I just watched a clip of Ashley Judd from some documentary about the civil war she did, and it was completely stupid because all she did was talk about how she imagined Abraham Lincoln holding his hat, and which hand he might’ve held a tea cup with. And she’s overly made-up, and wearing one of her frilly dresses, and it’s not an embeddable clip nor is it worth sharing anyway, but I wanted a screengrab from it and this is what I got, and I cannot stop laughing at my impeccable timing.

2013-10-26 15 29 00 (2)

I love this so much it hurts.


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  • Hannah

    Mock, you do have perfect timing!

    I noticed in the Smithsonian clips that Ashley Judd’s left eyelid is even more droopy than usual. It’s almost like it can’t hold up the weight of the fake eyelashes.

    Oh, and she doesn’t know the difference between “prosthetic” and “prosthesis.” One’s an adjective, the other’s a noun. Considering all the time she spends talking about her two-time great grandpappy Elijah Hensley having a battlefield amputation (“If he had died of infection I wouldn’t be here today.” subtext: “OMG, the world would have been deprived of my awesomeness!”)… you’d think she would have learned the difference.

    Of course, considering she went to Madagascar – a country whose official language is French – to talk about Youth AIDS, and she supposedly majored in French in college, then she gave half of her talk in English … for someone who claims to be so erudite she’s remarkably uneddicated.

    Oh, and she doesn’t know how to pronounce “apartheid.” Interesting considering she’s supposedly besties with Bishop Desmond Tutu.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I have to ask myself why the producer of the Civil War documentary would even ask her … she’s not a scholar or a non-academic expert of the subject. She had an ancestor who was injured … well, big whoop. I have an ancestor who was killed for being a Catholic priest during the Cristero Revolution in Mexico, and a great-grandfather who was shot because he was a landowner during one of the other Mexican civil wars, but that don’t make me no expert.

  • Jules

    Where can I find the video from Madagascar?

  • Hannah

    Hatchetwoman, hey if it makes AJ an expert then you have PhD in Mexican history! Actually you should write it up, it sounds fascinating!

    Jules, there’s a short version of it on her web site here: http://ashleyjudd.com/videos/vh1-aids-intro/