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Worst. Treadmiller. EVER.


Ashley Judd Asked For Haikus. She Got ‘Em.

I love people. Earlier today, Ashley Judd said this:

2013-05-30 17 16 20 (2)

And people obliged. Hilariously. Here are my faves.

2013-05-30 17 17 28 (2)

2013-05-30 17 17 36 (2)

2013-05-30 17 17 47 (2)

And then there was a whole series:

2013-05-30 17 18 04 (2)

And then Ashley, as usual, responded to all of that in her usual, completely unintelligible way.  If anyone would care to translate, feel free.

2013-05-30 17 18 37 (2)

PS.  This post needs a good photo.

2013-03-07 22 16 12 (2)



2013-05-29 20 58 17 (2)

This Is Basically The Most Hilarious Form Of Exercise EVER

I love this so much. And I mean, obviously it works for her.

You know who she reminds me of? Frenchy from Grease, fast forwarded like 80 years.

Do You See It?

It took me awhile, but then I got the shivers.

Total creepiness.

2013-05-28 18 49 06 (2)

Cutest. Maternity Top. EVER.

This ALMOST makes me wish I had my uterus back. And that it worked right.


2013-05-28 18 45 27 (2)


I love him.

Mean But Hilarious

Hannah955 will hate this, because she is our resident lover and protector of all animals – regardless of their creep-factor (spiders).

But I love eating lobsters, and this amused me. 🙂

2013-05-27 21 55 01 (2)

I’m Positive I’ve Posted This Picture Before…

…but I can’t remember if this hilarious commentary was part of it. And besides, I LOL’d so hard when I read this, which means either the commentary is new, or I’m really losing my memory. BAD.

2013-05-27 21 07 04 (2)


I mean, THANK GOD there’s a mail slot, and a mailman doesn’t have to actually come into direct contact with this ball of fury. DAYUM.

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