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Best Way To Quit A Job Ever.

RIGHT? Plus, she’s a great dancer. 🙂

This Chocolate Milk…

…is suspicious and wary.

2013-09-28 20 09 20 (2)

How To Tell If You Might Need To Go Up A Size In Pants.

If they look like this on you, you need go up a size.  Or nine.

2013-09-28 20 30 11 (2)

YAY! It’s Not Just Me!

2013-09-28 20 16 13 (2)

Yes. I’m Being “That Mom” Right Now.

You guys – Mini Mock is a cub scout.  Is that not the cutest thing ever?


2013-09-27 19 36 01 (2)

We signed him up for cub scouts riiiiiiiiiiiiiight when they were doing their annual popcorn fundraiser, which means that we’re in sales mode, so we can raise enough money for him to get to do all sorts of cub scouty things like go camping and build fires and always be prepared and whatnot.

So, if you feel like purchasing some popcorn or other tasty treats, or if you’d like to make a donation for treats to be sent to our military folks overseas, you can do that using this link right here. 

Because look at him.  How can you deny him?  LOOK AT HIM.

(No pressure.) 🙂

Plus – if you want, I will write you your own personal haiku if you buy something.

So, basically, I can’t see how you can resist this.


I Need This To Happen To Me. NEED.


And I need them all to be fainting goats, so that they would crawl over me and then faint. For my amusement.


Why is this product necessary?

2013-09-24 21 44 27 (2)

I See No Good Coming From This Product.

2013-09-24 21 36 18 (2)

Agreed. Totally Suspicious.

2013-09-24 21 32 44 (2)

So, These Exist.

2013-09-23 21 30 01 (2)

Let the record reflect – these are not my fault. I’m just alerting you to their existence.

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