I need an itsy bitsy deer creature exactly like this, that will never get bigger and that will refrain from stepping right on my keyboard, but will instead curl up quietly in my lap and let me pet it as much as I want.

Mother’s Day is coming up, you guys. Just sayin’.

2013-03-12 18 12 07 (2)

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  • Hatchetwoman

    That is so amazingly and unbearably cute! And … is it pressing the key??

  • Chris

    Looks like his little hooves are just key sized so he can write e-mails… CUTE (yet a bit scary to me)

  • Hatchetwoman

    That was meant to say, “is it pressing the *enter* key?” I guess putting the triangles on either side makes a word invisible?

  • Mizz M

    I like this little guy much better than our cat. She just lays across my keyboard and writes nonsense.