    Yeah, Une Vraie Jeune Fille and 36 Fillette. Oh, with Catherine Breillat movies, there’s no such thing as sweet and tender. Learnt that the hard way. She always punches you in the face. And other places.

  • Janet Lee

    Is the way your father was, the way your half sister is now? You mentioned her being rather sociopathic and manipulative. So sorry about that.

  • Mockarena
  • Hannah_955

    Ellie, if you mean that bit far out on the west coast, it looks like the San Francisco Bay Area, maybe a little bit south of San Francisco itself, so – what we call the Peninsula, or maybe Silicon Valley.

  • Hannah_955

    Janet, I don’t mind your asking! I can’t post the last name because it’s unique but my grandmother’s first name was Henryka. I think I once posted a photograph of her with her siblings, all of their names were written on the photograph.

    My father’s pathology ran pretty deep. Fortunately I wasn’t raised with him so I can’t speak to it in detail. Seems like my sister’s sociopathy was a response to being raised by him, but I’m not sure. I think she learned not to have any feelings because it was safest that way.

    I just typed out the story of my childhood but thought maybe I shouldn’t post it here! I don’t mind sharing it with you on an individual basis though if you’re curious – even Lennie and Nope who bizarrely also feel like friends.

    Just send me an email at hannah94123 (at) gmail.com and I’ll send it to you via email. Feel free to use an anonymous email address to protect your identity – just let me know which Mock Docker you are in the body of the message!

  • Valerie86

    Hey all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. The ends of semesters are pretty hectic. Hannah, I love you lots, but I actually want Mitch McConnell to lose. I know it’s weird to have a KY democrat here at the mock dock, but we all aren’t screaming lunatics. Mitch is notoriously female unfriendly, child unfriendly, and education unfriendly. That’s part of why I want him out. But, no politicking!! I am really interested in genealogy too. Mostly because my oldest sister has been trying for years to find Native American ancestry somewhere in our trees. So far, that ain’t happening. But genealogy was how I realized I have infamous familial connections. Is it bad that I think it’s more interesting that I am related to Donald Lee Harvey, the serial killer from KY? I’m so glad Jessica is back! I miss Caroline and Amy and ROP too. I wonder if it’s disqus? I’m not a fan either. Told y’all the show hadn’t been picked up!! I’m kinda bummed too, though, Hannah. I kinda wanted to see the train wreck.

  • Amy

    Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been absent — we were away, then I was dealing with my mother’s back issues. Lots of work😀, still trying to catch up. Jessica, where were you? I haven’t gotten a chance to read all of the comments. Ashley still sux. Did Ashley really turn down Good Wife? As Bugs Bunny would say “what a maroon.”

  • Amy

    There is a petition on change.org to bring back Missing!

  • Hannah_955

    OK, resuming the 20 questions in public. Jessica, if you want to reply privately, send your answer to Mock and she’ll tell me what your answer was. A simple yes or no will suffice, but if you care to elaborate, feel free!

    And if you would like me to delete my questions after you answer them I’ll be happy to do that. That way only people who have actually replied to this thread (about 5 people at this point, all loyal MockDockers) will receive copies via email, and the only other people who might see your reply would be people who visit this page in the brief time that our comments are up.

    Question #5 of 20:

    Is your date of birth September 9, 1980?

  • EllieUK

    Hey, great to see you Amy and Valerie! Hannah, I don’t get email updates… Do I need to change my settings somewhere (and, er, how?)

  • Hannah_955

    Ellie, you are our problem child! I don’t see any place on this thread where you can tweak your settings like we used to, so I suspect that you’ll need to do it on Disqus itself. So go to disqus.com and sign in and see if you can tweak your settings there.

  • EllieUK

    Oh no. I am hoping that I am not alone, just the only one to ask! I looked on my Disqus profile and it says I am signed up for replies and daily digests. I get emailed any replies to my comments but we aren’t working like that really so I don’t get all of your comments. And I don’t get daily digests, *despite* what it says…

    So, have the lurkers de-lurked? It feels kind of rude for them not to post if they are still here.

  • EllieUK

    Oh, I think I have to mark as ‘Favorite’ to get the digests and replies. We’ll see… (Or are we all on the new thread now?)

  • Hannah_955

    Ellie the other threads are dead, we’re over here now.

    Good luck to any lurkers trying to make sense of this without getting emails.

