Seriously – that dress has to be Anthropologie because it just has to be, and it looks absolutely awful on her and it’s cutting into her boobs, and her hair is awful and she looks like she’s a zillion years old, and I am just so positively grateful to alert and astute mockdocker Jason for sending this link to me that I could just die.

The photographer says at the top of the page how lovely Ashley looked, which makes me giggle SO MUCH. Because it’s like, dude – did you SEE YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHS?


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  • Hannah_955

    She looks awful. Her face is all shiny and red. Guess all that derm work has worn off. And that dress? Looks like somebody made it out of a peppermint stick.

  • northernrose

    Those photos really don’t flatter her at all do they. And still flashing the rings on her left hand I see…. who does she think she’s kidding? Oh wait, I can answer that myself – the only person she’s fooling is Ashley Judd.

  • Hannah_955

    Wait, did Ashley Judd have a baby and nobody knew?

    She just tweeted this:

    “For all of us family women who run: I’m setting out for a 10 miler right now.

  • Hannah_955

    This is why Ashley Judd likes to post photos of herself. So she can use the Instagram filter to auto-tune her skin.

  • Hannah_955

    Here’s a photo of Dario at that Long Beach dinner on April 10th. That blonde on his left may or may not be his date but she’s definitely not CG! According to the caption, that’s Dan Gurney on the right.

  • Caroline

    Ugh, ick. Ugly dress, bad skin. I don’t know which is worse: these photos or the political goop that falls out of her mouth.

  • katia

    It’s got to be annoying to CG that another blonde is sitting next to him!! Makes me happier!

  • el pato

    couldn’t she afford to get that dress pressed? was she drunk when she put it on? is that why it’s crooked? and what is with all the wrinkles?

  • Hannah_955

    I went to dinner with an architect/interior designer who has done something like 95 Christian Louboutin boutiques around the world. Asked Mock if she would like me to ask him any questions. She said yes, ask him whether he will give me 17 pairs of Louboutin shoes. I did, unfortunately the answer was no. But, he did tell an interesting story about how CL sued YSL because YSL produced a shoe that was all red – red velour on top and red sole, red heel. They also did one in purple, and one in black. Apparently they issued these three shoes years before CL started using the red sole, and it was a 20th anniversary re-issue or something like that, that triggered CL to complain.

    Apparently CL sent YSL a nice letter asking them to pull the shoe and they wouldn’t, and CL then said reluctantly that they had to sue to protect their brand.

    This all got decided in a “split the baby” way. YSL can produce a shoe with a red sole as long as everything else on the shoe is also red.

    Oh, and the reason I went to dinner with this guy is related to puzzles. Check out the coolest apartment EVER:

    I did a mystery house in Austin Texas and created a DaVinci code themed cryptex for it … showed it to Eric and he said it was beautiful – I was so flattered.

    There were about 15 people at the dinner, all extremely creative types. We all went around and talked about what we do … when it got to me I confessed my dream of producing a puzzle hunt in Europe, I was totally winging it and stuff was just coming out of my mouth like, I want it to be called “A Tale of Two Cities.”

    Actually, I think I would probably theme it around the DaVinci Code, just because that is such a rich and mysterious novel and we could hit most of the locales used in the books…

    I came back from that dinner all “f**k I am going to do this!!!”

  • Mockarena