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An Example Of Someone Who May Wish To Reconsider Her Ability To Get Away With Leggings.

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Guess What!

Today was my last day in the career I’ve been in since the mid 90’s.  That means a couple of things.  First, it means I’m freaking OLD.  But more importantly, it means that come Monday, I’m going to be under some serious pressure to figure out how to do my new job and do it well, so that this career change doesn’t end up being the biggest mistake of my entire existence.

So that’s not stressful AT ALL.

Tomorrow, Daisy and I are going to take stuff to our new office and start decorating, which will be super fun, and it’ll be a chance for us to get comfortable with our new digs before going in sort of blind on Monday.  Plus, we don’t have our regularly scheduled Saturday show tomorrow, which will be a nice break before we have to start figuring out how to have a daily show.  Eeeeek!

Anyway, work was super fun today because people fussed over me and the receptionist put up photos of Robbie Williams and I passed off my final project in the morning so the rest of the day was spent just sort of tidying up and clearing off my computer and whatnot.  Plus, my boss took me out to lunch and I just really enjoy her so it was the perfect way to finish out my work there.  I’m gonna miss those folks a lot, but I’m admittedly super excited to try my hand at something completely new.  It’s going to be weird and wonderful to be a professional Chick on the Right.

Wish us luck. 🙂

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I Think This Could Happen

2013-08-23 21 21 44 (2)



It’s like he was aiming for her.  Yikes.


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Homer has it.

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Best Sign EVER.

2013-08-21 18 11 48 (2)

Our doorbell hasn’t worked in like 7 years, which I’m actually a huge fan of.  I hate hate hate when people come to my front door, because the only people who come to my front door are people who a) I’m not expecting and most likely don’t want to talk to or who b) are contractors of some sort that I AM expecting but who don’t know us well enough to know that we rarely use our front door.

People who know me and/or are expected always come through our side door or garage door, which is completely fine.  But when they come to the front door?  I feel TOTALLY INTRUDED UPON.  I hate it.

Which is why I love this sign.  I would add Robbie Williams to it. And David Beckham, and perhaps a few others.  But this is a good start.


2013-08-20 21 56 09 (2)

Seriously.  What is going on here?

I NEED TO KNOW what they’re waiting for.

Cher Has Paper Hair Now. FYI.

PS. Cher still exists. FYI.


I’ve been telling Mr. Mock forever that I need a palm-sized hedgehog. He does not agree.



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