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I Love This.

2014-02-28 22 09 16

Seriously, This Is Just Weird.

So it’s clearly no secret that I think Ashley Judd is a self-absorbed, self-involved, self-obsessed lunatic. Still – I love dogs, and she loves dogs, and I’m fairly certain that her dog Buttermilk is on the brink of death because he’s like a million years old, and that makes me sad, because it’s always sad when dogs are on the brink of death. Even when those dogs belong to self-absorbed, self-involved, self-obsessed lunatics.

I know people grieve in their own way, but I will NEVER understand why Ashley is turning her dog’s illness into some sort of bizarre group therapy/art project that she’s publicly displaying on TWITTER, of all places.

The other day? This:

2014-02-26 06 22 55

She literally must have said to someone, “Hey – can you take a picture of me holding my dog with women all round me fawning over us with their support and make sure you snap it when my eyes are closed so that I look especially ethereal?”

And then came this:

2014-02-26 06 23 26

Caption?  She wrote, “Buttermilk has been resting well. So beautiful, the way he wants to be with me. And look at [email protected]”  Standard closed-eyes, half-smile expression, as if she somehow believes that people seeing this picture WON’T KNOW that it was totally pre-posed and that she asked someone to take it.  In fact, I’m starting to wonder what sort of person she’s got around to help her with all of this bizarre “LOOK AT ME” photography work.

Leave it to Ashley to make the illness of her dogs ALL ABOUT HER.



I love this so much.

Ah Jeeeeeez. I’m Going To Have To Review This TV Series Just Like I Did With Missing.

Ashley Judd is going to star in a new TV drama, you guys. The synopsis of Salvation is as follows:

Salvation is described as a provocative drama set against the backdrop of a prominent Texas church where faith, family and corruption are explored in equal measure. The pilot centers on Jennifer Strickland (Judd), who has to defend her children, church and religious beliefs after her husband dies under mysterious circumstances.

Jennifer is one of those awesome, smart, no bullshit, socially savvy Southern 
women — a great mother, friend and wife to Spring Hill mega-church pastor Daniel Strickland. Having faithfully stood by her husband’s side, Jennifer’s world is rocked by his death. Devastated and facing pressure from all sides, Jennifer struggles to protect her family and the Spring Hill congregation. With faith guiding her, Jennifer steps up to the pulpit and takes over her husband’s church.

You realize what this means, right? She’s NOT CIA, she’s a PASTOR LOOKING OUT FOR HER CHURCH.

It’s pretty much going to be the most horrific show on television, and I will have to watch it and review it out of morbid curiosity, and it will probably make me completely insane but I’m willing to take one for the Mock Dock team, just like I did with Missing. (Which, by the way, if you missed my reviews of that dreadful series, just click here for a sample – it’s a review of the final episode.)

So yeah. This is happening. I have no idea when, but I’m hoping it’s a long time from now so I can begin planning for how I will have to start hating one night of every week.

Stay tuned.

Meantime, it’s a given that we’ll see plenty of this expression.

2014-02-25 20 58 38

People Should Really Stop Doing This.

Seriously. Smoking AIDS can’t be good for you. Do what the sign says. STOP SMOKING AIDS. Just stop it.

2014-02-24 21 55 11

This Is Amazing.


Your Friday Night Illusion

See the faces?

2014-02-21 19 47 55

Cats Are Ok, But Everyone Should Really Be More Dog.


Presumably, There Is An Actual Market For These

2014-02-19 20 16 06

Sad Dog Diary


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