You May Have Seen This Before…

…but no matter how often I see it, I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME.  LOVE.


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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Love it!

  • sunnyAZ

    I haven’t seen this before and I love it!

  • china lady

    i think this is a fantastic project for a class,
    and it’s a perfect example of the mars/venus thing.
    there is a new adventure show on discovery channel
    right now, it’s called “naked and afraid”. the basic
    theme of the show is putting 2 people, a male and a female,
    both of whom don’t know each other and who do have survival skills, out in a remote location to survive for 21 days. so far they have shown 3 episodes and the women kick a$$ on coping with the challenges, the men were much less skilled, give it a try, it’s very entertaining

  • Sean

    Maybe, China lady, one shouldn’t use TV as their guide. If such a thing were to actually happen, man and woman in the wild for 21 days, she’d be dead from starvation.

    If women ruled the world, we’d all still be living in grass huts.

  • Mizz M

    I think china lady and Sean should totally do this writing assignment. I would LOVE THAT!

  • Alien

    Screw the writing assignment – Sean and China Lady should do the “21 Days in the Jungle” thing.