My Dog.

I would not have it any other way. 🙂

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  • Jessica

    I had to go to the chiropractor because my new dog (I saw him in the adoption cage at Petsmart and couldn’t say no) does that! Especially in bed. I wake up in crooked positions.


    Mmhm. Yes, that would be my dog. Both of them, actually. At the same time, if they thought they could get away with it. Furry g**damn opportunists, both of them. 🙂

  • Hannah955

    If you had posted this in two days I might have found it funny. HOWEVER. Yesterday I got a hot chocolate to go at my friend’s truffle shop. His hot chocolates are so chocolatey, you drink half of it and there’s a half cup of syrup left in the bottom. Sometimes I take it home and add hot milk and have a whole nother one!

    So, the half-full cup is in the cupholder, and I leave the dog in the car while I run an errand, and I come back to find the cup on the floor, chocolate trickling out of it onto the carpeting, and brown stains ALL OVER both the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. It takes a particularly talented dog to make THAT MUCH MESS out of a few ounces of liquid.

  • Victor

    Everybody’s dog.

  • Jane K.

    SOOO my Sam – missing him now for 15 years. My current yellow lab has real boundary issues, unless it’s bedtime.
    He has never been a love puppy. Gus tolerates us petting him – we are good for food and playing and taking him in the car. Having spent 24/7 with him, except for 2 weeks of his 11 years, I can say I will not do well when he dies. And he’s already been with us 6-8 months longer than the vet said! Wish I could get him my lap, just once.

  • Nancy

    My big boy Sam does this on the couch…hoping I don’t notice he is getting on the couch…very slowly.