Prince Harry Talks About His New Nephew


Right? Harry is hotness.

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  • Nancy

    Definitely hot, especially for a ginger!

    There is NO way he is Prince Charles’ son!

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    He’s the tannest ginger I’ve ever seen.

  • Gail

    I love a ginger but he would be hot even as a blond. Love him!

  • Janice

    Yes, yes he is!

    @Nancy – I totally agree. If you see the photos of the man Di was having the affair with when she became pregnant with Harry, I think they speak for themselves. Harry is a dead ringer for that man. Not that anyone will ever bother with a DNA test. They don’t want to know. And probably rightly so, now. Harry seems like a lot of fun. I feel so badly that Diana didn’t live to be a part of their lives – though I am sure she sees them from Heaven.