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  • Rachel

    Yay! Mock loves me and isn’t holding this morning’s turtle jab against me! 😉 The Oxford comma is my favorite punctuation mark of all time, followed closely by the semi-colon!

    This is my favorite Oxford comma comic:

  • Rachel

    Oh, and you’ve posted that one in the past! Bested by Mock again!

  • Nancy

    You can’t have too many commas.

  • Hatchetwoman

    You KNEW this post was going to draw a comment from me, didn’t you? 😀

    I was sent to a writing class a year ago, because “everyone is required to take it.” The teacher and I had a wonderful time being grammar geeks together, and I was very happy to hear that the Oxford Comma is being taught again. I’m serious, I’m all warm and fuzzy about it!

  • Gail


  • Mizz M

    I had no idea that was called the Oxford comma, but I also thought everyone was taught this. Does no one diagram sentances anymore?