    I am trying to never “reply” to anyone’s post but always post a brand new standalone comment. That way if we sort by newest, they will sort in the order they were posted, and we won’t have to scroll through looking for replies which is unworkable.

    I *am* getting emails so I basically don’t have to visit the page unless I want to post something.

    So irritating!

  • Jessica

    Oui, c’est exact. Corgis!

    Ellie, Have you checked your browser and email settings? I have to go through the discus dashboard sometimes because my stupid phone (it’s stupidity is my fault I overload it) will sometimes just give me a spinning circle that times out.

    Amy, I hope your Mother is feeling better. I thought of you in Chanel a few weeks ago.

    Valerie, Isn’t that the great thing about this place? We can post out different views and discuss them like adults.

  • Hannah_955

    Apparently it’s complicated πŸ™‚


    Anybody can lurk anywhere so nothing public is ever private. I have to remind myself that our little fireside chats here are not private as I blurt out stories about my life.

    Almost any code can be broken. A Beale cipher is the safest but it’s laborious to decode.

    My email address is a few posts down-thread.

    This message will self-destruct in 5 minutes.

  • Jessica

    Thanks! You ask one curious question and people are up in arms. I should’ve told them that I have two Yale educations. One borrowed, One accusatory.

  • Jessica

    I had to attend a very sad service yesterday. It’s like, one of those things I wish I could write more about because despite the hilarity and mocking that occurs here. Each of you are so full of different wisdom. It really put me in a strange, reflective mood.

    Also, I finally met my email friend/final inspector (particular cars all have a final inspector and they get a cute little tiny plaque with their name on it stating final inspection by) which was hilarious. He’s funnier in person. He said the strangest thing to me though. He’s like, I thought you were so much older. So funny considering my lazy typing.

  • Hannah_955

    Well that’s weird. I deleted my post and instead of going away, it changed my name to “Guest.” REALLY?

    I’m sorry about the sad service. Sorry it’s so complicated to talk about. But you’re the queen of beating around the bush, you can find a way I think.

    Does it change things to know lurkers are reading everything you post, even though we always knew this was a public forum? I find myself aware of them, when I type. Then I say screw ’em and I write what I want to.

    So you’ve been corresponding with your car’s inspector? How funny. That’s something I would do. I find random inspector names in products I buy (not cars, mind you, but little stuff) and I want to tell them I have their item.

    I have weird thoughts about the chain of supply. Like, every single time I go to Peet’s (with my SERVICE DOG) … and stir my coffee with one of those wooden sticks, I have this melancholy thought about how there once was a tree in the forest, and it got cut down, and sawed into lumber, and some of the little bits got turned into coffee stirrers, and I stirred ONE cup of coffee ONCE with one of them … and that was the sum total of its purpose on this planet. It seems an ignoble way for a big beautiful tree to end up. Of course, not all of it, but you know what I mean.

    I found a beautiful afghan at a thrift store once, it had one of those “made with love by Grandma” type labels sewn into it, except with the person’s actual name (an Italian woman). I googled her name, found her obituary, then found that her daughter was an artist up near Ukiah. I found her daughter’s email address and wrote to her to let her know I had her mother’s afghan and I thought it was beautiful. She never replied. I don’t know if she got it.

    I think I lied about where I got it, I didn’t want her to think that her mother’s labor of love had ended up discarded in a thrift store.

    Anyway your inspector must have been thrilled to meet someone who now owns one of the cars he inspected! Did he say whether he has met other owners? Or are you the first? I wonder how common it is…

    Ack! I have to go to sleep!

  • Hannah_955

    CG is apparently in Indianapolis. And heading to Edinburgh next week. Not drawing any conclusions from that. She does work in the industry, after all.

  • Jessica

    I could post snarky things like you know really important women stay in hotels over an hour away, or people like to use a company’s sponsorship hunt to validate themselves being around others, or I could talk about the time a woman showed up and spent 3 days in the kings manor best western because they’re so important they didn’t know their “boyfriend” was visiting friends a few countries away.
    I could go on but it’s not polite to talk about people.
    It’s very strange that she had to do a trade for a lanyard. Why didn’t her boyfriend help her out? Oh he was probably too preoccupied with everything else she didn’t want to trouble him. That’s it! I’m so sure.
    Jesus is love, folks!

