Ashley Isn’t Running For Senate!



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  • Jessica

    She needs to focus on her family? Lol
    On what? Getting votes for “Sister” on dancing with the stars?
    Not that I want her running for anything but wow

  • Amy

    Awww. I was hoping to see her exposed for what she is. I hope the “family” thing doesn’t mean Dario agreed to “try” if she didn’t run.

  • Jessica

    I know right? I mean I didn’t want her running because I know people would actually vote for her but to see her exposed would make great entertainment for us.
    Run Dario Run! You’re not my type but you’re sweet so you can live in my basement! You can drive my Dad’s vintage Lotus and we’ll entertain you with Jim Clark documentaries.

  • AA

    I’d like to think we had something to do about it too.

  • Jessica

    Why was she paying big money for investigators when she can read here for free? She should give Mrs Mock a giant donation. Oh wait, she’s too cheap to donate anything.

  • AA

    If Dario is dumb enough to go back, he deserves what he gets. As for this great news, I wonder who got to AJ? Bill Clinton? It had to be somebody who she thinks is of the greater class. I will bet she wasn’t getting backers (lots of money) and would have to put up her own money to start with, and she wouldn’t use her money. After all she had to relocate to Kentucky and that too would have been her money. And it could be she’s having a period of depression and needs treatment. I’ll bet the Kentucky DEMS are having a party.

  • Hannah955

    OK, Mock shooed me away from the other thread and reminded us that she’s all over this breaking news.

    I posted over there, exactly what you guys are speculating – is Dario saying he’ll give it another try if she gives up this Senate thing? Gawwwd, I hope not but I fear that’s what it means … because she’s surely not deciding to focus on the JUDDS!

    As for who got to her … if not Dario, then I would guess it was that Bill Clinton was very likely going to support Alison Lundergan Grimes as the Democratic candidate, and Assley’s li’l ego couldn’t deal with that, since she likes to act like she and Bill are BFFs.

    I was hoping for an Assley-free Indy 500 this year. Fingers crossed that Dario stays resolute.

    But… he did complain on twitter last week about people bashing friends and family – and it was in response to a nasty tweet about Assley.

    Sigh. I will lose all respect for him if he takes her back. Hasn’t he witnessed her being an AWFUL HUMAN BEING to so many other people over the years? He should have some standards.

  • AA

    Dario should prepare for some major psycho stalking. His racing season will be one that he doesn’t forget.

  • Jessica

    Was it that tweet though? I thought it was in response to the tweets about his nephew. I should’ve saved screen caps before the person deleted their account.

  • Mockarena

    If they get back together then it’s official – he’s got misfiring synapses somewhere in that brain of his. Because she is a BEAST.

  • AA

    I feel AJ “writing” another book.
    I was surprized by her doing it on twitter. No press conference? It is so poorly written that I’m guessing she’s very depressed and/or medicated. With Easter coming I feel AJ having a rebirth experience. She will have to find a way to keep this level of attention she’s been getting. Sure she’ll get a few talk shows, but I don’t see the acting jobs coming for her.

  • AA

    Get Dario a child through a surrogate? I don’t know how much control over him AJ has/had. But it has to be him she’s focused on because she isn’t worried about Mama and Wynonna.

  • AA

    I’d don’t know why, but I’m guessing this was a snap decision. I doubt it was a long thoughtful consideration. Sure she doesn’t want to loose Dario, his money, and his trophy husband escort service, but it happened on a Wednesday Afternoon. Rarely, is anything that’s not important come up like this. AJ didn’t even have her publicist issue an announcement.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Guess that means Daisy won’t be moving to run against her. 😉

  • AA

    At least AJ didn’t tweet this as Wynonna was DWTS.

  • Jessica

    LOL! I was hoping she would tweet it during Dancing with the stars.

  • Amy

    Honestly, I don’t think she ever intended to run. While she is delusional, I think deep down she knows what she is, and dosen’t want her carefully constructed fascade torn down. She is extremely thin-skinned(curious, because she is so puffy), deeply insecure and could never have handled the scrutiny. I think she enjoyed the attention and adoration, but then Bill Clinton gave it to her straight, no pun intended, though he probably did that too.

  • Jessica

    Via Twitter, She’s headed to a multi day silent spiritual retreat. Does anyone know exactly what that entails?

  • Hannah955

    I know what it entails. A lot of attendees going “oh crap, Assley Judd is here” and wishing they had booked their retreat for another week.

