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No Idea Who These Kids Are, But…

…they are HILARIOUS.

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You Can’t Really Deny This Would Add Spice

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The George Dilemma

I love this. Many thanks to Tricia for sharing! (Warning: huge amounts of the s-word in the first few seconds).


I plan to have a frosted muffin in the morning. BECAUSE I CAN.

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The Answer To That Age-Old Question.


Prince Harry Talks About His New Nephew


Right? Harry is hotness.

Did I Tell You How Our Meet And Greet Went?

Because I can’t remember, and if I didn’t tell you, then I would like to inform you now that it was awesome.  You can see loads and loads of pictures from it, if you’re interested, right here.   This one is my favorite, because it was before we drove and got all kinds of bar scooge on us, and we still looked fresh and relatively decent.  It’s with our friend Sunny.

2013-07-25 20 43 46 (2)

It was SO FUN.  And people showed up to it and everything!

Anyway, I loved it but am also incredibly glad it’s over because it was STRESSING ME OUT BIG TIME, and now it’s one less thing occupying my mind.

Also, for no particular reason, here’s a girl in a tree eating an apple.

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Rain Protection. You’re Doing It Wrong.

2013-07-23 22 00 09 (2)

It Really Is.

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