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This Is Making Me Laugh SO HARD.

I love people when they make awesome captions.



Seriously – that dress has to be Anthropologie because it just has to be, and it looks absolutely awful on her and it’s cutting into her boobs, and her hair is awful and she looks like she’s a zillion years old, and I am just so positively grateful to alert and astute mockdocker Jason for sending this link to me that I could just die.

The photographer says at the top of the page how lovely Ashley looked, which makes me giggle SO MUCH. Because it’s like, dude – did you SEE YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHS?


OMG Buckeye Bob Would Have LOVED THIS.

So inappropriate. 🙂


When You See It…

Holy white.


Inappropriate Job Title


Remember When I Used To Product Review Stuff?

Remember way back when I reviewed the kinoki foot pads? Remember how much fun that was? I realized it’s been way too long since I’ve reviewed a product for y’all – and I have VERY EXCITING NEWS.

I have product tested the best product ever, and I should seriously become a paid spokesperson for it because that is how much I love it and think you should buy it.

Let me give you the background.

I have these small patches of itchy rashy eczema on my back that I’ve had forever and if not for the fact that they’re really hard to reach, I’m sure all of the fancy lotions and medications my dermatologist has prescribed would have worked really nicely.


Mr. Mock has been helpful over the years in helping apply stuff to my back, but he’s not always available, and so it has been impossible to be consistent about anything.

But now I have a solution, and it is….

…drum roll please…


One day I said to Mr. Mock, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone invented a contraption thingy whereby people who need to apply lotion to their backs could easily do so and not miss a single spot?” And Mr. Mock said, “I would bet someone has already invented such a contraption. You should google it.”

So I did, and LO AND BEHOLD he was right. The Body Buddy exists, for the low low price of just $25, and it is the simplest, most awesome product I have ever bought in the history of ever and I have no idea how I’ve managed to live this long without it.

My back is completely healed, you guys. Because of this simple contraption that you can see at this link.

BEST NEW PRODUCT EVER. (New to me, that is. It’s probably been around forever.)

We talked about this and other handy dandy products on our radio show not long ago, and someone called and said, “You could do the same thing with a wooden spoon.” Which is probably true, but a wooden spoon is not a Body Buddy, which is my new favorite product.

Best Caption In The World?

I giggled. 🙂


Pictures Like This Are Why I Miss Buckeye Bob


Because he’d either have an Actual Explanation for this, or he’d say something blisteringly funny about it.

Whereas, all I can do is post it and say, “WAAAAH – I MISS BUCKEYE BOB!!!”

This Is The Best Cat Ever!

Ashley Judd Wore Things That Were Not Attractive

I guess she has been in LA for some stuff. One day, she wore a super tight off the shoulder dress that makes my eyes hurt, and it was over the knee, and her knee has a gigantic owie on it. Why would you do that? And those shoes. HOLY MOTHER OF UNCOMFORTABLE. I guarantee she got her owie FROM the shoes.



AND THEN, she wore this.  This dress reminds me of Kermit the Frog’s neck.




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