I Have No Idea What This Is…

…but I kind of accidentally love it.

Until it basically bites off a few fingers.  And then it loses its appeal.

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  • Chris

    It’s a marten (ferret / weasel cousin), quite cute but I remember my pet ferrets could bite pretty hard if scared and these dudes are a bit bigger… very cute though =D

  • Mockarena

    OMG PRIS IS THAT YOU!?!?!?!?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS????? You used to be one of the regular mockdockers way back in the day. Have missed you. 🙂

  • Chris

    I’ve never left XD You can always see me on the little maps of visitors, went from Switzerland to Brazil now in Germany =P Checking in here at least once a day, hell a girl needs her laughs!!! XD
    …but hadn’t posted for sooooo long… even forgot I used to be Pris (old assed nickname) >_< *fail*
    Still (& will always!) love ya! =D
    (and was VERY sad when Buckeye Bob passed away…) =(
    Follow you on FB too, keep up with the best mockin' in the net! =D <3!

  • Hannah955

    I was going to say it was a ferret … but then I used google translate on the German word “marder” and it says it’s a marten but I had to look that up because I’d never heard of it. So basically, what Chris/Pris said!

    Poor baby was so scared.

    At least none of the players kicked it. There was a player in South America (I want to say Brasil) who kicked an eagle that landed on the field, and killed it. He got death threats. Good!

    You know I would say that, nothing makes me madder than cruelty to animals.