Can Someone Please Explain What In The Holy Hell Is Going On With Britney’s Tongue In This Interview?

Seriously. Does she have peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth? WHAT IS THAT TONGUE THING she keeps doing?

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  • Hatchetwoman

    It looks like her mouth is extremely dry. You could see how her saliva was thick (ewww, I know). It might be a side effect of her meds, or she might have been really nervous — but it seemed to me that she had some dry mouth issues going on.

  • PamGM

    I think she’s now part cat.

  • Tish

    She obviously just spit out a piece of Extra Spearmint Gum, which, upon chewing it, makes you have cotton mouth so bad you could spit out a fully formed dress in the blink of an eye. Seriously – you will NEVER be as thirsty as you are after chewing a piece of that “refreshing” gum. And I’m not the only one this gum had that effect on. Everyone I shared my gum with had the same experience. Either that or Brittany’s reptilian tendencies are so strong that she can no longer hide when she’s trying to catch flies??

  • Tish

    Ooops, so sorry for the traditional spelling of “Brittany.”

  • CJ

    Definitely dry mouth. I have the same problem, you try to be cool about it, but I guess you really can’t hide it. 🙁

  • Victor

    I read this AM that she got sick on the helicopter ride into Las Vegas; in fact, she tweeted something along the lines of she would never get in a helicopter again. So…she may have been still feeling the effects of being scared spitless.

  • tim
  • rkwhyte2

    What’s up with the shades? It’s pitch black.

  • Leroy

    It’s whatever that gold crap is she has on her lips. She can’t lick them, so she’s licking the air. She might need to talk to Miley.

  • Jessica

    Over-vaping e cigs!