    Well, at least if it’s silent they won’t have to listen to her droning voice, but I would bet good money she managed to be LOUD without saying anything. She’ll probably need to show everybody non-verbally how superior she is at being silent, breathing deeply, having good posture, etc.

    Wonder if she’ll tweet.

    By the way, her post on her web site was just drivel.

    She accused someone of slandering her on twitter because he said she was arrested for shoplifting (a total lateral from Wynona Ryder -> Wynonna Judd -> Ashley Judd) … I broke my vow of not tweeting to her and wrote to her that (a) saying it’s a lie and slander is redundant and (b) it’s not slander, it’s libel.

    I think she has shown with this dabbling in politics that she’s a dilettante. It was always about her ego. Yes, I think she was thinking about running but it was kind of delusional – she has such a high opinion of herself, and a truly admirable ability to filter out anything negative (seriously, I ADMIRE that quality) … that she was able to construct an alternate reality in which she would be swept into office by the enthusiasm of Kentucky voters… I don’t think she was prepared for the lackluster response of Kentucky Democratic insiders, for Bill Clinton’s support of a different candidate, and for the possibility that she would not be anointed Senator. She was expecting a coronation, not a slugfest.

  • Jessica

    LOL! Ashley Judd is here! There goes our silent spiritual retreat. I imagine her doing a lot of stomping and throat clearing.

    LOL! Is it sad that I can picture her actually expecting a coronation of some kind? And as she “ever the mountain girl” accepts her position she’s barefoot.

    Hannah, my phone isn’t being polite and won’t allow me to respond to you in the long thread but yes, she has a dislike for “underpinnings”. Many have been treated (or given nightmares) from her lady parts or when she’s being conservative a flesh colored thong. I too believe she’s sexually inappropriate and it must be a by product from all the rapes she survived. *shakes head*

  • Hannah955

    And on her web site, she quotes four inspirational statements by Kentuckians and IMMEDIATELY follows it with these words:

    “I am more resolved than ever that this kind of politics as usual – and the egregious abuses that have become all too common in the public space – must end.”


  • Jessica

    I read that too. It’s very WTF? She needs to realize that what makes sense to her makes no sense to any of us.

  • AA

    AJ’s tweet was very disjointed. She was all over the place. She’s been self medicating. Had to be, IMO. Yeah, when most people realize that their responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on their family, do they go on multi-day silent spiritual retreats? While it may be the best thing for her family to be out of the picture, it’s just not what most people would do. She goes into a reclusive mode when she wants pity. There is a term I’ve heard psychiatrists use – schizophasia or word salad -that could be pretty close to being applied here. I mean you have to really work her tweets to make some kind of sense to them.
    AJ will rest and come back for more attention. I’m sure Oprah’s people are contacting AJ’s people for an indepth interview.

  • Dirk The Imapiler

    What family? Seriously, her husband dumped her. She has no children. She doesn’t get along with her sister. Her mom and grandmother have both publically stated that she is dumb and that they wouldn’t vote for her.

    Given her cryptic way of saying things, does this mean she is quitting to spend lots of time alone with herself (since she is all the “family” she seems to care about these days)?

  • AA

    I don’t see any tweets from people who AJ beleives matter that express their disappointment that AJ is not running.

  • mga

    most likely preliminary polls showed she would have been embarrassed by the results, and probably would go down on record as being one of the lowest vote getters in history.

    maybe she should run for Twitter Queen or some thing.

  • Jessica

    I never thought of that! “Family” could be her, her inner child, her lost child, her pastors, mentors, life coaches and therapy dogs

  • Mary

    Back off you guys! Her ‘family’ needs her to bake cinnamon rolls and banana bread. She couldn’t possibly do that AND be a Senator AND sleep 12 hours a day. Geez.

  • Jessica

    LOL Mary!

  • Hannah955

    Mary FTW! Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes article that reveals in even more detail that basically NOBODY in the Democratic establishment (in KY or DC) wanted her to run.

    It also says that this “family” she needs to concentrate on is not the Judds, leaving Dario by default (unless as you all said she’s talking about her wounded inner child and her five cats and two dogs).r

    Either Dario is giving her encouragement or she is delusional enough to think she can win him back.

    I just had a lovely Assley-free day running all the employees of a dot com startup through a puzzle hunt here in San Francisco. We started in a park on Hyde Street on the cable car line, and as I was giving my intro speech a cable car clanged as it began its climb up the hill, and we made our way through North Beach and the alleys of Chinatown, then we ended at a fabulous restaurant on the Embarcadero, on their back deck right at the water’s edge, and the day was gloriously sunny and I thought I cannot believe I get paid to do this, and I live in HEAVEN.

