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This is the cover of the life section of the Indy Star today:

2013-06-30 08 39 19 (2)

It’s really kinda awesome, because if you think about it, it’s still my birthday, since I’m having my belated birthday dinner at the birds’ house tonight with the rest of the fam.  So I think this is fitting, to be featured in the Star on the day after the day after the day after the day after the day after day after my birthday.  Don’t you? 🙂

I’m Really Bad At Math…

…but I know a great bargain when I see one!  😉

2013-06-29 21 12 56 (2)

THIS. This Is Why Good Spelling Is Important.

2013-06-28 19 04 18 (2)


BEHOLD one of Ashley Judd’s latest tweets:

2013-06-28 18 23 16 (2)

I find it absolutely stunning how often Ashley Judd is stunned.

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What Is Your Receipt Philosophy?

Which one more closely describes you?

2013-06-27 20 55 15 (2)

I’m somewhere in the middle, but laughed at both.

When Shorts Are Too Casual, And A Long Flowy Skirt Is Too Dressy…

…well, you’re in luck.  Because now you can have both.  At the same time.

2013-06-26 21 09 12 (2)


I can think of approximately zero places that this would be appropriate.


…that this is not my shoe closet.

2013-06-23 20 14 01 (2)

Especially since it’s the day after my birthday, and Mr. Mock got me two new pairs of shoes.  WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO ADEQUATELY STORE THEM, I ask you.

Join me in my outrage at this incredible unfairness, won’t you?



See – this is why, even on my birthday when I’m feeling old, I don’t think I could ever consider messing with my face-ular area from a plastic surgery perspective.

This is Meg Ryan a few days ago, in case you weren’t able to recognize her.  ICK.

2013-06-25 21 26 33 (2)

No Idea Who This Couple Is…

…but I love them.

2013-06-25 20 33 48 (2)

Happy Birthday To MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

In case I haven’t made it relatively obvious over the last several days, it’s my birthday today. And as I think I’ve done for the past 5 birthdays, I’m going to need to take a moment to tell you HOW MUCH THIS DAY TOTALLY ROCKED.

It all started with Saturday, when Daisy and I met up at the radio station as usual for our show, and she gave me this totally fantabulous present.

Then, this morning, I got out of the shower to find Mini Mock in my bed, anxiously waiting to sing Happy Birthday to me, with Mr. Mock beaming next to him, cards and presents in hand. Mini Mock wrote me a book about why he loves me, which was completely precious.

Mr. Mock was a little frustrated about his gift, because he’d attempted to get me two pairs of shoes from White House Black Market (one which I’d told him I wanted, and one which he simply SUSPECTED I would want.) The pair he SUSPECTED I would want had arrived, and because he knows me SO WELL, they were a pair I’d already tried on in the store and coveted in a big way, so that was hugely exciting. The other pair was on backorder, which was sort of a bummer, except that really it just makes my birthday last longer if you think about it, so YAY!

THEN, in addition to sweet notes and cards from my co-workers, I got out of a meeting around 11.30, and the receptionist called me to the front desk. And there was Mr. Mock, with a huge bouquet of flowers and a big box of cupcakes for me and my team. HOW SWEET IS THAT???? He took me out to one of my favorite spots for lunch, and it was just completely awesome.

I stopped at White House Black Market to switch out the pair of shoes he got me for the next half-size up, and while I was there, I had one of the nice chicks who work there call customer service for me to check on the ETA for the backordered pair. And after a short wait, they said, “We have located a pair in your size in Colorado Springs, and they will be shipped to you today.”

I mean, seriously. Could the day get any better?

And besides that, Daisy wrote me this super sweet awesome birthday note at our other site, and the responses there and on our facebook page were just overwhelming and I’ve had the weepy glees off and on all day. One of our followers had her three kids make me a birthday VIDEO, even. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT????

AND THEN, Mr. Mock said he had another present for me, and he gave me a little speaker thingy that I can attach my itty bitty ipod to for when I want to shake my booty in the family room or at the office, or basically anywhere, because it’s so cute and itty bitty.

Best day ever!!!!  I know I say that pretty much every year, but yeah.  It really was. 🙂

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