Ah Jeeeeeez. I’m Going To Have To Review This TV Series Just Like I Did With Missing.

Ashley Judd is going to star in a new TV drama, you guys. The synopsis of Salvation is as follows:

Salvation is described as a provocative drama set against the backdrop of a prominent Texas church where faith, family and corruption are explored in equal measure. The pilot centers on Jennifer Strickland (Judd), who has to defend her children, church and religious beliefs after her husband dies under mysterious circumstances.

Jennifer is one of those awesome, smart, no bullshit, socially savvy Southern 
women — a great mother, friend and wife to Spring Hill mega-church pastor Daniel Strickland. Having faithfully stood by her husband’s side, Jennifer’s world is rocked by his death. Devastated and facing pressure from all sides, Jennifer struggles to protect her family and the Spring Hill congregation. With faith guiding her, Jennifer steps up to the pulpit and takes over her husband’s church.

You realize what this means, right? She’s NOT CIA, she’s a PASTOR LOOKING OUT FOR HER CHURCH.

It’s pretty much going to be the most horrific show on television, and I will have to watch it and review it out of morbid curiosity, and it will probably make me completely insane but I’m willing to take one for the Mock Dock team, just like I did with Missing. (Which, by the way, if you missed my reviews of that dreadful series, just click here for a sample – it’s a review of the final episode.)

So yeah. This is happening. I have no idea when, but I’m hoping it’s a long time from now so I can begin planning for how I will have to start hating one night of every week.

Stay tuned.

Meantime, it’s a given that we’ll see plenty of this expression.

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  • Hannah

    Mock, I think whenever it’s on is going to be my FAVORITE part of the week – for the three weeks it’s on until it’s CANCELED.

    By the way, the writer should really do a better job of fact checking:

    “Judd’s TV credits include earning an Emmy for Missing; Sisters and Lifetime’s Call Me Crazy. On the feature side, the WME and Gang Tyre-repped actress’ credits include the upcoming Divergent adaptation as well as De-Lovely and Norma Jean & Marilyn, the latter two of which earned her Golden Globe nominations. She next has Dolphin Tale 2 and Big Stone Gap.

    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @Snoodit”

  • Hannah

    And seriously, my second favorite day of the week will be the day after the show airs, when I get to read Mockarena’s snarktastic and spot-on review of the show.

    Because make no mistake, it will be bad, and it will be EPIC bad.

    Why people keep paying Ashley Judd to act, with her track record, is beyond me!

  • Rick’s Cafe

    Is this the payment to NOT run for a political office? 🙂

  • Valerie

    No. Just…no.

  • amy

    mock, i can’t wait for your reviews. bless you.

    my favorite part will be when it is cancelled, and she tells us it was really a mini series.

  • CJ

    Yeah, cuz no one screams Pastor’s wife and “great mother” like Ashley Judd. What, was Chelsea Handler busy?

  • Hannah

    Amy FTW!

    No wait, CJ FTW!

    You guys are in top form today 🙂

    Let’s just look at this as another opportunity for her NOT to win any acting awards.

  • Hannah


    Wow – this one says “…having won major acting awards worldwide…”

    What KoolAid did *that* reporter drink?

  • Hannah

    Sorry for ranting, but who exactly does NBC think is going to be the audience for this show? Surely not conservative Texas Christians, since Ashley Judd is a flaming liberal and is on record as saying it is “unconscionable to breed.”

    The thought of Ashley Judd playing a preacher’s wife who steps up and takes the pulpit when he dies … I’d rather listen to William Hung on a continuous loop than voluntarily listen to 30 seconds of Ashley Judd PREACHING.

    And I’m sure she’ll be interviewed soon talking about how she’s giving ideas to the producers and writing some of her own dialogue.

    I have a headache. I’m going to have a slug of Jameson’s.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    This will be epic. Epically bad.

  • amy

    I get the feeling that it will be an anti-religion movie, with the Church being completely corrupt. I’ll bet the husband was up to his neck in it, and was murdered. Then Ashley will come in and expose organized religion for the evil that it is, found the “Church of My Higher Power,” become a lesbian and live happily every after. I will never know if my prediction is correct, because bitch is getting cancelled after two episodes, if it even makes it on the air.

  • Jay

    I just keep thinking of Jay Leno’s famous quote – “What the h*ll were you thinking?” Who would green light a show like this?

    Oh who cares. All I know is this is going to be so much fun. You’re right Hannah – 2 great nights plus many days of mockery to follow.

    Thanks in advance Mock for taking one for the team!

  • Anonymous

    After the destruction of the patriarchy. AJ will show how the matriarchy is far better for everyone. So we get another helping of her Feminism, her Faith, and her Frenzy.
    I’m already nauseous.