  • Hannah_955

    Hey, it’s Indy 500 day! I would have been torn had Dario not retired. On the one hand, I admire him and would have loved to see him win a fourth Indy500. And it would have been Ashley-free. On the other hand, she manages to claim ownership of everything he does, even post-divorce, and I still remember her smugly saying after his 2012 win that she was sure she could count to four on her fingers if he gave her reason to.

    Well, I don’t have that conflict anymore.

    But who to root for? Or in Ashley-speak, for whom to root?

    Ed Carpenter, because he’s a local boy and his team is small and he’s an owner/driver. And he’s won pole two years in a row.

    Takuma Sato because he’s a wild man. There’s something about him I like – he always goes for it. I know nothing about his reputation among other drivers, and he WAS involved in Dario’s career-ending crash. But still, I like him for some reason.

    Elio Castroneves because he would steal Ashley’s “counting to four” thunder.

    NOT Elio Castroneves, because it would probably cause Dario quite a twinge to see the only active three-time Indy 500 winner make it into the pantheon of 4-time winners when his own chance of doing that is GONE.

    Tony Kanaan, because he’s apparently a great guy (did you all see the photo Mock posted of herself HUGGING him?) … and he’s Dario’s teammate and friend.

  • Hannah_955

    Off-topic, but I suppose you have all seen the story of the kid who went on a spree and killed 9 people then himself, in Santa Barbara? He was the son of a second director of “The Hunger Games.”

    He posted about 15 videos on youtube in the months (and days) before the spree. He was not ugly, in fact he was handsome in a slightly effeminate way … but he was disconnected from the real world, but in a really banal way. Enough, I think, that his social interactions were probably frustrating and awkward for him. But not enough that people would think he was a weirdo. Hard to parse that precisely. You’d have to see the videos.

    Just blathering on and on about how he was a 22 year old virgin and he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get girls and these other guys could. Seething with resentment. And then talking about how he was the perfect gentleman and good looking and a superior person and HE should be the one getting the girls and having sex.

    I watched several of his videos, and found him to be a clueless twit.

    The thing is, I was watching these videos AFTER he committed these murders, KNOWING he had committed these murders, and yet he was such a little spiteful self-absorbed nobody in the videos, snickering self-consciously about how he was going to pay back all these girls who never noticed him … it was hard to take him seriously, even knowing he had actually done it. Yes, this blithering little whiny nonentity actually WAS lethally dangerous. He actually DID kill a lot of people – most of them young, most of them somebody’s beloved child – and would have killed more if the police hadn’t stopped him. He stabbed three housemates to death and then went out to execute his plan to kill as many sorority girls as possible. He even banged on the sorority’s door but nobody opened it so he settled for randomly driving around the streets (in his shiny BMW that daddy bought him), shooting at strangers, killing six of them, wounding seven others.

    The banality of evil indeed.

    To his family’s credit, they did call the police because they were concerned about him – the police visited, found him to be rational and polite, and deemed him not a threat.

  • Mockarena

    Tony! Always Tony. πŸ™‚

    Definitely not Helio. Besides, even though it would technically be his 4th win, Mr. Mock and I (and others!) will always only give him credit for having two under his belt, not 3. 2002 was an unwarranted gift to him. Don’t even get me started.

  • EllieUK

    Not sure what is going on here. It says there are 46 comments to this section, then changes to 43! on my phone I saw a comment from Mock in the side panel saying “Tony”, guessing that was who she was supporting in yesterday’s Indy, but I cannot see it here. I am not sure what I am missing

  • EllieUK

    And this site keeps freezing so I can’t post!

    Not sure what is going on on tumblr!!?? Hannah, Charneyme is me! sorry for not posting. Have even less idea how to manage that site than this one. Glad it was a good anagram though, I had no idea πŸ™‚

  • katia

    My computer does those same things, Ellie!

  • Hannah_955

    EllieUK, thanks for letting me know. Of course when I saw a handle that unscrambled to ARCHENEMY, especially after Nope’s Disqus identity listed her address as 221B Baker Street … you can see why I would draw that conclusion!

    Was Mock’s post of “Tony” on this thread? I didn’t see it in my inbox and it’s not in the preview panel on the right. She might have deleted it …

  • http://themockdock.com/ Mockarena

    I didn’t delete it! That’s weird. I did try to post it from within the TMD admin panel, maybe that’s why!!

  • EllieUK

    Ha, I LOVE that you came to that conclusion Hannah. You are SUCH a puzzle solver. Sorry if the reality is disappointing! (And who is the other commentator? Do we know? and do you know who Jessica is now?)

