This Is What I Am Amused By Today


2013-03-26 15 40 28

That dress.  Wow.

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  • Mrs. K

    Man, Buckeye Bob would be having some double-fisted Photoshop fun with this one.

  • pocketgeek

    You think that thats amusing? Wait till you go 12 minutes in to Olympus has fallen. You’ll really love that. no spoilers if you seen it already please.

  • Amy

    She has that look on her face like she does when she tells everyone to say “good morning” after they haven’t said it to her satisfaction the first time.

    She does wear the most unflattering clothes ever. That dress could look nice on someone tall, thin and young. It so does not suit an aging, puffy, sanctimonious biznatch.

  • Carolyn

    With apologies to Ms O’Hara…”If I don’t get the senate nomination, it’s curtains (or sofas or maybe a nice chaise)”

  • Amy

    Carolyn, LOL!

  • tim

    And this is why she got dumped and divorced – she’s doing it wrong. She should not be standing.

  • Anonymous