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It Has Happened.

Daisy and I laughed so hard during our radio show today that we were reduced to the kind of laughing where you can’t breathe, and therefore you can’t talk, and therefore you are laughing so hard that you’re silent, and therefore there is silence ON THE RADIO.

So far, we haven’t been fired. But we’ll keep you posted.

If you missed our show today, go to this link and find the 5.18 segment from today. And about midway through, you’ll hear us begin a discussion about midget porn.

And here’s the thing. I have been joking for like 3 weeks about how great it is that Daisy and I are in jobs now where we are basically REQUIRED to look up midget porn on the internet if that is in fact a legitimate and timely news story. But I didn’t really think it would happen, until this morning when I actually FOUND a news story that related to midget porn.

So as we were talking about midget porn, we got to giggling, because Daisy had to throw in a line about how talking about midgets was disrespectful and that we instead should refer to them as dwarves. And there was something so ridiculous about that, that we both started giggling, and then our producer Matt started laughing so hard that he had to GET UP OUT OF HIS PRODUCER CHAIR, and watching him laugh hard enough that he had to stand up and walk around made us laugh harder, and then we were totally screwed because ALL THREE OF US were unable to breathe or speak and so there were like 3 seconds of silence ON THE RADIO, because none of us could break the silence due to all of the laughing.

Which can’t be good for radio business. Which is why it’s surprising that we haven’t been fired yet.

But you know what? We got paid today to talk about midget porn, and I’m having a hard time coming up with a better job than one which allows you to talk about midget porn and have fits of giggles while thousands of people are listening to you.

I don’t even wanna THINK about the kind of pervs who are going to end up on this site after googling “midget porn.”


There is no appropriate photo to accompany this post, so here is a bucket of sloths.

2013-09-14 20 43 04 (2)

This Tank Perfectly Captures My Enthusiasm And Understanding Level For Most Sports

2013-09-19 21 35 39 (2)

Seems Simple Enough

2013-09-18 20 33 06 (2)

Can Someone Please Explain What In The Holy Hell Is Going On With Britney’s Tongue In This Interview?

Seriously. Does she have peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth? WHAT IS THAT TONGUE THING she keeps doing?

What Does The Fox Say?

A lot, apparently.

If You Ever Want To Fake A SkyDiving Experience To Impress Someone…

…here’s how.


You’re welcome.

This Dog…

…looks like the inside of a car wash.

I kinda want one. (The dog, that is.  I’m actually sort of scared of car washes.)

2013-09-16 21 14 43 (2)

You May Not Care About This, But…

…my other Facebook page has surpassed 220,000 fans!  The Mock Dock’s page is still toiling in the 1700 range, but that’s ok.  I consider those 1700+ people to be EXTRA SELECTIVE about who they fanify on Facebook, and therefore it’s an honor to be “liked” by them.

This is how I justify it in my head.

MEANWHILE, there could be a QUARTER OF A MILLION FANS of the Chicks On The Right facebook page by the end of this calendar year, you guys.  Like – it’s totally within the realm of possibility.  GLEEEEEEES!!!!!

2013-09-15 20 54 15 (2)

So THAT’s Where Baby Cars Come From

2013-09-14 19 58 14 (2)


2013-09-13 20 26 45 (2)

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