Year Old Video Of Ashley Judd In A Hideous Dress, Talking About Depression, Dogs, And Other Stuff

Josh Trevino, the author of the famous Whom The Gods Would Destroy column which described a trip he was on with Ashley Judd, recently tweeted:

2013-02-18 13 49 38

I’d read the accompanying article before, of course, but can’t recall now if I’d ever posted the video clip. BEHOLD:

I hope Josh is right, and that she COULDN’T survive a campaign. But the fact of the matter is, she’s precisely what liberals love – a deeply flawed celebrity. She’s like the picture perfect candidate for them. So I’m just saying, don’t count her out. Because you can’t count out the stupidity of the voting public.

2013-02-18 13 40 51

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  • Victor
  • Amy

    I watched some mini-series thing about the patients at the Shades of Hope. Let me tell you, Teenie and the rest of the “counselors” are two signatures short of an involuntary committal. How they could help anyone heal is beyond me.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Want. To. Punch. Her. So. Bad. In. That. Puffy. Face.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Lordy, Mock – your BFF Assley! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    As unlike your REAL BFF as possible.

    Hey – I’m not anonymous. I’m Pamela Deville! I must fix that…

  • Victor

    Black pearls!!!!

  • jethro

    ” So I’m just saying, don’t count her out. Because you can’t count out the stupidity of the voting public”.
    You are so right Mock. That is what is most scary. It may well happen.
    It would not be the first time a narcissistic, egotistical
    divorced from reality somebody has been voted to public office. She could be seen as having the prerequisite for the job.

  • Mockarena

    Scary, right??

    Plus, she is ALWAYS CRYING. Seriously – she cries constantly. There are a ton of interview clips of her blubbering about something. And they’re INTERVIEW clips, not movie clips.

    She’s exhausting.

  • Just Sayin’

    I’m a Liberal and she is not at all the type of candidate I support.

  • Tao Blue

    Agreed, I would never vote for a deeply flawed celebrity either. Though, I can’t stand Republicans or Democrats in equal measure. I avoid the CotR site for this reason but like this one. Seeing half the country as idiots is something both parties are guilty of and weakens the nation. Who benefits from this, bought and paid for politicians!

  • mga

    you better keep a good record of all this stuff because she’s going to run for a senate seat.

    it will be needed to inform the public.

  • Hannah955

    Well, this may cheer you up. A celebrity blind site that pretty much outs her for the most ODIOUS SORT OF HYPOCRISY: saying it is “unconscionable to breed” while desperately trying to have a baby.

    There’s some good info posted toward the end by a commenter named Jessie27 who apparently has access to a lot of old magazine stories about Assley, and pieced together a timeline of her comments on having children.

    I wonder if she will sue? Oh wait, if it’s true, she can’t sue!

  • Hannah955

    And for those of you who never read Josh Trevino’s blog about accompanying Assley to Africa, he was apparently forced to take it down, but a site mirrored it, and now THAT site is down (or at least that page is down), but somebody cut and pasted it here for your reading pleasure:

    the formatting of quotation marks is irritating, but it’s a fascinating read, fly on the wall stuff, I highly recommend it.

  • Hannah955

    That “Nightline” interview? It’s like a PR piece directly from Assley’s iMac. Continuing the lies that (a) she was once one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood (NO SHE WASN’T) and (b) she “retired” to do humanitarian work.

    *cough* “Twisted” anyone? *cough*

    She conveniently “retired” around 2004 when she starred in the worst-reviewed movie of 2004, that lost $25 million at the box office. After that, not even Morgan Freeman or her girlfriend Sherry Lansing could get her a lead role in a Hollywood big budget film.

    Did she actually quit acting? NO! She just kept acting in whatever she could get. Indie films that nobody saw, and the occasional supporting role in a big budget film (two of the most recent, Dolphin Tail and Olympus Has Fallen, starred Morgan Freeman who apparently has a clause in his contract that they have to find a role for her in all his movies).

    So, what is the difference between “retiring” and “continuing to act in whatever roles I can get?”

    Assley-spin, that’s what.

    I wish I could promote myself so ruthlessly in complete defiance of actual facts, but I would actually be EMBARRASSED to do that.

  • Amy

    Spotted on Dario’s Twitter Account:

    “liz sutton [email protected]
    @patsylwhite @sejarzo you know me. Battery powered toys and @dariofranchitti what more could a girl want :)”

    I’ll bet Ass sends her a “lecturey” response.

  • Hannah955

    Amy, that tweet is gone already! But you can see the “ghost” of it in people’s replies to her.

  • Amy

    God, I hope she saw it!!! I am evil.

  • AA

    Somebody PLEASE start a recruit CHARLIE SHEEN FOR SENATE Campaign in Kentucky!!! Like AJ, Charlie is a Hollywood liberal who loves the spotlight, doesn’t live in KY, has great name recognition,and has the same mental health needs that AJ has. While AJ should appeal to the feminist vote, Charlie should appeal to the Hispanic vote……. they both appeal to the insane. BUT Charlie has His theme up and running……

  • AA

    I realize that topix forum boards are mostly local gossip, but the Ashland, KY board doesn’t show much love for AJ and her senate dream.
    I think Ashland, KY is where the Judds call their Kentucky home.

  • AA

    The Louisville Topix Forum has more activity, but Louisville is a city that probably is more liberal leaning. And I don’t see ANYONE saying that AJ ever did anything for Kentucky.

  • Hannah955

    And look at this whack job who linked proudly to his youtube page. SIXTY-FOUR minutes of rambling talking head videos about Ashley Judd. And Karl Rover. Hee!

    Did you know that it’s absolutely wonderful that AJ is only 9 points behind Mitch McConnell in a poll because “she hasn’t even declared yet.”

    Um, that’s actually BAD news, because once her opponents tell Kentucky voters about her inconvenient past (both private and public) she tends to FALL in the polls.

    You know, if I were Assley Judd and I saw this guy’s videos, I’d be kind of scared!

    Oh, on that Ashland thread that AA linked to? A story about Assley going to the country club with her grandparents and the hostess did a bit of a double-take when she saw her, and Assley snarled at her “Get a good enough look?”

    And she wants to go into retail politics? Was there ever anyone LESS suited for it?

  • Jay

    She always seems so nasty when someone describes a real life encounter with her.

    If you all want a good laugh, check out this video from a Brian Williams interview. Right around the 1:40 mark, she gets all emotional and is ‘sshhhooocked’ because someone from Kentucky brought up plastic surgery rumors. Never in all her born days was she genuinely more surprised!!!

    Folks – this is bad acting at its finest. And if a little thing like the obvious shocks her so, is she really fit to be a Senator? Puuulleease!

  • AA

    One comment from this article states that TN has no state income tax.
    If AJ has been avoiding helping her home state of Kentucky financially by staying in TN, can you say hypocrite (or hippo if you are nasty)? I thought Obama and his supporters felt that the rich weren’t paying their fair share. What happened AJ?

  • Hannah955

    Jay, I watched that whole NBC piece. Lordy, the first minute was devoted to Brian Williams giving us her glorious resume. Followed by three minutes of Ashley Judd being smug and self-righteous and using big words, and saying “it’s not about me” when in fact, she WANTS it to be 100% about her.

    And if Brian Williams had been a real journalist, he might have asked her ONE question such as “well didn’t you CONTRIBUTE to this culture of the objectification and hypersexualization of women with your CAREER? Haven’t you benefited from it with a lucrative cosmetics contract in which you basically support the whole culture of ‘buy this makeup and look like Ashley Judd?” But newp, he lets her drone on and on, and then finishes by thanking “Ashley Judd, actress, activist, and now essayist.”

  • Hannah955

    AJ lives in Tennessee because her half-sister Wynonna gave her a house and some land, and AJ feels like she’s so wonderful things should just be GIVEN to her. That’s probably more the reason that she’s in TN than the fact that they have no state income tax.

    BTW in past articles about her, she somehow allows reporters to get the impression that she owns a 1,000 acre farm. In fact, from what I have been able to gather, Wynonna and Naomi together bought 1,000 acres. I heard it was divided 500 for Naomi and 500 for Wynonna, but I don’t know for sure. Wynonna gave Assley 10 – TEN – acres on which her house sits. Of course, Assley has the run of all 1,000 I would guess – without having to pay for the upkeep, or taxes.

    By the way, this environmentalist? I’ve seen video after video of her swigging out of plastic water bottles. The satellite view of her house in Tennessee shows NOT ONE SOLAR PANEL on the roof. What, the sun doesn’t shine in Tennessee?

    Oh, and my favorite – BY FAR – video of Assley Judd is her appearance on Craig Ferguson to promote her book. She manages to hit the trifecta of Assley Awfulness – inappropriate resume dropping, breaking into Italian for no apparent reason, being COMPLETELY humorless and unable to banter with him…

    But of all the moments of my favorite video, my favorite is where Craig Ferguson is drawing a mustache on her image on the dust jacket of her book, with a Sharpie, while she rambles on about social causes, and then she says – with a dramatic pause and a half-swallowed gulp of hurt feelings and tears – she got DEATH THREATS on Twitter for being so outspoken.

    Ferguson looks up from his drawing, and you can tell she expects him to be OUTRAGED that America’s darling humanitarian got death threats. And all he says “Oh, are you on the Twitter? I’m on the Twitter too! I should follow you!”


  • Hannah955

    I’ll also post this over at COTR because it’s verging on the political, but I saw this interesting analysis by Nate Silver of the NYT (aka 538) who was devastatingly accurate in the 2012 Presidential election, calling all 50 states perfectly. He assesses the 2014 Senate races here:

    He calls Kentucky “likely” Republican – but “likely” apparently means a 90% probability of McConnell holding on to his seat. He doesn’t call a race “safe” for one side or another unless the probability is around 95%, judging by his other data points.

  • Amy

    OMG, Hannah, I hate you — no not really! For some reason I saw fit to watch the Craig Ferguson video that you mentioned. At first I only wanted to chop her stupid hands off, or at least make her sit on them. I gagged when she talked about reaching out to “Arch,” but when she said “I noticed you studiously neglected to mention that my book is on the NY Times Bestseller List,” I wanted to rip her face off. I don’t know how you got thru the whole thing. Did you notice that she said we shouldn’t take our selves “too serious,” but then caught herself and added the “ly?” You can tell she is trying very hard not to let her “roots” show.

  • Hannah955

    Amy! That is my second favorite line of that whole interview. Like, Craig Ferguson is deliberately not mentioning that her book is a bestseller?

    What really happened is that she was HOPING he’d mention that it was on the NYT list, and he didn’t. So she had to mention it. But she had to do it in a way that didn’t look like bragging. So, on the spot, she makes up this really DUMB cover story, in which she pretends to compliment him for being gentlemanly. Wait for it, it’s kind of convoluted.

    See, she points out that HE had a book that reached #4 on the NYT Bestseller list. And hers only reached #5. So of course, as a gentleman he wouldn’t mention that hers was #5 because his did better than hers.


    Because, it’s not like he could just say to her “Hey, congrats, your book is #5 on the NYT list” and NOT MENTION HIS OWN BOOK. Which of COURSE he could have done. But then, she wouldn’t have had a cover story so she could tell us HERSELF that it’s a bestseller.

    Obviously , he didn’t mention her book being a “bestseller” because he either didn’t know, or didn’t care.

    But, once she mentions it, like a good host, he runs with it and jokes about how his book came out at exactly the wrong time, the same week as, IIRC either Hillary or Bill Clinton’s book. Then he says to her “Who were you up against?”

    And just like that, on a dime, she primly says “Oh, I don’t pay attention to those things. I just try to do the next good right thing and let everything else take care of itself.”

    WOW. Does she really think people will not notice what she just did?

    And yet … they don’t seem to!

    Another favorite moment is when he mentions Wynonna, and she answers back “Que voce” (“what a voice” in Italian). Because, of course, an American television audience and a Scottish talk show host all speak Italian, right? Again, she’s giving us her resume. Although, I don’t know how much Italian she speaks, probably not much.

    See what I mean about the Craig Ferguson interview? It’s the gift that just keeps giving. Every single minute of it is vintage Assley.

    Oh, another one! You know where he challenges celebrity guests to a contest, and gives them a choice of “awkward silence or mouth organ?”

    Well, he did that with her and she selected mouth organ. And I swear to God, I got the distinct impression that she had gone out and bought a harmonica and PRACTICED before the show, cuz she wants the world to think she is naturally gifted at everything. She attacks the dammed thing so SERIOUSLY, as if she’s auditioning or something.

    Stick up her Assley the entire 10 minutes she was on the show. If he weren’t so polite, he might have shown more obviously how incredibly boring and not fun she is as an interviewee. Instead, he settled for drawing a mustache on the cover of her book, which pretty much conveyed it, though she was fairly oblivious.

  • Mrs. K

    I cannot believe I’m about to defend this woman. I think I might barf…

    *deep breath*

    If she was truly struggling with infertility, it is very possible that the “it’s unconscionable to breed” comments were for self-preservation. When you are going through that, the last thing you want to hear is yet another person ask when you’re going to have kids. It hurts so much when people ask…it’s not their intent or their fault, but it happens. By making a very loud, very public statement that you are not interested in having children, it stops the questions, which keeps the wounds from reopening every single goddamn day.

    There are myriad other ways in which she is an odious hypocrite. This just might not be one of them.

    Seriously, don’t make me have to defend her again. It makes me itch.

  • Amy

    Mrs. K, you are a very kind and generous woman.

    Hannah, you are either very dedicated to exposing Assley, or a masochist, because I could only make it to 2:29 before having shut it off.

    By the way, she was somewhere last night that she wants us to know about, but no one has taken the bait. She tweeted “dinner on the run” and asked for help in deciding whether to have a PayDay or almonds for her “low blood sugar.” Ass, that’s what normal folks call “hunger.” Then she tweeted about being on a plane next to someone whose Mother, or Aunt, gerbil or some such was dying. Tonight, around seven, she asked for help deciding whether to take a nap or exercise. Who the hell takes a nap at seven o’clock in the evening, except medical residents?

    The idiot wants to represent Tennessee, I mean Kentucky, and she can’t decide whether to eat a candy bar or take a nap?

  • Amy

    BTW, in case you didn’t know, G-d wanted Kentucky to beat Vanderbilt.

    ashley judd [email protected]
    Thank you, God, good transition play so far. #BBN

  • Hannah955

    Mrs K, I absolutely sympathize with women with fertility issues. Especially celebrities trying to have some modicum of a private life. And frankly, she could have said “we have decided not to have children” and left it at that.

    But to paint herself as MORALLY SUPERIOR for not having children? While trying to have them?

    No sympathy here. None.

    Don’t forget that by making that statement, she was insulting ALL parents on the planet by telling them they’re selfish for having children.

    Imagine all the infertile women in the world who would desperately love to have a child, and there goes Assley Judd telling them it would be wrong if they did. And then she goes and has one herself while pretending not to try for it?

    And if she had gotten pregnant, she would probably have spun it as being because God thought she would make such a wonderful mother, and her DEEP and SPECIAL love for Dario was so PROFOUND, and POIGNANT, and EXTRAORDINARY, that she had to accept this “gift.”

    Apparently she went to DC to meet with Democratic fundraisers yesterday.

    Yeah, I saw the tweet about the seatmate whose mother was dying. With her la-di-da technically correct but incredibly awkward sentence structure:

    “A woman next to whom I sat tonight was flying home, trying to see her mother in the hospital before she passed away.”

    How about “The woman next to me on the plane tonight was flying home…”


  • Hannah955

    PS my favorite tweet ever was on December 12th on her anniversary:

    Experiencing a profoundly poignant, unique, beautiful 11th Wedding Anniversary with my Love, @dariofranchitti Family is irreplaceable.

    And on their anniversary, what did Dario tweet? nothing.

    Seven weeks later came the divorce announcement.

    guess the anniversary was quite as profound, poignant, unique and beautiful as she thought.

    (BTW somebody blogged about the divorce announcement and said it was incredible how it managed to sound both smug and superior while being essentially an admission of FAILURE.)

  • Hannah955

    oops, I meant … NOT quite as …

  • Amy

    “Democratic fundraisers?” Yikes. Heaven help us.

  • Hannah955

    OK, with the Oscars coming up on Sunday, I predict that if Assley has ever worked with anybody who wins an Oscar, she will tweet congratulations and remind everybody that she knew that person “when” (she was a big star and they were a nobody, will be the subtext – as if she was their mentor and can claim credit for the Oscar). She did it last year with Octavia Spencer at the Oscars, and then I believe with Natalie Portman at the Emmys.

    You heard it here first!

  • Amy

    Hannah, you are very wise in the ways of Assley. (This is a compliment ;0))

  • Amy

    Now she is “welcoming” people to Kentucky.

  • AA

    Looks like Planned Parenthood is already running against McConnell.
    No doubt AJ will run with this.

  • Hannah955

    Oh Good Lord.

  • AA

    What are the odds Dario will set up his USA base in Florida?
    There is no state income tax in FL.
    He has a business entity there.
    and he has said he likes Key Biscayne.
    South Beach would be a great place for driving fast sportscars and the location is far away from the entire Judd family. Easy European access.

  • Tasha

    I have to wonder about people who hide behind the words like “snark”, “mocking” in order to put others down. It sort of points to that whole theory of “I’m so miserable in my own life that I will put others down in order to feel better.”
    Why is this site not mocking Lindsay Lohan or Amy Locane who actually committed criminal acts and hurt others? AJ may be perceived as pompous by some and annoying but she is educated, opinionated, and has never done anything to hurt others. Why so much hate?

  • Hannah955

    AA, you have amazing research skills! I thought I was the queen of “finding stuff on-line” but I bow to your superior skills. Wanna start a detective agency? The Mock Gumshoes?

    That address looks like a business compex/strip mall (with a McDonald’s outside) so it’s likely just a PMB or “address in name only.”

    Anyway, I do seem to recall reading an interview with Dario somewhere in which he said he’d like to live in Florida.

    Not to mention, that’s where one of his best friends and teammates Dan Wheldon was based, as well as a few other IndyCar drivers. And of course Dan’s widow Susie lives in Florida.

    Here’s Dario with Susie – don’t they make a nice couple?

    Scott Dixon, Dario and Dan’s teammate at Ganassi racing, actually moved his family to Florida to be near Susie after Dan was killed:


    “Truer words have never been spoken when describing the bond that existed between the Dixons and the Wheldons. And that is why Dixon has moved his family to St. Petersburg, Fla., for the next few months to help take care of those left behind after Wheldon was killed in a massive 15-car crash in the IndyCar Series race in Las Vegas on Oct. 16.

    “We actually rented a house just down the road from Susie and will stay here for a couple months to see how she does, and what she wants to do, and if she wants to move with her parents in North Carolina or if she wants to stay here,” Dixon said. “We are trying to support her. Unfortunately, in most instances like this, once the ceremony and things are over everybody kind of checks out of town. We want to remain here for her and her family.”

    The Dixons stepped up to offer their help shortly after the accident. Scott and Emma spent that night with Susie in her hotel room to provide care and comfort as she awaited her family’s arrival from North Carolina. In the days that followed, the Dixons remained with her as she returned to St. Petersburg.

    “Everybody grieves differently, but for me, in many ways, it still doesn’t feel like it has hit,” says Dixon. “I’m just trying to help and stay busy.”

    Wheldon’s funeral was held in St. Petersburg on Oct. 22. The Dixons attended that and flew with the Wheldons to Indianapolis for the “Celebration of Life” that was held at Conseco Fieldhouse the following day.


  • Mockarena

    Tasha – I DO mock Lindsay Lohan. Just put her name in the search bar and VOILA. You’ll see.

    I have no idea who Amy Locane is, FYI. 🙂

    And if you knew me in real life, you’d know how absolutely preposterous it is to suggest I’m miserable.

    Re: the AJ posts – simply peruse the archives. If you read enough, you’ll get it.

  • Amy

    Bless you, lovely Mock.

    Tasha, it is a shame you were dragged to this site against your will, but in the future, just step away from the computer.

  • Jethro

    Hello Tasha, pompous,annoying and opinionated you said. Can’t imagine why anyone would find that offensive, you think…. Sounds like good mocking material to me.

    Guess being “educated” is her only positive.

  • AA

    Thank you Hannah!

  • AA

    Tasha, why are you so intolerant? Are you one of those people whose views come from indoctrination or by actual consideration? I know far too many people who call themselves liberal and they are the most intolerant people on the planet. I have also known liberals who loved good debate; unfortunately that group is in the minority under the liberal handle. AJ uses her celebrity to put forth points of view that I do not believe she could defend on her own.
    I’ll bet we NEVER see AJ in a debate because she is not of the intellect to debate, she is of the mindset to parrot those she views as superior. She appears, to me, to see herself as superior to the rest of us and wants to tell us how to live, in my opinion. So who is she to force her views on me? That’s what I want to know.
    We have too many politicians and people in power who have never been questioned on their views. I don’t want to see this continue.
    If you think that AJ has never done anything to hurt others perhaps you should reflect on her immense support of abortion. In the US alone there have been over 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade – that’s 50 million lives taken without any due process. What about their rights? AJ doesn’t feel they have any rights.
    So AJ is going to prevent unintended pregnancy. Is she also going to prevent crimes that mentally disturbed people commit? Those of us who live in the real world have figured out that unfortunate things happen that the masses cannot control.
    I’m willing to listen to AJ raise any and all of her views, but don’t think I can’t have an opinion and voice it too.
    If AJ doesn’t want to be responded to she shouldn’t be a proponent of the ideas she is forcing on the rest of us.
    And as far as hateful, AJ has been hateful too many times. Here is one example of AJ showing us how she is really is.

    If you really think you can defend AJ, I’d love to see your defense.

  • AA

    Hannah I’d love to work with you at Mock Gumshoes!!!!

  • AA

    I can’t believe I missed this.
    What is with her? Those Kentucky Dems have lived and worked in the state for years and she just thinks she can come in and take over.

  • Hannah955

    I think Tasha is one of those people who (a) has never met Assley Judd and (b) doesn’t know a lot about her other than “blah blah Harvard blah blah humanitarian blah blah movies.”

    Harvard: she spent EIGHT MONTHS there. And got a Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration, which is basically a vanity degree for rich people. EIGHT MONTHS, Tasha. That’s practically a correspondence course! And she spent four years at UK and left without her degree because she was too dumb to figure out she had enough credits to graduate?

    Humanitarian: she insists on being flown first class, she gets chauffered around slums, swooping in on orphans and prostitutes, posing for the camera while she squeezes out one perfectly timed tear, then rushes back to her luxury hotel room to vomit all the stories into her iMac so she can profit off the book she writes about it. Then insists on her 14 hours a day of down time. She gets PAID to give speeches at Planned Parenthood (north of $50,000) and she actually charged a fee to attend the All American Ball at the inauguration last month, a ball which honors our military servicemen. This “humanitarian” gig is a way to stay in the public eye on some NGO’s dime while she makes money off speeches and her “memoir” that she didn’t actually write.

    MOVIES: she flirted with the A-list for a nanosecond in the last MILLENIUM, and every time somebody mentions her career they mention movies from 15 years ago cuz that’s the last time she was in a hit. She claims to be retired but we all know that’s code for “nobody will hire me after I starred in the turkey ‘Twisted’ in 2004 that was the worst reviewed movie of the year and grossed only $25 million in theaters (after costing $50 million to make).”

    And don’t get me started on her utter hypocrisy about just about every subject under the earth. How she’s been outed for being on fertility drugs while proclaiming that it’s “unconscionable to breed.” How her crappy TV series was canceled after 10 episodes and she then claimed it was a miniseries when her producers submitted her for best actress at the emmys in the wrong category. How she claims to be an environmentalist but happily guzzles water out of plastic bottles and doesn’t even have a single solar panel on her farmhouse in Tennessee that her sister gave her. How she has a castle in Scotland with a washer/dryer in her master closet, but had to go to therapy for PTSD when she came home from Africa and found her housekeeper had bought her plastic storage containers for her kitchen, and she had SIX FAUCETS in the house, and she just couldn’t deal with it because starving people in Africa don’t have running water – or Tupperware.

    PTSD? Spare me.

    Anyway, Tasha, do what Mock suggested. Search for her name on this site and then read the archives. She is the most mockable person on the PLANET in my opinion. (And read her “memoir” with a critical eye and you’ll see plenty of examples of her self-centeredness and narcissism.)

    I don’t know who Amy Locane is either but poor Lindsay Lohan, sure she’s a big hot mess but she doesn’t pretend not to be, really, and so in my own mind I cut her some slack.

  • Hannah955

    Aaaand, here she is, yet again refusing to let go of Dario. I cannot imagine why she is continuing to tweet about/to him unless it’s one of these three:

    1) she thinks it makes her look gracious
    2) she’s trying to win him back
    3) she wants people to think the divorce was her idea (ie, she is being “kind” to Dario by continuing to mention him after she left him)

    Feb22 ashley judd [email protected]
    Today is a fantastic day. Every day in fact is a miracle. But why do I love today so well? It’s my first day without having to wear shoes.

    Feb 22 gene weedin gene weedin [email protected]
    @AshleyJudd One of my favorite images is of you running at Indy after Dario won. Love it. #realperson

    Feb 23 ashley judd ashley judd [email protected]
    @geneweedin @dariofranchitti Thank you. It wa a great moment, moment of a lifetime. Soon he will be going for # 4!

  • jethro

    Hannah, you can bet it was not Dario’s fault in the divorce.

    I would say the guy just had enough of her nonsense.

    For example, if she had caught him out with another or number of women, she wouldn’t be tweeting that he is cute or reminiscing about the good times. Well, any self respecting woman wouldn’t.

    All her ignorant followers would say that she doesn’t have a spiteful bone in all her body. It’s all part of building the vote for Ashley campaign.

    It’s all calculating, and a defense against possible personal attacks when she does run for senate.

    The only sincerity she has is to her own cause.

  • Hannah955

    yup, just as we predicted:

    ashley judd [email protected]
    Okay, it’s pretty fun to text my friends as they do stuff on the Oscars! Such as dear @octaviaspencer

    (she also tweeted a shout out to the creator of that execrable conehead hairdo from the Emmys, who apparently did a much better job on Charlize Theron tonight)

  • Hannah955

    So I guess, “I have the same hairdresser as an Oscar presenter” and “I know Olivia Spencer” is the closest she can get these days to even the Oscar CEREMONY, let alone an Oscar nomination (or win).

  • Hannah955

    Aaand, Dario never mentions her or responds to her, though he is actively tweeting.

    I was kinda looking forward to rooting for Dario in the Indy 500 this year for the first time, because she wouldn’t be there to spoil the experience, but now I have mixed feelings. If he wins #4 she’s going to be tweeting the most nauseating tweets, basically taking credit for the win.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and I can’t wait for Assley Judd to milk the fact that Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress winner at age 22!) is from Louisville, Kentucky.

    Although it must rankle that an actress half her age wins the Oscar when Assley has never even been nominated.

    Yes, I am feeling particularly catty tonight. I am actually almost ashamed of myself.

    Wait – nawwwww….

  • Amy

    Hannah, I was wondering why she would tweet nice things about Charlize T. It all makes sense now. Her tweets made me picture some dateless girl on prom night with her nose pressed to the window watching everyone else have fun.

  • AA

    What’s your best guess? How will AJ inform the masses of Kentucky what her political views are? Will she use the same ghost writer( Maryanne Vollars) to pin another book? Will she have op-eds (written by someone other than AJ) placed in newspapers? Maybe taped interviews? A documentary? I can’t see a debate or an uncontrolled (by AJ) press conference. What do you think?

  • AA

    Is AJ paid (obscenely well) for each humanitarian trip, award she must accept, interview, etc? And will this be brought out in the open?

  • AA

    Is AJ tweeting that she is one best actors and/or actresses that come from Kentucky? Clooney, Depp, and Lawrence were born in Kentucky, AJ was born in California. Depp was raised in Florida. Is she really putting herself in that group? She’s still tweeting about Dario. That’s kind of strange. It’s as if she refuses to live in reality.

  • Hannah955

    Man, I’m on fire! 2:59 am I predict she will milk the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is from Kentucky. 9 hours later she does exactly that:

    “Remarkable what Kentuckians can do: all the best actors & actresses are from #Kentucky…AJ, Clooney, Depp, Lawrence, @WilliamMapother”

    William Mapother is Tom Cruise’s first cousin (Tom Cruise’s birth name is Thomas Cruise Mapother), and he was born in Kentucky.

    So, I wasn’t sure whether that was an immodest retweet of someone else’s compliment or whether she was actually calling herself one of the best actresses, slipping herself in as AJ. Turns out this tweet originated with one of her twitter stalkers, a guy with the handle “Anonymous_in_Lou_KY” who tweets to her a lot and seems a bit unhinged. Maybe she doesn’t recognize his handle. And weirdly, her post wasn’t tagged as a retweet – she cut and pasted it, thereby looking incredibly immodest. And ridiculous. I mean, Tom Cruise’s cousin that nobody has ever heard of? Ashley Judd? Hee!

    Anonymous even sorta called her out on it:

    @AshleyJudd @WilliamMapother Hey! I think I said this earlier today, about 7 hours prior. ;-). I am flattered you copied my tweet. #pals

    And then he linked her to this poll, and told her “don’t peak yet” – I don’t think he actually read the wording of the poll because 56% of the 1515 respondents don’t think she will win!

    AA, indeed let’s not forget that her memoir was actually written by Maryanne Vollers. Not ghostwritten, since Vollers was given credit on the dustjacket, but still… if Assley had written it, it would have been unreadable. As it is, it is nearly unreadable.

    As for the tweeting about Dario, it’s becoming creepy, unless they are actually in touch and talking about reconciliation (visual: Hannah holds up forefingers in the shape of a cross).

    And this?

    Being the reigning Indy 500 Champ is so special! [email protected]: @dariofranchitti @IndyCar @IMS for preseason media”

    Somebody should tell Assley she ISN’T the reigning Indy champ, and the actual reigning Indy champ, her soon-to-be-ex-husband, doesn’t need her speaking for him anymore. In fact, he never did.

    I think she keeps retweeting photos of him so he will be in her twitter photo feed. But why???

    And now she’s proud of Danica Patrick. Lordy me. Is there anything she DOESN’T horn in on?

    As for her political career, I wonder if she can actually run for the Senate without (a) moving to Kentucky (b) speaking off the cuff or (c) participating in a debate?

    I predict that if she does run, she is going to start pontificating about foreign policy and the US economy, two subjects about which she knows less than Mock, Daisy, me, and just about everybody else on the Mock Dock and Chicks on the Right.

    I am *this* close to pulling the trigger on a twitter account called “MockingAshleyJudd.”

  • Hannah955

    AA, you will like this!

    NRO linked to a PDF of Assley Judd’s appalling voting record in an article; here’s an interesting PDF of information about her Tennessee residency and voting record.

    One very interesting factoid. After “PROPERTY OWNER REG” there’s a N, not a Y. She doesn’t own property in Williamson County? Wow, I thought Wynonna GAVE her that farmhouse – maybe she just let her live there!

  • Hannah955

    Oh, guess what? Wynonna is going to be on Dancing with the Stars! It was one of my biggest nightmares that Assley would worm her way into appearing on that show (she thinks she’s a marvelous dancer, always referring to how elegant her Mamaw and Papaw were). There was a cringeworthy tango between her and Salma Hayek in “Frida” that was so over-rehearsed and choreographed right down to the tiniest gesture, it completely lacked any spontaneity, and I didn’t for a second buy Ashley Judd as a sensuous Tina Modotti, she just looked like Ashley Judd playing what she thought was a sensuous Tina Modotti. It ended in a lesbian kiss so passionless, I imagine even men whose fantasy is Salma Hayek in a lesbian kiss would just through it.

    Anyway, we’re getting Wynonna instead of Assley, thank goodness. Although I imagine she will load herself onto a plane to sit in the audience looking like the thin sister, which she loves to do around Wynonna, and with an expression of sisterly devotion on her face at all times in case the camera cuts to her – which of course it will. She’ll probably even wangle an on-air interview from her seat in the audience, at some point, and while she’s pretending to talk about how proud she is of Wynonna, she’ll manage to tell us something about her own extraordinary life, such as when she was doing relief work in Rwanda and the girls and women were so taken with her they burst into spontaneous dance and invited her to join, and she felt so free and liberated.

    I really hope Wynonna does well. But she’s carrying around a lot of extra weight…

  • Hannah955

    oops… just YAWN through it …

  • AA

    Wow Hannah your predictions are freaky accurate!!!
    I can’t imagine the Kentucky DEMS just watching AJ come in and step all over them. AJ hasn’t done anything for Kentucky Dems who have participated in Kentucky politics for years and now she wants them to defer to her just because AJ is a STAR!!!!! ( AJ ONLY supports her fellow STARS who are DEMS…. not the little people.)
    Wynonna probably had a good legal team protect the property by putting it into some entity that is hard to touch or destroy by family insanity. And Dario is trying to avoid her drama. He has to be exhausted from the Judd family.
    If you’ve ever gone to any 12-step meetings there is plenty of people who are drama addicts who will create drama when there is none.
    AJ is getting her fix for attention and she must be pretty high from it all. It is going to be quite a ride.
    It’s going to be interesting watching. I’m glad I’ll be watching with my friends here. It would be too scarey watching alone.

  • AA
  • AA
  • AA

    Jim Cauley, Barack Obama’s campaign manager for his 2004 Senate race, admitted that some Kentucky Democrats were so determined to head off Judd that they asked him to intercede and ask her to stay out.

    AJ is getting my vote for the most self-centered so far.

  • Mizz M

    I blame the ignorant twenty-something young girls who idolize her without digging any deeper into her character and actions, and believe all of ashley’s self-promoting nonsense. They’ve puffed up her ego to the point that it’s actually puffier than her face.

  • AA

    I can’t wait to hear AJ’s views on abortion, guns, coal, her religious views, womens rights, foreign policy, taxation, and even water boarding.
    I’ll bet her mentors(the out-of-tough- with-the real-world crew) are pushing her to give those poor hillbillies what they need, but are too stupid to know about.
    And I’ll bet the Kentucky DEMs aren’t feeling the love to welcome AJ back to her old Kentucky home.
    I love Hannah’s find on AJ’s voting. So she is not a committed Dem voter or donator of money. She is going to give the party and state her as the ultimate gift. Please do AJ.

  • AA

    tough should be touch. LOL

  • Hannah955

    AA, good research!

    Hey, she hasn’t said a word about Wynonna being announced for this season of DWTS.

    BTW I have a new hero on twitter, handle @chinacries, she called Assley Judd VAPID and AJ replied “I am sorry you feel that way.”

    I read something somewhere that I thought might be accurate, and caused shudders down my spine. By running in 2014 – even if she loses – she raises her profile in the political world and gives herself credibility. Obama lost an election early in his career, so did Clinton. So, even if she runs and loses in 2014, expect to see her running again, somewhere. It’s basically a win/win for her.

    And, here’s a thought. Does a United States Senator actually have much influence in his “home” state? I mean, what the Senate does usually has nationwide or even international implications, but aside from pork in the budget… I don’t know how much influence a Senator has on life in a single state.