    Not all days were like that but today was – and I wanted to share that with my Mock Dock peeps 🙂

  • Jessica

    I want your life Hannah! What a beautiful day!
    I spent 3 hours on the phone with an insurance company trying to find out what they’re going to do with my house Sandy took away.
    At least I can cancel my plans of moving to Kentucky and holding Anti-Judd rallies in my car port.
    I hope Assley is having a great time at her silent spiritual retreat stomping her feet and clearing her throat.

  • AA

    AJ’s prepping to give her three-times-a-rape-victim speech again. At $175 I think not.

  • AA

    AJ is still telling everyone that she’s living in Scotland and Tennessee with HER HUSBAND. Read the bottom of the ABOUT THE SPEAKER.

  • AA

    How hard is it to change your bio in todays world? It’s not as if you are waiting for a monk in a secluded monastery to take his quill and ink to parchment and record the life of St. Ashley. But I quess her reality and the facts don’t exist together.

  • AA

    Now the liberal media is making AJ a joke, and not just any liberal media – THE WASHINGTON POST.

  • Hannah955

    AA, good links! Yes, her bio is definitely out of date.

    So, now I’m on twitter watch with a growing sense of dread about this four day silent retreat. Because neither Ashley NOR DARIO has tweeted in over 24 hours. Do you think he has gone on this retreat with her? Is she actually convincing him to Give It Another Try? Will they sit there in silence staring into each other’s eyes while she does a Mind Meld and convinces him that their love is far greater than what we mere mortals feel?

    If so, ugh. Ughity Ugh.

    Jessica, I’m so sorry about your house!!!! I hope you come out of this better than ever.

  • Hannah955

    By the way, Ashley is booking more and more speaking gigs (at something north of $50,000 a speech). I guess the Ashley Judd “I’m a Three Time Survivor of Rape” Tour is not quite over yet. I would be embarrassed to sit in a room and listen to that drivel. Let alone pay $175 to listen to it!

  • Jessica

    Hannah I will! Thank You! All the insurance crap makes me over dramatic. I’m grateful that unlike so many others I never lived there full time. Too many people lost everything and I feel guilty for complaining. It was one of those frustrating days where you’re like okay too much on my plate. I’ll be fine, it’s the others I think about.

    Wait, there’s starving people in the World and she’s accepting that kind of money to whine to others? If it were anyone else she would criticize them!

  • jethro

    Hannah, I must say that you called it some time ago that AJ wouldn’t end up running for senator. You were spot on in your prediction.

    As you said, facts are facts, the Democrat’s would have realized that she was a total liability with her past rants and unpredictably. There was little chance that AJ would have toed the line and taken advice. With her hyper inflated ego she would see herself as mentoring everyone else, not the other way around.

    As far as her nonsense about being a three time rape survivor, it is as credible as her intellectual claim of Harvard greatness.

    If only someone could dig deeper, and expose her for being a total fraud.

    Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if her and Dario rekindle, she needs the attention back on her. Her commander in chief aspirations have been put on hold for the time being. She can see photo ops and free publicity if Dario starts winning more races or gets another championship. Then again, maybe her lawyers were taking him to the cleaners, his earnings would have surpassed hers for sure.

    Unfortunately that what happens when you do deals with the devil. She owns his soul and he won’t escape that easily.

    Either way she will make herself out to be the ultimate hero or victim in a saga that people don’t care about anyway.

    It will always and only ever be about Ashley.

  • Hannah955

    Jethro, word dat!

    Mock disagrees but I have always felt that Dario initiated the split, and that she has been trying to win him back ever since. Now that she pretty much has nothing to do other than give the occasional lecture… what else does she have to concentrate on?

    With the exception of one retweet by Dario commemorating a late legend in racing, they have both been off twitter for a few days now. If he is willing to go on a silent retreat with her then she still has her hooks into him, and it’s just a matter of time before they announce that they have reconciled.

    I don’t think she had her lawyers going after his money. I think she was trying to get him to change his mind. And she may have succeeded. Stockholm Syndrome, I suppose!

    I fear that we will not have the Assley-free Indy 500 we were hoping for, and I am going to have to go back to sticking pins in voodoo dolls of Dario.

  • Hannah955

    PS I was channel surfing last night and came across Bono giving a talk at a ONE/RED conference, I think it was 2008. He has a bit more flair for language than Assley does but after a few minutes I realized they are cut from the same narcissistic cloth.

