You Know What I Thought When I First Saw This Photo?

I wondered why he was trying to cop a feel when he is far more endowed than she is.

2013-02-27 20 37 38 (2)

Holy nippular area, batman.

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  • SunnyAZ

    Holy crap! Speechless!

  • Rachel

    I have never seen areolas that big on a man. Is he breastfeeding?

  • Tina B

    That’s either the worst case of gynecomastia I’ve ever seen, or that’s a woman becoming a man. I vote for the first one, but how unfortunate for him. Brave fellow, he, to not wear a top, though! Most sufferers of the condition want to hide it.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    LOL. He looks like a guy who was much fatter and then lost weight and now his breastular area and upper arm skin just hangs. Poor guy.

  • el pato

    RoP is right. I was going to say the same thing.
    Happens a lot when heavy people lose a lot of weight without toning.
    A lot of flab/flappiness going on.


    And that sweater he’s wearing must be really warm. I mean, c’mon – SHE’S in a bikini.