    So, if she loves Kentucky so much, and issues that are important to Kentuckians, why doesn’t she run for a seat in the Kentucky legislature?

    Wait, that was a rhetorical question. I know why she doesn’t – it’s not high profile enough for her. She wouldn’t roll out of bed in the morning for anything less than a Senate seat (or Ambassadorship).

  • AA

    A Senator can bring home the bacon for his state. Look at former Robert Byrd of West Virginia (another coal state right next to Kentucky). If a Senator can get on the right committees they can influence industry that can directly affect their state. Think military bases, government contracts, pork, pork, and more pork.
    But does AJ have the skills to wheel and deal with others and will she work with others so they would owe her? She seems clueless about working with others. She seems more interest in the problems in other countries than the problems here. It’s a Hollyword thing I guess.

  • Amy

    Here’s another fromChinaCries:

    Mei Mei [email protected]
    Ashley Judd is full of doo-doo.

  • Jethro

    AJ’s bizarre views will be watered down considerably I’m assuming. The problem for her and her people will be how to turn those comments, which are all on record, into a positive or somehow misquoted.

    Can the media play a serious part, ask real questions and not concentrate on her celebrity status?.
    Will they be more concerned about what she is wearing, her views on UK basketball, her “spectacular” Hollywood career.

    If you were a grass roots democrat, you would be mighty ticked off with Ashley swanning through with the pretense of taking over without having to put in the hard yards.
    They will look cowardly if they don’t at least publicly put up a fight.

  • Hannah955

    AA thanks for explaining that to me (a Senator’s effect on his state). Yeah, I don’t think wheeling and dealing would be AJ’s strong suit. She is not used to dealing with people as peers. She is only interested in being the center of attention, put on a pedestal, and lecturing people.

    As for her points of view, she really is a whack job. I happen to agree with her about the genocide of the mountaintops in Kentucky, I saw a documentary featuring Bobby Kennedy Jr and it was heartbreaking, an environmental holocaust that was incredibly bad for the health of people living downstream from it.

    BUT … she is swimming upstream by fighting against the coal industry because those “hillbillies” not only rely on coal for their livelihood, for better or worse it is also part of their culture and in a way a source of pride, I would think. She has limply said on Twitter that more jobs could be created that don’t rely on coal – but she has never said exactly what those jobs would be.

    The Kennedy documentary did mention that Kentucky’s mountaintops are PERFECT for wind power. There’s a way of testing the topography and wind speed/direction, whatever, and rating them on a scale, and they are pretty close to the top of the scale for potential for generating energy via the wind. Even more energy than the coal currently produces. So I would think wind power would be a great win/win (wind/wind) for the region – preserve the environment and the beautiful mountains, and create jobs.

    Anyway … the one thing I don’t like about wind turbines is that they are deadly for birds. On occasion when I drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles (as little as possible, I hate L.A.) I go through the Altamont Pass where there are hundreds of turbines, and there are stories in the news about the massive number of birds that get killed by the turbine blades every year.

    But I digress.

    As for Assley Judd’s candidacy, I am not hopeful that the state of Kentucky will get into anything substantive. I mean, in a culture where a firestorm arises when a Republican giving a long speech takes a swig of water, I think we’ve devolved into focusing on the trivial and glittery at the expense of substance. So could she run a campaign of slick commercials, canned speeches and sound bytes, and get away with it? I don’t know much about the political atmosphere in Kentucky but I fear she could. It’s almost like campaigns are run by political consultants, advertising gurus and “handlers” and the candidates are just props in their own campaigns.

    But then, there is SO much fodder to mock and criticize her.

    By the time she runs, she’ll be given talking points on the economy and foreign policy. But also, maybe she will fall victim to her own hubris and think she can go off script and start rambling about orphans in Rwanda, and prostitutes in Indian brothels, and I don’t think that will sell in Kentucky.

    I dunno. We’ll have to see how it plays out!

  • Hannah955

    Aaaand, she mentions Wynonna’s stint on DWTS but manages to insert herself into the equation by implying she’s the experienced dancer in the family:

    @WynonnaMusic I am so ready to see your moves on #DancingWithTheStars Let me know when it’s time to practice the tango together!

    You know, I think they have – oh – PROFESSIONAL DANCE PARTNERS – on Dancing With the Stars. Ever heard of Tony Dovolani, ASSLEY?

    She is being particularly annoying this week. She calls herself one of the best actresses. She horns in on Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar win. She takes credit for winning the Indy 500 and implies that if Dario wins yet again, somehow it will be her business. She says she’s “proud” of Danica Patrick who probably only tolerated her because she was married to Dario. And she lectures us on spirituality and racism.

  • Hannah955

    Jethro, her handlers will TRY to water down her more bizarre sayings, but the other side is not going to let that happen. They’re already getting a lot of traction:

    Since she loves the sound of her own voice and goes around speechifying whenever she can, and hasn’t had any handlers to tone down her nutty ideas, there is a treasure trove of stuff she has said, on record, and on video. The Republicans could be making negative ads for the rest of time with all that great material! Just splice together photographs and video clips. For example that hideous “this is what a feminist looks like!” photo with her neck veins bulging, etc etc. Juxtaposed with images of her naked, or flashing her size A bare chest at the paparazzi. I mean, they don’t have to say a word against her, they just have to use HER words.

  • Jethro

    The more you read about her the more you realize what a loose cannon she has been.

    With her ideas about men and feminism, why did she get married at all?

    Her hypocrisy about men is that she worships the true romantic according to her, Bill Clinton. She also found it okay to hang out in testosterone filled motor racing. Where was the feminist flag when her husband and fellow men drivers were on the podiums.

    I tip my hat to Dario for doing time putting up with her for 10+ years. He probably psyched himself to drive so fast by imagining Ashley running behind him demanding gratification.

    Seems that she has decided to haunt him for some time yet. You would have to think that he is hoping to exorcise the demon sooner than later.

  • AA

    I really want to see this. I can’t get it to download for me, but the title is intriguing.

    Dario Franchitti talks haggis, bachelorhood and how the Indy 500 grabs you

  • AA
  • Hannah955

    OMG he’s so yummy. I had no idea how sexy he is! She asks him about bachelorhood and he kind of dodges the question. The audio is bad at that point dammit!

    Speaking of Sean Connery, my mom dated him a few times when she lived in London. I have proof!

    Darn, I can’t seem to upload the photo. I’ll post this and then try again.

  • Hannah955

    trying again. Well, to be honest, my mom and Sean Connery were neighbors and used to hang out at this club for actors in London in the 1950’s before he got famous. She went out with him a couple of times but it was more friendly than romantic I think. Still, I cannot for the life of me figure out why she looks so grumpy in this photo – it’s Sean Freaking Connery!

  • Hannah955

    And, because I’ve never liked that photo of my mom (except for the fact that it’s Sean Freaking Connery) … here’s a better one of her!

  • AA

    Hannah I love it! I’ve always been a Connery fan and your mom and he were friends. Too cool.

  • AA

    Your mom is gorgeous!

  • Amy


    Dario is pretty cute when he starts speaking, though he could use a good eyebrow wax.

    When he started speaking about the break-up, he looked a little sad. Then I think he said he would need “a lot of help,” but it almost appeared as if he was being sarcastic and it looked like he was trying not to jump for joy. I don’t know what to think. God, I really hope she didn’t dump him.

  • Hannah955

    I had the same thought … but I think he’s a decent guy and even if it was his decision it’s not something he would have taken lightly, hence needing a lot of help. perhaps, moral support from other drivers and friends “YES, DARIO, DUMP THE BEYOTCH, WE NEVER LIKED HER, WE WERE JUST PRETENDING FOR YOUR SAKE!”

    He never mentions her on twitter – never. And, Danica Patrick didn’t thank her for being proud of her, nor did Charlize Theron tweet back, nor did her hairdresser, or Octavia Spencer.

  • Amy

    Danica and Charlize probably have no idea who she is.

  • Hannah955

    Wynonna just tweeted that she will be rehearsing her dancing with her partner Tony Dovolani at her farm in Tennessee. Whaddya bet Assley crashes some of the rehearsals in hopes of getting on the air?

    BTW Assley says she’s going back to work today after time off with family. I didn’t know she had a job! And family for the longest time used to mean the Franchittis and now I guess it means the Judds (any port in a storm).

  • Amy

    I hope work doesn’t mean “Senate campaign.” She is probably putting that out there to deepen the mystery surrounding her run.

  • Alexis

    We stumbled over here from a different website and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page yet again.

  • AA

    Just a thought. Maybe he’s apprehensive to talk about the break up because it could stir up a sh*t storm and the lawyers may have told him to dodge questions. Other than that he seemed happy thinking about the upcoming racing season. How many times has AJ tweeted we don’t want to mess with her. I’m so scared I may need a nap.

  • Hannah955

    This is political (and I posted it at COTR) – am only posting it here because it’s so unflattering to AJ:

    According to this she is now reaching out to Kentucky Democrats. Rather clumsily:

    “House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, confirmed Wednesday that Judd tried to call him. Stumbo said Judd left a message on his personal cell phone. She must have been confused, Stumbo said, because she left a message for House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins.”


    “House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark, D-Louisville, said he did speak with Judd, who asked to meet with him soon. Clark said he told Judd a meeting would likely have to wait for several weeks because of the ongoing legislative session, which is scheduled to conclude March 26. ”

    Does that not speak volumes? A top Kentucky Democrat cannot spare an hour in the next [i]month[/i] to meet with a person the media is touting as Kentucky’s answer to Mitch McConnell.

    And then somehow, both of these incidents make it into the media.

    Hmmmm, sounds like the only Democrat in Kentucky who is backing Assley Judd is that Yarmuth guy.

  • AA

    Kentucky DEMs see AJ as their Todd Akins. When they were running for their offices, where was AJ to campaign for them or even send a check? AJ is the pariah that they want to avoid. Yarmuth is a liberal from a city, Lousiville. It appears that Yarmuth is a Charlie Crist or Arlen Specter kind of politican- it’s all about them and that’s why they switch politcal parties when they don’t get what they want. Yarmuth and AJ can feed their narcissim using their celebrity together. I look for the average Kentucky DEM to be busier than ever, when AJ calls.

  • AA
  • AA

    AJ needs to at least borrow a tour bus from her sister and park the thing in Kentkucy. I haven’t seen her making any attempt to be an actual resident.

  • Hannah955

    AA, haven’t you heard? She tweeted that she has bedrooms reserved for her in no fewer than FIVE homes in Kentucky. Why, she’s already a resident!

    Somebody please go to the GW thing and ask her about why she is on a panel about women’s reproductive health if she thinks it’s UNCONSCIONABLE TO BREED!

  • Hannah955

    AA, I posted a comment on the GW site:


    Gee, that should be a short symposium. Ashley Judd: “It’s unconscionable to breed.” Dean Lynn Goldman: “Thank you for coming everyone.”


    My comment is awaiting moderator approval. Not holding my breath 🙂

  • AA

    Hannah that would be so great if GW believed in free speech! Will she be paid $50,000.00 for this too?

  • AA

    Chaeck out the first picture, the individual at the far right.

  • AA

    That should be Check! Lol
    Is that turquoise top from Anthropologie?

  • Victor

    Dang. I work right next to GW. I wonder if I should get sick just after lunch?

  • Hannah955

    Well, my comment wasn’t approved. Big surprise.

    AA, I was wondering the same thing, whether she would be paid her “somewhere north of $50,001” fee for showing up. After all, she did say yesterday she was going back to “work” and I don’t think she shows up anywhere without being paid unless it’s something like DNC #2012 which is all part of building her brand, anyway.

    But the site you linked to said that admission was free.

    Victor – yes, call in sick after lunch and go! You have to reserve a seat but as the web site says, it’s free admission.

    re: Indy Hallowe’en 2004 – Indy wives are hot! And Dario looks crappy as a woman. Wonder where Assley was – isn’t she usually photobombing everything?

  • Hannah955

    OMG, I looked at the big version of that photo. Every single man is wearing a sticker that reads “It’s up to the women. Vote Kerry/Edwards.”

    I know someone whose husband worked in IndyCar back at that time, and she told me she was at a party once in 2004 where Assley Judd was walking around slapping those [email protected] Kerry/Edwards sticker on everybody, it was completely obnoxious!

    Hallowe’en 2004 would have been within a week of the Presidential election.

    So I guess we can infer that Assley was indeed in attendance at that party 🙂

  • Hannah955

    OK, just checked my emails, and this person was actually talking about THAT CRUISE! (I never throw away an email, sometimes it comes in handy.) Wow, so weird to get visual proof. I bow down again to your amazing research skills, AA!

  • AA

    Now I understand how AJ is a Harvard grad. Read what the Crimsin Staff wrote as an opinion.
    What a bunch of intellectual wimps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AA

    AJ is in her own world. She is repeating a speech that she’s given many times before. And she still thinks she and Dario are together.

  • Hannah955

    AA are you watching the live stream? Ugh!

  • Hannah955

    Trying to connect. Notice how the GWU web site refers to her as “Public Health Advocate and Golden Globe Nominee” – guess they said to her “how do you want to be called” and she gave them that.

  • AA

    Yeah I watching.

  • Hannah955

    Yup, rehashing her usual talking points. Women in the military not wanting to go to the latrine because that’s where sexual assaults take place. And then that sappy statement “what goes to the head goes over the head, what …” well, I’ve blocked it out.

    And now … a woman is saying “and Naomi, my father is still in love with you” and Assley actually replies “that hockey poster, huh?” Completely not noticing that the woman was talking to her MOTHER, whom she apparently dragged along.

    Boy, she really does think men are the problem, doesn’t she?

    I tweeted to the live stream – it should show up on the feed! I also accidentally typed asholeyjudd – I think that’s going to be my new nickame for her, I like it!

  • Hannah955

    When I have a bad breakup I can’t eat and I lose weight. I’m glad to see Asholey is not in that camp, she apparently stuffs down her feelings with food. She’s gained weight if anything since the breakup.

    AA, what did she say about Dario?

  • AA

    AJ called Dario her life love. And she told when he encourages her to work with Bono.

  • AA

    I like your nickname for her too! I think GW has total and absolute control over the tweets.

  • Hannah955

    (dean gave her a vase as a thank you) “The daffodils are fixing to come out of the ground in Kentucky, and they will look great in this.”


    Gawd, that dean was just fawning all over her, nodding her head like a little bobble-head doll the entire time Asholey was talking.

  • AA

    Hannah were you surprised by the questions? I didn’t hear anything that sounded like it was coming from grad students.

  • Hannah955

    And Naomi stands up in the front row at the end, and thrusts her arms triumphantly into the air as the dean says “and a standing ovation … from the mother!” Asholey actually looked pleased at that, maybe she does need Mommy’s approval, even after all this time.

  • Hannah955

    AA, how did Dario’s name even come up? As a cover story for something on-topic?

    AA I heard hardly any of it, I got home over an hour into it and then my dog started pacing and I knew I had to take her out and she had projectile diarrhea all over the neighbor’s driveway and I had to clean it up. It was just ending when I got back.

    Hope I have some Flagyl in the pet tool box or it’s off to the vet!

  • AA

    I wasn’t impressed by Dean Goldman either. She sounded as if she needed to attend school not run it. And in her bio :
    In 1993, Dr. Goldman was appointed by President Bill Clinton and confirmed by the Senate to serve as assistant administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances. Under her watch, EPA expanded right-to-know under the Toxics Release Inventory and overhauled the nation’s pesticides laws. Dr. Goldman made significant progress on the issues of testing of high volume industrial chemicals and identification of chemicals that disrupt endocrine systems. At EPA she was successful in promoting children’s health issues and furthering the international agenda for global chemical safety.

    So that’s how AJ scored the audience. I counted three males. I think most were there because their professors made them attend.

  • AA

    Your dog was brilliantly reacting to insanity happening in our world.!!!

    Give her pat for me.

  • Hannah955

    Josh Kraushaar [email protected]
    GOP oppo already clips footage of Ashley Judd saying she “winters in Scotland” from GW speech today. It’s on

  • AA

    AJ made everyone say Good Afternoon after she repeated herself (AGAIN).
    She’s Southern you see and better mannered than they are.

    It is pretty much verbatim the speech she always gives. She brought the Life Love Dario in again for encouraging her to help Bono save the world.

    It appears to me some of AJ’s feminist progressive friends provided her with this appearence. I can’t imagine ANYONE learned a thing, other than AJ is not worth listening to.

    Apparently AJ is receiving an award tonight from some group out of India.

  • AA

    She lives in her own dream world 24/7.

  • AA

    A reasonably person would realize that they aren’t ready to run in a US Senate race, but AJ is an addict going for the high of the attention. She is so clueless.

  • AA

    Reasonably intellegent

  • AA

    AJ also told that some of the Shrivers( the Kennedy family) pestered her until she started helping in the cause.

  • AA

    AJ hasn’t accepted that Dario wants out. He is off racing as he has always done. Everything seems the same. And he couldn’t possibly leave her. Their LOVE is the greatest LOVE that ever happened.

    She isn’t living reality.

  • AA

    GW kept the press out. If you read the above. AJ tried to make fun the the Republicans, but I don’t think they are her problem right now. I think the Kentucky DEMs know their Todd Akin( AJ) when they see her and they will do something.

  • Hannah955

    AA, yes!

    Some guy tweeted that AJ made them say hello again after a tepid response. She does that ALL THE TIME. She did it at the National Press Club, and also at TedX in Nashville. It is SO ANNOYING. You can’t force people to be enthusiastic about you before you even start, and scolding them like some schoolmarm with a stick up her arse? Well, it’s vintage Assley (I’m going back to that one, I like it better after a Great Deal Of Thought).

    I wonder if she will try to crash the Indy 500 this year – hee!

  • AA

    Mommy Naomi was there because she too loves attention and AJ would be horrified to be alone.

  • AA

    AJ is so not ready to run for US Senate. I would feel bad for her if she wasn’t SO SUPERIOR.

  • Hannah955

    Well, look at that, it’s already up on the web:

  • Hannah955

    Ugh, my pet peeve. Dean Goldman says “She recently earned a Masters In Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School” and OF COURSE, Assley doesn’t correct her and say “Well, it was a mid-career MPA, you know, the one year program as opposed to the two year program.”

    She mentions Kentucky a lot in the beginning of her speech. Wonder why?

    ooh ooh, she mispronounced “apartheid” as APAR-TIDE. 99% of people do, but anybody who has BEEN TO SOUTH AFRICA and met Mandela and Desmond Tutu should know how to pronounce it – it’s APAR-TATE. With very sharp T’s. Something to do with how EID is pronounced in Afrikaans (and Dutch, I guess, on which it’s based). I used to mispronounce it but my best friend’s mother is from South Africa and she corrected me once.

  • Hannah955

    Man, she’s hitting ALL the irritating points. She actually mentions AGAIN – and she’s LYING – that in 2002 she was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Because that’s so relevant, right? To a talk about PUBLIC HEALTH?

    “At that time it turns out – I didn’t even know this – I was one of the highest paid women in the history of Hollywood – that’s how little it meant to me.”

    In the TedX talk, she says “Not adjusting for inflation because I hear Mary Pickford was very well paid” – this time she says “And I like to say adjusted for inflation, not including Betty Grable’s legs … the rumor is they were insured, and I’m pretty sure they were.”

    Well actually, she should say NOT adjusted for inflation, otherwise why bring up inflation?

    And why bring up how much she was paid, anyway?

    And then she refers to “Dario, my loved one.”

    Yup, AA, she’s unbearable.

    And then after all that, she tells a story on herself that’s meant to make her seem noble – how she came home after a long day of making movies, and was so tired she forgot to wait for the water to heat up in the shower, and she stepped in and it was FREEZING, and she began to have a pity party and then she “got over myself” and thought “how dare I pity myself when 2.6 billion people on the planet don’t have running water.”

    The difference between me and Assley Judd is that I never START the pity party. On the rare occasions when the shower (or bath, or tap) water is too hot or cold for me and I have forgotten to check the temperature, I go “oh sh!t” and then adjust the temperature and don’t think about it again.

    Yeah, AJ, GET OVER THIS STORY. It doesn’t make you look good. Regardless of what you think.

  • Hannah955

    Wow, she’s actually saying “so I quit my day job, and got into this full-time.” Seriously? How many months in the past 11 years since 2002 (the year she mentioned) has she spent out of the country on humanitarian work? It wouldnt’ even add up to a year. Plus, she pretty much has taken every role that was offered to her, it seems. She’s continued to act, but in small films nobody saw, or in generic supporting roles in big budget hollywood films.

    She has an absolutely TEFLON-like ability to rewrite her own past in the most flattering possible way.

  • Hannah955

    PS she said her dog Buttermilk is on a “hunger strike” and will only eat cheese. He’s about 15 years old, not extremely old for a cockapoo, but getting up there. When a dog stops eating, that is not good. Could be cancer.

  • Hannah955

    Looks like people aren’t as dumb as she thinks. She’s getting called out for name-dropping Kentucky and acting all Southern all of a sudden.

    And now that I’ve watched the whole speech (but not the Q&A) I’m totally with AA – she really does have one speech that she gives over and over, and frankly it rambles and doesn’t make that much sense. Do you come away from it knowing more about world issues? Fired up to make a difference? Knowing WHAT TO DO? I don’t think so. Because ultimately the speech was mostly about her.

  • AA

    Last night AJ joined her friend and PSI buddy Kate Roberts

    Kate Roberts is the Founder of YouthAIDS; a cause related marketing initiative implemented by Population Services International (PSI). She also serves as Vice President to PSI. In 2001 Kate founded YouthAIDS, a global education and prevention initiative of PSI, that uses media, pop culture, music, theatre and sport to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and reach 600 million young people in more than 60 countries with life-saving messages, products, services and care. Kate has changed the world of philanthropy with her efforts in cause marketing for YouthAIDS. Prior to her role at PSI, Roberts worked with Bates, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising from 1995 to 1999. As Managing Director, Roberts established the promotion agency “141” in Russia, the Ukraine, and Romania, which provided integrated marketing communications for twenty-two clients and she oversaw operations for other Eastern European markets.
    (Funny how ole Kate omits that she was marketing cigarettes and soft drinks – Health products in Russia, Ukrane and Eastern Europe?)

    She seems like another opportunist who knows how to con people.

  • AA

    Not only is Kate Roberts on the board of The Global India Fund( the group AJ was honored at last night) so is Amita Vyas
    Amita Vyas is the Founder of the Global India Fund. Dr. Vyas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Prevention and Community Health at George Washington University. At the age of 20, Professor Vyas journeyed to Calcutta to work alongside Mother Teresa in the Missionaries of Charity. In one eye-opening summer, she saw what the social determinants of health and well-being really mean to vulnerable populations, and from that extraordinary experience decided to pursue a career in public health. Today, her work focuses on reproductive health care, adolescent health, and the health and development of immigrant children and adolescents. She is also an expert in multi-level research methods and evaluation

    Meet Professor Amita Vyas, Ph.D.

    Professor Amita Vyas is the director of the Maternal and Child Health MPH program at the GW School of Public Health and Health Services.

  • AA

    So now we can see who arranged for AJ to ‘rob’ George Washington University for a presentation that quite frankly I’ll bet there were students at that school who could have done a better job. It makes me sick when I see this crap.

    We had Obama win a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.
    We have AJ awared for nothing and they hope it will get her elected too.

    While most people are busy trying to live their lives, they aren’t that stupid. This kind of con game taking money for the important people speaking for the little people isn’t new. Remeber the United Way scandel?

    And to top it off AJ is still using Dario. It seems pretty clear that she thinks this is just something that will blow over. It’s been a month after all and he must miss her greatness terribly.

    Tell everyone you know do not donate to PSI, Youth Aids, or the Global India Fund. It ticks me off to know tax dollars are supporting this crap.

    What do you want to bet AJ’s speech last night was the same stuff with an Indian vibe running throught it? So far I haven’t found anothing about it in the news. Kate Roberts will get a press release out soon.

    I know AJ is running, let’s just hope the Kentucky DEMs can stop her.

  • AA

    Who would believe that the Vanna White of Condoms (AJ) could be instumental in a con that will do more for her net worth and that of her accomplices than this?

  • AA

    Maybe the dog wants to live with Dario.

  • AA

    If you read WHO WE ARE at GW Scool of Public Health you will read:
    Established in July 1997, the School of Public Health and Health Services brought together three longstanding university programs in the schools of medicine, business, and education that we have since expanded substantially.

    Officials at nonprofit agencies are responsible for ensuring that their assets are used for the public good, while company leaders must maximize profit.

    If you read:

    We can all see the history of how GW has ‘operated’. So this explains alot.

    I still think I’m going to call the Dean’s office this week (202-994-2160) to see how much AJ was compensated. If I’m blown off, then I’ll call the Washington Post (202.334.6000 or 800.627.1150), the Washington Times(202/636-3000) and maybe a television station. She needs to be held accountable, so starting this week my HOLD AJ ACCOUNTABLE campaign is starting. Care to join me?

  • AA

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for the average voter from Kentucky to see what AJ gets for her appearances. And since many of her appearances involve putting condoms on pieces of wood that are anatomically and color correct for the areas where she goes to show men how to do it right. I’m sure this will impress the average hillbilly to no end.

  • AA

    Dario has decided to Winter, to Spring, to Summer and To Fall without AJ’s company. It’s amazing how someone’s narcissistic personality can keep them from seeing what’s real. Do you think he’s doing anything on the legal side or just letting it be for now? It’s kind of strange.

  • AA

    Apparently Jess McIntosh, communications director for EMILY’s List, accompanied AJ. to GW. That would be the same EMILY’s List, the group dedicated to electing women who support abortion rights, which has been working for months behind the scenes to get Judd into the race.
    McIntosh’s husband, Jon-David Schlough, is the founder and the managing partner of Well & Lighthouse, a digital media and political strategy consulting firm in Washington that represents several Democratic senators and candidates for federal office

  • Victor
  • AA

    Looks as if AJ ticked someone off from Yemen on twitter. She can’t go off script without disaster happening. Can AJ keep to the lines that are written for her or must she show her true self?

  • AA

    It’s hard to believe that AJ was a cute kid in high school, but she really was.

  • AA

    What was the deal about AJ being three-time rape survior? I remember a wierd insident from her book, but not three rapes. She doesn’t act like she has been the victim of anything like that. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I have my doubts.

  • AA

    Great article;jsessionid=51FDD6C7C13B06040C3A937A3B770AD9.present1.bdfm
    I’m going to adopt both og these phrases.
    1. mythomaniac” – a person who wishes “.to convince the world of (his) worth
    2.a grand orgy of narcissistic philanthropy

  • Anonymous

    The Tennessean has their take on AJ DC trip.

  • Mockarena
  • Hannah955

    AA, I don’t think she was paid to appear. I think she decided that since she was considering running for the Senate and she was among friends at GWU (since she was invited by this Amita woman who is a professor and who also went with her to India years ago) … I think she figured she could use this to get free press and look all humanitarianish and stuff that would help burnish her public image, so she showed up for free. And GWU helpfully packed the room with media (at the back, not allowed to approach or ask questions).

    I could be wrong.

    As for PSI? OMG. They are a pseudo-governmental organization with a MASSIVE budget. Something like a billion dollars a year, and almost none of it raised from donations from people like you and me. They get money from the US gov’t, other goverments, foundations, grants and other non-profits. They have contracts with governments around the world to go in and do humanitarian work in third world countries.

    Their annual report is on-line.

    There was a piece a few months ago about celebrities and the non-profits they front, and how “successful” these celebrities are, and they actually named Ashley Judd #1 because PSI is such a huge moneymaker. Of course, the impression was, lil ole Ashley raised that money herself when in fact she hasn’t raised a penny!

  • Hannah955

    AA – YES! I remember reading that Kate Roberts marketed junk and poison to poor countries. Kinda like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, that Emily’s List darling, who spent her entire private law career defending big tobacco.

  • Hannah955

    AA interesting that Kate Roberts and Professor Amita Vyas are both on the board of the group that gave Ashley an award last night. It’s like a shell game. One NGO hires Ashley Judd to shill for them, and then another NGO that they also own, gives her an award. Then NGO #1 probably congratulates her for winning an award! It’s very incestuous.

  • Hannah955

    AA over at COTR Mock mocked that 3-time rape survivor story. I also ranted about it in one of my several comments. And got called out on twitter for “attacking” her. Frankly, I do not think she was ever raped, not in the sense that you and I (and other normal people) would call it rape. She did say in her book that people call her a “wound addict” and it seems to me that she has cynically decided that she would have more credibility in the discussion about sexual abuse of women if she had been raped, so she did what she does so well, she rewrites her own history to suit herself, by parsing words (fondling = sexual abuse, and sexual abuse = rape therefore fondling = rape).

    And, since she has to be specialer than other people in ALL respects, and she’s a relentless over-achiever, she even has to claim to be RAPED more times than other people. It’s actually – DISGUSTING.

  • Hannah955

    Ugh, twitter.

    So, one of my best friends and her husband met through me. He and I had worked together, she emailed me after an event of mine that she attended, then she ran some events with me, he attended one of them, fell for her, yada yada. They got married, I was a bridesmaid, then a few years later things fell apart. TOTALLY his fault, but whatever.

    Anyway, unless the divorce is friendly and no-fault, there’s kind of an unspoken rule. You split up the friends. The husband might get person A and the wife gets person B, but they don’t SHARE the same person.

    Well, ASSLEY, here’s the deal. Dario gets everybody – EVERYBODY – in IndyCar. And their wives, and their kids and sisters and employees and fans and all their friends.

    You get – well, whoever’s a fan of crazy narcissistic B actresses who love to hear themselves talk (18 year old high school dropouts from Kentucky?)


  • Hannah955

    Context: Assley injected herself into a conversation between Dario and Holly Wheldon (sister of the late Dan Wheldon who was one of Dario’s best friends and teammates in IndyCar), by replying to a tweet Holly made.

    Dario and Holly are very friendly with each other, always have been.

    Holly ignored Assley. Holly and Dario are tweeting to each other and retweeting each other’s tweets.

    Also, Assley follows IndyCar on twitter and retweeted an announcement about the first race of the season coming up.

    I swear, if she crashes the Indy 500 I hope security throws her out!

  • Amy

    Re IndyCar:

    Just a couple days until our #INDYCAR Season Kickoff Celebration in downtown Indy! Come join us on Tuesday, March 5:
    Retweeted by ashley judd

    4 mins robertedwardandrew [email protected]
    @IndyCar @AshleyJudd Can someone pls tell Ashley Judd that Dario Dumped her and she is not relevant to racing and to pls stay away? #EnufAJ!

  • Hannah955

    Hee! Glad he wrote it, I was about to 🙂

  • AA

    I just saw this. Did AJ pluck the chicken for this dress of did someone else?

  • AA

    Maybe that’s toilet paper? I don’t know. But I do know that that dog appears to be obese and that is abuse. Shameful.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    AA: Holy Mother of Heinous. It looks like the dog went to town ripping up some toilet paper and Assley decided to wear it as a dress.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    LOL — we wrote about toilet paper at the same time.

  • AA

    Great Mockdocking Minds think alike!!!!

  • AA
  • Amy

    Would someone please tweet her and ask her to clarify her claim that she is a three time rape survivor? Does she in fact mean “forced sexual intercourse” or “forced sitting on an old man’s lap?”

  • AA

    Checkout AJ’s mama’s facebook page. Naomi Judd facebook. Would you put that picture up if your daughter were running for office or had just given a speech about the objectification of women and the harm it does to women and to the entire world? Somehow if the Judds or their friends in showbiz do it, it is OK. But if someone they don’t like does it, it becomes a threat to the world.

  • Hannah955

    You guys are so funny. I am stuck in the pre-PC era when the only thing that was considered rape was – well – PIV. I assume you know what that means but in case not, it’s peepee in vajayjay. Nowadays people use the expression “sexual abuse” to cover rape and a whole gamut of offenses and it seems that if you try to say only PIV is actually rape you get shot down pretty vehemently by some very smug self-righteous people and are practically labeled Todd Akin’s twin.

    I didnt click through to the photo but I think I recognize the description of the toilet paper dress. Gotta break rank and confess I like that dress!

  • AA

    AJ is in Omaha, Nebraska today.
    AJ finally will be focusing on abused children here in the USA.
    She is more interested in Warren Buffets donation than she is in campaigning in Kentucky. But AJ figures that since there are no billionaires that will give her money in Kentucky she’ll to go another state that she doesn’t live in. CAN SHE DO ALL HER CAMPAIGNING OUTSIDE OF KENTUCKY?

  • AA
  • Hannah955

    She mentioned in her rambling self-indulgent “all about me – and oh yeah, poor people too” speech at GWU that Bono had roped her in to some midwest tour that was the genesis of the One campaign (whatever that is) and Warren Buffett was a part of that.

    By the way, either she and Dario are reconciling or she is truly insane, because she keeps tweeting his family and friends and when one of them bites and writes back, she triumphantly tweets Dario. Who ignores her.

    And…did you see that dreadful photo she posted on twitter of her “mama” Naomi in a sari? 66 years old and her flabby wrinkled arm and armpit are hanging out for all to see. Posting that photo was ELDER ABUSE!

  • AA

    AJ is also a child abuse SURVIVOR.
    Scroll down the article to find AJ. She isn’t headlining.

  • AA

    Hannah LOL!
    AJ’s Mama likes attentions as well as AJ.
    I think Dario is terrified of getting dragged into a major SH*T STORM and is focusing on racing, where he is most comfortable and happy. AJ has claimed abuse so many times he is clueless as to what to do. He probably wasn’t raised is such disfunction and is embarassed to open it up to attorneys.
    AJ and her family are shamelessly contacting him through his friends and family and he must be horrified. She is never to be dumped only to do the dumping. He is not getting out of this easily, so he might as well accept it.

  • AA

    Dario seems to be a private person who doesn’t want AJ’s next book to be about him!

  • Amy

    True — with her loose definition of rape, who knows what claims she would make against Dario.

  • AA

    When AJ and Dario finally get to the lawyers, it will be insane. She’ll be dragging the dog into the law office, and crying all over the place. The Lawyers will make a mint because of the time she’ll waste. Dario will suffer because he has made her suffer. Remember Wynonna tells AJ she feels too deeply or some such crap. NO ONE HAS EXPERIENCED A LOVE AS DEEP AS THE LOVE THEY HAD.

  • AA

    Hannah called it with the “wound addict” phrase.

  • AA

    It appears AJ will run for office as the ultimate victim. She has been hurt by everyone so we owe it to her to fix things to her satisfaction. Since this country is in hard times, do we need victims running things or people who can accomplish things? Whoever runs against her can’t let her play the poor pitiful victim, if they want to win.

  • AA

    Someone needs to put out the picture of AJ flashing her breasts and under it ask Kentucky if this is what they want for their daughters?

  • AA

    Dario needs the best help he can get. There is too much info about this kind of separation on the web to show that it’s not going to be easy.
    He is fortunate that they had no children and they both were successful. However, he doesn’t have her resources when it comes to drama and press. His lawyers will have to be very tough and they’ll probably tell him to sever all ties and let the lawyers sort it out.

