Seriously, This Is Just Weird.

So it’s clearly no secret that I think Ashley Judd is a self-absorbed, self-involved, self-obsessed lunatic. Still – I love dogs, and she loves dogs, and I’m fairly certain that her dog Buttermilk is on the brink of death because he’s like a million years old, and that makes me sad, because it’s always sad when dogs are on the brink of death. Even when those dogs belong to self-absorbed, self-involved, self-obsessed lunatics.

I know people grieve in their own way, but I will NEVER understand why Ashley is turning her dog’s illness into some sort of bizarre group therapy/art project that she’s publicly displaying on TWITTER, of all places.

The other day? This:

2014-02-26 06 22 55

She literally must have said to someone, “Hey – can you take a picture of me holding my dog with women all round me fawning over us with their support and make sure you snap it when my eyes are closed so that I look especially ethereal?”

And then came this:

2014-02-26 06 23 26

Caption?  She wrote, “Buttermilk has been resting well. So beautiful, the way he wants to be with me. And look at [email protected]”  Standard closed-eyes, half-smile expression, as if she somehow believes that people seeing this picture WON’T KNOW that it was totally pre-posed and that she asked someone to take it.  In fact, I’m starting to wonder what sort of person she’s got around to help her with all of this bizarre “LOOK AT ME” photography work.

Leave it to Ashley to make the illness of her dogs ALL ABOUT HER.


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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    She is SUCH a hosebeast. Those poor dogs. 🙁

  • Jane K.

    The bamster is the same way! She is a HUGE supporter of his, so I wonder if she got the idea from him?

  • Anon

    I was really upset to see an instagram picture of her jogging through the woods… or maybe even running, within the past few months, and the two dogs were following after her. Her dogs are too old to be run like that. My dog is only seven, and a little dog, and I can tell that she’s getting tired a lot quicker these days on our walks.

  • CJ

    Well, I asked the question rhetorically on the other thread “what kind of a person stages a picture like that,” and I think we know. Ashely Judd. gawd…..

  • Anonymous

    Is AJ sitting in a lotus pose for this picture? Why??????
    Question: Did she take a sick dog to Houston for care or was she there when the dog got sick? It’s just awful how she uses the misfortune of others to promote herself.

  • Jane K.

    Just read that she’s been given another shot at TV – this time to make fun of Christians. Well, that’s not how it’s being advertised, but we all know that’s what it will be.