    What annoys me about her speeches is not just that they are all about her, with the poor people of Africa and Asia just a colorful backdrop to her life, but that her speeches are so banal, cliched and mediocre. I’ve watched a few of them on youtube (well, I confess, not all the way through) and I never go away inspired in the slightest. What she needs to do, but never will, is to bring people’s stories vividly to life, and fade into the background so that she’s the narrator, not the star. If she did that, paradoxically, she would be MORE well-respected. But she insists on always being the central focus of her speeches, and frankly she’s not that interesting, as a person OR as a celebrity.

  • Amy

    Hannah, Dario has retweeted as recently as a day ago. Is this false hope?

  • Amy

    I know I am in the minority, but I never could stand Bono or U2. I think he is an egomaniac, U2 is the most over-rated band in history and all of their songs sound exactly the same.

  • Amy

    Thank God she is on a silent retreat and can’t tweet about her (Louisville) annihilating my Blue Devils.

  • Jay

    Get a load of this….and the picture of her sitting on the rug! Can she be any more smug?|newswell|text|Home|p

  • AA

    I’ll never buy that carpet Just because of AJ.

    AJ’s people are now blaming the Kentucky Dems! Gotta LUV the insanity!

  • AA

    Did Some Checking. Karastan Carpet is owned by Mohawk Industries (MHK on the NYSE). I will be writing the board of directors a letter about why I will not buy any of their products or support their company. AJ is not suitable for a representative of an American company. If you wish to join me here is some info.

  • Jessica

    The carpet ad is horrifying. The photo makes me want to never buy a rug again for fear of looking so smug.

  • Jessica

    Forgot to add: I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Bono twice. He is the most rude, self absorbed man hiding behind a Save The World veneer.

  • Hannah955

    I will write to Mohawk… why is anybody hiring her at this point to rep their product? What exactly is her fan base? That Vanderpump woman’s DOG has more twitter followers than Assley Judd does!

    I think I recognize that dress. Over on the massive thread about AJ, somebody posted that photo from her twitter feed, she was doing a photo shoot a few months ago. She had her dog in her arms in the shot she posted on twitter (of course) and somebody posted that the dress looked like the dog had attacked a roll of toilet paper. I happen to think the dress is gorgeous though….

    It annoys me that she keeps getting paid to be her inflated puffy narcissistic self. But I think her opps are slowly drying up. Mock pointed out that she had been surgically SCRUBBED from the web site of American Beauty last spring. She had a clothing line that went exactly nowhere (the company that sponsored it went bankrupt). She’s down to bit parts in movies that Morgan Freeman is starring in, her TV series was canceled, she was panned on Broadway, and anytime someone mentions her movie career they cite movies that came out more than 10 years ago. And Karastan is not exactly a prestigious gig, is it? Still, probably pays a couple hundred thou, I would think.

  • Jessica

    Unlike Ashley, Giggy Vanderpump is adorable and has interesting things to say lol!

    Karastan actually pays pretty well. She was on their low end though. Kelly Preston got 250k plus free merchandise.
    Ashley only got 150k, approval of wardrobe/final image, and 15k worth of rugs.
    I don’t know what Katastan was thinking. Maybe that had a low budget and wanted a cheap celebrity?
    I like the dress too Hannah, it looks like Monique Lhuillier.

    I’m surprised American Beauty kept her as long as they did. She would do press for them and instead of talking about the products she would talk about her favorite subject. Herself.

    Wasn’t the deal with Goody’s a big bust in the end because they couldn’t afford the fabrics, etc she wanted then they went under?

    Mira Sorvino (a real Harvard graduate) was on a show I had never seen before the other night. You know when you’re flipping channels in the middle of the night and stumble upon something? Anyways I’ve always found Mira interesting in a strange way. She was discussing her films over the years. They got to Norma Jean & Marilyn.
    She was asked about negative comments from people about it. She stated that she’s never heard one negative thing about it from fans, she was even complimented by Arthur Miller.
    Then she stated it was Ashley and Ashley’s part that recieved and still recieves all the negativity.
    What struck me was – Mira was very complimentary to all the people she discussed.
    She went out of her way on several occasions to say nice things about co-stars, or how this person or that person didnt deserve the negativity or bad press. Even Mariah Carey who threw a salt shaker at her head – she stuck up for and had kind words for (the interviewer was making fun of Mariah and Mira corrected him, said it wasn’t polite and that Mariah just didnt understand film set professionalism but learned to)
    Not ONE peep or nice word about Ashley, but you’ll defend someone who held up the set for 6 hours and threw a salt shaker at your head? Wow that says a lot.