  • Hannah955

    Assley is really making out financially, whether she runs or not, she’ll get speaking gigs out of it and she charges a pretty penny to stand up there like a robot and string together a mish-mosh of “remembered truths” from her childhood and travels.

    If she runs and if she’s elected she may be the first US Senator to regularly cry on the Senate floor. Or to filibuster without actually intending to.

    AA, I’m sure the Republicans know everything we know about her, and have seen that video of her flashing her prepubescent-looking chest. I don’t know if they will use it, but some “unrelated” PAC probably will!

    They can also use snippets of her from the GWU appearance last week:

    – I see people are crying. That’s good.

    – We winter in Scotland, because we’re smart that way.

    – I was once one of the highest paid women in Hollywood, except for Betty Grable’s legs, there’s a rumor they were insured, and I believe it.

    – and then of course they could splice together a montage of her bragging about herself and namedropping.

    One thing I found really obnoxious about that speech was when she “explained” how she had bailed on her Peace Corps commitment. She actually did it quite deftly, explaining that in typical immature 22 year old fashion she just stopped taking her recruiter’s calls. And, she said that she had two conflicting passions, and she realized that acting was a young person’s game and if she went into the Peace Corps that would be her life path and she’d never get the chance to act.

    So, what annoys me about that? Well, two things:

    1) she implied that BECAUSE she was so darned altruistic even at age 22, she would not have been able to turn her back on missionary work, she would have become the next Mother Teresa because she FEELS so DEEPLY about the downtrodden of the world …so in order to give herself a chance at pursuing her OTHER passion, and express her god-given gift of acting, she had to sacrifice the Peace Corps. She almost makes it sound NOBLE.

    2) she went on to add that she had made her amends to Bobby Shriver and the entire Shriver family privately, many times.

    ARRRGH!! In that one statement she is both namedropping (“I am close personal friends with the Shrivers, I talk to them all the time”) and she is also acting like her not going into the Peace Corps was a horrible blow to the entire Shriver family, a blow from which they have not yet recovered two decades later.

    Ego much?

    As for Dario, she would never write a tell-all book about him. She lives in an alternate universe in her head, where the way she wants things to be is the way they are. And in that universe, as AA so accurately put it “NO ONE HAS EXPERIENCED A LOVE AS DEEP AS THEY HAD.”

    Unless Dario is going insane and giving her hope that they’ll reconcile, I think she just cannot let go of that illusion of their relationship, it was central to her self-image over the past 14 years or so that they were together. I doubt she’d ever had a long-term boyfriend before him. For example, she dated Michael Bolton for all of six weeks, most of which according to her memoir she spent semi-comatose in bed, crying, while he comforted her. God bless him, how did he even last six weeks?

    Who reading this thinks Dario has a lot more money that she does? [Hannah raises her arm.]

    Heck, who was it who found her production company whose only asset was a $500,000 retirement plan? Maybe she has more, but if not, that’s chicken feed for a “star.”

    I know she’s had some speaking engagements and made decent money on a few films over 10 years ago, and had a cosmetics contract that has ended, and I have no idea how much those paid, but there are taxes, and the agent’s cut, and other things that would cut those in half. So yeah, she’s comfortable, but I think Dario is the one with the big net worth.

  • AA

    AJ doesn’t write reality, she writes HER REALITY. I do get the feeling that Dario is fearful of what AJ and her family can put him through. And he should be.
    Anyone, whether Dario or her political opponents, needs the best help when dealing with AJ. I would get an expert on Narcissistic people and not let AJ set the narrative. It’s going to be tough. We are taught to help those who have been hurt and to feel for them. Trouble is that nobody could believe anything AJ says. AJ’s truth is what she needs it to be at any given time.

  • AA

    Eventually someone must make AJ discuss something other than herself. I see you must pay $50 for lunch with AJ. I wouldn’t go if they paid me the $50. But when is she going to play victim in Kentucky? I can’t see it. I can see her playing victim to Dario (I couldn’t give him children and he’s making me pay or he’s jealous of people wanting me to run the world) and to other politicians( she has been hurt and understands what people need)….. Lots of people in Kentucky will not feel that she has been hurt more than they have, but they will she her as a victim to a politician who isn’t playing her game. AJ can’t be given the luxury of being a victim.

  • AA

    Can’t AJ get another photograph of herself or are we only to see her as she looked years ago? Mock has some great photos!!!

  • AA

    Hannah has pointed out before, AJ never made the money she alledged. And Dario has the friends and the money that AJ claimed where hers. AJ even won the Indy 500 three times in her own mind. She doesn’t want to give those things up. It will be very difficult to find a partner who will put up with narcissism,mental issues, menopause, her family, and AJ. Dario must be having anxiety attacks just thinking about it all. When the lawyer tells him to stop all contact with AJ and let the lawyers deal with it, he be on his way. Not easy, but on his way to freedom and a new life. Good Luck Dario!

  • AA

    Did Dario and AJ spend most of their time apart during their marriage? When he was racing he was never in one place and she must not have been with him when she was being a star…. it just seems that he got scared living there in Judd valley will no hope of change. When escape finally presented itself, Dario jumped.

  • Hannah955

    I wonder if he has filed for the divorce yet. The announcement was on January 29th and it didn’t say they had decided to separate, it said they had decided to divorce. Translation: Dario told her he wanted out and she couldn’t convince him to change his mind or even allow for the possibility of reconciliation. If true, that means she really is nuts, because she’s still calling him “my love Dario” in speeches and talking about how “we winter in Scotland” and tweeting to him (just two days ago) “@dariofranchitti Have you seem what our brat of a cousin @iamciviera is up to? Book. Nutella. This. What a life!”

    That is the most bizarre thing someone who is getting divorced has ever done in public. I’d almost RATHER she trashed him than continue on this unilateral lovefest. It’s kind of psycho and sad and stalkerish.

    There’s soooo much evidence out there of just how deluded and weird she is, but people overlook it because she used to be pretty (well, OK, in some photos she still is) and she used to be in movies.

    I think she may be so tightly wound, stuffing down all that rage and abandonment issues (talking about it in speeches is not the same thing as dealing with it) … that one day she is just going to implode and either have a nervous breakdown or kill somebody.

    I knew a woman once who was all kumbaya and love and flowers and warm greetings, but her aura (if you will) just never matched what she tried to project. She was the single mother of a son and her son was just miserable. Quiet, resentful, never said anything around her. She totally suppressed him. Because who can argue with someone who’s always being sweet, even if they are making your life hell?

    Anyway, when he was a freshman in college she jumped to her death off the Golden Gate Bridge and if it weren’t for the kindness of family friends who paid the rent on her apartment, he would have been homeless.

    I think Assley is a bit like that, not exactly, but in the sense that there’s one person on the inside, quite nasty and angry, and it’s being suppressed with a surface personality that is all about kindness and spirituality and humanitarianism.

  • Hannah955

    I think they did spend a lot of time apart. At least, once the racing season started he was gone almost all the time. Check out IndyCar’s schedule this year: the races are spread a week or two apart but you don’t just show up the day of a race and hop into the car, you have to be there pretty much a week in advance to try out the track and get used to any changes to the car, then there’s the preliminaries to determine start order, then the actual race. This year they have most of September off.

    But then, as she said “we winter in Scotland” so they would presumably be headed to Europe in November and not return until close to the start of Indy season.

    And, he could probably bear to be around her in Europe because his family are there. He’s on his home turf in Scotland and probably took off just about every evening to hang out with his old racing buddies at the nearest pub!

    So, he figured out a way to be married to her where he didn’t have to spend a lot of time in Judd Valley as you call it.

    And then… she’s thinking about running for the Senate in Kentucky, and that means she has to move to Kentucky, and would it be politically viable if he didn’t go with her? So he’d have to move to Kentucky, a state he has NEVER lived in, and probably only visited on the rare occasions when she was able to persuade him to come to UK basketball games with her.

    Who knows if that was the final straw.

    And, not to mention they put Rednock house on the market last spring, I heard somewhere because their dogs were getting too old to fly across the Atlantic…so what does that mean? He goes to Europe in the winter and she stays home with the dogs? He is forced to stay in Tennessee with the three crazy Judd harpies for the winter?

    Maybe THAT was the final straw! Who knows.

    But it seems as though the marriage worked because he got to do his own thing and didn’t spend much time with her. I cannot imagine two people more different. He may well be equally intelligent as she is, and he’s certainly a lot easier to listen to (he’s a natural storyteller and has an engaging personality, not to mention that yummy Scottish accent) … but he doesn’t have a formal education and doesn’t seem to share ANY of her interests, though she occasionally put words in his mouth on Twitter. So, what did they ever have in common?

  • AA

    I don’t think any divorce papers have been filed. So Mama and AJ assume he’ll get over it. After all who would give them up?
    I really think he’s taking his time trying to get settled, but she will not allow that to happen. Remember THEY ARE FAMILY FOREVER! Dario made a mistake by tweeting that, he should have said it’s over I don’t want to be your family anymore. He’s trying to keep the peace, but it will only be peaceful if AJ gets what she wants. Who would think that if he marries a woman that, she will allow AJ to be in that family too? This problem really needs good lawyers and maybe good shrinks.

  • Hannah955

    I forgot to say for those of you who don’t want to click through, IndyCar this year runs from March 24 to October 17, seven months, with the only gap between races that is longer than two weeks being one 30 day gap between September 1 and October 1. She did follow him to some races (especially the Indy 500) but in that 7 month period he would only be home in Tennessee for a few days at a time every now and then.

    They really did seem to spend most of their marriage apart. Gotta say, she accommodated a very unusual marriage – perhaps she is a bit of a loner from her childhood days, and can handle it. Some can. Props to her, if so.

  • Hannah955

    He retweeted that because he is kind. And because he was probably feeling sad, and guilty. And what did it cost him to give her a public shout-out, he probably knows she needed that at that point.

    But I don’t think he realized she meant it LITERALLY!!!

  • Hannah955

    Wouldn’t the divorce be filed in Williamson County in Tennessee?

  • AA

    As you said AJ and Dario probably didn’t have much relationship experience and they liked what the other had to offer on the surface. I don’t think there was much depth to the relationship, except in AJ’s imagination. AJ wouldn’t understand someone having emotional needs other than herself. And after the initial attraction is gone the real relationship appeared. Dario doesn’t want it and AJ wants to keep the imaginary relationship going.

  • AA

    Whoever files for divorce will do it to give themselves the best advantage. Dario could file here, the UK, or maybe a quick divorce in Mexico, who knows. AJ will want someplace where she gets half of his earnings or more.
    The money will be in play in a major way in this divorce. Dario may have jumped before he had made preparation to divorce. Not a good move, but it happens.

  • AA

    On a side note: I once knew a couple that was getting a divorce. The husband told the wife that she should take what she wanted, he’d give her the Taj Mahal because no price was TOO HIGH to get rid of her.

    I’m guessing before this is over Dario will feel the same way.

  • AA

    Don’t you think Dario has been giving AJ whatever she wanted to keep the peace? He probably said yes to whatever. He is making a mistake to do it now. That’s why he should let lawyers do the communicating. AJ will bring everything ‘nice’ back to use against him. Dario is not dealing with a rational person.

  • AA


  • AA

    Dario doesn’t know her very well if he thinks she’ll avoid drama. AJ is a drama addict and loves all that that has to offer. Dario seems to be a quiet private kind a person who doesn’t want any drama. In this case AJ will win because she knows how to bring it in a major way, that’s why he should let the lawyers deal with it and not say anything to AJ until it’s over.

  • Mockarena

    You guys, I know you’re going to hate me for even SUGGESTING THIS, but I have been lately feeling as though Ashley is the instigator of the divorce.

    The interview of him saying he’d “need a lot of help” being a single dude again, and frankly seeming kinda emotional about it was one clue. But I interpret her constant tweets to him as a way of making amends, of easing her guilt, and of offering her undying support to him even though she decided to walk away from the marriage. So I’m interpreting it the EXACT OPPOSITE WAY than you guys are.

    I hope I’m wrong, but that’s my sense. 🙂

    Obviously, I think he’d be a crazy lunatic to feel the slightest bit sad about unloading that loon, but he doesn’t provide her the kind of emotional support she obviously wants with all of this political stuff or her humanitarian stuff. He’s never shared her passion for any of it. And frankly, I don’t even know that he VOTES in American elections. He’s been dragged to less than a handful of her UK basketball games. She CONSTANTLY supported everything he did, practically on an obsessive scale. He’s never done that for her. Do I blame him? No – because she’s insane. 🙂 But I can imagine that from her perspective, she’s not really getting what she wants out of the marriage. And if she wants to be Senator, she’ll either want a spouse by her side who will constantly lift her up and shower her with affirmation, or she’ll want to do it solo.

    So yeah. I think she instigated, he’s wounded by it, and she’s trying to smooth his hurt feelings by the continuous tweets about remaining family. She has guilt over leaving him.

    That’s my take. 🙂

  • AA

    On another note, is Andy Dick also on DWTS with Wynonna? I can’t stand Andy Dick, he’s another messed up individual.

  • Hannah955

    Mock you’re right. I do hate you for suggesting it. Just kidding!

    You know, I agree that the facts could be interpreted that way. HOWEVER. On 12/12 she tweeted that nauseating tweet about how she was experiencing a profoundly poignant, blah blah 11th wedding anniversary with him. Does that jibe with someone who is leaving someone?

    I also agree that Dario’s comments to the reporter seemed odd, but he’s a kind person, and he would not have taken this decision lightly, and unlike her he seems to feel real emotions, so even if he instigated, I can see him saying that.

    Plus, I have seen posts (including one by someone who seemed to have an inside source) that Dario initiated it. Here’s a couple from the same person (not me, I don’t have any inside connections!)

    [snip #1]

    Being a racing fan, I am not surprise they are divorcing. There have been rumors of problems for years and the rumors got louder last year. This divorce is his idea…

    [/snip #1]

    [snip #2]

    A co-worker, who has connections to Dario’s camp, told me he is sad and hurt by the split. However, Ashley is taking the split much harder which suggests it wasn’t her idea. The thing that concerns me is HER family. While Dario’s family is giving the couple space, Ashley’s mother and sister is doing all they can to get them together again. Ashley is trying, too. However, it doesn’t appear he is trying even though they still talk.

    [/snip #2]

    [snip #3]

    This wasn’t a decision Dario made lightly. He decided this months ago. I also don’t think it was her possible Senate run that helped him make the final decision. He has been unhappy for a while (long before she entertained the thoughts of running). Here is what I find odd: everyone else apparently knew he was unhappy except for her. I don’t get that, but that’s the rumor behind the scene. She was caught off guard when he told her, which happened in December. I hear they are no longer living together and he is in the process of moving out.

    [/snip #3]

    She also is not someone who would ever want to put herself in a situation where she has FAILED at something, and DIVORCE = FAILURE. She strikes me as the sort of person who would rather stay married and pretend that everything was OK (just like “Missing” wasn’t canceled, it was a “10 episode experience” and a “miniseries”) … rather than admit her life was less than perfect.

    And as for her “supporting” his career, she showed up at races and got lots of attention, then photobombed everything and chugged the winners’ milk. Plus, her movie career was pretty much in the tank so what else did she have to do? And by going to races she got lots of attention which she loves. And she got to hang off Dario.

  • AA

    I think Dario is sad because he wanted it to be a real marriage. And I think that he is scared to be single and having to start the whole dating thing again because he has never done much of it. He seemed inexperienced and that was what made him perfect for AJ – she called the shots. I still tend to believe AJ wouldn’t have jumped ship if there hadn’t been another person waiting. This could have all happened with a major fight over her wanting to get more political and him wanting privacy. I also think he wants children and is tied of being humiliated with his circle of friends and racing people. This could have been one of those straws that broke the camels back kind of things and very fast.

    But if AJ started it why is she still bringing Dario up in these speeches, after all it’s all about AJ! Maybe the marriage finally broke under the weight of it not being real.

    And it will eventually come out what really has happened, so we’ll all see. But AJ uses everything she can get for attention so it could be she put it in motion. But looking at all the tweets she’s sent him and he rarely sends her, I think he was unhappy and only AJ is allowed that luxury.

  • Hannah955

    Also, I think the timing of the divorce announcement, at the end of January, was WAY before she had decided to run for Senate. Heck, she still hasn’t decided. While she is calculating, I cannot see even Assley Judd unloading a spouse because he is not likely to support a POSSIBLE move to Kentucky and run for the Senate. And, as others have said on this very thread, whatever is missing in her life, she supplies in her imagination, so the fact that he’s off living a fairly independent life and not supporting her efforts – she just ignores that and in her own mind pretends that he is. And when he fails to tweet support for her, she just tweets stuff like “Dario thinks” or “Dario and I support…” and that absolutely works for her personality type. She’s not really the type to NOTICE what other people around her are doing or feeling, she’s too busy being self-involved.

  • AA

    Didn’t someone predict here that they wouldn’t be surprised if AJ didn’t switch to women now? I still think AJ would not have left her fantasy love without another greater fantasy love to jump to. AJ has never been shown to have many relationships, so I don’t think she welcomes being single. Where are those life coaches??????

  • AA

    Another factor Dario is sad could probably come from the fact that his family seems to be fairly solid, NOT LIKE THE JUDD FAMILY. If his family has been together forever, his may be the rare divorce(failure).

  • AA

    Since no divorce papers have been filed or we’d have heard about the filings, I’m guessing this was a fast breakup without much planning. It’s not that I take pleasure in anyone’s divorce, I don’t. But I really believe AJ is unstable and unsuitable to be a U.S. Senator and needs lots of examinations before the people of Kentucky make their decision. And from what AJ is showing me, both parties in Kentucky must have candidates who are really qualified that are not coming forth because of her celebrity.

  • Hannah955

    AA, there are rumors floating around on the web that besides owing her career in large part to Morgan Freeman, her other biggest booster was Sherry Lansing, once President of Paramount Pictures and that she and Assley had had a very cozy, nay intimate, personal relationship early in Assley’s career. Interestingly, both Sherry Lansing and Assley attended Morgan Freeman’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002 – Assley sat between Morgan and Sherry.

    Of course, Morgan has a connection to Paramount – they produced a lot of his hit movies and he went to their 90th anniversary celebration in 2002 and again to the 100th in 2012. Assley wangled an invite in 2002 and gave an interview around that time in which she complained about being seated with a bunch of accountants at a table in Siberia until Sherry Lansing “rescued” her and seated her with some A-list celebrities. And then Assley uttered the line that I think cemented my loathing of her for all time: “And thus I was restored to my place in the pantheon.”

    She wasn’t even invited to the 100th celebration – what a difference 10 years makes.

  • AA

    I just checked AJ’s tweet that her story is God’s story to be told. How is she going to keep pretending to be such a Christian and a Huge Abortion supporter to those people in Kentucky. People in the Bible Belt don’t buy that an abortion today will prevent an abortion tomorrow idea that AJ tries to sell.
    How long can AJ avoid real Kentuckians and campaign everywhere but in Kentucky? AJ’s handlers are trying to groom her, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear as AJ’s Kentucky folk would say.

  • Hannah955

    And, another factor that I think bespeaks Dario being the instigator is that Assley has now gone running back into the bosom of her family. After ignoring them for quite a while, and tweeting a photo of herself laughing and hugging a lamppost the day after Wynonna’s husband Cactus LOST HIS LEG, she’s now baking for him, tweeting very supportive loving tweets about Wynonna and Naomi, and dragging Naomi around everywhere.

    And Wynonna is now tweeting nice things about her (after not inviting her to her wedding last year) … because Wynonna has a big heart and has always been generous and loving to Assley if Assley gave her half a chance, so now that Assley is making a minimal effort, Wynonna’s back in the fold.

    BTW Wynonna got mad a few days ago at a follower who innocently asked on twitter whether the “Dancing with the Stars” producers had suggested that both she and either Naomi or Assley compete head-to-head this season. She was extremely offended and said “you crossed the line, you are now blocked” and then reconsidered an hour or two later and apologized.

    Because Wynonna would never want to be in a position to compete with Assley, she is fiercely protective of her little sister… I think the bond is genuine on Wynonna’s part because she remembers when Assley was a baby and she herself was 5 years old, and they shared a lot together.

    Assley? I could TOTALLY see her pretending to root for Wynonna, then being glad if she gets voted out early or isn’t a very good dancer, and then wangling an invite for a later season and being thrilled when she gets farther in the competition than Wynonna did. After all, Lisa Rinna was on, then her husband was on, so it’s not unheard-of.

  • AA

    Hannah that’s interesting. AJ got where she is by something other than her talent. I ‘m sorry but she isn’t a good actress or the prettiest girl in the room. And Mama wasn’t afraid of using her feminine gifts to get where she was going, so AJ learned at the knees of the master. It’s all about the attention baby! Who gets the most wins.

  • Hannah955

    I have to say I have no idea whether she is bisexual, nor do I care. And there’s no way she will now bat for the other team, not even on the downlow, if she wants to run for Senate. She already has enough baggage that the Republicans can exploit!

  • Hannah955

    Here’s the video Mock was referring to where he seems sad about the divorce (at around the 1:20 mark)

    Hilariously, a UK article misinterpreted what he said and published an article saying he said “I’ll eat out a lot.” (what he really said was “I’ll need help a lot.”) and then went on to say he would eat a lot of beans on toast!!!

  • AA

    Remember that when we are observing this divorce, these people are very dysfunctional so they what they say and do may not make sense to people would live in reality. They have a reality in their head that I’ll never understand.
    And yes I think there is both love and a weird kind of competition between all the Judds.

  • AA

    Dario is usually a winner in his world of racing. He’s sad and embarrassed that his marriage failed and that he was embarrassed by AJ in that circle. I figure his friends are ready to fix him up with nice girls in their circle that would would fit right in.

    He doesn’t want to talk about it. I get it. Dario talks to the press about racing, not about his personal failure in marriage. Don’t you figure the Judds are pressuring him and his family nonstop?

    Dario isn’t a drama addict so he’s not going to run for a fix.

  • AA

    By the end of racing season, some of his friends and theirs wives will have fixed him up. For now they are going to give him space to breath, something he hasn’t been doing.

  • AA

    I get the feeling Dario feels under attack from all sides. So he’s protecting himself by not saying much. I hope it works for him, but the Judds won’t let up easily. He’s lucky not to be near them. He can always not answer the phone, or run over it with a race car.

  • AA

    Hannah, I think you’re right AJ isn’t bisexual. I think that it has nothing to do with sex but with her getting attention or some kind of reward from the act. While I never got the vibe that she had any kind of sensuality about her, I have no doubt that she would use anything to get what she wanted. That’s what made Dario perfect for her….. no real demands or sensuality. How many times has AJ told us how hot Dario is? Yeah he’s cute, but hardly out of control with lust. And Ashley wasn’t hot enough for any of the others she was dating to stick around long. Once AJ got what she wanted why would she have sex when she could sleep (her real love)?

  • AA

    I am still convinced that for AJ it’s all about the attention. She’ll do whatever brings her the most attention, the greatest fix.

  • AA

    Hannah your ears must be ringing. AJ has retweeted Mark Shriver’s tweet. I’ll bet anyone who reads this site could go and give AJ’s speech verbatim. I would be looking for new material to speak on by now.

  • AA

    Since the press is starting to discuss AJ’s nude pictures, I must wonder how Dario and the Judds feel about them. I’m trying to figure out how AJ was picked to play Marilyn Monroe. Not only do they not look anything alike, AJ is lacking breasts. If someone doesn’t point out that these roles objectify women I’ll know the fix is in. AJ never had to take her clothes off, she chose to do so. Now she is upset because she was called fat with her clothes on.

  • AA

    Marilyn Monroe had a something about her that AJ couldn’t fake as an actress, and I’m not talking about breasts. Marilyn had an innocent quality. AJ never seemed innocent.

  • Hannah955

    Well, Dario strikes me as someone who would never discuss his personal life in public, and he has rarely said anything about it even on twitter, with the rare exception that he said something nice about her on either her birthday or their anniversary, I can’t remember, something like “happy birthday to my darling @ashleyjudd” but then he said something like “I’ll save the mushy stuff, not for twitter” – can’t remember the exact language though.

    Assley has been quite reserved other than the bizarre increase since mid-December in her tweets about him, to him, and about/to his family and friends – and there HAS to be a reason for that, but as Mock said maybe it’s trying to let him down easy and as I say maybe it’s trying to win him back, or deny reality.

    She did have a kind of sensuality when she was in her early 20’s and still had some puppy fat on her face, I don’t think she was horribly miscast physically as the very young Marilyn (though yeah, lacking in the boobs dept) …

    She apparently hooked up with Matthew McConaughey during the filming of that John Grisham movie they were in together, she played a supporting role and the real stars were MM and Sandra Bullock. I think that romance didn’t survive long past filming. And then MM and Sandra Bullock I think got together.

    I think initially, in her 20’s, she had the “it” factor to some minor degree (not like Angelina Jolie who doesn’t have to do ANYTHING to attract massive attention). I mean, she was very cute and she had a good @$$ and gorgeous lips, I’ll give her that. Definitely had a package that could attract men, even famous men. But they didn’t stay, and you have to wonder why. She was almost 31 when she met Dario (I heard it was in February of 1999, she was born in April of 1968). And you can’t really find any mention of boyfriends in stories about her back from her single days. I think that guy who plays on “The Good Wife” dated her for a while…

    So, Dario must have seemed like a Godsend. For whatever reason, when other men quickly grew tired of her, he did not.

    She acts ladylike and doesn’t talk about her marriage (like, not DETAILS) and certainly has been mum about the divorce, which is actually taking the high road, gotta give her that. BUT … I heard from someone who has followed her for FAR longer than I have, and who knew her socially and for a while professionally, and according to that person, she was very indiscreet on talk shows and in interviews, and actually said on the Ellen DeGeneres show that Dario found her G-spot, and she also said in a magazine interview that Dario was very sexually inexperienced when she met him, and the interviewer asked if she had schooled him and she gave a sort of Cheshire Cat smirk and said smugly “Oh, yeah” and then said something like he was a good student.

    What macho race car driver DOESN’T want his wife telling the world he was inexperienced and inept in bed, but a good student? Maybe even the saintly patient Dario couldn’t stomach that, because over the years she learned not to reveal that much.

    I do suspect that part of the reason she is not talking details is that Dario would be completely furious if she did. Maybe he has taught her that much. But you can see in her tweets, even before the divorce announcement, that she has a tendency to speak for him when she shouldn’t, and give opinions (such as on IndyCar) that are best left to him to give, or not at all. So he tolerated that, which I would not have in his place…

    Anyway I’m blathering and I have to get back to work!

  • Hannah955

    OK, me again!

    According to this she has dated:

    Brady Anderson
    never heard of him

    David Duchovny
    isn’t he a sex addict?

    Lyle Lovett
    seriously? Didn’t she graduate from college in 1990 and head directly to Hollywood? He doesn’t live in Hollywood!

    Jon Stewart

    Robert DeNiro
    rumored. Supposedly during the filming of “Heat.” She has denied this. DeNiro STRONGLY prefers black women, his only public relationships of which I’m aware have always been with black women.

    Michael English

    Matthew McConaughey

    Josh Charles
    this is the “Good Wife” guy

    Michael Bolton
    well, the six weeks must have been over Christmas & New Year’s!

    Dario Franchitti
    year is wrong, they met in Feb 1999 by public reports, at the wedding of some guy who was on Beverly Hills 90210 who’s into racing…

    There isn’t a single multi-year relationship before Dario except supposedly Lyle Lovett from 1991 to 1992.

    I think most of these should be labeled “rumored” or “ok, they were seen on a date, maybe, once.”

    The only ones I know of that for sure were “relationships” before Dario were Matthew McConaughey and Michael Bolton, and both of those were EXTREMELY short.

    But yeah, if you google “Ashley Judd” and “Lyle Lovett” there are a couple of photos of them together.

  • Hannah955

    Ah, and here’s a photo of her with one of those Shrivers she’s always apologizing to for wrecking the Peace Corps by not honoring her commitment to serve, plus Lyle Lovett, looking very much like a future US Senator – not!

  • Hannah955

    Ah, OK, Josh Charles played either her husband or boyfriend in that Marilyn Monroe biopic that was actually made for cable. Here’s the trailer for it:

    So, I could only find one event where she was publicly photographed with Josh Charles, file that “relationship” under either not one at all, or one that didn’t survive filming.

    She did say in an interview that she had only ever been “involved” with two of her costars, and that Robert DeNiro was not one of them. So, McConaughey and Charles probably, for a few weeks each time.

    Odd that until Dario she basically never had a relationship, and she was almost 31 when she met him.

    In her memoir she dedicated it to him saying “As for my husband, Dario Franchitti, simply put, I adore you. Always have, always will. As some of our more mischievous friends say, “And there ain’t nothing you can do about it!” I cherish our home, our four-legged family, and our quiet time, which has so often been my port in the storm. For a girl who grew up unsure who her emergency person was, I sure am lucky it became you.”

    Well, all I can say is, Maryanne Vollers is a good writer, cuz no way in hell Assley Judd wrote those words, though you can see her influence in there (mischievous friends? why is that a “mischievous” thing to say?)

    It’s almost a moving dedication, unless you have studied her enough to know what a nasty self-centered narcissist she is!

  • Victor

    A Brady Anderson played left field for the Orioles in the 90’s. He was a fan-favorite, because he could hit, and the girls loved him, because he was very good looking. His wikipedia entry is here:
    Note there is no mention of AJ; however, this article pretty much concentrates on his career.

    Apparently, there is also an Australian Rules Football player named Brady Anderson, but I doubt it’s the one AJ dated.

  • Victor
  • Hannah955

    Funny, Victor!

    So, this seems to be the biggest thread about Assley Judd ever on TMD.

    Tonight she tweeted this: “Hey! I just heard #TheIdentical has a 5 minute trailer up on the web site. Have you seen it?”

    Well, no, I haven’t seen it. Considering you’re IN the movie and you just heard about the trailer, how the freak would I have known about it? Did you think I was sitting at my computer for the past few months bsessively hitting the refresh button on my browser waiting for the trailer to be uploaded?

    Anyway, she was either being coy or she’s really bad at marketing because she didn’t even link to the movie’s web site.

    So, I went and found it:

    And it is with great pleasure that I say that this movie looks so bad it could actually be a hit as a comedy even though it is meant to be a drama – at least I think it is!

    It has the vibe of a Will Ferrell movie (think “Blades of Glory” or “Talladega Nights”). Seems like they paid a whole lot of attention to period costumes and not a whole lot to the plot, the direction, or the acting.

    Assley Judd cries in the trailer. Of course.

    Here’s the synopsis from IMDB:

    In 1936, William and Helen Hemsley (Brian Geraghty, Amanda Crew) welcome identical twin boys into the world. But their joy is quickly tempered by a sobering realization; how could they give these children any kind of a life beyond the desperate poverty that haunted many families in the midst of the Great Depression? When evangelist Reece Wade (Ray Liotta) reveals that he and his wife Louise (Ashley Judd) cannot have children, William feels the Lord’s prompting to give them one of the infant boys. Both brothers are born with passion, drive and awesome musical talent, but take very separate, yet converging paths. Drexel Hemsley (Blake Rayne) rises like a comet and changes the music world forever. His adopted brother, Ryan Wade (also played by Blake Rayne) struggles to find the purpose for his life. All the way into manhood he wrestles with pleasing Reverend Wade, his loving but controlling father, who is convinced his son Ryan is called into the ministry. Ryan is encouraged by his loving and supportive wife Jenny (Erin Cottrell) and lifelong friends Dino and Avi (Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano) to follow his musical dreams. And oh, can he sing, just like his world famous twin! “The Identical” is a captivating journey spanning five decades from the 1930’s through the 1970’s. This story is about the restoration and the reconciliation of a family broken apart by culture, creed and tradition. Movie-going audiences will be drawn to this timeless tale of love, hope, and redemption that speaks to all generations.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, I know what it reminds me of. That George Clooney movie called “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” Except I think that was intended to be a comedy as well, or farcical in nature, and I have a sneaking suspicion “The Identical” wasn’t.

    What do you all think? I can’t make up my mind! If it was actually meant to be a comedy then it could work. But if it was meant as serious drama, then – not so much.

  • Hannah955

    PS back to who left whom. Mock, I think everybody agrees, whoever left whoever did it in December, because that’s when the tenor of AJ’s tweets changed and she began obsessively tweeting about Dario and family (not the Judd family, but HIS family, and family in general). Do these sound like the tweets of the instigator of the divorce?

    December 9
    @MFranchitti @DanielaMozz @imciviera @dariofranchitti @CFranchitti Beautifully memorable wedding, love being a wife/sister/daughter/cousin.

    December 12
    Experiencing a profoundly poignant, unique, beautiful 11th Wedding Anniversary with my Love, @dariofranchitti Family is irreplaceable.

    Oh, and here’s a picture of her looking every bit her age:

    BTW Laura Ingraham tweeted this today:

    Ashley Judd wandering the slushy streets of Washington, muttering “Who the heck is this guy ‘Phil A. Buster’?”

  • Hannah955

    Another whistle stop on the “Ashley Judd Three Time Survivor of Rape* Tour”

    Here’s the headline from today’s speech: “In Omaha, actress Ashley Judd tells of how she was sexually abused as a child”

    Yup, she trotted out her favorite story, the pervy old man who gave her the quarter in the pizza parlor. That’s practically her bread and butter at this point, his heirs should sue her for a cut of her speaking fees!

    Mock, you think SHE left DARIO? What man would stay with a woman who goes around the country talking ad nauseum about a pervy old man who french kissed her when she was a little girl, and calls it RAPE?

    BTW in researching who she dated earlier, I saw a clip of her appearing on Jon Stewart’s show (whom she allegedly dated years earlier). She was wearing a cocktail dress cut down to her navel with half of each breast showing, and promptly curled her legs up under her with her shoes on, which is one of my pet peeves because frankly, I think it’s like wiping the soles of your shoes on someone else’s clothing. I mean, I read somewhere that the single biggest thing you can do to improve the cleanliness of your house is to take off your shoes when you come home and leave them in the entryway, because they carry in a lot of dirt and bacteria from the outdoors. So, I really don’t want to sit on an upholstered couch after someone has put the soles of their shoes on it. To me it screams “low class.”

    [taking a deep breath, letting it go!!!]

    * with an asterisk

  • Hannah955

    PS I forgot to say, do you really think the people of Kentucky are going to embrace a professional victim as their Senator? With all the stories of her in the news lately being about rehashing her childhood sexual abuse on her “Poor Me” tour?

    Not to mention, it takes a long time in the Senate before a Senator knows what (s)he is doing, has made connections, and gets a good committee assignment. Like it or not, McConnell has juice in the Senate. Assley Judd? Would not. Yes, her vote in the general Senate would count as much as anyone else’s, but that’s all.