    Mock, see, me causing problems again. Sorry!

  • Hannah_955

    Hey, did you know that Ashley has a racing career? Yeah, I thought not. She wouldn’t brag about it since it was a Pro-Am in Long Beach in 2000, she qualified deal last among the celebrities and only managed to pass one celebrity – George Lucas.


    And the results here:


    She started 13th among the 13 celebrities, then the pros were lined up behind the celebrities, which is why it shows her starting ahead of some people. The pros had something like a 3 second per lap disadvantage.

    There’s a shot of her at 4:20 with Dario, she manages to flash her engagement ring to the camera.

    At 15:48 there she is with Buttermilk and her mom, visiting kids in the hospital. Awww, Buttermilk was a BABY back then! She said “they let me bring my dog in” so I guess he was not yet a Service Animal.

    Then around 22:40 she’s interviewed after the race where she blathers on about how she feels incredibly proud of herself. Apparently she lives in Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average.

  • Janet Lee

    Someone with that kind of rage inside who can come across as both polite and charming (to adults) and psychotic (to peers) kind of reminds me of Bobby Kent. There was a movie based on his murder, appropriately named ‘Bully’. He was all charming and sweet to the adults, but terrorised his friends.

    Also Richard Speck, he murdered women (nurses), although that was more planned.

    I don’t like that there is such a pressure on losing your virginity in our society. Then there are other societies where if you are not, it could ruin your life (mostly for women and girls). I wish they would just leave the young people alone about it. Also despise the word ‘pure’ for virgins. I don’t know – something icky about it. They may be virgins, but they could also be incredibly manipulative, cruel and abusive. Just by not having sex, they’re deemed pure??? Yeah right.

  • Amy

    have you seen her retweet of last year’s indy photos?

  • Amy

    how long before AJ starts attaching herself to maya angelou? “I always wanted to write poetry with her. Now I’ll have to wait for heaven.”

  • Amy

    She retweeted a nasty comment someone made about her.

  • Janet Lee

    You know what’s disturbing? When I read about her passing, instead of thinking “Oh dear”, I thought “Good grief, what is AJ going to say about it?!”

    Grrrr, I hate myself!

  • Amy

    me too — it was the first thing that popped into my head!!

  • EllieUK

    Hannah and Jessica. Where are you?

  • Hannah_955

    oops, we’ve been over on tumblr playing with a troll. I’m at hannahsavannah955.tumblr.com if you want to visit. Sorry Mock, don’t mean to drag traffic away from TMD! I’ve never had an actual blog before, am having fun.

  • Janet Lee

    Hannah, is that small picture of a lady and a little girl titled ‘England’, you and your Mum? Because in the photo below at your graduation, you look like your Mum in the England photo.

  • Hannah_955

    Oh, what a compliment! Yes the small picture is me and my Mum, in Hampshire when I was little.

  • Jessica

    Hannah doesn’t realize how much she does in fact look like her Mother. I’d kill for the cheekbones.

  • Hannah_955

    You guys are so sweet but there’s a reason I haven’t posted any recent photos. Menopause is a bitch, ladies! Somewhere there is a photo of Dorian Grey looking mighty young is all I can say because the tables have turned.

  • katia

    Hi all, just found this video. Could that be CG sitting next to Dario at 45 secs on the counter? CG has been tweeting that she is welcoming teams and friends to D (Detroit?) for the race this weekend. Maybe no Scotland trip this week after all?http://www.ozarksfirst.com/story/d/story/legends-day-at-ims/38722/rSUnxupo-UiYVEjEMmpAmQ

  • Janet Lee

    I respect Dario for never discussing the break up or divorce in public. I mean, of course people are going to ask him in interviews, but he always answered them in a very polite, but in a way that would let the people know that it was a no-go zone. I have not read one tweet or comment from him regarding his marriage after the separation. Very classy.


  • Jessica

    No. It’s Susie.

  • katia

    Glad to hear it!! πŸ™‚

  • Mockarena
  • Janet Lee

    Wonder if Ashley will ever have to deal with this:


    I mean, it’s not the dog’s fault, it will do what it needs to, but if Shug or Buttermilk ever did the same, how would she go about it?

  • EllieUK

    Ewwwwww, Janet!

  • Janet Lee

    I know, right? Sorry about that…