Must Watch. MUST.

If you haven’t seen the side by side comparison of Kanye’s HORRIFICALLY awful video and James Franco and Seth Rogen’s version of it, you MUST MUST SEE IT. It’s so awesomely awful.


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  • JanetEl

    Thank you for this. Cheered my night up. I hate the Kardashians so much. And for those people who say “Just don’t watch it” – I don’t, but they are EVERYWHERE. I’d be driving in my car and I’m behind a bus, there’s a poster on the back of the bus and I’m forced to look at them. Whenever I go to ANY news site, there they are. When I’m at the shops, there are posters of them. Apparently Khloe was in Australia recently, although I didn’t hear about it until after she left. Kris Jenner is one of the worst people in the world. “The world???” I hear you say. Yes, really. Anyone who would sell her children for an extra buck IS the worst person.

  • Anonymous

    i second janetEl’s opinion, i don’t ever want to see them or hear their names again, ever. and please stop breeding.