  • AA

    Notice that AJ handlers place her in front of crowds that would support the liberal candidate no matter what. These crowds are primarily women, who will work in government or government subsidized jobs for most of their lives. These people are conditioned to group think. These people really believe that the government must take care of the masses because we’re too unable to do anything for ourselves. AJ is perfect for the liberal cause because she believes that only the superior class should make decisions for the masses and AJ believes she is one of the superior class. I can’t help but notice she received a standing ovation from the Omaha crowd – of course we have no proof that the entire room stood for her, just the account. AJ needs to get in front of a military crowd, business people, coal miners, Christians and a group of KENTUCKY Voters(the handlers seem to fear this group) to see how she’ll come across. I can’t see her ONE speech going over well. I really doubt that men, people who work outside of government/social services will have any connection to anything AJ could say.

    I still believe Dario is the one who walked. I tend to find some credibility to this:
    I have to believe someone from the Dario camp talked off record. (Probably they had been waiting to get back at AJ).

    Narcissists don’t dump those who support them, therefore AJ wouldn’t dump the world’s greatest love story narrative in which she has cloaked herself. AJ’s handlers will use this to victimize AJ again. Selfish husband is jealous and unsupportive of wife’s goals of a better world. I’m sure AJ is totally spinning from the split. Why all the tweets ignoring the reality if you are OK with it? AJ must be very medicated during all this, because the dog wasn’t needed at either event to help her tell her very traumatic and emotional tales.

    It is interesting to see the handlers build support outside the state of Kentucky. Does that mean that it will travel mysteriously to Kentucky? If AJ is as difficult to handle as JT has said, who will they get to put up with her and do it for little money. I guess young liberal kids who want a future in politics will take it until they wise up to reality.

    I can’t imagine what it takes to prep AJ for these events with people who would support the liberal candidate no matter what. Can you imagine what it will take to support and prep her for a thinking crowd? I’d sooner clean up the dog poop than deal with AJ. I’d be getting those quiet stones she hands out.

  • AA

    OK I just looked at the trailer for THE IDENTICAL. It should go straight to DVD and TV. AJ cries on cue. I won’t be wasting any time or money with the movie.

    Is AJ now sinking to play wife/mother roles? No lead.

  • AA

    So where will AJ make the Big Announcement? Will Bono and the Shriver family be standing there supporting her? Mama Judd will be there. Will she have her Kentucky residence before she declares? This is going to be so crazy. And the real pressure hasn’t started yet. Once AJ feels pressured it will get so interesting. Can’t wait to see all the clarifying of her comments that will have to be made. Let’s see if AJ can shield herself with her disability/anxiety? AJ will have to have a photo with the Obamas and the Clintons. It’s going to be a wild ride.

  • AA

    Looks like AJ has found another group of professional meddlers to talk to. Mark your calendars. March 22, 2013

    AJ asked on her twitter what Scripture is on our minds. AJ has inspired me to reflect on 2 Thessalonians 3:11, reminds me of her.

  • AA

    If you can’t go to Cincinnati (3/22/13) (at least it’s ride over the bridge to Kentucky) AJ will ONE MORE TIME give her I was raped/ child molested speech to child advocates in Dallas.
    AJ must love this old photo of herself.

  • AA

    The coal industry,which reaches far beyond Kentucky, is getting ready to run a candidate in the Democratic primary against AJ.
    This will be fun!

  • AA
  • AA
  • AA

    Do you think there could be more than 2 candidates for the Senate seat? Of course AJ and McConnell would still have to make it through the primaries, but in the election it could change things dramatically.

  • AA
  • AA
  • AA
  • AA
  • AA

    Both Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh briefly mentioned AJ today. Laura made a small joke and Rush alluded to people finding out about her. So it appears soon she will be a topic of talk radio.

  • Hannah955

    AA I agree with just about everything you say! And you and I definitely are on opposite coasts – you pick up when I leave off. I feel like we’re doing shift work to cover AJ 24 hours a day 🙂

    Oh, if you read her book you might have seen a photo of her in a cocktail dress in a long hallway petting a dog, with a lot of people on the stairs behind her? She captioned it something like “pursued by the paparazzi, I nevertheless stop to befriend a dog.”

    Well, that’s the same dress she wore to the Salma Hayek wedding and I’m pretty sure the photo from her book was taken in Venice at the wedding.

    Those paparazzi she alleges were pursuing her were actually there to get shots of Salma Hayek’s wedding, none of them is actually pointing a camera at Assley Judd in the photograph! She just wandered down the hall toward them and then – somehow, mysteriously – ended up with a photo of herself doing that, to put in her book. So, who took the photo that ended up in her book? Did she go “hey Dario, here’s my iPhone, take a photo of me being pursued by paparazzi?”

  • Hannah955

    I think that there will only be two candidates for the Senate seat on election day. The primaries may be contested though. I wonder if Assley has prepared herself mentally/emotionally/spiritually to contest a primary. Is she tough enough to take on a Democratic opponent and be forced to convince the DEMOCRATS of Kentucky that they should back her? I think if Alison Lundergan Grimes throws her hat in the ring, ALG would get the nomination. She’s very popular, she’s homegrown, she hasn’t pissed off coal, and she’s not a nutcase like AJ.

    The big question is, will ALG run? She’s only been Secretary of State for a couple of years (elected in 2010 with YOOOGE numbers) … and McConnell is a tougher target than Rand Paul, although I think Rand Paul may be gaining traction.

    So, ALG may not want to blow her (maybe) one shot at the Senate by going up against McConnell and losing. She’s in her early 30’s and could run in 2020 when McConnel will be almost 80 and may retire, leaving the seat wide open.

    I can only see AJ getting the Dem nomination if ALG doesn’t run. AJ could probably beat other candidates. But can she beat McConnell? (there’s a thread over at COTR about that).

    Oh, about the emotional support dog not being in Ohio, I think he’s on a hunger strike. He’s 15, may not be doing well.

  • AA

    Thanks for coming Hannah! I’ve been lonely.

    If you want to see AJ display her victim role at Harvard, watch as much as you can tolerate.
    (The Activist’s Studio: Slavery & Human Rights)

    The Harvard Kennedy School even lists AJ as a published alumni…for ALL THAT IS BITTER AND SWEET! I could show those Harvard people some bathroom stalls that have better writing on them.

  • AA

    I find it sad that these schools can’t find more informative and engaging speakers than what they are getting. And to force students to sit through that must be some kind of human rights violation, I’m going to start a protest. Forced boredom is the worst kind of abuse! Did AJ send eye kisses to the Harvard group?

  • AA

    I would never pay (anything) for that degree from Harvard, talk about a con. Yeah it sounds impressive, but upon further investigation what a waste.

    Niall Ferguson(teaches at Harvard(new school), but graduate of Oxford(old established school) handled another pompous Harvard grad just right. In Ferguson’s Newsweek piece he wrote that Obama (Harvard) should hit the road. To which a Harvard grad said, “I apologize”. And Ferguson said, “Well, as an Oxford alum, I laugh.”

    If you read anything Ferguson writes you are clearly reading the writing of a well educated thoughtful person. If you read AJ you are reading the writing of a fruit. Maybe I’m in the minority, but shouldn’t the devaluation of an Ivy League degree make those people upset or do they think they are that good at the con.

  • AA

    Hannah, you, all the other mockdockers, and I must get AJ exposed. I’m so stunned that she is considered credible by some people that I’m willing to make her just a bad footnote in history. I would have walked out of that GWU lecture if I had been there. Granted those students were probably captive, but come on….eye kisses. Also as a female I’m embarrassed that it is considered preferable that we females should play the victim and dumb ones at that.

  • AA

    I hope AJ’s opponents are studying up on her because she does have some good PR/ marketing types directing her. She’s good at being any and all types of victims and she’s good at the humble brag.

  • AA
  • AA

    Do you think AJ in on medication? I do. Lots.

  • AA

    If AJ and her liberal friends were really anti-slavery they could not possibly support Obama. Because if slavery isn’t 100% taxation I don’t know what it is. And Obama is a pro TAX kinda politician.

  • AA

    Somebody who is good with slogans needs to make us an Anti- Ashley Judd one. Good for, t-shirts, yard signs and bumper stickers.

  • AA

    After seeing Senator Rand Paul last night, I know AJ can’t handle him. Paul’s filibuster was impressive. So take that Senators McCain and Graham.

  • AA

    AJ tweeted another Dario tweet. People are tweeting they can’t open the picture. She can’t let go. It’s getting creepy!

  • Hannah955

    Typing on my ipad which sux so i will be brief. People cannot click thru on the twitter photo because she left out a space before the URL. And apparently her rocket scientist followers cannot figure that out. Cute photo of Dario! This is the page that link leads to.

    Seriously, if he left her (national enquirer version) then the public tweeting is creepy and stalkerish. If she left him then it is misguided at best.

  • Hannah955

    Wynonna’s tweets tonight. I got to the part where Assley came to dinner at Naomi’s house with Wynonna and her dancing partner, and how “we” danced and I thought, did Assley just corner Tony Dovolani and tell him what a good dancer she is and then make him dance with her so Wynonna would feel bad? Am I crazy to just assume that’s either what she WOULD do, or what she would TRY to do?

    Well, Wynonna isn’t griping so maybe Assley restrained herself.

    Wynonna has this crazy way of cheating on the 140 character limit – she just types 140 characters, posts it and then keeps going. Sometimes it’s 10 tweets long, but she takes her time saying what she wants to say and doesn’t worry about trying to be succinct. So, here is the whole thing spliced together (I kept in the tweet breaks so you could see how many tweets it took to say it all):

    I have been so busy today. @TonyDovolani got to have supper @ my Mom & Pop’s house tonight. Ashley came too. We danced tonight. Tony is

    Insane!!!!!! Lol. The way he dances is beyond my comprehension. To try & keep up with him has been such a challenge. I am having the time of

    My life!!!!!! Cactus sits & watches us & claps. He is supporting me to do this, to take this chance to do something for myself. It is such a

    Wonderful thing to feel this love & support from so many people. I am humbled & quite frankly in awe of the timing of me doing DWTS. I have

    Passed on doing the show for 6 years. It now seems right. I want other people to know that if I can so it, that ANYONE can take a risk &

    Learn something in life that they never thought was possible. I mean….What are the chances that I would pick doing this season? If you

    Had told me a year ago that I would be on DWTS & dancing with a world champion pro, I would have laughed out loud & called you crazy. I can

    Now tell you that I’m my entire 30 year career, that this challenge is 1 of the toughest ones yet. I am learning SO much about myself,

    About Tony. We are having an absolute blast. My husband Cactus sits & claps when he watches. I feel like this is such a “Once in a lifetime

    Chance. I am going to go for it, give it all I have & work the hardest on enjoying each & every day of this journey. I am in good hands!!!!!

  • Amy

    Hannah/AA: Is the lastest Dario picture something she retweeted or is it original? Sometimes she seems to “disguise” her retweets as original. Either way, she is nuts.

  • AA

    Amy, I’ve no clue about the Dario photo. I’m not really a twitter person. However, I find it so unreal that she refuses to let go. Once the divorce happens I see no connections, no kids, no business partnership, no racing, nothing. It’s as if the entire relationship is in her head and what happens in reality isn’t real. I do believe that her mental state and her meds are not helping. Yeah Dario and company may be enabling the insanity, thinking they are being kind, but it’s going to blow. I’m guessing the many celebrity types only want enablers around them, so they don’t deal with the truth until the end. And I’ve not read that any divorce papers/ lawyer notice of appearance have been filed, but they could keep that hidden for some time I guess. I get the feeling that Dario is anxious about what AJ and family are capable of doing. The Judds have many resources to stir up mayhem.

  • AA

    AJ is tweeting that she is a new aunt. Apparently Dario’s brother’s wife gave birth to a little boy. If she wanted to congratulate them I could understand it, but AJ is celebrating that she has a new nephew. IT”S ALL ABOUT AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AA

    Can someone explain how AJ can be so happy “doing a jig” when AJ has stated “it’s unconscionable to breed”? Or are only those AJ decides can breed?

  • AA

    It just dawned on me what Dario must be feeling. AJ has put him in a greater spin than he’s ever been in racing. His head must be spinning so fast he has not been able to get grounded.
    She will be tweeting about the birth of Dario’s child with his next wife if she doesn’t get some help.

  • AA

    Dario must feel a little bit jealous of his brother. But he can have it too.

  • Hannah955

    Amy, that photo of Dario was a retweet from @TCGRTeams(but without actually retweeting it, so it looked like an original tweet from her). Here’s the account from which it was originally tweeted:

    As for calling herself an auntie, that’s cray-cray. I wonder if she told her soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law that she thinks it’s unconscionable for him to breed?

    I think she must still be in touch with Dario’s family however, since she tweeted the full name of the baby Luca James Barclay and that is not anywhere on-line that I can see.

    I’m guessing that when Dario tweeted it, she called Dario’s mother in Scotland and she told her the baby’s name, because there was a 4 hour gap between Dario tweeting it and Assley tweeting her congrats.

    I am sooo tempted to tweet to her to ask whether she told Marino that it was unconscionable for him to breed.

    I think Dario will probably be spending lots of time with his brother and the baby this year, and it may give him even more of a longing to have his own kids as he turns 40 on May 19th.

  • Hannah955

    Just looked around twitter, Marino’s wife goes by the handle @britrow and was tweeting back in October about how she’s having horrible hyperemesis. That’s the same condition that affected Kate Middleton, horrible nausea, vomiting and dehydration.

    From Wikipedia:

    Marino is married to Holly Mason, second daughter of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and a racer of historic cars herself.

    She looks tough enough to kick Assley’s butt if she feltlike it.

    About the hyperemesis, she tweeted on September 21 that she had been bedridden for six weeks, and in the hospital twice. Then she said “12 weeks! 6 of them desperate!! Only controlled by metochlopromide… Does it pass???”

    She apparently went on steroids in October and it helped, then she cut them back down and the illness came back, and she was still desperate in November. Sounds like at least three months of her pregnancy were absolute hell.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and according to his wikipedia page, Holly’s father Nick Mason was the original (and only) drummer for Pink Floyd. He also owns a lot of racecars and has raced successfully himself, and is a private pilot. Before Pink Floyd was formed, he studied architecture for five years. And his net worth in 2006-2007 was estimated at 55 million British pounds. That’s $83 million in US dollars. Holly is one of two girls from his first marriage, and he has two boys from his second marriage. So by any reckoning, Holly’s net worth if she inherits an equal share of his estate is much higher than Assley’s!

    Sounds like Holly’s pedigree is better than Assley’s; in fact she and her father fit in much more naturally with the Franchittis than Assley and the Judds. (there’s no doubt Holly’s his daughter, judging by their photos!)

  • Hannah955

    Regarding that photo of Dario as a kid, it would have been MUCH easier to just hit the retweet button than post it the way she did (cut and paste). Sneaky as usual, she wanted it to look like it came from her.

    AA: “She will be tweeting about the birth of Dario’s child with his next wife if she doesn’t get some help.”

    Funniest statement on this thread!

  • AA

    It is amazing that Dario survived the craziness. I’ll bet Holly has avoided AJ as much as she could. I can just imagine AJ telling Holly that they both came from families with great musicians/ artists and married race car drivers. And yeah AJ is in CONSTANT CONTACT with Dario’s circle of family/friends. After all, when Dario signed up it was for a life sentence. Dario’s brother and sister-in-law have the busy/baby/racing excuse to avoid her. I have seen that Dario’s sister, Carla, has tweeted AJ’s propaganda before and I’m sure Dario’s family have been forced to believe that AJ is such a sensitive caring person….. they’ll try to be nice to AJ. AJ will not move on willingly. I’ll bet she’s sending a gift as we speak. I’ll also bet Mama Judd and Wynonna are sending gifts and working reconnaissance.

  • AA

    Hannah,I’m glad you liked my statement. I believe it.

  • AA

    AJ got the kids name wrong. LOL!

    M Franchitti tweeted:

    @AshleyJudd he can’t wait to meet you, spelling is Berkeley! I know , its english! X

    I love the it’s English statement. He made it to a published Harvard Alum. I know M Franchitti is excited, tired and trying to me nice, but he’s feeding AJ in the worst way.


    A.J. Steele [email protected] tweeted

    @AshleyJudd I really love how committed you’re to your family of choice. It’s inspiring for me to know there is never an ending.

    Yeah never an ending is right!

    I have three words for Dario……..
    Witness Protection Program.

  • AA

    Clearly the Franchitti Clan is into the codependency craze. They have learned from the best, the Judd Family of Tennessee/Kentucky.

  • AA

    I’m starting to get an understanding of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud. Hatfields (West Virginia) and McCoys( Eastern Kentucky, maybe related to the Judds) putting the fun in dysfunctional hillbillies.

  • Hannah955

    Hey AA, I’m doubling down on my “she called Mama Franchitti and got some intel over the phone” theory since she clearly only HEARD the name and didn’t see it spelled.

    I can understand why Marino would write to correct her, he doesn’t want the wrong spelling of his newborn baby’s name out there being retweeted by Assley’s psycho fans (that’s how I spell sychophants!)

    Marino did sign his tweet “x” which is how the Brits signal affection, a lot of that clan and their UK friends do that. Ugh.

    But yes, he is feeding her.

    Why did I hear the music from the Psycho shower scene when I read AJ Steele’s comment “It’s inspiring for me to know there’s never an ending.” Wonder if Dario shares her sentiments???

    Seriously, I have never seen a divorce so bizarre. Dario hasn’t mentioned her since January 30th and she’s stalking him on twitter and writing to all of his friends and family, still acting as though they are married.

    Mockarena, I dunno if you are right (she left him) or I am right (he left her) or it was some combination of them having a discussion where one or both of them realized his/her needs weren’t being met, and it was more or less a mutual decision – but in any event, people who are divorcing should really shut up about each other – like Dario has done.

    I swear, not only do I believe AA is right and AJ will want to be present at the birth of Dario’s first child with his second wife, I think it’s better than 50/50 she shows up at the Indy 500 this year – unless of course Dario puts his foot down.

    I wonder if she and Dario are still talking in private.

  • AA

    Hannah you were exactly right. AJ called “MUM”. She tweeted M Franchitti and told him to tell Mum what the name really is. Cause we know AJ doesn’t get it wrong.
    It appears that AJ will be sitting in the pew with Dario and his next wife at Dario’s kid’s wedding. I’ve seen, and to be truthful been in some weird situations, but these people are take it to a level that’s beyond belief.

  • Hannah955

    Yeah, and come to think of it, you nailed it AA. The first thing she wrote about hearing Dario’s brother had a child is “I’m an auntie.” Cuz it’s all about her.

  • AA

    I don’t believe AJ and Dario can separate without professional(mental health) help. This is codependency on a level that is SCAREY!!!! When Dario moved out of Judd Valley he may have thought the distance would be enough. He needs to rethink that.

  • AA

    That is so good -“Assley’s psycho fans (that’s how I spell sychophants!)”

  • AA

    Dario is clueless about AJ. And he can’t talk about it because it’s embarrassing. And he’s seen Naomi and Wynonna and Ashley in action, so he knows to be afraid.

  • AA

    I’m starting to think that AJ and Dario must have been in a serious fight and someone just threw down “if you want out go”. So there was only the passion of the moment. And he was ready to go, knowing nothing would change. AJ , after self-medicating, went to bed and Dario left. AJ doesn’t get that he really is done. She thinks this is just a little bump in the road. And the press release was just free publicity, meaningless.

  • Hannah955

    As for Mockarena’s theory that Dario didn’t support AJ’s political aspirations, I imagine that is true, but I don’t think that would be a dealbreaker for Assley.

    If you think about the 2014 Senate campaign season, sure it starts a year early but the primary is in June and the election in November. Dario’s IndyCar season runs from mid March to mid October so he would not be able to campaign with her anyway, and nobody would expect him to. And knowing her, she would still hop off the campaign trail and go to some of his races, and feel fine about it.

    As for moving to Kentucky, he probably wouldn’t care. (A) because it puts distance between him and the Judds. (B) because he’s never home anyway.

    Of course, moving to DC if lightning struck and she got elected, and maybe having to attend official functions as “the husband” which would bore him silly, and the fact that she would not be free to “winter in Scotland” and follow him around to races if she got elected – maybe that would be a problem for him. Or a relief – who knows! But in any event, they are hideously incompatible anyway. He shares none of her interests, and she must bore him silly with her psychobabble and being a wound addict and rape survivor and all that crap.

    As for Dario ever having voted, I bet he has – in the UK. I would put money down that he is not a US citizen and never intends to become one.

    Now that he has a baby nephew, I imagine he will want to spend even more time in the UK. They were destined to separate even if there wasn’t a big fight about who supported whose goals.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, I didn’t see the Mum tweet until just now, I thought AA was just agreeing with me in theory. Woot – I called it!

  • AA

    AJ was just tweeted:
    Miké [email protected]

    Tell me your thoughts on how breeding is unconscionable. @AshleyJudd

  • AA

    The marriage broke down because it was never real. It was/IS AJ’s fantasy. Mama Judd and Wynonna were failures at relationships, but AJ Has the Love of the Ages. Trouble was Dario wasn’t getting what he wanted and he sees his circle of friends and family. And he sees them happy in the kind of family life he wants. I think he wanted something that AJ couldn’t /wouldn’t give and AJ wanted him as a prop when she needed to do a show-and-tell of her fantasy. I doubt that she really had any clue that he wasn’t getting as great a relationship as she was fantasizing about.

  • AA

    And AJ’s Law: It’s not over until AJ says it’s over.

  • AA

    I tend to think that Dario has been embarrassed many times by AJ’s activism. His racing friends would not want to be taxed to death and he doesn’t want to defend her. He must know that if she were elected she would be mouthing off to the British Press and that would be hard to take. And let’s face it she’s not aging well. Look at Mama Judd and see AJ in a few years.
    AND he wants a family, just not the Judd family.

  • AA

    Indiana borders Kentucky. The Indy 500 has always been a photo op for AJ, why would that change(in AJ’s mind)? AJ’s fantasy love can’t be destroyed, it’s bigger than that. AJ is on such a high right now. She’s feeding from all the attention and with no end in sight, why allow reality to ruin it?
    I can’t wait until she gets a real campaign handler who will lock horns with her constantly. I doubt that any campaign manager can stay with or tolerate her until the election. But I could be wrong.

  • Amy

    Hannah and AA, I love you both soooooo much (and you too, Mock)! I never imagined that anyone could hate AJ as much as I do, but there you go! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Amy

    Check this out Pandering much? She gets to love God and Coal in a single tweet. Gawd I hate her.

    2 hrs Ron Bon Jovi [email protected]
    @AshleyJudd tell us your Thoughts on coal?
    43 mins ashley judd [email protected]
    @Ronnie9Ball Made by God and inherently good.

  • Amy

    Good stuff:

    3 hrs ashley judd [email protected]
    @MFranchitti Ah! I wondered. Tell Mum!!! I got it from her.
    View conversation

    5 hrs ashley judd [email protected]
    I’m an auntie! Doing a jig celebrating healthy, safe, & sweet arrival of Luca James Barclay. Congratulations @MFranchitti & Holly!
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite More

    9:06 a.m. – Mar 8, 2013 · Details
    Tweet text
    Reply to @AshleyJudd @MFranchitti
    Image will appear as a link

    3 hrs Marino Franchitti [email protected]
    @AshleyJudd he can’t wait to meet you, spelling is Berkeley! I know , its english! X

    3 hrs ashley judd [email protected]
    @MFranchitti Ah! I wondered. Tell Mum!!! I got it from her.

    3 mins robertedwardandrew [email protected]
    @AshleyJudd Good thing they didn’t take your advice on “unconscionable breeding.” Yes for me and mine, but not for thee and thine

    now robertedwardandrew [email protected]

    @AshleyJudd way to throw your soon-to-be ex-“mum” under the bus. I am so sure doesn’t know her grandchild’s name.

  • Jane

    “Sen. Ashley Judd (D-KY)” – Now that’s something I don’t ever want to see on my TV screen! Can you imagine that yammering woman attempting to filibuster late into the night the way the increasingly awesome Rand Paul just did? Her train of thought would jump the tracks every few minutes so that she could complain about getting only seven or eight hours of sleep. All Senator Paul had to hold was his bladder, but Ashley would be pouring sweat as she tried to keep from dropping a fat, squirmy psychological support dog.

    She’s under a powerful delusion if she thinks that Kentucky Democrats, particularly the ones who are fiercely loyal to the party merely as a family tradition handed down by their daddies and granddaddies who may or may not have worn white sheets, will respond to her as Hollywood Democrats would. (I’m a lifelong East Tennessean, and I know this breed of Southerner well. Rural old-school Democrats who inherited their party affiliation without questioning it are among the least liberal folks I’ve ever met.) Once her party mates in Kentucky get a load of her crap, they’ll focus on the more moderate candidates who actually have a sporting chance. Some of the younger generation will no doubt be too star-struck to say no to her, but few older Democrats will buy what she’s selling, believe you me.

    I hope Ashley gives up her political ambitions. As hard as she buck dances on my nerves with her huge words (I swear, I think she must buy herself one of those “Improve Your Vocabulary!” page-a-day calendars every year) and smug self-promoting disguised as charity work, I really don’t want to see her face-plant in front of God and everybody. I think she may really be as mentally fragile as she ostentatiously presents herself. A humiliation this big could be more crushing than humbling, and quite possibly strike a blow that not even the Judd family therapy sessions could fix.

  • AA

    Message to the Franchitti Clan:

    The Franchitti Clan needs to take care of their own son. Being inclusive and nice to AJ affirms her belief that you are her family. The Franchittis are not her family – sorry, but it’s true. You are buying AJ’s narrative that she has been a victim all of her life because she has such a good kind nature, she was molested, and so on. People take a look! AJ is doing very well. If her marriage is over, I’d think you’d tend to your family and let AJ’s family tend to her. You may be AJ’s family of choice, but Dario is your real family. Stop hurting Dario and back off from AJ.

  • Mockarena

    Mr. Mock’s theory: Ashley is tweeting about and staying connected to the Franchitti family because she can’t have a messy divorce getting in the way of her campaign. If she’s able to stay on the high road and “prove” (via Twitter) that this is a very friendly and amicable split, and that she’s SO INCREDIBLY MATURE that she can stay “family forever” with her ex, then that makes her look good.

    It’s still annoying as hell, of course. 🙂

    But that’s his theory.

  • Amy

    Mr. Mock is very wise. I don’t think she can last though — if Dario is really ignoring her, she will lose her “composure” very quickly.

  • Amy

    It looks like 300 comments is the limit! Where are the others?

  • Mockarena

    I upped it to 500!

  • Amy

    I think we’ll make it there and beyond!

  • Mockarena

    I just need to start a new post about her…stay tuned! 🙂

  • Hannah955

    Amy, AA and Jane, I love your posts! Gotta run to a workday/annual election at the community garden, will post more when I get back, but I wanted to point out her two tweets about Tony Dovolani, Wynnona’s dancing partner on DWTS, who apparently joined them all for dinner at Naomi’s house the other evening:

    “I met Tony Dovolani yesterday and he salsa’d for me at mom’s kitchen table. He and @wynonnamuaic are gonna be amaing on #DancingWithTheStars”

    “Thanks for dancing for me & handling all the family humor with such a good nature! I know much is not repeatable here. 🙂 @tonydovolani”

    See that? ME ME ME It’s like, nobody else was there. Not Wynonna, or Cactus, or Naomi, or Naomi’s husband, or other family or friends. Newp, when Tony danced, he danced for HER. Cuz you know, she’s SPECIAL. And of course Tony recognized that right away, doncha think? And told her “you look so graceful, YOU should be on DWTS. You would be my best partner EVER.”

    I’m sure they had that conversation – in her head.

  • AA

    I agree with Mr. Mock that AJ is trying to look so mature and superior on Twitter. AJ must look good. And how perfect is it that the Franchittis can pity her (VICTIM again) for her marriage falling apart…. cause she couldn’t give their son a child. And now with the younger Franchitti bringing in another kid to join the racing clan, AJ will work the victim role for all it’s worth. I do so love the fact that Dario is laying low. What happened with that AJ?

  • AA

    If AJ is an auntie to Dario’s brother’s kid , what will she be to Dario’s kids in the future?

  • Hannah955

    AA, ewwww, I think you might be right about Marino being too nice to her. She tagged him, trolling for compliments,and he obliged:

    ashley judd [email protected]
    Tackling my Peanut Butter cake for my dad’s bday. It requires the most technique of any cake I bake but I hear its worth it! @mfranchitti

    Marino Franchitti [email protected]
    @AshleyJudd yes it is, best cake EVER! x

  • AA

    AJ sure knows how to play these people. Marino has been filled in that AJ was a VICTIM of infertility, a VICTIM of a dysfuntional hillbilly family, a VICTIM of rape,a VICTIM of fate, and the VICTIM list goes on forever. Marino is feeling generous because he’s a new dad and he has no clue what he’s feeding. Did you get the HUMBLE BRAG:AJ tweets that the cake “requires the most technique of any cake she bakes but I hear it’s worth it!” Marino obliged with the positive affirmation.
    Just because AJ has been playing these people doesn’t mean that everyone in Kentucky will fall for the same games. If they stop her little VICTIM role and force her to debate her views, she’s toast.

  • Hannah955

    She’ll implode soon, I can feel it coming. When the Democratic insiders of Kentucky fail to support her and rally around Grimes. Fingers crossed that Grimes will consent to run.

    Of course if Grimes runs and loses then Assley can:

    (a) act like SHE would have won if they’d. only had the sense to nominate her

    (b) run again, because she won’t yet be a LOSER.

    So maybe she should just run now and fail miserably

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and did you see that the twitterverse is abuzz with some comments she made in 2010 on her blog? Apparently Apple products contain “conflict minerals” mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country where she says the government and military suppress the local population with systemic rape of the women:

    “AppIe is known for the clean lines of their products, the alluring simplicity of their designs. Dare I….go so far….as to suggest…this signature cleanness is stained by the sh!t and urine of raped women’s leaking fistulas?”

    This from someone who uses a plethora of Apple products. But wait … she tweeted a few months ago that because of this conflict minerals thing, she can’t bring herself to upgrade from an iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5. Wow, what self-sacrifice, what an example of humanitarianism! Give her a Nobel Peace Prize – stat!

    And as for that cake she tweeted that she was baking? I assume she tweeted that from her iPhone or Mac computer … let’s just hope she washed the sh!t and urine off her hands before she started mixing the dough, huh?

  • Amy

    She has a leaking fistula between her brain and mouth.

  • Amy

    Hannah — I sent Alex Pappas, the author of the article about Apple, an email regarding AJ’s trumped up “Master’s.” I cited all of your research, and told him he should write an article about it called “When a Master’s Isn’t Really a Master’s.” He emailed me back immediately, saying it was very interesting and that he would look into it! He seems more determined than you and AA to bring her down!

  • AA

    Harvard (and all those who have the Harvard-lite degree) will defend the ‘degree’. Remember Harvard refers to AJ as a published alum. Someone needs to do an intervention on AJ, she will implode as Hannah has stated. But she has plenty of enablers and meds to get her through the election. It appears that the Kentucky DEMs realize what a problem AJ is and are fearly backing off. The Kentucky DEMs don’t want to bully the poor VICTIM, and the REPUBs have no choice but to go after her insanity. And Dario is staying silent in the backgroud because he also fears what she can do. He’s been lucky they weren’t together as most couples live together because the marriage wouldn’t have lasted this long. AJ will isolate herself from reality because she has the means to do so and that can make her go a lot longer than most.

  • AA

    Pity the poor fool who is AJ’s campaign manager!

  • AA

    AJ is getting support from the crazy group outside of Kentucky. If AJ loved Kentucky so much she’d live there and do work for the people there. The Shrivers, Kate Roberts, Emily’s list, and the others who know more about what is right for the world than the people who live in these places are AJ’s juice. I look for Robert Kennedy to show up and trash coal. The Shrivers will show up. Who is going to show up from Kentucky? AJ doesn’t care about Kentucky. She is using Kentucky as a means to the end game.

    As Mama Judd said’ “Ashley isn’t as smart as she sounds.”

  • Hannah955

    Amy, kudos to you for writing to Alex Pappas! I hope he follows up.

    You know, there was a scathing blog post by somebody talking about the Harvard MC/MPA program and how it’s just an opportunity for rich dilettantes to hang around and network with each other for a year (well, eight months). I cannot for the life of me find it though, and it’s so irritating!!!

  • Hannah955

    Hi guys,

    Unlike Assley Judd (cf her hideously sloppy analysis of White House salaries), I actually like to source my data. I know I have been saying forever that the Harvard MPA program accepts 20% of its applicants while the Harvard MC/MPA program accepts 50%. I know I wouldn’t have said that if I hadn’t seen it somewhere, so I went looking for it again.

    Harvard actually published acceptance stats to the Kennedy School of Government (KSG) back in 2011, but they were only for the Masters of Public Policy (MPP) program which is the most exclusive program at KSG. Their admissions rate was below 20% that year. They also offer the 2 year MPA degree (aka MPA2) and the MPA-ID (International Development) and then the degree Assley got, the MPA Lite (or, MC/MPA).

    I could probably find exact numbers – even if I had to write to the KSG Admissions office and ask for them – but in lieu of that, I did find this:

    cclangdell posted the following data on 11 January 2010. This is a bingo for Assley because she would have been admitted in 2009, so cclangdell’s stats were probably from her application pool. I don’t know his source(s), however. The stats appear to be in ascending order of exclusivity, so I wasn’t quite accurate when I said it was the easiest graduate program to get into at Harvard. Education and East Asian Studies edge it out by a couple of percentage points.

    Harvard University – acceptance rates

    English (PhD) – 2%
    Clinical Psychology (PhD) – 2%
    Medical School (MD) – 4.7%
    Kennedy School (PhD) – 4.7%
    Psychology (PhD, General)- 5%
    Sociology (PhD) – 5%
    Linguistics (PhD) – 5%
    Philosophy (PhD) – 5%
    Economics (PhD) – 5.7%
    Business School (DBA, PhD) – 6.5%
    College (AB, SB) – 7.1%
    History (PhD) – 7.5%
    Public Health (DSc) – 8%
    Education School (EdD) – 8.9%
    Political Science (PhD) – 9.2%
    Divinity School (ThD) – 9.5%
    Statistics (PhD) – 10%
    Law School (JD) – 13%
    Physics (PhD) – 13%
    Business School (MBA) – 13.5%
    Near Eastern Studies (PhD) – 15%
    East Asian Studies (PhD) – 15%
    Engineering Majors (PhD) – 15+%
    Statistics (AM) – 25%
    Divinity School (MDiv, MTS) – 27%
    Kennedy School (MPP/MPA, etc.) – 35%
    Kennedy School (MCMPA) – 50%
    Education School (EdM) – 55%
    East Asian Studies (AM) – 60%

  • Hannah955

    OK, found some more data. TMD only allows one link per post or it goes to spam where it has to be approved by Mockarena, so I’ll post serially if you don’t mind 🙂

    According to that link the MC/MPA program accepts 46% of its applicants. Tuition is $36,304. With 178 students enrolled, the program brings in $6.5 million per year.

