Thank You But No.

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  • Sarah

    Ok. 19 is a little too many rats, but, I have to say, they make really great pets. I had too little ratties that I LOVED. Oliver was the alpha. He would groom me, cleaning out from under my nails and play in my hair. Wendell was my little lovey. He would cuddle and give kisses. My husband made me get rid of them when we moved to a smaller space because we didn’t have room for their cage. They are intelligent, lovable, sweet creatures. And before you go all “but what about the bubonic plague, Sarah?” on me, know there is a HUGE difference between cage bred, domesticated rats and sewer rats. Sewer rats are filthy, and I wouldn’t pet an alley cat or a mangy dog roaming the streets either.

  • Chris

    I like rats, wouldn’t have them (they don’t live so long and bah, I’m more of a cat / dog person) but they’re pretty smart and can be quite cuddly… kinda feel sad for that lady somehow.

  • Victor

    Her rats seem happy and healthy. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • Victor

    These two rats are better trained than most dogs:

  • L

    Uh, apparently she hasn’t seen the movie Willard. Thanks, but no thanks.