  • Hannah955

    Statistics for the much more exclusive MPP program at Harvard KSG:

    21% acceptance rate. 434 students @ $36,304 per year = $15.8 million per year.

  • Hannah955

    The two year MPA. This page says that they accept 61% of applicants. That doesn’t sound right!

    I don’t know where these stats come from or what year they supposedly represent. They are similar to the ones from the other site (KSG overall 29% vs 35% and MC/MPA 46% vs 50%).

    PhD programs are always waaaay more difficult to get into regardless of the field of study, than masters programs.

    KSG admissions:

    applied 1,753
    accepted 369
    % 21

    applied 603
    accepted 282
    % 47

    MPA (aka MPA2)
    applied 159
    accepted 98
    % 62

    MPA-ID (International Development)
    applied 371
    accepted 96
    % 26

    PhD program
    applied 243
    accepted 17
    % 7

    applied 2,896
    accepted 845
    % 29

    applied 3,129
    accepted 862
    % 28

  • Hannah955

    So basically, I was in the ballpark saying that the 2 year program admits 20% of applicants whereas Assley’s MPA Lite accepts 50%. However, I think that is more accurate as a description of the MPP (Master in Public Policy) than the MPA (Master of Public Administration).

    I’ll have to do some more digging and find out whether that 61% acceptance rate is accurate for the MPA. I had thought it was much lower, but then again, I may have been confusing it with the MPP.

  • Hannah955

    Saw another page from 2005 that actually quotes the KGS web site (but this is no longer on there). In sum, MPP accepts 1 in 5 (20%), MPA accepts 1 in 3 (33%), MC/MPA accepts 1 in 2 (50%).

    Well, the 50% number seems solid – I am seeing it or numbers close to it everywhere!

  • Hannah955

    This is interesting:

    It says that applicants to all programs at KSG must have taken the GMAT or GRE within 5 years of applying. That would include Assley. I am so curious as to what her score was, I cannot imagine it was very high. Of course, Bill Clinton wrote one of her recommendation letters so she was probably a shoo-in on that basis alone. And on paper, her “humanitarian work” looks pretty good.

  • Hannah955

    Well, I tried!

    “Thank you for your interest in Harvard Kennedy School. Because of your interest in HKS, we will add you to our prospect database, where you will receive periodic emails about HKS, the admissions process and upcoming recruitment events. I’m sorry, but we do not release our admission rates.”

  • Hannah955

    This really pisses me off!

    Cover story:

    “Wynonna Exclusive


    The country stars open up about the tragic day Cactus lost his leg, and how Wynonna (with help from Ashley!) nursed him back to health.”


    Ashley never mentioned Cactus ONCE – for MONTHS after the accident – except to thank people who tweeted sympathy to HER – like it was HER loss.

    Meanwhile the day after it happened, she is in Oxford, England, tweeting photos of herself hugging a lamppost with a big smile on her face, talking about how important it is to get a lot of sleep, and sharing with us that “cabbage makes you poot.”

    I guess after she lost the Franchittis she turned back to the Judds for support, and Wynonna welcomed her back with open arms. All is forgiven, right?

    Remember how when Wynonna got married to Cactus she didn’t invite Assley OR her mother, and the evening of the wedding day, Cactus drove by Assley’s house and shot off his gun into the air outside? And Wynonna made a snarky comment about how Assley probably didn’t even know she got married because Assley was probably off celebrating Dario’s Indy 500 win?

    The first mention Assley made of Cactus in the past six months was just recently when she said she was baking him a cake or something.

    Those Judds are just crazy dysfunctional and co-dependent!

  • Hannah955

    On newsstands Friday.

    (and as for the teaser about what she thinks of Assley running for Senate, she never answers those questions on Twitter, in fact she gets mad and says she doesn’t talk politics on “this site” and has not asked Assley, so I doubt US Weekly has any bombshells to offer us)

    I wonder what they’re going to be like in 20 years when Naomi is 87, Wynonna is 68 and Assley is 64? Shudders!

  • Amy

    Good job Hannah. They definitely don’t want that getting out. I really hope Alex Pappas is writing an expose about it!!! Assley’s bio on her website says she has an “MPA.” I wonder if her stupid degree is properly called a MCMPA.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you think it’s time for Harvard to announce their new International Relations Ph.D. Program? The first student could only be Dennis Rodman, aka “The Worm”. Rodman has always displayed the mental temperament that is sought for in very specialized programs and he is friends with Kim Jung Eun the leader of North Korea. While it’s true that Harvard would never have been on Rodman’s list for an undergraduate degree- their basketball and other athletics are an embarrassment – a graduate degree from Harvard might just be the ticket. And Rodman will be designing his own graduation attire.

  • Amy

    How is this for random? She is really getting desperate with the dario tweeting. #LOSER:

    ashley judd [email protected]
    Thank you @iamciviera for teaching me, My heart is an organ the size of my fist. @mfranchitti @dariofranchitti @massarilia @TheCivi
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite More

  • AA

    AJ is tweeting to watch Dario on the today show.

    We are now informed that both Mama Judd and AJ will be in the audience of DWTS.

    And Wynonna has a documentary for us to watch
    Wynonna & Cactus: The Road Back

    This is getting so ridculous, I can’t wait to see the meltdown. I hate to say it, but if you wanted to make a family appear more dysfunctional and codepedent I don’t see how you could top this family.

    Wynonna, your husband had an accident on a pleasure trip, received the best care money-could-buy, and recovered in luxury. If Cactus Moser had returned from Afghanistan with an amputation, had to wait and pray for healthcare in the VA system and feared that he/she would be living on the street, I would watch that documentary and be concerned .

    Naomi and AJ, please save the environment and stay away from DWTS.

    AJ, if I want to see tapes of Dario, I’ll wait until he gets the new girlfriend on tape with him.

  • Hannah955

    AA, you go girl!

    I haven’t seen the issue of US on the newsstand, I usually read those mags in line at the supermarket, haven’t been since before Friday when it came out.

    I need brain bleach after watching the Judd reality show on youtube this weekend. I thought I liked Wynonna until I saw that. Ugh, they really are dysfunctional.

    So, AJ is doubling down on the idea that the Franchittis are still family. It is really REALLY bizarre and creepy IMO. The only question in my mind is whether she’s the only insane one, or they’re insane too and being co-dependent with her.

    two tweets yesterday:

    A beautiful new son, a shiny new trophy. What a week! CONGRAGULATIONS @MFranchitti & the whole family! #TakingATrophyHomeForBabyLuca

    When I’m missing my family, I can see them on TV. Sending my brother @MFranchitti lots of love for #Sebring12 today.”

    That photo, by the way, is from DARIO’S twitter feed, she just stole it.

  • Hannah955

    And, that hashtag ##TakingATrophyHomeForBabyLuca? Also lifted from one of Dario’s tweets.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, this is great! Somebody started a twitter account in the name of Ashley Judd’s dog:

    His first tweet was on March 11th:

    I will sh~t all over the floor if this owner person of mine runs for office. #SendHelp

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and yay, her Kentucky Wildcats will not be defending their national championship, they didn’t make it into the NCAA tournament. So we don’t have to put up with her screaming and mugging in the stands at games.

  • AA

    Psychiatric Pup – love it.

  • Hannah955

    Watching DWTS. I could swear I saw Assley in a background shot of the audience, sitting on the left in a green dress with a v-neck, and that ridiculous prime stick-up-her-a$$ posture of hers.

    God bless her, Wynonna hasn’t danced yet, but she looks super-nervous, and she’s – forgive me – MASSIVE.

  • Hannah955

    Ew gawd, that *was* Assley in the green dress. Sitting next to Naomi and Naomi’s husband. When Wynonna was done dancing, the camera cut to Assley mugging it up – lots of makeup on, I think she had an orchid in her hair, skintight dress lowcut anthropologie dress, shimmying around with her arms in the air and a look of sisterly love carefully planted on her face.

    Methinks that was her audition tape for the next season of DWTS. Wonder how Wynonna would feel if Assley appeared on DWTS – cuz I know Assley would do it in a heartbeat.

    Naomi looked overcome with emotion, totally inappropriate to the context. And the husband looked like he wants to take Assley’s service dog and go into Witness Protection and get away from those crazy Judd women.

  • Hannah955

    Aaand, of course. They’re interviewing Wynonna after the dance, but while she’s talking the camera is on Naomi, who is holding up her fingers in a “call me” gesture (as in, call in to support Wynonna), and poor Wynonna doesn’t know why the audience is laughing, then they cut to Assley who if you didn’t know what she’s really like, you might even buy that she’s (a) a nice person and (b) a loyal sister. I guess she can act when she wants to.

    What are the odds that Assley would have flown out to Los Angeles for this if she didn’t think she would get air-time. About … zero.

  • Amy

    She’s not all that selfless — she had the Olympus premiere after:

    I think Ass wrote the article — it says she’s married to Dario, no mention of the divorce, and that she is 42!!! It talks about her stunning figure and pert backside! I think she looks like a house.

  • Amy

    Oh — she has a ring on her “hitchin'” finger!!!

  • AA

    From what I’m reading DWTS is near the end of its run, unless somehow it can be resuscitated. (Glad I didn’t watch).

    AJ, your dress and false eyelashes, ….you look the vision of a middle-aged hooker. I’m sure Kentucky voters will be so proud how you can portray them.

    If the Kentucky DEMS don’t have the guts to oppose her publicaly and the REPUBS are too cowardly to stand up to her, I guess it’s up to us(people outside of politics and the media) to get the message out. So AJ your words, deeds, and total lack of competence will be exposed by those of us who demand better.

  • Jessica

    First time comment but longtime reader and soul sister of Ashley Judd hate.
    Just a few things I’d like to say.
    I love every single one of you! You guys crack me up. For a long time I thought I was the only one repulsed by Ashley and her special snowflake self. She’s such a unique special snowflake that we mere mortals will never be as accomplished as she is. We’ll never feel or love as deeply as she does.
    I love when she talks about her carbon footprint, and toaster ovens. I love when she complains about excess wealth and how all the money people put in to stupid things. I once asked on Twitter – Do you know how many starving people your Birkin bags would feed? and she blocked me.
    I guess since she’s so very special and accomplishes her Birkin bags are cherished and loved more deeply than any other and she deserves to have them.
    I think she wrote that article herself about the movie premiere. If I was Herve Leger I’d sue her for wearing one of my dresses.

    Hannah – Your Mother is a true beauty!
    And you’re right on about Dario! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times. He’s definitely a guys guy. I think he only stuck around because he has such strong morals.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, so glad you stopped lurking and started posting! Thanks so much for the kind words about my mommy. She died almost five years ago and I still dream about her all the time.

    Does AJ really own Birkin bags? Those are SUPER expensive.

    I actually love Herve Leger bandage dresses, I think they are absolutely gorgeous, but you need a perfect figure to wear them. I have to admit Assley has a nice a$$ but overall there is something off about the way she looked at the premiere.

    I don’t like the color of the dress for one thing, and then it was just too low cut in the front, as everything she wears usually is. She’s starting to look – dare I say it – flabby. The underarm side boob is hysterical.

    And those massive fake eyelashes – looks like the one on her right eye kind of migrated out of place.

    And yes, that fawning piece reads like it was ghostwritten by AJ herself.

    Speaking of Dancing With The Stars (weren’t we?), I am taking back any slack I cut AJ’s half-sister Wynonna. Her tweeting about her experience on DWTS is becoming almost nauseating. She is so over-the-top about everything. Everything is a sacred experience, and this has been such a changing experience in her life, and she is being pushed to her limits but in a good way, yada yada yada. Then she shows up and dances, and she’s so corpulent that she barely moves around on the dance floor. She has a bit of rhythm but really, she practically sleepwalked through her routine. And as she ages her face is becoming almost a caricature. She sort of looks like Elvis in drag.

    I’m sorry to sound so bitchy, because she is light years better than Assley in terms of probably having a good heart and being generous. But in a different way she takes herself EVERY BIT as seriously as AJ does.

    I watched a bit of her and Naomi’s reality show that aired on OWN originally, it’s now on youtube. And yeah, you have to assume they over-dramatize stuff on purpose on reality shows, but the two of them … everything is so BIGGER THAN LIFE. Naomi sits her down in a diner in Leiper’s Fork after they get back from their tour, and says she has something to tell her. Big dramatic pause, you can see all these emotions flying across Wynonna’s face as she braces herself for some really big news.

    Then Naomi works up to the big announcement. Which is – she and her husband have bought a vacation home in Florida.

    Wynonna looks like Naomi has just told her she has cancer.

    Then Naomi comforts her, assuring her that it’s just a vacation home and she would never EVER leave her.

    And they dissolve in a puddle of virtual tears and hugs.

    These people! They are so – over the top!!! I mean, a freaking vacation home in Florida, and they build it up like “Naomi Reveals Her Big Secret!!!”

    Gag me. The whole lot of them are cuckoo. AJ is exactly as over-dramatic about her every bowel movement, she just gussies it up a bit in more high-falutin’ psychobabble. The common thread is “we people feel so deeply, and everything we feel is REALLY IMPORTANT.”

  • Jessica

    Hannah, I’m very sorry to hear about your Mommy. She truly was a beauty, and while it’s wrong to assume – I imagine she was brilliant and witty (Rumor has it Connery will only associate with intelligent and witty women) 😉
    I’ve lost mine too so I understand.

    Yes! Ashley has a few Birkin bags. She has an eggplant one, a blue one, and I’ve seen a clip of her carrying a black one but can’t find a photo of her carrying it. I have her with the other ones though.
    I love the Bandage dresses as well. On the right person that is. Call me catty but I’m sure she had on shape wear to make her backside look good.
    I’ll gladly admit that I’m not a twig but as much as she preaches her healthy lifestyle she’s very untoned.

    I watched bits and pieces of the reality show when it was on. I could only tolerate it in small doses because while I feel bad for Wynonna and like you – believe she has a good heart I just couldn’t tolerate all the over the top dramatics, and self importance.
    They feel everything SO deeply. Everything they accomplish is SO much more than we mere mortals can imagine. *shakes head*

  • AA

    AJ may have hijacked the spotlight from the star of a film that is clearly destined for the bargain dvd pile, but are the people of Kentucky going to allow her to use them for her endless need for attention. AJ planned to step all over Kentucky, so she could get into the spotlight of Washington, DC. (Remember politics is Hollywood for ugly people.) I’m happy, but not assured, to see some Kentucky DEMS complaining about her. Right now AJ is as happy as a pig in mud. She showed everyone she is still the hot star, using Wynonna’s DWTS gig to be the hot supportive younger sister. And can’t AJ get a stylst? That dress and most of her dresses just seem strange somehow. If you can afford what she can, wouldn’t you want to look like the clothes are just right for you? And espcially if you are trying to look like a credible candidate for US Senate, would you wear what she has been wearing lately?
    Now I know I’m ranting again, but AJ’s narcissism is so toxic I can’t help it.

  • Jessica

    AA you’re not ranting! We understand.
    I’m waiting for her to start calling Gerard Butlers parents her honorary in laws, or something else ridiculous.

  • Hannah955

    AA I loved your post! You are so right about everything. Jessica, I think she would say “in-laws ofchoice” – if I’m not mistaken, that’s the phrase she uses. Too lazy to verify though.

    Yes, she does have some odd fashion choices. She dressed up like an aging call girl in a skin-tight lowcut dress with an orchid in her hair for a DC cocktail party during inauguration weekend. There were a lot of power-hitters there and she reveled in the attention, but she certainly didn’t look like a future US Senator. All of the other women there were elegantly and tastefully dressed, while she sat on an ottoman with that ridiculous posture of hers, holding court. I don’t think any of THEM took a shine to her, and while the men might have paid attention to her, would they VOTE for her?

    She really is kind of dumb. She has the kind of intelligence where she can memorize position papers that are fed to her, and spout talking points, and she can ramble on semi-coherently, but I don’t think she has the ability to analyze or synthesize facts, or look at the big picture and make strategic decisions. If she could do that, she would have reconsidered what to wear to that cocktail party, for instance, and worn clothing that sent the right message. But to do that, she would have to put herself in other people’s shoes and see herself as they see her, and I don’t think she can do that.

    She strikes me as someone who never pays GENUINE attention to another human being. She just puts an appropriate expression on her face, pretends to listen, but is probably thinking “everybody looking at me is going to think how wise and compassionate I am.”

    I don’t resent successful people who are genuine and kind. but I cannot stand inauthentic people, and she’s one of the most inauthentic people I’ve ever seen in action. Everything she does is in service to her own vanity. EVERYTHING. At least IMHO 🙂

  • Jessica

    Yes! In laws of choice!
    After all, it would be a pleasure and great honor for anyone to be chosen by her! Lol!
    Hannah you’re so right! Especially about her vanity.

  • Hannah955

    So, Wynonna was featured in this week’s “US” and I was reading it at Safeway with two bananas in my basket, and then they announced that the registers were down and they couldn’t sell us anything – not even if we paid cash – so I left the bananas and walked out. Inadvertently shoplifting “US” magazine. Oops!

    Well, my crime, your gain. I snapped photos of the article and will try to post them here, hope they are large enough for you to read the text.

    Wynonna talks a bit about Assley’s divorce. She also says she would vote for her even though they disagree on everything.

  • Hannah955

    OK, that didn’t work out right. Picasa has it oriented right but it actually uploads rotated wrong. And TMD’s “Upload Files” instructions says I can upload as many as I want and they will all be added to my comment, but I can’t figure out how to do that. So I’m just going to upload and post them one per comment. Hope that’s OK, Mock!

    (#1 of 5)

  • Hannah955

    (#2 of 5)

  • Hannah955

    (#3 of 5)

  • Hannah955

    (#4 of 6) – note change in page count!

  • Hannah955

    (#5 of 6)

  • Hannah955

    (#6 of 6)

  • AA

    Thanks Hannah for the article. When I was going through the line at the store I only got as far as AJ reading to Cactus.

    There is so much immaturity about how these people view life. It just blows me away. Things are supposed to be the fairy tale for them, but they get life. Oh my! They cope(with tons of money and a LIFE COACH on hand) and it is a lesson for us lesser people to learn from.

    While I get that they had adversity, I also get that their view of reality is selfish to the core. Even when they do an act of kindness,it is for selfish reasons.

  • Jessica

    Thank you for the article Hannah!
    Wow! I can’t get over how self serving they all are.

  • Mockarena

    Not trying to be a beyotch or anything, but did getting a leg amputated leave Cactus with the inability to read?

    Because reading to adults, when you ARE an adult, is kinda weird.

  • AA

    Mock, AJ got to perform for Cactus without having to interact or actually do anything for him. AJ loves the sound of her own voice and figures that everyone is blessed to hear her. She didn’t want to actually have to talk or listen to him. And heaven forbid she actually had to do something for him – that’s for the little people. Since Dario is not as available to preach to, AJ had to go to the captive audience.

  • AA

    Apparently Dario got bad tweets about his family or friends. I can’t find them, so those of you who are twiter people let us know what was said.

  • AA
  • Hannah955

    OK, I didn’t know about this twitter thing with Dario so I went looking. Seems like yesterday Dario posted this tweet:

    Dario Franchitti [email protected] 21 Mar
    Twitter question. Do you engage people who write crap & are clearly deranged or just use the old block button & send them back to oblivion?

    My absolutely favorite reply was this one:

    Andrew P. [email protected] 21 Mar
    @dariofranchitti You must be reading your soon to be ex wife’s feed again… I’d block her!!

    Of course, Assley took the opportunity to show her self-imagined nobility and loyalty by replying publicly (because of course all husbands and wives converse with each other on twitter, right?):

    ashley judd [email protected] 11h
    @dariofranchitti Ah, sometimes it would feel like there is time for nothing but blocking! Unless they say something about you then, I roar.

    I went looking for the source, and found what Dario was probably talking about.

    Armond Ealey [email protected]_ealey 19 Mar
    Good effort there Kentucky. @AshleyJudd is crying somewhere. And @dariofranchitti is not comforting her. Lol.

    John Illk [email protected] 21 Mar
    @tamaraholder @seanhannity I wonder if @AshleyJudd2014’s senate bid is why her husband @dariofranchitti is divorcing her.

    Krystal [email protected] 21 Mar
    In case you racer, #IndyCar fans needed a reason not to root for @dariofranchitti… Ashley Judd is his wife. #justsayin #HannityLive

    Leroy Sweeney [email protected] 21 Mar
    @TheFriddle @dariofranchitti Was his wife.

    Johnny Infidel (D) [email protected] 21 Mar
    @TheFriddle @dariofranchitti I’m quite sure his LibTard Hollyweird wife will have as much success in politics & he did in NASCAR #Fail

    Basically if somebody tweets “Dario Franchitti is an idiot” he won’t see it unless he searches for his own name. But if somebody tweetse “@dariofranchitti is an idiot” then it will go into his @connect section (kind of like an in-box) and if he checks that, and reads everything, he will see it. So, by using someone’s twitter handle in your tweet, you are basically trying to communicate directly with them. Which is more likely to get you blocked (by them) or suspended (by twitter).

    That’s why when I tweet about Assley, I don’t use her twitter handle @ashleyjudd because I don’t want to engage her directly. When I tweet about her, I use #ashleyjudd or ashleyjudd or Ashley Judd. That way, anybody who searches on one of those spellings will see my tweet, but she won’t receive it directly. She’ll only see it if she searches on her own name.

    Also, even if you do use someone’s @ twitter handle, sometimes they get so many tweets sent to that handle that they don’t read them all, and it’s only if they happen to be looking at their @connect section within a few minutes of you sending it, that they’ll actually see it. All depends on the volume of tweets they get. It’s kind of like a flowing stream, where you reach in and grab a cupful of water every so often – many more cupfuls go by without your drinking them.

  • Hannah955

    And apparently even though the tide is turning against her among Kentucky Democrats, and even Bill Clinton (who she thinks is her BFF) is actively recruiting someone else to run, and promising to support that person, Assley is charging ahead with a Senate run:

    She gave a talk today in which she talked about her treatment for depression. It’s amazing to me that someone about to run for the United States Senate is basically on a talking tour about how she is (a) a victim – of rape and lordy knows what else – and (b) mentally unstable. Is she so out of touch with reality that she thinks that will resonate with Kentucky voters?

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and apparently Assley said that her mom Naomi can’t wait to turn her garage into a campaign headquarters. That would be – in Tennessee? She may be the only US Senate candidate whose campaign headquarters are not actually in the state she’s seeking to represent 🙂

  • Hannah955

    Yay, just read this spoiler for “Olympus Has Fallen” ( It appears that Assley dies in the first five minutes – and stays dead.

    So, this is a walk-on role, and yet there she is hogging the limelight at the premiere.

  • Jessica

    She’s forever a victim isn’t she? Poor Ashley.
    No, Poor us! Why is she given so much attention?
    Lol! Campaign headquarters in another state?

    I don’t know exactly what tweets Dario was speaking of but he’s recieved a lot of nasty ones lately. Everything from not being man enough to handle Ashley, to cruel things about him Fathering his nephew. The person that posted about his nephew deleted his account.

  • Hannah955

    I hope all this nastiness doesn’t drive him and Assley back together.

    The tweet about fathering the nephew was waaaay over the line. Nasty stuff.

    In the US magazine pages that I uploaded, Wynonna talks about Assley’s divorce a little. I think she said “If you two love each other so much then why are you getting divorced?”

    It’s quite possible that Assley’s ego is SO MASSIVE she couldn’t admit even to Wynonna that Dario left her. Yes, I’m still hoping that’s what happened! If so, Assley probably spun it that they ADORE each other but they couldn’t make it work.

    Dario must have SOME feelings for her or he wouldn’t have stayed 12 years. I just don’t understand what she has in private that could compensate for her massive personality flaws, ego, pretentiousness and narcissism (not to mention flat out craziness) that are on exhibit 24/7 in public.

  • Hannah955

    And I am willing to bet that despite DWTS being Wynonna’s “thing” – Assley would go on in a heartbeat. Just to do better than Wynonna. You just KNOW she wants to show the world that she’s good at dancing, just like she’s good at everything else (in her own head at least).

  • Jessica

    I love you Hannah! You make me laugh like no other.
    The only reason I don’t see her doing Dancing with the stars is because her Ego is so inflated she would be like Me? Compete against others? And she wouldn’t get the entire show to herself lol

    I have no doubt Dario has/had feelings/loved/loves her.
    As always, she likes to re-write history.
    She says they were set up on a blind date. He, and several others say they were all at a wedding and Dario’s friend Greg said “Go talk to her” and that he used her dog as an excuse to start a conversation. Who takes their dog to a wedding?
    Anyways – by all accounts she’s been his first real relationship. I’m not talking the sexual mentor crap she spouted in magazines (For someone so politically correct I’m amazed she publicly stated things so emasculating) but as far as a serious, grown up relationship because so much of his life was spent trying to build his career.
    So a nice young guy from a good stable family with strong morsls falls in love with a “movie star”, and she latches on because he treated her differently than anyone else ever had not to mention her co dependency issues. She touches on it a little bit in her book (trying to keep the right video games etc in her set trailers so he would stay longer)
    She was also around for the loss of his best friend. The Greg Moore tribute she narrated makes me ill because she makes the intro all about her.
    So I have no doubt there’s love, or was in that relationship. There still might be some who knows.
    He worked hard and put up with a lot of craziness to make it work. I think all the time a part, and his morals of marriage is forever is what kept them together that long. He’s a Saint for putting up with it as long as he did.
    He’s a really nice guy, friendly and personable. I think it’s sad that all his accomplishments are overlooked and instead it’s oh that’s Ashley Judd’s husband.

  • Jessica

    Another random thing that bugs is every once in a while she’d slip out that things she does annoy him. Magazine articles, her book, etc.
    Annoying him by memorizing a poem aloud, kissing his hair, “Quit annoying me babe”
    Maybe I’m giving her too much credit but I’ve always wondered if she did that on purpose in case she had to throw him under the bus.
    I mean if she considers her Mothers inappropriate behavior as “rape”, there’s no telling how she’d spin their fights.

  • AA

    Maybe Dario’s family will run the Scottish campaign headquarters. I don’t feel sorry for Dario, HE WAS AJ’s ENABLER. It is no different than parents that allow their children annoy the hell out of others outside their family. I don’t doubt that he was taken in the biggest con of his life. AJ loved everything about him, but she mostly loved the fact that she KNEW she could control him. He allowed her to perform at the racetrack in front of race fans. And now karma is showing up. He isn’t the first person to marry someone outside their experience level. If you have ever enabled a crazy person, you will receive some of the blowback. Dario’s family is still enabling AJ.
    AJ won’t give up any power. She acts as if they are still together(on her terms). So AJ go ahead and “roar” (sounds like gas to me)! Dario you are getting what you asked for, so if you don’t like it ,change it. But you need to understand that the AJ that was presented to you, is not who she really is. Sorry, but it’s true.

  • AA

    I wonder if the reason the Judds all showed up at the opening night was they thought Wynonna would be voted off soon. I figure AJ was picking out who she would dance with. AJ will be on the show if, DWTS runs long enough. I still was surprized by Wynonna’s size and her ability. She stepped as if she were much older and almost doddering.

    I still don’t understand the sentiment that these people are doing it for themselves. What does this do for you? Wynonna performs all the time and if she wanted dance lessons she could get them. It must be the attention thing. But she’s going to get attention for her size and I know she doesn’t want that.

    Kellie Pickler will be the lasting country star and Wynonna will be the partner that nobody really wanted and got voted off. The real surprize to me was Andy Dick. DWTS has to be desperate if he is on.

  • AA

    I’m ready for AJ to declare her candidacy. Things will heat up and we’ll see how AJ and, her family(birth and chosen) will handle things. Her enablers will never tolerate what’s coming and she’ll be there to handle it all alone. Buckle Up It’s going to be a wild ride!

  • Hannah955

    You know, you’re right AA. Dario WAS her emabler.

    As far as this being the first serious relationship for him, absolutely it was. Imagine what it’s like to grow up in racing from the time you’re 11 or 12. Did he go to high school? get home schooling? He certainly didn’t go to college. So he had an abnormal life on the racing circuit where he didn’t have normal teenage and young adult experiences. And then he meets her.

    For her part, if you go back through her past, it appears that SHE never had a long relationship either. And there was this bizarre thing that she said once in an interview, that she moved so often, she could walk into a new school on the first day and know which boys would be her boyfriends that year, and in what order. WHO DOES THAT? Do you remember when you were 14? I sure do. When I walked into class on the first day at a new school (yeah, I knew some of the kids because I had continuity in my life, but still…) I might look around and see a couple of cute boys that immediately caught my attention, and I might sort of covertly watch them during the year and hope I got a chance to meet them, but then in the course of normal school activity, maybe there’d be a dark horse who wasn’t quite as cute that I got to know and like … but never ONCE did I think about boyfriend #2 before I even had dated boyfriend #1. Nobody does that. And I don’t know whether she actually did that, or just said it because she thought it sounded cool – but it DOESN’T sound cool, it sounds sociopathic.

    So anyway, she strikes me as someone who is, even in a crowd, profoundly alone. Someone actually unable to make close emotional connections. And someone who is quite different from Naomi and Wynonna, while still having that crazy narcissistic Judd DNA that they both have – she just expresses it differently.

    Look back over public reports of the men she dated. Look at “who dated who” web sites. Matthew McConaughey was for like 6 weeks during filming of “A Time to Kill.” Lyle Lovett, also brief. In her book she says Michael Bolton was six weeks and she spent most of it in bed crying while he comforted her. Amazing he lasted that long.

    Dario was HER first long relationship too. Somehow, their inexperience worked in symbiosis and they probably each thought they’d found the most profound deep love of their lives. And she felt enormously validated, at the age of THIRTY, that something wasn’t, after all, wrong with her, because a man finally stayed with her.

  • Hannah955

    As for DWTS, to me there’s a total disconnect between Wynonna droning on and on in tweet after tweet about what a profound, life-changing experience this is (I mean, she was doing that practically from the first day) … and then watching her sleepwalk around the dance floor, looking like a sleepy hippopotamus.

    Yeah, I don’t think judge Carrie Ann Inaba is going to have to worry about any illegal lifts on THAT team!

    I think the fact that Kellie Pickler is on is going to split the country vote that otherwise would have gone 100% for Wynonna. There are a couple of even worse dancers than Wynonna but she’ll be voted off by week 5 at the latest I would guess. Assley is going to act disappointed but will secretly be pleased. I bet that when she met Tony Dovolani at Naomi’s farm, and while she was on-set earlier this week, she was campaigning to get on. I wonder if Wynonna told her flat out to her face “I DON’T WANT YOU TO DO IT” if she would do it anyway. My guess is yes. Then spin it in her own mind to not be an act of betrayal.

    As for Kellie Pickler – WOW! She is an amazing dancer and she has such a beautiful body. Who knew?

  • Hannah955

    Oh, here’s the full DWTS episode on Hulu. There’s Assley in the skintight green dress at 00:24, smoothing her hair and dress and more worried about how she looks than anything else. Of course they put her on the aisle so she could stand in the aisle and people could see all of her.

  • Hannah955

    oops, forgot the link:

    And here’s something I’m wondering. Wynonna tweeted “I may not be the best dancer…” (ya think?) and then said that it’s not about the competition for her.

    So why are she and Assley busy tweeting #voteWynonna? Shouldn’t they be tweeting #VoteTheBestDancer? Because if they want people to vote for Wynonna, then they’re saying a better dancer should go home before she does. Kinda hypocritical to be so selfish to think she deserves to stay.

    Oh, and I don’t see Dario or any of HIS family tweeting #voteWynonna. Interesting. Guess Assley’s grip on him is easing because she would normally force him to tweet support.

  • Hannah955

    Watching the video in bits and pieces as I do chores. There’s Assley at about the 9 minute mark, doing the teapot pose SITTING DOWN!

  • Amy

    Hannah — we need your unmatched twitter/internet investigative skills. In response to Dario’s question about blocking tweeters, she replied about roaring. Dario tweeted thanks to his “tweeps” for the block button advice. It looks like he just tweeted it, and didn’t use the “reply” option. It is directly on her Twitter now, looking like he tweeted her. I think she probably just copied the whole thing into her account, but can’t tell. Can you tell whether he replied to her and others directly, or just tweeted “thanks.”


  • AA

    Hannah!!!!! Illegal Lift!!!!! I LOVE IT!

    I really don’t get what Wynonna is doing. I know she and all the Judd women are attention addicts, but life-changing BS.
    If her dance partner can make it through with neither of them getting hurt, I’ll say he should win it all. Apparently, the Judd family has more life altering moments than most of us could imagine. The DWTS staff must be having a tough time getting celebrites. And who picks who dances with whom? As you can tell I never watched the show and now I’m watching the videos from utube, so I’m not the best person to judge. However, for the life of me I don’t see what this will do for Wynonna. It’s making her look bad I think. She’s great in her element of country music star, but here she just looks an aging white trash heifer. ( I hate saying that because it is mean, but I’m sure many out there are thinking it.)
    I hope for Wynonna’s sake that she makes out OK, but she’s not got what Kellie Pickler has going for her in this.
    Wynonna could have used this time to improve her physical state and do DWTS later. It does appear that she will be wearing a different muumuu each week, while Kellie will be in a couple of sequin stings. This is so typical of drama addicts setting themselves up. This maybe the opening act before AJ appears to do real damage.

    AJ doesn’t want to waste any of Dario or his family’s attention on Wynonna. Just wait until AJ declares she’s running. She’ll nag Dario and company to death for support. I hope she has the conehead hairdo when she declares and the bandage dress. It sets just the right tone for her campaign.

  • AA

    Whose book will come first? Wynonna? AJ? Naomi?
    I have to believe the presses are ready to roll with life-changing insight for us lesser little people to benefit from.

  • Hannah955

    Wait, the one I just posted is only half teapot. Here’s the full teapot 🙂

  • Hannah955

    Amy, about Dario’s tweets.

    He tweeted “Thanks for the feedback tweeps, I’m Glad we’re on the same page and I’ll continue with my liberal use of the block button!!” – if he had been tweeting to her you would have seen @ashleyjudd in the body of the tweet.

    She replied to that tweet with her “roar” tweet. Anybody can reply to anybody else’s tweet, unless that person has blocked you. I could have replied to his tweet exactly as she did.

    So no, he didn’t write to her. In fact the last time he wrote to her was I think “family forever” on January 29 or 30th right after the divorce announcement.

    I think things will only change for her when he starts dating. At that point one would think she would HAVE to change her tone on twitter. And especially if he gets remarried! And if he wants kids, he’s going to have to do that soon.

  • Hannah955

    Well, I WANTED to root for Wynonna, she’s the only Judd I could once see myself actually liking, but the more I see of her reality show, and read her tweets, the more I think all three of them are cut from the same narcissistic cloth. Pity the poor men in their lives, they look whipped, every one. They just shut up, carry the purse, and stand in the corner while their crazy wives act crazy. Now I just hope she gets voted off sooner rather than later because (a) she deserves to be and (b) that will limit Assley’s air time.

    Of course, DL Hughely kinda gives her some breathing room at least for another week.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and Wynonna is tweeting about how she refused to go on “The Tonight Show” earlier this week because she wanted to talk about the documentary they’re airing about her and Cactus, and the show thought it was too much of a downer and said they only wanted to talk about DWTS. So she boycotted them. Because apparently the only reason she was going on the show was to shill for her documentary, how dare they not let her control the questions Jay Leno asked her on HIS show.

  • Mockarena

    Re: the teapotting sitting down – it is patently obvious that Ashley is very very very aware of the puffiness of her arms. WHO TEAPOTS when they’re SITTING?!?!?

    Oh that’s right. SHE DOES. Look here too:

  • Hannah955

    I’m surprised she didn’t bring a huge PROP like the umbrella she unfurled at the Emmys. It’s clear from the background shots that she was aware at all times that the camera might be on her. Wonder if she shoved Naomi and “Pop” to the inside so she could sit on the aisle and cover the most real estate with her freaking elbow sticking out.

  • Hannah955

    Watching the DWTS video on hulu, Wynonna is in some background shots and she basically has no ankles at all. I’m sure she’s wearing two pairs of Spanx but she still looks like a refrigerator. I don’t mean to be cruel but I’m wondering how much she weighs. I think she’s 5’4″ or 5’6″ – I’m guessing somewhere between 250 and 300?

    My mom had an expression to describe large heifers: “beef to the heels.” Not sure exactly what it means, but I think it fits Wynonna.

  • Jessica

    Even during her “skinny” periods Wynonna is large. She has a large build.
    “Beef to the heels” is the perfect expression!
    I’m surprised Ashley didn’t have a huge umbrella, huge flower or hat to draw more attention to herself. The sitting teapot? Who does that? Again I’m surprised a “yoga devotee obsessed with healthy eating” has arms like that. You would think she would have better arms lugging her stuffed birkin around. I know my arms would be toned carrying that bag around. Birkins are heavy without anything in them.
    I don’t see Dario or his family encouraging anyone to vote for Ashley if she decides to run as none of them can vote here.

  • Jessica

    Adding a front view shot in case anyone wants to see the unfortunate dress choice. These pictures aren’t recent but I like them because Ashley lectures others about luxury, clutter, unnecessary “things” and items that could feed a village but she’s carrying a 10k bag

  • Hannah955

    Wait, THAT is a Birkin bag? Sheesh. So ordinary looking. And it costs $10,000? I thought she was a skinflint. I mean, she has only given $3,500 TOTAL to political campaigns in the past TEN YEARS. And she gripes about paying Sunday plumber prices.

    I think those photos were taken during the truly puffy phase. Unfortunately now that she has stopped taking fertility drugs (er, I mean steroids for her sinus infection), she’s not that puffy anymore. She’s just approaching middle-age and flabbiness. She’s OK looking for a 45 year old woman, but not that great looking for a 45 year old “movie star.” And her left eye is DEFINITELY starting to droop. You could see it quite clearly in the OHF red carpet shots, especially with the dreadful makeup job – she looked like she had two furry caterpillars sitting on her eyelids.

    Here’s a shot of Wynonna’s cankles.

    I just cannot imagine going on DWTS in that physical condition. I know it’s a good way to lose weight but she’s not going to be on long enough to drop more than 20# and she needs to lose way more than that. Gotta hand it to her, if I were that fat I wouldn’t leave the house, and she’s dancing, and touring …

  • Jessica

    Yeah for the price they’re not that impressive are they?
    Here’s her blue one.
    Prices range by color, size, material, etc. Even if she got them on the lower price range she still paid probably $6k per bag.
    It cracks me up that she’s walking around with them, with all her lecturing of everyone else’s lifestyle. She was probably complaining about the weekend plumber prices to seem down to Earth or hoping Dario would tweet back “Send me the bill”. Maybe both.

    Wow Poor Wynonna! Those cankles are awful! I know they say doing the show is a great way to lose weight but – what happens when the shows over? She yo yo’s so much I worry about her heart health (I’m a nurse)

  • Hannah955

    So she buys $200 Anthropologie dresses and wears them over and over, and has worn that same cheap floppy straw hat to IndyCar races forever, and she’s dropping that kind of money for bags? And am I right, those are tote bags, not purses?

    BTW the Birkin bag is named after Jane Birkin, I believe, a British model/actress (?) who was the muse of Serge Gainsbourgh (don’t quote me on the spelling) who was a French singer, kind of the brooding mysterious bohemian kind that didn’t bathe too much and was ugly and handsome at the same time… they had a daughter Charlotte Gainsbourgh who had that same quality of being attractive and yet plain as her father, and became an actress. I looked them up on wikipedia years ago, am going from very old memory. And I think there was a song that he sang, maybe with Jane Birkin, that was so erotic even the French were shocked, maybe they were simulating sex sounds, I forget…

    (Now I have to go look it up!)

  • Jessica

    Yes it’s named for Jane Birkin. Jane herself insults the bag in interviews.
    That song, Je T’aime mon no something. (Forgot exact title)I imagine it was scandalous in it’s day but I heard it recently and thought – I’ve heard worse on tv commercials.

    They’re purses but even the small ones look more like tote bags to me. I think it’s hilarious that Miss Toaster Oven I shop at Anthropologie like normal people owns a few. There’s video of her somewhere with a black crocodile one, those are probably $20k

    My Mother used to compare Jane Birkin to Wallis Simpson (Saying she’s not pretty but Handsome)

    I saw Charlotte in a movie a few months ago. Can’t remember the name but it had Naomi Watts and Sean Penn in it.

  • Hannah955

    OK, here’s a photo of Wynonna dancing. Why does this remind me of some Toon – maybe from the Flinstones? I’m not trying to be mean, but it really does!

  • Hannah955

    “Je t’aime … moi non plus”

    It means “I love you … me neither” (or “I love you … neither do I”)

    They have an expression in French: jolie laide. That basically means, pretty and ugly at the same time. To me, a pair of really clunky thick laceup oxford shoes with a high heel would be jolie laide.

    Anyway I think it fits Charlotte…

    Yeah, Wallis Simpson. I would never want to look like that but she was kind of elegant.

  • Jessica

    Wallis had an elegance about her.

    OMG Hannah! A toon! I can’t stop laughing. I’ve always thought Wynonna had a cartoon shaped face.

  • Hannah955

    And Kristen Scott Thomas, don’t you think?

  • Jessica

    Definitely Kristin Scott Thomas!

  • Amy

    Thanks Hannah! I looked back, and AJ tweeted her stupind “roar” comment in response to his “thanks, tweeps” comment. that is why his picture is there.

  • Amy

    I feel I must come to the defense of the the Birkin bag — I know all the hype behind them is crazy and all, but they are gorgeous. I will admit that I am a shameless bag whore, but in the world of insane bag prices, and I know this will sound really stupid, please forgive, they can be a bargain. Bag lovers will think nothing about spending 2K for an “it” bag, which they will be embarrassed to carry a year later, as it is hopelessly out of fashion. The one which comes to mind is the Chloe Paddington, 2k range. I know a girl who spent thousands on several of them, and now you can pick them up on ebay or other used sites for about $300.

    A Birkin will NEVER go out of style. You can get one if you show up with ready-money, are dressed nicely, and they know you are serious, despite all the nonsense that they are Impossible to get and there are four year long wait-lists, etc. The entry price for one is approximately 8 -10K, but they retain their value, and can be resold for several thousand more than the purchase price, even used. This is due to the aura of “impossible to get.” If you check out reputable pre-owned bag sites, you’ll see that they are listed in the 11-12 K range.

    P.S. A crocodile is in the range of 50-60K.


  • Amy

    Okay — my husband is the funniest person in the whole world, except for Mock, of course. He went to see Olympus Has Fallen, I wouldn’t go on principle, and he recorded the part where Assley goes over the bridge. He emailed it with the subject line “Enjoy!”

  • Amy

    SOS, Hannah — AJ tweeted him regarding his bad day on the track. It is not showing up on his twitter feed. Does this mean he blocked her?

  • Jessica

    Thank you Amy and Amy’s husband! That was hilarious to me.

    I know you’re not defending her! Many people have told me that a Birkin is an investment. I’ve just personally never liked them and found it hilarious that someone who rants about unnecessary luxury items, etc owns very expensive bags.
    I’m a bag lover myself.
    I own 3 Hermes Kelly bags, and recently bought a Celine. When I splurge I try to buy things that’ll last forever.

  • Amy

    Hannah — it seems Ass put an I after dario’s “handle”:

    Geraldine Easton [email protected] 2h
    @AshleyJudd Your message wouldnt have reach Dario Ash.. You have an I right after his name! Hope your well!

  • Amy

    You are welcome Miss Jessica! I have been laughing all day. I agree re Assley & luxury items. I wonder if Hermes gifted the bags to her when she was in her “heyday.” It does not seem like something she would buy, because she always talks about how “tight” she is — and begrudging a plumber coming out on a weekend “Saturday prices” is just bitchy. I’ll bet she is a horrible tipper – she probably believes the waitstaff is fortunate just to get to wait on her.

    I know her wedding cost a fortune, and her Armani dress was something like 70K, so who knows what makes her tick. There are no pictures of the wedding that I can find, so I don’t think she sold them to a magazine.

  • Jessica

    Didnt she back out of a deal with People magazine about her wedding? I read somewhere several years ago that the wedding was bigger than he wanted it to be, with her theme, etc and that she pulled out of a magazine deal per his request?

    I doubt Hermes gifted her anything. I’m sure she paid for them as well as her other expensive stuff.
    I’d hate to be a waitress waiting on her.

  • Amy

    A People deal would make sense, because she dropped such a huge chunk of money on the wedding. Maybe she charged admission to the wedding to make up for the loss of the People money. My sister’s husband’s sister used to charge people who came to her Fourth of July party — I’m not kidding! People probably backed out when they realized that nobody would care about Ass’s wedding.

    If I were her waitress, I would sooooo spit in her food.

  • Jessica

    I’d spill food on her too!

  • Hannah955

    OMG, celebrities are always cashing in on their private lives, selling first photos of their kids to People, etc. It’s just a matter of time before they sell photos of the actual delivery, and auction the placenta on eBay. Just – gross.

    I hadn’t heard that Assley was going to sell her wedding to People but frankly I can’t imagine it would have fetched much money, she was never a paparazzi target, except as collateral when they were following Salma Hayek, and even then she had to lift up her shirt and flash her size A tatas to get them to pay attention to her.

    I heard the wedding was expensive. Skibo Castle is where Madonna married Guy Ritchie. But in recent years, the media is always talking about how it was ultra-private. I do think she is good at getting the media to parrot things she says about her life, even when they aren’t true (such as being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood), so probably when she couldn’t milk the wedding for cash, she turned a silk purse into a sow’s ear and pretended it was such a SACRED, PERSONAL occasion that she and Dario went to great lengths to keep it under wraps, and the media conveniently repeats that. It’s amazing the number of times I’ve read archived stories about the wedding and the phrase “ultra private” or something equivalent will be in there.

    BTW her IMDB bio has been updated, and in the “TRADE MARKS” section [sic] it says she is known for her “voluptuous figure” and “deep sultry voice.”


    Well, I guess Assley is a member of IMDB Pro under an alias, and submitted that for consideration. That’s her way of spinning “puffy” and “voice so annoying people want to stick knitting needles through their eardrums” I guess.

  • Hannah955

    So, about twitter. Regardless of whether she had spelled her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s handle right or not, it wouldn’t have shown up in his feed. Not his outgoing feed. There’s a difference between what he sees, and what we see when we go to his page. In his feed he sees all tweets by people he follows – and that’s it. In his @connect section he sees all tweets that use his handle @dariofranchitti. Now, because he follows her, her tweet shows up in his feed regardless of whether she spelled his name right. But it doesn’t show up in his @connect section.

    In the @ connect section, a person can check “interactions” (which I believe is people tweeting directly to you on your twitter home page or replying to one of your tweets) or “mentions” which is where somebody would just compose a tweet and use your @ handle.

    So, if I were checking to see if somebody tweeted directly to me or mentioned me, I would go to my @ connect section. OR, I would just search on my own handle.

    Someone’s outgoing feed consists of his original tweets and his replies to other people. So, when you go to their home page on twitter, you will see all the tweets they composed. If you want to see just original tweets, click on “no replies” and then you won’t see tweets they wrote in response to other people’s tweets.

    For example, Wynonna replies a LOT to her fans, and 80% of the time it’s “thanks” or something like that, and it’s kind of boring to slog through all that. Although she REGULARLY engages with truly crazy people, blocks them, and then an hour later unblocks them, so that’s kind of a fun sideshow in and of itself, which I would miss if I clicked on “no replies.”

    Judd Crazy, the gift that keeps on giving in so many varieties.

  • Amy

    thank you, Hannah! I need to take a class or something.

  • Jessica

    Voluptuous? Curvy? Sexy voice? Who did she pay to write that?

  • Jay
  • Hannah955

    I just watched Wynonna’s DWTS piece on youtube. Lots of reaction shots of Assley in the audience. Why is it that when the Judd women cheer for each other, they do it in such an over-the-top way? It’s not classy at all. She’s frantically flapping her arms in the air after the dance (which didn’t merit such enthusiasm). Same thing Naomi did after Assley’s bizarre GWU appearance – arms straight up in the air, victory pump, yada yada.

    Imagine Assley in the US Senate, with her family in the gallery, whooping and hollering and waving their hands in the air. Fakes, all of them.

    Mind you, every time they cut to Wynonna’s family in the audience, they focused on Assley and Naomi. Meanwhile, two seats over there’s Cactus, Wynonna’s actual HUSBAND. And I can’t help but notice that they made the poor man shuffle four seats in with one leg, while Assley gets the aisle.

    Later on, Naomi does the “call me” sign with her hand, and Wynonna even afterwards doesn’t get it, she makes some remark about Naomi upstaging her asking her to call her. No, Wynonna, she wasn’t asking YOU to call HER. She was asking the audience at home to call and vote for YOU.

    Here’s Assley showing too much armpit.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and about twitter (#2). You can read someone’s tweets even if you don’t follow that person, and you can also tweet to them and they will see it. If they block you, I think you can still read their tweets, but you can’t look at their media (photos they post) except the thumbnails. And I think if you used their @handle they wouldn’t see it. But other people would (the people who follow you, and anybody who searches on that person’s handle).

    I got blocked by Assley using a fake ID that I used to post under … I had said something about her not being invited to Paramount’s 100th anniversary celebration (you know, she bragged about being in the “pantheon” at their 90th). I think I made a reference to “even Morgan Freeman – who was there – couldn’t get her an invite.”

    Actually, if you take Morgan Freeman out of the equation what has she done lately? He stars in Dolphin Tail? She gets a supporting role. He stars in Olympus Has Fallen? She gets a supporting role. I think he must have a “give a dog a bone” clause in all his contracts!

  • Mockarena

    Jay – you are AWESOME. Those MADE MY DAY!!!!

  • AA

    The Judds have been programmed to cheer for each other, hoping that someone will follow their lead. AJ has to really pump Wynonna because who will draw the crowds for AJ in Kentucky? AJ’s primary speech will not draw the crowds, but Wynonna and Naomi can draw crowds singing the songs they’ve sung forever. Also AJ is going to need Wynonna’s buses for driving around Kentucky. AJ knows her sister and mother can draw a crowd and gets lots of enthusiasm, but AJ three-times-a-rape-victim speech won’t draw the average person to show up at a rally. AJ has to prepare a scripted show because she can’t take real questions.
    After seeing Mama Judd and Ashley performance at DWTS I think Naomi and AJ are raring to go. Why was Naomi crying? Was Wynonna “healed” in that church themed cha cha cha? If you’ve ever been to some country church revivals, you’d see “healings” that would have people crying all over the place and that performance (Naomi’s) had that kind of vibe. AJ was just cheerleading. I would not have been surprised if AJ jumped onto the dance floor like she jumps onto the basketball court at a Kentucky game.
    Naomi will tell that her daughter wants to make the world a better place. But she can’t take questions, because AJ’s view that only abortions will stop future abortions is not easy to defend in the Bible belt, or anywhere really. And how can you defend AJ’s nude scenes?
    Wynonna will tell how AJ has always been there for her and the underdog. Wynonna may be writing a song for AJ and Kentucky.
    AJ can’t campaign against her opposition, but she can put on a bigger show.
    This is going to be such a trip.

  • AA

    Wynonna has people who are working for her that can put on a good show for AJ, break it down and move on to the next town. Cactus can tell how his sister read to him and baked for him. This is being planned as we speak. And when Alison Lundergan Grimes and Mitch McConnell go campaigning it will pale in comparison to the show the Judds and company will deliver.

  • AA

    Do you think AJ will bring out the wooden phallus and condomns and do the demonstrations she did for PSI?

    Which brings me to something that I feel needs to be exposed- these celebrities making a ridiculous amount of money representinging these charities. It must be stopped and AJ is the perfect one to start with. Politicians should help us spend money wisely, not help AJ buy Birken bags.

  • AA

    Has anyone seen where AJ and Dario are filing for divorce?
    It’s kind of curious that no jurisdiction for the divorce has been spotted. I’m wondering if they have done anything. Is she waiting to show Kentucky residency? Or do they want to do it in Scotland? It seems strange that the divorce has been so slow for two people who love each other so.

  • Hannah955

    Jay, those photo albums are great! In the first one, it looks like the price of getting a photo with her is you have to buy a copy of her book. Then crouch down on your knees next to her. Awkward. And every single photo, her head is at the exact same angle.

    The other album is even better! In this one I think you can see a lot of grey in her hair: http:[email protected]/8581005322/in/set-72157633056334968/ What do you think?

    You ladies who are into precious gems, is that her wedding ring with the huge green stone on her wedding finger in some of those shots?

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but this one is up there:

    http:[email protected]/8581006566/in/set-72157633056334968/

  • Hannah955

    I have not been able to find out whether Assley is paid to shill for PSI. On their annual statement, their board of directors receive no compensation but it’s possible that her other work is paid. For sure they pick up ALL her expenses and as you know, she insists on flying first class and staying in nice hotels.

    As for the divorce, it would have to be filed in Williamson County Tennessee I would think. That’s where she’s registered to vote, and even though they “winter” in Scotland I don’t think Scotland would be where they’d file though. She is on record as saying “Tennessee is home” and she has lived there for 19 years.

    In any event, they are not anywhere near the level of celebrity where People Magazine is going to send a reporter to the Williamson County courthouse to check the records so we likely will not know when/if they file!

    I mean, when People did a story on celebrity marriages that broke up in 2012, they weren’t even in it.

  • Mockarena

    Hannah – I posted that one on the front page a couple hours ago – it was my fave too! 🙂

  • Hannah955

    Mockarena, great minds think alike!

  • AA

    I don’t see how AJ can file for divorce in Tennessee if she is saying she is a legal resident of Kentucky( she has to, to run for Senate there). Dario has more flexibility.

    An interesting article about divorcing in Europe from the NYT. I had no idea London is the divorce capitol of the world.

  • AA

    Williamson county is next to Davidson County(Nashville) so I’ve no doubt that the local paparazzi have contacts in the Williamson court house. It’s unclear where Dario would be a resident. It seems that AJ must be(or she’s aledging) a Kentucky resident if she’s running for Kentucky US Senate Seat. Many newspapers run background checks on candidates and their spouses running for office.
    Some of these investigative reporters come up with amazing stuff. But maybe they have to be living seperately for a time before they can file. It just seems odd that it was mentioned that they were divorcing and then nothing.

  • AA

    AJ is already tweeting to watch her big sister on DWTS tonight. So I figure AJ’s twittering will cheering Wynonna on.

  • AA

    Somebody is tweeting to check out the Mockdock about AJ. He even tweeted AJ that it was
    [email protected] Mar
    @AshleyJudd minimizing rape by equating it to alleged “recovered” memories of an old man kissing you is Shameful!

  • Hannah955

    I’ve seen that guy on twitter before, but I can’t remember where… he’s absolutely right.

    OK, Wynonna on Dancing With the Stars, and for some reason the judges are really easy on her. She sucked. Fer chrissakes, when you do the quickstep, you need to show some energy and move your feet quickly. She was doing half size motions, and basically looked like she was trying to conserve energy the entire time. Where she needed to move 12 inches, she settled for 6. If she gets more than 5’s I’ll be very annoyed.

    I don’t know why she keeps saying this is a life-changing experience, and tweeting about “dancing” four hours a day when she is putting so little effort into the actual DANCING when it comes to show time.

    And dang, she has a weird physique. Not to mention, extremely short legs. How do they hold up that torso?

    I would be kinder, but she’s so full of herself on twitter, and so freaking LAZY in her performances, it annoys the crap out of me.

  • Amy

    AA — that tweet you mentioned seems to have really struck a nerve with her. She rarely confronts negative tweets. Here’s the latest:

    robertedwardandrew [email protected] 43m
    @AshleyJudd I disagree — I think YOU minimize rape when you claim to have been raped twice. What allegedly happened to you is not rape.
    robertedwardandrew [email protected] 23s
    @AshleyJudd “I used the word rape earlier. At the time this law that allowed coal companies to rape the land….” Does this minimize rape?
    robertedwardandrew [email protected] now
    @AshleyJudd Do you mean chronologically? If not, how is my tweet “out of order?” You “minimize and discount” rape, and then lecture others.

  • Hannah955

    OMG, I think @robertandrewedward might be ME, sleep-tweeting! His tweets are SOOO what I would write, if I engaged her, which I don’t. Cuz then she’d block me and I’d have to create another fake ID so I could see her crappy photos and I’m too lazy to do that.

    Definitely a TMD reader, perhaps lurking. Love him whoever he is!

  • Hannah955

    AA, you got me researching divorce jurisdiction! From what I hear, a resident of a state can be granted a divorce in that state, with minimal residency requirements (varies from state to state, Ohio is 6 months for example). However, getting a divorce decree is one thing, dividing the marital assets is another.

    She’s not a Kentucky resident yet, she has until November to establish residency in order to qualify under Kentucky law (the US Constitution is even more lenient, you just have to be an “inhabitant” of the state on election day). So, theoretically if she established KY residency she could file for divorce in KY after a while … but a Kentucky court would not have jurisdiction over Dario, a non-resident, or his assets.

    So, if you’re talking about dividing assets, if the divorce is filed in the states, Tennessee is where the assets are going to be divided. That is, if it’s contested. I suppose if they drew up an agreement, they could maybe file it in another state? Dunno.

  • Jessica

    Hannah you do the best recaps/snark EVER! I can’t stomach watching Dancing with the Stars but your words make me want to risk it.

    It’s nosy – but I wonder if there was a pre nup considering (if we go by her words that is) she had more when they were married, and he mostly lived in her home. Now he’s worth ten times more than she ever was even if you go by her over inflated earning value of herself.
    Speaking of her home it amuses me how in her book, magazine interviews she brags about restoring her house that “Sister” gave her, but when you read various motorsport articles and profiles over the years it sounds like she made the home inhabitable but Dario put a lot in to the property in the last decade. (They have an old smokehouse converted in to a guest house, etc he talks about it in a few interviews.)

  • Jessica

    Has anyone here ever recieved a response from PSI? I’ve written three times with no response. Not about Ashley (I’m disgusted by her “caring for a paycheck) but about their lack of follow up issues. They keep making public service announcements about giving away IUD’s in developing countries so I wrote to them wanting to know if the women receiving these are getting proper follow up care, and help with side effects.

  • Mockarena

    I love that tweeter dude. Just tweeted him to tell him so.

    Love that he’s a mockdocker. 🙂

  • AA

    The reason the judges are so easy on Wynonna is that she is the only one on the show who really can be called a star. Most of the other stars I’ve never heard of. OK I’ve never seen their pictures in the grocery store line as I’m waiting to check out, but I have Wynonna. I looked at a bit of the video this morning and I feel for her partner. He probably dances faster with his grandmother. Wynonna moves much older and more feeble than a woman of her age should. And I have seen heavy girls really dance well, so it’s not just the weight.

  • Hannah955

    AA, good analysis. Indeed, when she’s clomping down the stairs with Tony at the start of each show, the announcer calls her “Country Royalty.”

    I think she may be safe for a few more weeks though. Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t have Wynonna’s fan base and she’s pretty bad. DL Hughley had such horrible scores, he really needs to outdo Wynonna in the audience voting to have much of a chance to stay. Though he might get a sympathy backlash because his package kind of pulled your heartstrings.

    Andy Dick may last a few weeks … The Bachelor dude isn’t that inspiring. I’ve seen, in past seasons, somebody who wasn’t very good go a long way based on their fan base. But eventually she will run out of people who are (a) as bad a dancer as she is and (b) with a smaller fan base.

    I think there are only really three contenders this year. Zendaya, Jacoby Jones and Kellie Pickler. Kellie Pickler is AMAZING. She is a born dancer, she has beautiful lines, she’s incredibly flexible. And eventually when the competition gets serious, if Wynonna is still around by some miracle, her country fans will rally behind Kellie. I think she’ll win it all.

    PS if you guys want to see Wynonna’s performances (or Kellie’s) they’re on youtube.

  • Hannah955

    Wynonna. Sleepwalking through the quickstep. And seriously, she looks like she has a tall woman’s torso on a midget’s legs.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, good intel on Dario (smokehouse/guesthouse). They spent a bloody fortune on the castle in Scotland, I’m guessing he paid for most of the renovations since she’s pathologically cheap.

    Here’s an interesting factoid. In a recent investigation into Assley’s voting record (spotty) a copy of a report from Williamson County was released. It was heavily redacted to protect her privacy I suppose, but there was one category which I believe was “property owner” and the box checked was “No.”

    Maybe Wynonna didn’t actually deed her the house, but just let her live in it. I seem to recall, Wynonna and Naomi bought up land in that area until they had a 1000 acre parcel, with each of them having about 500 acres. Assley’s house is on a 10 acre parcel out of the 1000. Which Wynonna also may still own.

    Of course, just as Assley doesn’t correct people who say she has a Harvard MPA (why go to Harvard for 2 years to get an actual MPA when you can go for 8 months and just let people think you have a 2 year degree?) … she doesn’t correct reporters who say she lives on a 1000 acre farm. I mean, yes, technically she does, but it’s not HER farm. She’s basically a tenant who doesn’t pay rent. Making it all the more incredible that Wynonna had to sue Assley’s biological father over a $250,000 loan she made to him that he never repaid.

  • Hannah955

    And here’s Kellie Pickler’s jazz dance from last night – very avant-garde.

  • Amy

    RE the loans to AJ’s father, why didn’t Ass give him the money?

  • Hannah955

    Back in 1994 when Wynonna gave him the loan, Assley didn’t have any money. But last year when Wynonna sued him, Assley could surely have paid it back. She didn’t. I wonder how the lawsuit is proceeding…

    The loan was to buy a house in Louisville KY where he lives, and in 1995 Wynonna recorded the deed in that county. The lawsuit was also filed in that county. Something that could prove embarrassing for Assley if/when she runs.

    Of course, Wynonna is such a loyal Sister maybe she’ll drop the suit to save Assley the embarrassment.

  • Amy

    Thanks, H. I this is the guy who raised Wynnona, you would think she would be happy to help him out. Nuts, all of them.

  • Jessica

    From what I understand, she continually uses the word “deeded” to make it sound like she owns but it is/or was held under a Judd company for privacy and tax reasons at one time.
    Also to correct last nights post – The house had 2 renovations. One Assley did, then after she got married a second renovation that included larger windows, things like that and garden/yard things.

    The Scotland house was upgraded on the premise of children. She didnt like the house he purchased Pre-Ashley. As noted here before the place was near falling-down when purchased. I doubt she pitched in for the renovations except for directing the decorator.

    Does anyone else find it strange that someone who was married for over a decade is still using a work visa?

  • AA

    I like this guy’s article. He’s saying what we’ve been saying.
    Why is Ashley Judd campaigning everywhere but Kentucky?

  • AA

    There may be another target for a future Mock Dock TakeDown. Nancy Lee Grahn, an actress, is some sort of leftwing nutjob actress who loves to tweet crap using DWTS as an excuse. She want all batcrap crazy over Palin’s daughter on DWTS.
    And now she’s tweeting for everyone to vote for Ingo Rademacher,(he must be an actor friend) and Wynonna. Since she’s such a nut I look for her to get all political and push for AJ’s sister.

  • AA

    I had no idea this existed. Michael Bolton and AJ. (Warning: Not for those with a weak stomach).

    I also learned Michael Bolton was the second person to be booted off DWTS (11th season). Bolton even demanded an apology from Judge Bruno Tonioli. ( He never got it.)

    So after AJ does the Senate campaign thing, she’ll have to do DWTS. It’s fate.

  • Amy

    AA, I honestly didn’t think Michael Bolton could get anymore sickening.

  • Hannah955

    AA, great article. Alex Pappas writes about AJ occasionally and he is always right on the money.

    Jessica, you have such good intel! How did you get all that info? And…about the work visa, are you talking about Dario?

    If I were in Tennessee I’d head down to the county seat where she lives and look up the land records.

    Assley admitted in her book that her relationship with Michael Bolton lasted all of six weeks, and she spent most of that in bed, curled up in a fetal position crying while he comforted her. Some sort of extreme depressive episode. Apparently she got out of bed long enough to make that video.

    She calls him a dear friend, maybe because he hung in a whopping six weeks. Didn’t get a whole lotta “bang” for his buck, I’m guessing.

    I think Michael Bolton is one of the most gorgeous men who has ever lived, but I cannot stand his music. Whenever he sings, he sounds constipated like he’s trying to push something out the back end.

    About Wynonna and the loan to Assley’s father, that was in 1994 right about the time Wynonna found out he was not her biological father. She was 30. Everybody in the family knew it but Wy. Apparently Assley finally told her. Not sure if the loan was before or after she found out. She was smart enough to record the loan as a lien on the house in the county where Assley’s father, Michael Ciminella, lives (Louisville KY) so he cannot sell the house without paying off the loan.

    BTW the CI in Ciminella should be pronounced like the CH in CHICKEN but apparently Assley pronounces it like the S in SICKEN. No Italian would pronounce CI like an S, so I’m not sure at what point they lost touch with the correct pronunciation of their own name.

    So, Wy was safe last night on DWTS. She wasn’t even in the bottom 3. The bottom three were Andy Dick, the boxer, and the English reality star. Andy Dick was excused, so it looks like he was 3rd from the bottom. Then Dorothy Hamill came out all dramatic and said she had to quit on the advice of her doctor, so we don’t know which one of the remaining two would have gone home. I can see Wynonna making it a few more weeks.

    Probably last night’s bottom 3 will go before she does. Then maybe the Bachelor. There are a couple of other people who are better dancers than Wynonna but don’t have her fan base.

    She’ll probably make it to roughly the halfway point, then get the axe.

    As for Assley doing DWTS, I don’t think Wynonna would like that at all, but if they asked Assley, I bet she would do it. Though supposedly she will be busy next year, campaigning, right?

  • Jessica

    Thank You Hannah! You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to bring up her pronunciation, and how much it bugs me. For someone constantly correcting the pronunciation of Franchitti (Ever see the look/holier than thou correction she gave Martha Stewart? Ugh!) it’s always grated on me that she pronounces her real name so incorrectly. I speak italian so it’s made me cringe for ages just never did because I thought I’d get accused of being catty, or pulling an Ashley by correcting someone the way she does lol

    Hannah, I worked in the racing industry for several years, got tired of not having a “real” life, went to Nursing school (unlike Ashley I have a real Masters lol) but I’m in constant contact with friends still in. My best friend works for Chip. I amuse myself with some of the dirt/gossip I have on people.

    Has anyone ever seen the actual house she brags so much about? It’s nothing spectacular especially for all the work and money that’s been put in to it. I’m sure posters on here have bigger/nicer homes.

    Michael Bolton is gorgeous but I too can’t stand his voice. I felt sorry for him to take Ashley to a place as beautiful as Vienna but she couldn’t get out of bed. That’s ridiculous. I wonder how many other beautiful trips her issues have ruined for others.

  • Jessica

    Wow! Her decision not to run? I expected more drama in her announcement.

  • Jessica

    She needs to focus on her family? Wow lol

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I have such a girl crush on you 🙂

    I speak Italian too. Well, pidgin Italian at this point (studied it in college, and I practice on the old men playing bocce at Aquatic Park now and then, plus the few remaining Italians in North Beach if I run across one.

    And as for Assley and Italian, she went on Craig Ferguson (my single favorite youtube video of her, because every second of its 9 minute length is filled with classic mockworthy Assley me-me-me tricks) … and when he brought up Wynonna, she said “Che voce” – because of course Craig Ferguson, the studio audience and we at home speak Italian, right?

    So, this is veering into the salacious, but I actually met someone who worked for Dario’s team back in the day, early in their marriage, and this person told me that (a) Assley never wears underwear and (b) Dario’s pit crew could attest to that, thanks to frequent “accidental” sightings of her lady parts. Have you been privy to those rumors?

    After all the stories floating around about how she greets visitors in the nude (not FRIENDS, mind you, but taxi drivers and yoga instructors), and celebrity blind stories about an actress who rented a house while filming on location, and paraded around naked in front of the huge front plate glass windows, I’m beginning to think maybe little Assley has some issues with inappropriate sexualized behavior. Probably due to her traumatic childhood filled with “rape.” And if you’ve seen the house in Scotland, the master suite has a toilet with glass walls. Perhaps they darken when someone is in there, but I like to think of her sitting on the throne going “Hey Dario, I made number two!” and expecting applause.

    As for the house in Tennessee, I wonder why Assley-the-environmentalist doesn’t have any solar panels. Doesn’t the sun shine in Tenneessee? I also love all the video out there of her chugging bottled water out of plastic bottles. I dunno, we have good tap water here in San Francisco, I know that’s not true everywhere, but surely she can afford a stainless steel bottle to bring with her? That plastic spends 400 years in landfill or has to be shipped to China to be recycled. Either way, it’s energy-intensive.

  • Hannah955

    Oh wait, did she say she’s not running!? I totally didn’t see that until I scrolled up. The Mock Dock – where to go for breaking news!!!

  • Hannah955

    Translation – she milked it for all the attention she could, and her speaking fee has now doubled, so she’ll just continue on the “I’m a Three Time Victim of Rape” tour and stalk Dario full-time.

    BTW, which “family” is she concentrating on? The Judds? Or her soon-to-be-ex-husband? Does this mean that Dario held out hope of taking her back if she doesn’t run for the Senate? Gawd, I hope not.

    Her tweets today, in reverse order.

    their needs, dreams, and great potential. Thanks for even considering me as that person & know how much I love our Commonwealth. Thank you!

    as hard as I can to ensure the needs of Kentucky families are met by returning this Senate seat to whom it rightfully belongs: the people &

    ~ who expressed their desire for a fighter for the people & new leader. While that won’t be me at this time, I will continue to work as ~

    Regretfully, I am currently unable to consider a campaign for the Senate. I have spoken to so many Kentuckians over these last few months ~

    After serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on my family.

    My full statement will soon be on my website, Please know that is my voice & truth; don’t fool with the distortions!

    Dear Friends, Thank you for these months of remarkable support & encouragement, for your voices, exhortations, & prayers. I have decided.

  • Mockarena

    You know, y’all could start putting these comments on the most recent post which announces she’s not running. 🙂 Just sayin’. I’m ON IT!!!!!

  • Hannah955

    Awwwwlright, Mock. But we’re at 459 and counting, I was hoping we’d get to 500 on this one 🙂

  • Jessica

    We can still talk about her house and craziness here 🙂

  • AA

    Jessica, Since you worked in the racing industry would you (or anyone who knows) tell me are all the drivers small little guys? As you can tell I’m not a race fan, but I noticed in a picture that AJ had up of three champions they all seemed little for men. So is it the standard or just in this case?

  • Jessica

    AA, most are under 5’10, and lighter than 170.
    There are exceptions but for the most part they’re shorter and work very hard to stay lean. They call it skinny muscular. Their workouts are crazy.

  • AA

    Thanks Jessica for the insight on the drivers. I’ve never even been to a car race of any type. BUT I’m hopeful AJ won’t ruin the Kentucky Derby for me. I’m kind of curious if she will show up at the Indy500. Hopefully the Target team will know how to handle her if she does.

  • Hannah955

    So, 464 comments and counting, I’m gonna keep posting here til we hit 500!

    Schadenfreude, I can’t help it, but I’ve been watching DWTS and basically while every other celebrity is upping his/her game, Wynonna is getting worse and worse. So bad tonight that even the judges had to call it for what it was – a mess, and not even a hot mess. Let alone a samba. I’m waiting for her scores, if they give her anything higher than a 6 it’ll be unfair.

  • Jessica

    Well she did say it wasn’t about winning!
    Which probably translates to, I know I’ll suck at this but I like the attention!

  • Hannah955

    Actually, I meant anything higher than a 5 would be unfair. Now, for the strategic voting. Wynonna is definitely going to be in the bottom based on judges’ scores, but the people’s vote could keep her in the game, so I am planning to vote for the celeb I think will get the lowest public vote – Andy Dick or DL Hughly I would think. The two people in the bottom last week (the boxer and the English reality star) did really well in their dances this week, so I think they will be safe.

    Woot – Wynonna got three 5’s. The past two weeks she had three 6’s (which she didn’t deserve). It’s not just that she’s not a dancer, it’s that she refuses to move. All her movements are SMALL, like she’s trying to conserve energy.

    I was in a boot camp exercise program once, run by a guy who was the fitness champ of the 82nd Airborne division. He was this little fireplug of a guy, and we would basically go until the last person dropped. We’d meet at 6 am outdoors on a beach in the middle of winter, and do sand sprints, and climb a massive dune, and then put on 30 pound vests and do situps and pushups, then lift weights, then run 5 miles. It was INSANE. He was really mean, and if you looked like you weren’t on the verge of puking, he would pick on you or add weight to your vest or make you run another mile. These workouts would go on for three hours, even longer on the weekends. Anyway, he never told us what to do, but I was a noob, and someone else took pity on me and told me that I should stop trying to conserve energy, and I should push 100% all the time, that the instructor would rather I make it 60% of the way through and collapse and not be able to continue, than conserve energy and make it all the way through.

    That’s what Wynonna should be doing – she should be pushing herself and leave it all on the floor. She should be standing in front of the judges waiting for her scores, doubled over gasping for air. Instead, she never loses her breath because she WALKS through her routine. I think it’s disrespectful of the process. But that’s just me. I mean, she would probably argue that she hurts all the time and has to stretch and take epsom salt baths, etc, but I just think her partner is being too easy on her because he likes her and she’s a superstar, and she’s not working nearly as hard as she pretends she is. She tweets about “dancing” four hours a day but I think what she means is, she’s in the dance studio 4 hours and spend 3.5 hours of it standing around.

  • Jessica

    For someone always talking about the “process” I actually thought she would put effort in to this.
    I finally got the strength to watch lol
    She’s very stiff and doesn’t move well.
    It may be about the “process” but what’s so great about the “process” if she’s not putting any effort in?

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I didn’t see your post before I added my last one. So, Hannah’s life lessons that other people have taught me. A work colleague once said to me that I was the most competitive person he had ever met. I thanked him, and he gave me a strange look and said “That wasn’t a compliment.” So I asked him why he thought it was bad to be competitive, and he said “a competitive person measures his results against other people’s results. Whereas what is more important is to measure your results against your own POTENTIAL.” In other words, you can’t control whether someone else is better than you, but you can control whether you are giving your best effort and leaving everything on the dance floor.

    My problem with Wynonna, and I could be wrong, is that I think she’s LAZY. She’s too easy on herself. She might say she is working as hard as she can, but I just don’t believe it. Sure, she’s fat, 48 and out of shape but she ABSOLUTELY could be working much harder than she is. Other celebrities in her condition have improved, and she’s not only not improving, she’s getting worse.

  • Hannah955

    And my other problem with Wynonna is that she’s Assley’s sister and I just want all the Judds to GO AWAY for a while!

  • Jessica

    If only we were that lucky!

  • Jessica

    I’ve said that about Wynonna before on a forum and OMG! What a crazy attack on me.
    When it comes to real things in life – she’s lazy.
    Even when Oprah was trying to help her, she couldn’t do it. Maybe that’s what she thinks the dancing show is – about not quitting something.
    I probably sound awful but it aggravates me when people have so many resources available to them and don’t utilize them.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, Jessica, that was brave of you to criticize her on a forum! Her fans are all over twitter talking about what an inspiration she is, and saying they voted for her 12 times each on their home phone, cell phone, facebook and – and from all five of their email accounts. One fan said she voted for her 120 times!

    And now Wynonna is starting to get a dose of reality and her tweets seem a bit more defensive and sad. She’s now resorted to saying that she’s not a professional dancer (um, are ANY of the other contestants?) … and how she’s not going to quit, and she’s going to keep SHOWING UP because her momma raised two women who always show up.

    Um, I think she’s taking the definition of “show up” a bit too literally. Showing up doesn’t mean walking through the door of the dance studio and staying in the room with Tony Dovolani for 240 minutes. It means that, PLUS working her a$$ off.

    When I see her doubled over after a dance routine, trying to catch her breath, sweat dripping off her nose, then maybe I’ll believe she’s “showing up” in any real sense of the word. Until then, not so much.

    She’s far too easy on herself. But then, that’s a Judd trait isn’t it?

  • Jessica

    An inspiration?
    Wynonna is a great inspiration to me!
    I think of her when I don’t feel like working out.
    I think of her when I’m feeling depressed or out of place and almost start complaining about the state of my life.
    I think of her when I drive past tanning salons offering “Triple Bronzers” that give that gorgeous Cheeto/Tang orange hue.

    So yeah, she’s a great inspiration to me! She inspires me to keep working out when I don’t feel like it, she inspires me to shut my mouth and suck it up when I’m feeling sorry for myself because through her I’ve heard how ridiculous self pity sounds.
    Inspirational indeed!

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, she inspires me the same way!

    BTW on another subject, Michael Bolton is hawking his new memoir. In the story on ET tonight, it was all about Nicolette Sheridan and their 17 years on again, off again. I don’t think his six weeks with Assley will merit much ink.

  • Hannah955

    Well, the home audience got it right, Wynonna was the first star voted off DWTS this season. Yay, no more Assley and Naomi in the audience! And hopefully Assley won’t be lobbying to get herself on the show. I’m sure Wynonna would not like that. But Assley would do it over Wynonna’s objections if she could, doncha think?

  • just_snarky

    I still don’t understand the fascination with someone whom none of you really know. Nor Dario. There’s no evidence to the contrary that Dario isn’t some sociopath who appears normal to the public (because that’s what sociopaths are good at) but behind closed doors is an entirely different person. Appearances can be deceiving.

  • Jessica

    Maybe the silent spiritual retreat is a dance camp?

  • Mockarena

    just_snarky – You shouldn’t make assumptions. 😉

  • AA

    just_snarky, sure you understand the fascination people have with celebrity, especially people who use their celebrity to propose policy(s) that others disagree with.
    AJ wanted to be a United States Senator. AJ has never held political office and she was looking at a major office which would proffer votes that would effect us. AJ’s behavior is very unstable to many of us and we don’t want to see that kind of behavior influencing policy. If AJ and Dario wanted to live private lives – they could have, but they put themselves forth into the limelight. And of course people will look.

  • Hannah955

    AJ is back on-line (temporarily) tweeting after she gave another $50,000 (or more) speech in Dallas – probably the usual “I was raped three times and I have hugged a lot of orphans in Asia and Africa” speech.

    Appears her retreat was here: (at the Abbey of Gethsemani which she misspelled). Wow – it was actually in – KENTUCKY!

    Sounds kinda cool, actually.

    She says she is going off-line again for another retreat. Maybe she is taking stock now that she doesn’t have a political campaign coming up, or any movies. Guess she can devote herself full-time to stalking Dario on twitter, and selling carpets for Karastan. Oh, and more of the World Tour of Victimhood.

    As for Wynonna? When has there ever been a bigger disconnect between the talk, and the walk? (except for Assley of course)

  • AA

    I’ll bet that AJ spent most of her time sleeping at the retreat.

  • AA

    The replies to AJ’s tweet are not of a kind and gentle nature.

  • AA

    Wynonna and Cactus are on Piers Morgan tonight. Thankfully I never watch Piers Morgan.

  • AA

    Dario Franchitti and Gerard Butler are going to be together in NYC. Do you think AJ will show?

  • Hannah955

    Wynonna on Piers Morgan – it’s kinda like Assley’s speeches – you already know what she’s going to say. Here’s a sample (no, I didn’t watch it – somebody who did, tell me if I’m right):

    It’s the hardest job I’ve ever loved.

    My mamma raised me to show up, so that’s what I did, I showed up and shoed up and did my best.

    It was a life-changing experience.

    I’ve made a friend for life.

    I’m a singer, not a dancer.

    As for the fashion show, the centerpiece will be something designed by the Dalai Lama. Haven’t heard Assley refer to him as one of her BFF’s, maybe she’ll show up and try to bag him too.

    It would be interesting if she did show up … the press made a big thing out of Gerard Butler admiring her assets in that bandage dress at the premiere of Olympus Has Fallen, but seriously, the only photos of them together were in the standard photo op on the red carpet, where basically every actor who appeared in the movie poses with every other actor, and they caught him looking down at her dress in one photo and made a big thing out of it.

    If she shows up it will mean Dario invited her and they’ve reconciled.

    And she did say she’ll be at a retreat again and off-line for a while so my guess is – no.

    Thank goodness!

    As far as I know, the only things on her radar this year are another trip to Africa, and of course she may take her Victim Speech on the road a few more times before she’s milked all her recent publicity for all she can get.

    My guess is that (a) she won’t reconcile with Dario and (b) she will go and get a theology grad degree and (c) she will then consider herself an expert on God as well as AIDS, world poverty and rape, and will become even more insufferable than she already is.

  • AA

    Hannah, I agree with your assumptions about both AJ and Wynonna. Yeah a theology degree would be about right for someone so spiritual.(gag) I find it very interesting that the more I read about the entire Judd family the less affinity I feel for any of them. They are just drama addicts looking for their next high.
    What about AJ and the Indy 500? She’s still a news item in the Indystar.

  • Anonymous

    RIP Ashley Judd’s Senate Career – A Eulogy

  • Anonymous
  • Hannah955

    Fabulous, I have a crush on lambchop now!

    Oh, and you know her “grandmother of choice” – that woman named Tennie that she hauled around during inauguration weekend? Tennie runs Shades of Hope – the rehab facility in Texas that was supposedly so life-changing for Assley.

    Does anybody think it’s weird that a counselor at a rehab facility should become part of a faded celebrity’s entourage? I know Tennie is not exactly a credentialed psychiatrist, but aren’t counselors supposed to maintain – PROFESSIONALISM?

  • Hannah955
  • Hannah955

    Tennie McCarty is 70 and Assley is 45 in a few days, how can she be her “grandmother of choice?”

  • Jessica

    Tennie and other Shades of Hope faculty are very unprofessional and don’t seem to have a clear picture of boundaries.
    Of course if confronted they’d probably consider their relationship with the Judds as after care

  • Jessica

    The thought of Ashley with a Theology degree frightens me.

  • Amy
  • AA

    Shades of Hope and Tennie couldn’t have gotten more press if they had hired professionals. So of course they love the Judds. The Judds have fed them clients who would never have heard of them. But Shades of Hope didn’t seem to help Wynonna and her eating, or AJ and her depression(Dario walked remember). AJ and Wynonna will be looking for another place(s) to receive treatment. AJ is doing multiple retreats, but that can only go so far before she owes herself more.

  • Amy

    Teenie is nuts! See if you can catch the mini-series on Shades of Hope!

  • Jessica

    I saw the series! Tennie shouldn’t be helping anyone she needs help herself

  • Amy

    Jessica, was that not scary?!!!???

  • Amy

    it was like a train wreck — I couldn’t divert my eyes.

  • Jessica

    Wtf is all I could say! It frightens me that people go to them for “help”

  • Hannah955

    I had nightmares of Assley Judd becoming a Senator, and her first official act would be amending the ADA to include “comfort grandmothers-of-choice” so she could drag Tennie onto the Senate floor with her, along with her two therapy dogs and five therapy cats.

    As a cat owner I can tell you most cats DO NOT like to be dragged around, they have a strong sense of home and prefer to stay there.

  • Amy

    hannah — lmao

  • Amy

    OMG — I just did a search for Ass and Tennie so I could see the DC pictures and the first thing that came up was a “grandmother of choice” quote. Hannah, I thought you made that up! No wonder her real grandmother hates her and wouldn’t vote for her.

  • Hannah955

    Aaaand, the Ashley Judd Three Time Rape Victim World Tour continues:

    Boston, June 12th.

    At a speaking fee that is in the top range ($50,0001 or higher – how much higher is anybody’s guess), in the past year she has probably pulled in a quarter to a half million dollars trotting out her same narcissistic blather that you could watch on youtube for free.


  • Jessica

    Ugh! Why? Why are people paying for this crap?
    I feel like writing all the event organizers and telling them it’s all on YouTube for free!

  • AA

    I’ve been totally unaware that all of the Judds (AJ, Naomi and Wynonna) are published authors.

    AJ- All That Is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir, AJ and Maryanne Vollars(authors)
    Shades of Hope:How to Treat Your Addictions to Food, Tennie McCarty, AJ (Foreward)
    In The Water, (Short Story?), AJ (author)
    Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration, DavidToczko(author)

    Naomi Judd-
    Naomi’s Breakthrough Guide: 20 Choices to Transform Your Life, Naomi Judd(author)
    Naomi’s Home Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food for Thought and
    Country Wit and Wisdom, Naomi Judd (author)
    The Transparent Life: 30 Proven Ways to Live Your Best, Naomi Judd(author)
    Healing Hepatitis Naturally (Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living), Naomi Judd (author)
    Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully: Facts, Myths, and Good News for Boomers,Naomi(a)
    Naomi Judd’s Guardian Angels, Naomi Judd (author)
    Love Can Build a Bridge, Naomi Judd (author)

    Coming Home to Myself- Wynonna(author)
    Restless Heart: A Novel- Wynonna(author)

    Others Books about the Judds
    Ashley Judd: Crying on the Inside by James L. Dickerson
    The Judds: The True Story of Naomi, Wynonna, and Ashley by George Mair

    This is just a quick look at Amazon, and not including the magazine articles.

    I’m totally amazed that there is this much stuff out there substantiating their egotism. This stuff is not self- published either.

    Clearly, this family must be center stage at all times. So one of them is working on another book, another interview is being scheduled, and another public speaking date being scheduled. AJ will either try to run for another public office again or pull a Caroline Kennedy(after she was slapped down from getting Hillary’s Senate seat)and get an ambassador’s position.(Although I doubt AJ would be offered anything as prestigous as Japan). I’m so amazed that the Judds are given this amount of consideration in our world.


  • AA

    Missed this one:
    The Ashley Judd Handbook – Everything you need to know about Ashley Judd [Paperback]
    Emily Smith (Author)

    I figure this site has more stuff about AJ.

  • AA

    I must say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AJ’s camp followers reason for AJ dropping out of the Kentucky Senate race. She was SABOTAGED!!!!! Both the DEMS and REPUBS of Kentucky sabotaged AJ. I bet there’s an article or book coming. Movie too?

  • Jessica

    I believe we would write a much more interesting, fact filled book about her.

  • AA

    While I was in the checkout line I looked in the GLOBE and they have an article stating what most here have already said- AJ is working hard to get Dario back. I hope for his future sanity and happiness that he remembers how things really are in Judd Valley and acts accordingly.

  • AA

    I’M INCREDULOUS that Obama might make Caroline Kennedy the AMBASSADOR to JAPAN…. she has never done anything that would remotely qualify her for such an important position, especially now with North Korea acting up. Do you think AJ was promised something like that or some other position where she could hog the limelight? I’m still trying to figure out how she was maneuvered out of the Kentucky race. I really believe in her heart she was running and had to be offered something big to get out.

  • Hannah955

    ooh, I have to find a copy of the Globe. Wonder if they sell it in San Francisco?

    OK, here’s my take on AJ’s political future.

    I’ve said several times over the past year that she would be much better suited to an appointed ceremonial position on some commission, than to elected office.

    Why? Because she’s good at sucking up to rich and famous people, and she’s lazy and temperamentally unsuited to retail politics.

    If she wants an appointment, she basically just has to get one person to appoint her. If she wants to run for office, she has to convince a wide swath of local Democratic pols to support her, then she has to campaign, debate, attend functions in town halls, give lots and lots of speeches, shake hands, act interested in the little people, kiss babies.

    I don’t think she was given any incentive to give up her potential campaign for Senator. I think she was given a glass of ice water (=reality) right in the face. She is so narcissistic, and so good at filtering out negative comments and focusing on flattery and praise, that she probably figured the Democratic nomination was hers for the taking, and the people of Kentucky would buy all that “eighth generation, Wildcats’ biggest fan” malarkey and she could just skip the campaigning and go straight to the coronation (er, swearing in).

    Didn’t work out that way, widdle Ashwee got her feelings hurt by those mean Kentucky Democrats, so she folded up her tent.

    And, after all, she benefited hugely from it. She has given more speeches in the past four months than probably in the past four years, and you can bet her speaking fee has gone way up.

    So, about that appointment.

    One advantage of an appointment, aside from only having to brownnose somebody famous and influential (or a few somebodies) … is that it’s light duty.

    No, not an Ambassadorship. I can tell you right now, Ashley Judd will never – NEVER – be appointed United States Ambassador to any country. EVER. She has too much baggage, too little knowledge of diplomacy or expertise in any subjects other than feminism, AIDS and rape (all of which probably DIS-qualify her to be an Ambassador) and has made too many crazy statements.

    Caroline Kennedy, on the other hand, has an impeccable pedigree and background. She’s the daughter of an assassinated US President, the last direct descendant of the Camelot legacy. She went to Radcliffe (=Harvard) for four years, then Columbia Law (graduating in the top 10% of her class). She’s written books. She worked for three years for NYC’s Department of Education, three days a week at a salary of $1 a year. She’s been involved in philanthropy and humanitarian work all her life. She has kept a dignified low profile, married for 27 years to the same man, with three children. There are no nude photos or soft porn videos of her on the internet. She is dignified and reserved.

    Now, that all might sound like I am a fan of Caroline Kennedy. I’m not. But as far as being qualified to become a United States Ambassador, and to a conservative country like Japan? Sure, I can see it.

    Ashley Judd on the other hand? No way in hell, ever, to any country. The only movie star who was ever named an Ambassador to another country was Shirley Temple Black (Ghana and then France). Who also, in her own way, had an impeccable pedigree. And she had LOADS of class.

    BUT…what would be perfect for Assley would be some sort of appointment to a Presidential commission that doesn’t meet very often, but has a really cool annual gala in DC with lots of press coverage, so she can keep herself in the public eye while still not doing any heavy lifting, workwise. It would not be a policy-making position, she would not officially represent the US government. THAT? She might get. Maybe some “President’s Commission on Child Welfare” if such a thing exists. But that’s about all.

    And if Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2016? Methinks she is not such a fan of Assley. Assley is a lightweight, and Hillary is the type of woman who can suss that out in a second.

  • Hannah955

    I cannot believe I just typed and posted a HUGE comment and it didn’t show up!!!!

  • Hannah955

    And, she’s getting to be quite a regular at the White House:

    BTW my really long post was about why it’s plausible for Caroline Kennedy to score an Ambassadorship (pedigree, education, Camelot, Radcliffe, Columbia Law, lawyer, Democratic insider, married, kids, philanthropy, etc etc). And why Ashley Judd will never – NEVER – be given an Ambassadorship (none of the above, plus lots of embarrassing baggage).

    Although AJ is much more suited to go the “Presidential appointee” route than “elected politician” route. The former only involved brown-nosing a few people, something she’s good at, whereas she is incredibly unsuited to retail politics (hard work, debating, being nice to lots of people). She could theoretically be appointed to some Presidential Commission on Child Welfare or something similar, which would suit her perfectly. No real work, but she could speechify and attend fancy galas in DC once a year. Plus she wouldn’t do much harm as she wouldn’t actually REPRESENT the United States in an official capacity.

  • AA

    Hannah, I thought I was the only one having trouble posting here.

  • AA

    Hannah, I get that Caroline Kennedy has a charmed story. She does NOT have any experience doing anything that would be a job qualification for such a major posting. And we need to look to people who have done more than received a Harvard degree. I don’t see that she knows anything about Asia or speaks Japanese or has done any legal work involving Japan. If Obama wanted to send her to be ambassador the Holy See(which is vacant), I could see it, she is Catholic and there is nothing that needs someone who knows what they’re doing, but Japan needs somebody whose got more experience than Caroline Kennedy. PLEASE…

  • AA

    I posted too soon. The Vatican has rejected Caroline Kennedy for ambassador before.

  • Mockarena

    Somehow your comment ended up in spam, Hannah! I’ve pulled it out! 🙂

    Always let me know when that happens so I can check the spam folder – otherwise I don’t check it very often.

  • Jessica

    Yeah she’s focusing on her lame speeches because no one wants her for any real work.
    Hannah is right, her standard fee did go up.

    I heard a deal with Avon fell through because they claimed she didn’t encompass women empowering themselves which I think translates to Sorry you’re too crazy to represent our brand. Or maybe they refused to pay a modeling fee for the dogs.
    I’m not totally kidding on the last one. Anytime they’re included in her “work” they get paid too.

    So her presence won’t be missed at Indy this year I was thinking about attending wearing an Anthropologie dress, borrowing Mockarena’s dog, changing name to Therapy of course (vest too!), and walking around pulling a wagon full of toaster ovens and handing them out to random people.

    Ladies, You have inspired me to learn more about politics. Today in the supermarket a woman told me I must be a republican and pointed to my bag. I’m like huh? “Only a Republican would carry a Mulberry bag during a recession” what the heck kind of thing is that to say to a stranger?
    I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve only voted once and that was in 2008. In fairness, from 17-28 I was out of the country. And because I was clueless I voted for who my Dad told me to (McCain)
    I wasn’t allowed to vote in the last election because of a screw up thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
    Oooh! I just thought of something!
    I speak a few languages, I’m cultured and well behaved when I have to be. I love couture! I could be a Diplomat or Ambassador instead of Ashley!

  • Jay

    Nice to see some chatter!

    Here’s an interesting tidbit – Dario is in LAST place on the Indy circuit this year. Here’s the article, jump to the last paragraph:

  • Jessica

    Ashley probably had a voodoo doll made lol

  • Hannah955

    Thanks for digging my post out of the spam bin, Mock!

    AA, I confess I’m not well-versed in how Ambassadors are selected, but I do seem to recall that often well-respected civilians are appointed. People who are not career State Department employees, nor bureaucrats nor diplomats. It seems like tact, dignity and diplomacy (little D) are the most important qualifications. And never having done or said anything controversial.

    I don’t know how important it is that Japan is not far from North Korea… but of course they’re an important trade partner.

    Jessica, you seem once again to have the inside track on AJ’s goings-on. I am so curious about what her speaking fee is. And boggled that anyone would pay her in the top range (which starts at $50,001 and could – as with former Presidents – go up into 7 figures, though I doubt Assley is even in six figures).

    And her DOGS get PAID? Gimme a break.

    Dario’s had bad luck in the first two races of the season. Of course, Assley tweeted about the first mishap, when he was “in the marbles” (I researched this, it’s little bits of melted tires that get blown to the outside of the track – if the driver stays in the middle of the track, this usually isn’t an issue).

    I think Assley harrumphed that they should clean the track better. I giggled at the thought of a crew of Oompa-Loompas running 150 mph in front of Dario’s car frantically sweeping the track so Dario has a pristine racing experience. Sheesh.

    Jessica, any inside poop on Assley’s salary for the movies she made? Many other actors list most of their salaries for their movies, but not her.

    And yes, Jessica for Ambassador!

  • Hannah955

    My spin on Assley’s reaction to Dario’s bad IndyCar start is that she’ll attribute it to him being all depressed about losing her. Or maybe karma for same.

  • Jessica

    Is it okay to post some of this stuff here? I don’t want Mock to get in trouble because I have a big mouth.
    Hannah, Her fees range from $25,000 up to $125,000. It depends on event type (if she’s just a “guest”, or a “speaker”, etc) and she’s known to lower her fee if it’s a publicized event. Average fee is $55,000.

    Yes lol that baffled me too. I’d pay her $50,000 to shut up.

    Of course! Didnt you know that dogs are beings and should be paid fair wages as well?

    LOL! Oompa Loompas on the track sweeping. OMG what a hilarious visual mental image to have!

    I could be wrong about this but from my understanding she’s only made over a million dollars on films that she got a percentage of box office proceeds. As for actual salary? Not that I know of.
    I do know that a lot of the roles she claims to have turned down – she lobbied for but they didnt want her.
    Can you imagine losing a film role to Courtney Love? Oh the horror

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I won’t even ask how you got that info, but keep it coming! I wouldn’t presume to speak for Mock but my GUESS is that unless you are on Assley’s payroll and/or have signed an NDA, it’s all good 🙂

    The only info I can find about her income as an actress is on, which lists these three:

    Kiss the Girls (1997) $ 450,000
    Eye of the Beholder (1999) $1,000,000
    Someone Like You… (2001) $4,000,000

    Double Jeopardy was in 1999 … it was a blockbuster BUT, her timing may have been bad as she did not have a lot of leverage at that point, other than having starred in Kiss the Girls in 1997 which did very well. But then, all that leverage only got her $1MM for Eye of the Beholder (which was an AWFUL movie and didn’t do well). I think the reason she got so much for Someone Like You in 2001 was due to Double Jeopardy doing so well.

    Someone Like You was a forgettable (and awful) rom-com with Hugh Jackman. She had a semi-major part in Ya Ya Sisterhood in 2002, and then starred in Twisted in 2004, which was basically the end of her big-budget Hollywood career (except for supporting and bit parts). It was the worst-reviewed movie of 2004 and only earned $25 million on a $50 million budget.

    So, there’s not a lot of opportunity in there for her to haul in the big bucks, despite referring to herself nauseatingly and inappropriately in her humanitarian speeches, as one of the highest paid women in Hollywood. Sure, compared to aspiring actresses waiting table at Denny’s, she was one of the highest paid. But compared to the top of the food chain? Not even close. Even adjusted for inflation (as she bizarrely says) and compared to Mary Pickford (?) or Betty Grable’s legs (???).

    Anyhoo, I think IMDB does attempt to account for the source of the actor’s earnings on a film – whether it’s a flat salary or a back end percentage. Check out Tom Cruise for example:

    So, I don’t know if she got a percentage of any of her films but I suspect she was never in the league to demand and receive it.

    She was definitely “attached” to Catwoman for a couple of years, and then mysteriously she “decided” to star in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on Broadway instead – she flat out said this was a choice she made – and the movie role went to Halle Berry, who was paid $14 million.

    Can you see Assley Judd turning down a $14 million payday to star on Broadway? I cannot.

    My guess is that she was never in line to make anything like that much money, then they fired her – they probably had to pay her some serious money but they wanted to go with Halle Berry. So Assley pretended she had chosen to star on Broadway, when in fact she was let go.

    Did she really lose a role to Courtney Love? Which one?

  • Jessica

    Hahaha no no no! I’d never work for or with her.

    It’s my understanding Someone Like You, and it’s salary was part of a deal for two more films that never materialized. For a small period, actually maybe a hot minute she did have a tiny bit of power, and representatives that got everything they could for her (financially) but as we all know – in Hollywood your moment is over before it began. There’s always someone else waiting for their moment. She’s not talented enough to stay on top the way others have.

    Catwoman – I’ve heard everything from her not being physically right for the role, to her demands were too much, to the producers didnt feel she was a big enough draw.

    No! I can’t see her declining anything with a high payday. Her financial greed is hilarious considering she’s never truly paid for anything.
    Her education. Her home and property, every vehicle she’s ever owned.
    She was in talks for Julie Johnson which went to Courtney Love. Sure it’s a little known indie film but it must’ve hurt her ego.

  • Jessica

    Ugh! Why don’t any stores open after midnight sell The Globe? Don’t they know people like us need entertainment? I was going to get it (and my candy) and post it so we could all giggle.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, I was at Safeway a few hours ago but I forgot to look for The Globe. Is it on newsprint like the Enquirer, or a magazine like People?

    Jessica, have you read the “pantheon” article? That’s what really cemented my loathing of her. She was invited to Paramount’s 90th anniversary luncheon in 2002 I think it was. Got seated with a bunch of bean counters in Siberia because she thought her number from the group photo was her table number at lunch (which – dumb much?)… apparently the bean counters were so dazzled by being seated with a GLAMOROUS MOVIE STAR that they apparently talked shop and she smiled and tried to be polite. Which – really? Is she really telling a story in which a bunch of movie studio accountants ignore the luminous Ashley Judd in favor of talking shop? Tone deaf.

    Anyway, she said that Sherry Lansing, then Pres of Paramount (and one of her BFFs – if not more, if you believe the rumors) came and rescued her and seated her with a bunch of A-listers, then came this line “And thus I was restored to my place in the pantheon.”

    OMFG – hate.

    So, fast forward 10 years to Paramount’s 100th anniversary, Annie Liebowitz photographed them for a center page spread in Vanity Fair (July 2012) and – Assley’s not there.

    I think I tweeted to Assley under a fake ID, something about “guess even Morgan Freeman – who was there – couldn’t get you an invite, so much for the ‘pantheon’ ” – and she blocked me! You can insult her politics but don’t insult her vanity 🙂

    So, in 10 short years she went from “the pantheon” (at least in her mind) to not even being invited.

    Imagine how insufferable she must have been back in 1999 to 2001 when everything seemed to be going great for her. With her insatiable appetite for attention, fame, and adulation, she must have believed she was going to make it to the very top in Hollywood, win an Oscar, etc etc. And then to wake up in 2004-2005 and find out her moment in the sun had passed.

    Which is about when she conveniently “retired” and began to devote herself to “humanitarian work.”

    She does cry well, but she has an extremely limited range as an actress. Her acting is all “surface” – I never feel she truly inhabits her roles.

    Even before I disliked her, she was never really on my radar, except that when one of her movies would come on TV, I’d think “Oh, she’s kind of an intelligent actress” and then I’d always be slightly disappointed in her.

    And, considering she says it is unconscionable to breed and has never had children … she does play a mother in an awful lot of her roles, doesn’t she?

  • Jessica

    The Globe is usually with the other tabloids. It’s on newsprint like the Enquirer. I was bummed they didn’t have it.

    OMG yes! That article makes me ill.
    Even the kindest person in the world would be disgusted by that article. Restored to her proper place? Sheesh!

    That movie about the Walmart baby? She wouldn’t wear a fat suit (I forgot the characters name but in the book she was overweight and had self esteem issues)
    For someone so anti-children and breeding she plays a lot of Moms.

    Her range is very limited. Anytime I mention her mediocre acting skills – people bring up Ruby in Paradise.
    I enjoyed that film. I thought the writing was beautiful.
    But – I think it’s a part any actress could have played. She didnt bring anything to the table that another actress couldn’t.

    I know others reading this will think oh you’re just picking on Ashley more and being catty.
    I love films. I can talk for hours about them. I’m not a casual film viewer, it’s a passion of mine (I almost went to drama school) and in all her work – I’ve never seen her do anything another actress couldn’t do.

  • Mockarena

    jessica – you can say as much as you’d like here – and I hope you do. 😉

    As for getting into politics, you TOTALLY SHOULD. I have written a ton about Ashley at my political site: 🙂

  • Jessica

    Oooh! Bookmarking other site now 🙂 thank you!
    Was that a “no” about loaning me your dog for the 500?

    Jessica, Ambassador of Judd Snark!

  • Jay

    The pantheon comment got me thinking, surely one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood has a star on the Walk of Fame? Well, if you wiki it, nope!
    The main criteria are:
    1) you need to pay a $30K fee (which some dumb fan would do)
    2) must appear in person to accept (free publicity with dog in tow? absolutely)
    3) a “history of charitable contributions” (oops)

  • AA

    There is actually a recording of McConnell’s people talking about AJ on the Web.

  • AA
  • AA

    NO!!!! AJ has been given something to comment about. Oprah’s people are planning AJ’s interview, I’m sure.

  • AA

    Rush Limbaugh said this will make AJ a very sympathetic character on tonights news. It could possibly bring AJ back into the race.


  • Hannah955

    Jay, I looked into the Walk of Fame thing too, a few months ago. I think someone from the public has to nominate the star and then every year the committee picks a few stars to invite. I’m guessing one of her roadblocks is not having been nominated?

    AA, thanks for the great links to the tape leak! I don’t think there’s anything on there that would bring her back into the race. It’s all true and it DOES paint her as crazy and a far left liberal, frankly.

    One good nugget is the name Phil Maxson, who apparently is the staffer/sleuth who dug up all this stuff on Assley. He’s GOOD! I might have to email him and offer my/our services in case they ever need more dope on her 🙂

  • Hannah955

    Gee, he’s in telecom. Could he have taped the session and leaked it himself? Nah, why would somebody dig up all that good intel and then leak it?

  • Hannah955

    As for Limbaugh saying this will make her more sympathetic, I suspect he’s just hoping she’ll get back in the race for (a) comic relief and (b) to give McConnell an easier target than Alison Lundergan Grimes.

    Jessica, I have EXACTLY the same reaction to her acting as you do – in every role she plays, I can think of a dozen other actresses who could have done a better job. I even wrote this somewhere: “When have you ever heard anybody say ‘Only Ashley Judd could play that role?’ ”

    I saw The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood on TV the other night, first time I had seen it. There were three actresses who played her character, Vivi. One as a child/girl, then Assley from maybe 18 to 35, then Ellen Burstyn as the present-day Vivi (in her 60’s). The girl who played her just imbued her with spunk and a vivid life force, and Ellen Burstyn was simply fabulous, she didn’t PLAY the role, she WAS Vivi. And then Assley. Sure, she hit her marks and said her lines, and she cries real pretty, but it was like she was playing a different woman from the other two. Her performance was just FLAT, IMO. Granted, she was playing Vivi when she was troubled, but somehow Ellen Burstyn managed to convey BOTH “troubled” and “spunky” and Assley Judd couldn’t pull that off. I didn’t believe her in that role. And I *tried* to separate my dislike of her IRL. Heck, I shouldn’t have had to try, if she had done a good job I would have been pulled in, but I wasn’t.

    Seeing Sandra Bullock in the same movie made me realize why Sandra Bullock made it to the top, and Assley Judd didn’t. There’s just something about Sandra Bullock. She’s kind of – luminous. From the inside out. She’s not the prettiest actress in Hollywood, not by a long shot, but she’s way more than her looks – she has an inner life that shines through on screen.

  • Jessica

    Great! More sympathy coming her way.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, she’s figured out that playing the victim pays off, especially among liberals.

  • AA

    AJ must be euphoric right now.

  • Jessica

    I think I’m learning I don’t like liberals. They attacked my mulberry bayswater. That’s unforgivable

  • AA

    Wynonna has a picture on her twitter page that says,
    “This is A Drama Free Zone.”

    That concept would be harder for a Judd to understand than a Quantum Mechanics lecture in Mandarin Chinese would be to a Kentucky kindergarner.

  • Hannah955

    AA, step away from the coffeepot!

    Here ya go, the Globe article. Says divorce papers have not yet been filed.

    Interesting, considering that their January 29 announcement was that they had decided to divorce, not separate. Sounded at the time as though it was a final decision, at least on one party’s part.

    Meanwhile she is on a retreat and “abstaining” from social media (no tweets for the past six days, the silence is refreshing). Dario has been racing, and she has been nowhere to be seen, so she is not with him at races.

    Dario doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who says “I want a divorce” and then changes his mind.

    I have had female friends whose husbands told them they wanted a divorce, and by the time they told them, it was a done deal. One guy had already lined up the new girlfriend and emptied their joint bank accounts, and my friend overheard him on the phone SEVEN DAYS after he told her, complaining to a friend that she was dragging her feet because she hadn’t yet moved out or found a job (the house belonged to his mother, a huge Victorian worth millions).

    Obviously that’s not Dario’s situation, but what I mean to say is, Dario probably thought about this for a LONG time before pulling the trigger. So I imagine it would be difficult for her to convince him to change his mind.

    Cmon Dario, file for divorce already!

  • Hannah955

    Liberals tend to be kind of shrill and strident. I still have my Romney/Ryan bumper sticker on my car, I keep it on there as a F**K Y*U (I live in San Francisco). Now and then somebody will sidle up to me and whisper “attagirl” – people in this town are afraid to admit they are conservatives!

    But I remember just after the election, I was scouting Los Gatos (a wealthy Silicon Valley town on the Peninsula) for an 11 year old’s birthday party treasure hunt, and this woman with a beat up old station wagon, tailgate window half rolled down, stuffed with junk, came up behind my car, and smiled at me, so I smiled back, and then she attacked me! “Are you KIDDING ME? ROMNEY? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    I started to say something but she gave me the wall of sound treatment, screeching as she walked away into a nearby restaurant. So, I moseyed over to her half open tailgate window, and thought to myself “Seriously, people who attack strangers in public shouldn’t leave all their crap in their car with half-open windows.”

    But I contented myself with the thought and didn’t actually vandalize her car 🙂

  • Hannah955

    And, here we have Ashley Judd, who said she wouldn’t be on-line, writing a response to the leaked McConnell tapes. Indignant not at the fact that this session was taped without the knowledge of the participants, and then leaked to a left-wing media outlet. Indignant that McConnell and his people were considering using HER OWN WORDS against her.

  • Jessica

    I love you Hannah!

  • AA

    Hannah, how did you know I was at the coffee pot? LOL!

    Clearly things will be heating up this spring. AJ is first and foremost a professional victim. She will use this for as long as she can. I wonder since AJ appears to be admitting to mental illness should she be allowed to own a gun? (Time for the discussion.)

    Hannah I have found the the average liberal (not all, but most) is the very definition of intolerant. I always point that out to them when they attack…… makes them crazy.

  • AA

    I’m curious what AJ thought she could run on? She has no record of anything, other than what she said. She still wants to run. The attention is making her giddy. We haven’t heard the last of AJ. And no way will AJ campaign for that nobody Alison Lundergan Grimes. And it’s too early to accompany Bill Clinton(for what’s her name).

  • AA

    Actually AJ is a little long in the tooth for Bill Clinton. He will have to get the Secret service to run interference for him. From what you read the boys of the SS like cheap ……

  • Hannah955

    But AA, silly girl, she has a Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration from HARVARD. She spent a whopping eight months there – she should just bypass the United States Senate and run for President.

    I was thinking about her standing in line at the grocery store today, I think she is going to abandon politics and get a masters in theology. She’s failed to ascend to the top in Hollywood and politics, she has only one option left – sainthood!

  • AA
  • Hannah955

    BTW I giggle every time I search Google News for “ashley judd” because the quote that floats to the top every time is always this one: “I have been raped twice, so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.”

    Why I love this is that her former campaign manager, or whoever he was, has been complaining that she never said that at the private dinner where it was reported she said it. Because of course he heard every word she said, never left her side, never went to the bathroom, and followed her even when she was having one-on-one conversations with other people. Right?

    I hope that quote stays up there a LOOOONG time.

  • AA

    Rush and his friends have stuff about AJ that we want to know about.

  • Jessica

    Sainthood? Hahahaha! I’d make a better candidate for that as well. Saint Senator Diplomat Jessica.

  • AA

    I agree that AJ will keep the theology degree an option. But it won’t feed her hunger for attention like politics will! Addicts never go far from the fix.

  • Hannah955

    Good lord, this non-story made the NBC Nightly News. I caught the tail end of it so I don’t know how long the story was or whether it dwelt on her.

    The good news is that this is likely anathema to Dario, further sinking her chances of talking him into reconciliation.

  • Hannah955

    Rush Limbaugh is probably right. Thanks for the link AA.

  • Mockarena

    I’ve got a post ready to publish first thing in the morning at my other site about Ashley Judd Mitch McConnell-gate. 🙂 Stay tuned!

  • Hannah955

    Mock, I saw you tweeted about that – can’t wait!

  • Hannah955

    No sooner do I comment on Assley’s quote at the top of a Google News search on her name, than it gets replaced by this gem:

    “This is yet another example of the politics of personal destruction that embody Mitch McConnell and are pervasive in Washington, DC”

    Actually, she got it backwards. She should have said “which Mitch McConnell embodies” – but then, command of proper English is not one of her strong suits.

  • Jessica

    She doesn’t have command over her own sanity or emotions so I don’t expect her to learn proper grammar. Remember she’s “ever the Mountain girl”

  • Hannah955

    She said in her book that she applied to a bunch of colleges – or rather, was going to, but had so many self-doubts she sabotaged the college application process and only mailed one, to the University of Virginia – and she wasn’t accepted. So at the last minute she applied to the University of Kentucky and got in.

    UVA is ranked #24 by US News and World Report and accepts 33.3% of applicants.

    Methinks her SATs weren’t very good. Just a hunch.

    Anyway, at some point that self-doubt became replaced by an absurd tendency to overestimate her own abilities.

  • Jessica

    The book! Oh how I love that book.
    I was given an autographed copy with a special inscription to “inspire me through a difficult time”
    I’m still trying to figure out what that means.
    I guess what I’m saying is I’ve always been a roll with the punches person. I don’t wallow or dwell. I just keep going. So I’m clueless as to what difficult time I was having, or why I would need such comedic inspiration.

    One thing in the book really confused me. She tells the UK graduation story so much it doesn’t make sense to me.
    In the book she states
    “As much as I loved college, I was a somewhat erratic student, and still given to spells of depression. More than once, I would petition to take advanced classes, even graduate level, and then drop them. I overloaded my schedule, racking up 143 hours in four years, taking four minors and a separate honors curriculum.”


    “In the spring of 1990, I attended my honor’s program graduation ceremony, which was held separately from the big class graduation on campus, at a beautiful club for the horsey crowd outside of Lexington. I drove out there alone under a full moon and never thought it was odd that I had no guests in attendance. I was surprised to see the other kids’ families at the ceremony. I accepted my honors certificate to the polite applause of a crowd of strangers”

    So where does the part about how she didnt graduate, and needed Ellen to get her diploma?
    I mean, from my experience you don’t participate in any ceremonies unless you have all your credits.

  • AA
  • AA

    AJ’s political advisor who wrote the daily beast op ed is Jonathan Miller. He’s a Harvard man too! It’s funny how liberals think that they’re smarter than the local Kentucky DEMS and get their b*tts handed back to them.
    Here’s the link to Miller’s bio from his blog The Recovering Politican.

  • AA

    Here’s Jonathan Miller’s bio from Frost, Brown Todd ( Big Law Firm)

  • AA

    If you read The Recovering Politican’s mission statement you will see that Miller drinks from the same kool-aid as AJ.

  • AA

    AJ and her team must be planning something. I can’t wait!

  • AA

    Here’s video of AJ’s political advisor Jonathan Miller giving his point of view:

  • AA
  • AA

    Today Rush Limbaugh stated(at the third from last paragraph) that the DEMS won’t let AJ run. So he has changed sine yesterday?

  • AA

    It appears that Mother Jones is rewriting the transcript for the purpose of getting Mitch McConnell’s legislative assistents in violation of the law.

  • AA
  • AA
  • AA
  • AA

    If any of you want to contact Jesse Benton ( one of McConnell’s LAs on the campaign) he’s on twitter

  • AA

    I was wrong Jesse Benton is a Campaign Manager for McConnell.

  • Hannah955

    Well, this is going to extend Assley’s moment in the political spotlight, and probably give her a bump in her speaking fees. However, silver lining – Dario will HATE this and want no part of it.

    Jessica, I dunno about the honors program…

    Funny that you say you’re not a whiner, you just roll with things. I was thinking the same thing about myself yesterday. Sh*t happens – to everyone. You just deal.

    Just look at the hand Mock has been dealt in life, and the supreme grace with which she deals with it. Not just grace – she’s a HAPPY, UPBEAT person. No whining ever. I feel privileged that she has shared some of her family’s story with us on TMD, and incredibly awestruck that she always does it without a single note of self-pity.

    Assley Judd strikes me as a “glass is 1% empty” kind of person. She still can’t get over how she wasn’t loved enough or nurtured enough as a child.

    Jessica, about that book. I took it out of the library and renewed it three times and simply couldn’t force myself to read it.

    She mentions that she is a three time rape victim. I know that in the book she talks about some pervy old man who paid her a quarter to sit on her lap then french kissed her, and some guy in japan who asked her for oral sex when she was over there alone at age 15, and she didn’t realize at the time that it was (rape? sexual abuse?)… and something about a family member… does she actually give details in the book about what exactly these three rapes were?

  • Jessica

    That – and she’s probably seething that he told a Canadian sports magazine that “sometimes you have to remove yourself from unhealthy situations”.

    Yeah! I just keep going you know? Sure I have little moments – like I was reading Mock’s other site and a post on Margaret Thatcher and it bummed me out for a minute because my Mother absolutely adored her. She took me to meet her when I was 8. It was magical. We took a photo. I thought oooh! I should post it. Then remembered its floating in the Atlantic Ocean.
    I’ve had (and continue to have) a crazy life – but I don’t feel sorry for myself. I move on.

    Mock’s grace and dignity is beautiful and inspiring. I don’t know how she does it – and continues to make us all laugh!

    The book –
    The “rape” talk confuses me.
    Aside from the inappropriate behavior of some men (Seriously? What woman hasn’t dealt with inappropriate male behavior?)
    The guy in Japan, the old man, etc she touches on something with a relative but it’s worded so carefully and elusively that you kind of have to put the pieces together yourself.
    It sounds like she was molested, or some sort of inappropriate sexual behavior happened with relative or close family friend. She touches on it briefly in the shades of hope chapter.

  • Jessica

    Hannah, I went back and read that part. I know this makes me a terrible person but the book is such a comedy to me. I don’t laugh at her pain but at the insane things she says.
    One thing that infuriates me is her improper use of the word “rape”. It’s horrifying for anyone to be sexually abused. But she throws it around so terribly.
    About the relative –
    She writes
    “I spent my last week at Shades debriefing from my family week, completing follow-up assignments. This included dealing with a newly revealed round of childhood incest. There wasn’t time to unpack it completely, and take advantage of the resources Shades offers for survivors, but we made a good start.
    I had considerable codependency with a family member who attended “family week; an important, valuable relationship, but one I had idealized, yet others could see was troubled and strained. During one summer of my early adolescence, when I had stayed with her, her husband had molested me. In finally having the courage to share the details with someone, I learned the chillingly accurate term, “grooming,” as well as the typical stages and when I heard it, the visceral feelings of repugnance and shame confirmed that was indeed what this trusted adult man had done: groomed me, to set up the pattern of sexual abuse in such a way that I would be compliant and even flattered. First, he began by hanging out with me when I watched late-night TV after everyone else went to bed (the isolating phase). During that time, he sat a little too close to me on the sofa, telling little jokes that created our “own insider relationship, talking just a little bad about others but building me up to gain my trust and confidence, initiating the secrecy phase. During the day, just before others entered a room, or after they left, he would give me a wink, a lingering touch on the arm, doing things to “invest” in our “special” relationship—the desensitizing to inappropriateness phase. He exploited my vulnerabilities and neediness for attention and validation. He would quickly volunteer to drive me wherever I needed to go. He took me to special places, involving me in his life, saying his wife wasn’t interested, and how much he appreciated me (the “our relationship is unique and special” phase). Soon, he made the relationship sexual . When we were alone in the house he came into my guest room at every opportunity. I was so slow in realizing “realizing this had been a classic, highly abusive pattern of incest committed by a scheming and clever sexual predator because in his very success as a perpetrator, he convinced me we were having an affair. He insidiously made me believe that I wanted the relationship, even though it revolted and scared the hell out of me. In what could have been a disastrous turning point in my life, my family member and he, aware of my dubious living conditions at home, briefly discussed taking custody of me, having me live with them for a school year. Oh, my god, I shudder to think how much further the molestation would have gone, how much worse it could have been.

  • Amy

    I can’t believe she acknowledged her “neediness for attention and validation.” That says it all.

  • AA

    More AJ strange facts. She has a 415 area code on her cellphone, which is also a San Francisco number. Most people that I know, live or have lived where the area on their cellphone is. I know you can pick any area code you want, but why that one? San Francisco must represent something that appeals to AJ.

  • AA

    AJ has cloaked herself in the victim role for so long, I think she believes most of it. AJ and her mama are making a ton of money giving their “I am a victim” speeches. And there is a market for it. I don’t get it. I’m all for self help, but I want results. And if you read AJ’s account of her victimization, it could be written by almost anyone – same story with AJ as the star. If she is about helping others, why can’t she do something that gives results instead of doing what all the other professional victims do( the oh poor pitiful me stories)?

    Some people say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. AJ has done this. She talks about herself nonstop, and people are dumb enough to pay for it. There is a lesson for us to learn here, but I’m not sure what it is.

  • Hannah955

    AA and Jessica, I love you guys!

    About the 415 area code (my own area code – ugh) … I run puzzle hunts for corporations, and at the start of every game I pass around a contact sheet and have one person on each team write down his/her phone number, in case I need to reach the teams. Most of these companies are in Silicon Valley which would be the 408 or 650 area code (San Francisco Peninsula). And of course some people live in the East Bay (925 or 510) and San Francisco or Marin (mostly 415) and commute to the Peninsula. But there are a surprising number of non-Bay Area area codes on the list each time. We live in a very mobile society and people just tend to keep their original cell phone numbers.

    Having said that, Assley has never LIVED in San Francisco, and to the best of my knowledge the only movie she made here was Twisted circa 2004 when she and Dario rented a house in Marin. He used to ride his bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, I believe, and loved it.

    Everybody had cell phones well before 2004 so – why would she have a 415 area code? Especially with her constantly pounding on how Southern she is.

    Oh wait, she lived in Marin when she was maybe 10 or 11, but they didn’t have cell phones in the late 70’s.

    AA wrote “There is a lesson for us to learn here, but I’m not sure what it is.”

    Didn’t somebody once say “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public?”

    OK, I googled it – attributed variously to H.L. Mencken or P.T. Barnum (although some say it was “intelligence” not “taste” – either one works in Assley’s case!)

    Jessica, thanks for the excerpt from the book. As I thought, there is absolutely no evidence that she was ever raped in the PIV sense. Am I old-fashioned to think that only intercourse = rape? I will fully agree that sexual acts that do not include intercourse can be classified as sexual molestation, but I kinda reserve the word “rape” for actual intercourse. I know that is not PC however.

    As for the molestation by the husband of a relative, it’s pretty clear that was NOT intercourse or she wouldn’t have shuddered at the thought of how far it might have gone if she had gone to live with them.

    She was careful not to say how old she was at the time. Which is interesting, because it allows her to accuse “someone” of molestation. Whereas if she had said how old she was, whoever’s house she stayed in at that age, the man would have known she was talking about him (and so would her whole family). Call me cynical, but I don’t think this was done to avoid a charge of libel, or to protect the man. I think it was done because there WASN’T any molestation, and by not saying how old she was when it allegedly occurred, nobody in the family can pinpoint a likely suspect. If everybody’s innocent, they all think it’s somebody else, right?

    So, based on her brutally honest (not) autobiography, we have absolutely no evidence of rape. We have the three incidents I kinda knew about:

    1) pervy old man in pizza parlor trying to French kiss her

    2) episode in Japan where she was too dumb and insecure to say NO

    3) family molestation

    I did see the episode in Naomi & Wynonna’s reality show where Naomi talked about being molested as a very little girl, and I believed that. She went into some detail about this man, and even showed a photograph of her standing next to him (he looked like he was in his 50’s or 60’s when she was about 5) … and she said that whenever they made her take a family photo next to him she just shrank away from him – you can see it in her body language in the photograph they showed.

  • Hannah955

    And the snarky reference to her book being “brutally honest” was a swipe at the fact that while she is making a living supposedly opening a vein and talking publicly about her past (you’re only as sick as your secrets) … she actually got quite vague at just the point where a brutally honest memoir would have been – well – brutally honest. Which makes me call BS on the whole “raped three times” thing.

    I ask myself all the time why I loathe Assley Judd and it comes down to this – she seems inauthentic to me.

    Whenever I watch one of her speeches on youtube, I am not moved by compassion for the poor people of the third world. Why? Because they are just props in her narrative, which is really about HER. A more authentic human being would somehow be able to bring these people alive, but that would require that SHE fade into the background, and focus on the actual people. If I were she, I would do a slide show, and stand in the dark and just speak into the microphone and tell the narrative of the people as I showed photographs (or video). Let people IMMERSE themselves in other people’s stories, so they are moved to help.

    And as for that – she never seems to actually say in her speeches how people can help. Other than telling them to find their pig.

  • AA

    Hannah, this is for you. I found this 2001 article about AJ’s San Francisco. I’ve never been to SF. So if I’m lucky enough to ever get there, is AJ right on any of this?

  • AA

    On page 7 of the AJ’s SF article

    “A lot of young married people, people who were about to start families, which is a great environment for [my fiancé and me] to be in, since we’re in a parallel situation in our personal lives”

    I would normally feel for anyone with this in their history, but she’s gone to far for that with me.

  • Jessica

    Ugh just seeing the word Marin gives me Marin Academy flashbacks. Hated that place. But they did help develop my sarcastic personality so I should give them credit for that.

    Ashley spent “two soul destroying years” in Marin in third and fourth grade.
    Also her “God Mother” lives there.

    Hannah, I wasn’t sure what to think but I agree with you.
    I do believe she (like most women) has dealt with inappropriate sexual advances and behavior. But going on that she’s a rape victim? That’s an insult to the real victims.

  • AA

    Here’s another AJ in SF article:


    *The University of Kentucky and Harvard Kennedy School straight-A graduate wanted to do more to affect the world and its maladies with the cache she had. (OK. WHAT DOES THE “A” STAND FOR AT HARVARD?

    *But was Ms. Judd, on this part of her seven-city, ten-day book tour, another example of a movie star touring the globe and puffing out her chest and saying, “look at me” to the little people?(YES)

    *If I had a nickel for every time . . . I’d have enough money to have a campaign fund.”(AJ HAS BEEN WANTING TO RUN FOR OFFICE FOR A LONG TIME.)

    *Ms. Judd, who will take a trip to the African continent this summer with the Clinton Global Initiative,(AJ HAS BEEN BROWN NOSING OLE BILL CLINTON FOREVER.)

  • AA

    I have a problem with anyone who is that proud of her vocabulary and yet unable to explain a common criminal act so that everyone can understand it. AJ’s inability to say what happened, makes me question what, if anything, did happen.

  • Hannah955

    AA, that second article you linked to (examiner) – she was at the bookstore in my neighborhood. Luckily she was not on my radar then. Luckily I have never seen her in person!

    Interestingly, I did notice a few weeks ago while walking through the commercial section of Chestnut Street (one of the chic shopping streets in my neighborhood, the Marina) that an eyeglass store directly across the street from Books Inc where she gave her talk, has a photo of her in the window. I snapped a picture of it, let me see if I can find it and upload it. [newp, couldn’t find it]

    Seems like she was wearing the same clothes as in the Examiner photo, so they probably ran outside and said “Ashley, can you take a photo wearing a pair of our sunglasses?” and she agreed. Wonder if they paid her, otherwise that’s a rare moment of being nice to strangers.

  • AA

    I’m curious can AJ be both?(Narcissistic and Histrionic)

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    •mental disorder
    •mental disorder » Personality Disorder
    •Personality Disorder » Cluster B

    Individuals with this Cluster B Personality Disorder have an excessive sense of how important they are. They demand and expect to be admired and praised by others and are limited in their capacity to appreciate others’ perspectives.

    Diagnostic criteria for 301.81 Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    (DSM IV – TR)

    (cautionary statement)

    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    (1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    (2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    (3) believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    (4) requires excessive admiration

    (5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

    (6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

    (7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

    (8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

    (9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Copyright 2000 American Psychiatric Association


    Histrionic Personality Disorder

    •mental disorder
    •mental disorder » Personality Disorder
    •Personality Disorder » Cluster B

    Individuals with this Cluster B Personality Disorder exaggerate their emotions and go to excessive lengths to seek attention.

    Diagnostic criteria for 301.50 Histrionic Personality Disorder

    (DSM IV – TR)

    (cautionary statement)

    A pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    (1) is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention

    (2) interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior

    (3) displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions

    (4) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self

    (5) has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail

    (6) shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion

    (7) is suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances

    (8) considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

    Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Copyright 2000 American Psychiatric Association

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, did you grow up in Marin?

    So, AA that first link was buggy, but I think I found the article mirrored here:

    She says that her grandmother lives in Pacific Heights (a tony neighborhood – Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and a bunch of billionaires and mere millionaires live in Pacific Heights). That’s weird because I thought both her grandmothers lived in Kentucky. I know that her mother’s mother Polly Judd still lives there. And I thought both Ciminella grandparents lived in Ashland, KY.

    OK, I read the article, and basically she’s listing a bunch of stores and restaurant and hotels, most of them in Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow and the Marina (where I grew up and still live).

    I recognized most of them and have been to most of them (not the hotels obviously). A lot of them have closed since then, that was 12 years ago. She’s right about one thing – the burgers at the Balboa Cafe are fabulous. I get a cheeseburger on a sourdough baguette and it’s about the most fabulous burger I’ve ever had. I can’t figure out why, it just is!

    So, who is this grandmother who lives in San Francisco? Is that one of her many grandmothers-of-choice? Cuz if not, it must be the Ciminella side. I searched on the Social Security Death Index for Ciminellas, there are only 10 in the database, and only two who died in Kentucky:

    Michael L. Ciminella
    born 1914, died 1987
    SSN issued in Florida

    Mary D. Ciminella
    born 2/12/1916 died 11/15/1987
    SSN issued in Pennsylvania

    PS I have a personal story about the El Drisco Hotel. Many years ago my boyfriend at the time took me there for dinner on my birthday. I’m not much of a drinker and neither was he, usually, but he had a lot to drink including just about an entire bottle of champagne. Later he got up in the middle of the night and I woke up and said “where are you going?” and he said “to the bathroom” and for some strange reason, I said “number one or number two?” (as if I cared!) and he replied “number one.” He told me the next morning that he was tempted to say “number three” because he had thrown up.

  • Jessica

    Haha my Aunt lives in Pacific Heights! She lived in Marin then a few years ago after my Uncle died she didn’t like being in the house all alone so she moved (I got lost in her old house)
    No, I didn’t grow up there. Due to my Dad’s work and my Mother’s illness I was shuffled between relatives (no sob story! I loved it)
    At one time, I had 2 grandparents, 2 aunts, 2 uncles and a sister there. Now only my Aunt still lives there. And a few Philly friends that were traded there.
    I love San Francisco. It always surprises me I haven’t ended up there again.

    I think it’s yet another one of her “family by choice” things. In her book she constantly mentions a “Godmother” named Piper who lives there.

  • Hannah955

    OK, that makes sense (godmother of choice Piper).

    Here is her grandparents’ grave site, from

    Apparently her grandmother was known as Billie?

    Jessica, what was your mom’s illness, if you don’t mind my asking?

  • Jessica

    She mentions Piper “saving” her a lot.
    My Mom had cancer. It started as breast cancer then kept spreading. A kidney, her stomach, her bones. She was bedridden. It was a hellacious twenty year battle.

  • Hannah955

    I googled “Billie Ciminella” and came upon this site that has photos from Naomi’s book “Love Can Build a Bridge.”

    It’s an awkward URL so I made a tinyurl out of it:

    Wynonna was a cute baby!

    Assley’s maternal grandfather definitely looked Italian.

    And if you scroll down, Assley’s father was quite handsome. And I have to admit, Assley was a beautiful baby!

  • Hannah955

    OK, I searched on “Piper” in Naomi’s book and Piper is her childhood neighbor from Ashland, Linda Ann McDonald, who had moved to San Francisco and was going by the name Piper.

    Googling “Piper McDonald” and “San Francisco” brings up the obituary of her stepfather, and shows that she is going by “Piper McDonald Evans.”

    Aaand, bingo. A search of blockshopper shows her address as 2312 Washington Street, owned by the “Piper M Evans Revocable Trust.” The cross street is Buchanan, and in fact in one of the articles AA linked to, Assley references a guy protesting on the sidewalk at Washington & Buchanan and how she didn’t know whether she wanted to “date him or be him.” Which – I doubt – because that’s a quiet residential corner and if you wanted to do a political protest you wouldn’t do it there!

    Zillow values Piper’s house at $5 million, and puts it at a whopping 4700 square feet. From google maps it doesn’t look that big, though it is a 3 story house if you count the garage + basement level, so I guess it’s possible if each level is about 1800 square feet.

    The taxes are $8900 a year. Thanks to Prop 13, houses in California are taxed at 1% of assessed value, plus special assessments voted in each county that vary by the county, but are about 0.2% in San Francisco County. The assessed value can only go up 2% a year unless you do significant additions/upgrades that would trigger a new assessment. When a house is sold, the assessed value goes up to the sale price for the new owner, but I believe if a house is inherited, the heirs continue to pay the decedent’s assessed value as well. So, dividing by .012 gives an asssessed value of only $740K. Piper must have bought the house a looooonnnng time ago! Anybody who bought it today for $5MM would have to pay around $60,000 a year in property taxes.

    That’s definitely smack dab in the middle of Pacific Heights, and definitely a tony neighborhood, but it’s not the BEST part of Pacific Heights.

    I live less than a mile from there, in the Marina District (closer to the bay).

    Funny how she calls Piper her grandmother, and Tennie from Shales of Hope her grandmother, when they are only 20+ years older than she is. Perhaps she’s in denial about her own actual age.

    Although, it appears that Piper *is* actually her godmother. so maybe they just got it wrong in the article.

  • Hannah955

    And here’s Assley at a society event with her grandmother/godmother in 2002:

  • Hannah955

    OK, so it looks like she did spend a lot of time in the Bay Area from 2000 to 2004:

    – filmed some scenes from High Crimes in Alameda (east bay) (article says she was staying with Piper – probably getting a housing per diem and banking it)

    – filmed some scenes from Someone Like You in SF (weird because it is set in NYC)

    – and Twisted was set in SF

  • Hannah955

    And a photo of her in SF for a De-Lovely event at Armani, again with the RIDICULOUS posture:

  • Hannah955

    And a shot of godmother Piper presumably at the same event:

  • Hannah955

    More about piper, from 1995:

    “Special delivery: Actress Ashley Judd would sign the contract to do “Normal Life” with Luke Perry in Chicago only if there was a clause stating she’d be allowed to go to Paris for the birthday of her godmother, Piper Evans.

    The birthday dinner (given by Martin Boyer of Paris and Ashley) was preceded by cocktails at Patti and Ted Cumming’s hotel particulier in the 7th Arrondisement. “San Franciscans love the 7th,” said Piper. Among those loving it and the birthday: Rosemary Klebahn, Debra Dooley, Cliff Abbey with wife Clare Luce, and Anne Kaiser with husband Robert Taylor. Also joining in: Robert Ferrell, who works with designer John Galliano.

    Piper’s favorite birthday present: a potbellied pig from Ashley. The pig didn’t make the trip, but was waiting for Piper when she got home yesterday. Oink.”

    Yeah, remember “Normal Life?” straight to video IIRC.

  • Hannah955

    “POLICE CALL: The police came to Phil Kaufman’s North Beach office the other day, but it’s not the way it sounds. Kaufman, who directed “The Right Stuff” and, most recently, “Quills,” is in preproduction on “Blackout,” starring Ashley Judd as a San Francisco police inspector.

    To help the script sound authentic, one of the city’s finest was invited over for a chat. “She was telling us about homicides in San Francisco. She had some real amazing stories,” said Peter Kaufman, Phil’s producer-son.

    “Blackout” will be shot entirely in San Francisco this summer, which should give a little boost to the local economy. It also could give an additional boost to Judd’s already thriving career. She’s in every scene. The thriller has a psychological twist. While trying to solve a murder, her character comes to suspect that she might be the killer.

    “Ashley told us she just loves it here. She lives in Tennessee, so she is happy when she comes to the big city,” Peter said. She’s around these parts often, visiting her godmother, Piper Evans. While making “High Crimes” here last year, Judd became a regular at a local Starbucks.

    Read more:

    Ah, hindsight is delicious, with a big helping of schadenfreude. “Blackout” was renamed “Twisted” and basically was the nail in the coffin of Assley Judd’s Hollywood career. It was the worst-reviewed movie of 2004 and grossed only $25 million on a budget of $50 million. Guess it didn’t quite give Assley’s career the “boost” mentioned in the article. 🙂

  • Hannah955

    And one more about Piper on the social scene:

    (Mock, I sent you an email, I posted a comment with two links and that sent it to moderation.)

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I’m so sorry about your mom. She was pretty darned tough to survive 20 years with all that.

  • Jessica

    She was tough! I miss her more the older I get.

    Oh gosh! Such forgettable films!

  • Jessica

    She’s definitely in denial about her own age.
    I need to email Mock to ask if I can post certain things here.

  • Hannah955

    OK, searching on “Piper” on Amazon’s “look inside me” feature of Assley’s book, we have five quotes. Here’s one. It’s right after some guy apparently knocked on the door of their home in Tennessee when Assley was home alone at age 14, and asked her if she had ever modeled.

    “Piper McDonald Evans is one of the powerful people who were miraculously put in my life at crucial times, times I might otherwise have endured a worse face or perhaps not even survived. Apart from my grandparents, she was the first and most influential of these guardian spirits and someone who still holds a treasured space in my life. She was born Linda Ann McDonald, and grew up across the street from my mother in Ashland. In fact, she had introduced Mom and Dad on their first blind date. Her brothers played with my uncles; our families were “yard kin,” as I liked to put it. Piper had gone to the university, pledged a top sorority, and graduated with impeccable grades. She moved to San Francisco before I was born and became a woman of the world, versed in art, literature, history and fashion, always displaying considerable intellectual gifts as well as a fantastic sense of humor.

    When Dad and I made our road trip to Oregon years earlier, we stopped for a while to visit her in San Francisco. I was in awe of her and spent much of our time in the car with my windshield visor down, looking in the mirror, trying to arrange my hair to look like hers. She has often popped up in our lives at the most auspicious times. When Mom decided to move to Marin County, Piper was there to meet her at the airport (wearing a mink coat, of course), and helped her out while she looked for an apartment. Piper had an inkling of how chaotic our lives were, but there was little she could do except be there for us when she was needed.

    Over the years we grew closer, and she became a safe haven for me in my adolesence, much as Mamaw and Papaw Ciminella had been in my early childhood. I don’t remember if she called me or I called her, but one day after school when I was about fourteen, and I was sitting there beside Mom’s bed holding that gun, I ended up talking on the phone to her. While I didn’t mention that I was actually playing with a gun, I did share that I was extremely miserable. Because she knew my mother, she both believed me and did not judge anyone involved. Instead, she expressed her confidence in me and thus gave me something else to focus on: the novel idea that someday I could live differently.

    She later gave me a book entitled “Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers” and in her inscription she wrote, “If you have the kind of life I think you are, you’re going to need this!” One of the many things she taught me was how to be at ease with all kinds of people, because she was inclusive, celebrated diversity, and honored everyone, even though, paradoxically, she could be an unapologetic and incorrigible snob when it came to society stuff. She later took me to France and Italy, where for several years in a row we blissfully spent the month of May. She opened up the world to me.”

    When Piper learned I had a chance to compete in the competition, she offered to pay for the trip and accompany me to New York. It was a magical experience for me. We stayed at the Waldorf Towers, and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Algonquin Hotel, where the famous Round Table originated, and the fountain at the Plaza where F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald took their drunken midnight dip. She took me to dinner at La Grenouille and Odeon. She met the man who had knocked on my door in Tennessee, telling him, as well as her New York friends, about my bright future, a future that, until those conversations, I had been unaware I even possessed. I had read Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazines, and thought myself very sophisticated for a fourteen-year-old. I had almost grown to my full height of five feet seven, and I suppose I had just the right look for the agency’s talent scouts, because I won in all the categories. The prize was a paid two-month contract to model in Japan.”

    [There’s more, about how she was all alone in Japan, and nobody met her plane, and she called Piper and Piper paid for her hotel room.]

    Is it just me, or did Assley lead a rather charmed life? I’m sorry but I didn’t have a fairy godmother who took me to Europe for a month every May, or paid for me to go to NYC and stay in fancy hotels when I was 14.

  • Hannah955

    Mock already gave you carte blanche, Jessica!

  • Hannah955

    BTW I posted over on the COTR thread about the McConnell tape thingie, that a Kentucky Democratic legislator outed the people who made the tape. They’re from a small PAC called Progress Kentucky that rabidly hates McConnell and has a bit of a hard-on (excuse me) for Assley. Apparently they stood outside the room where the meeting was going on and recorded it from the hallway. Which may, actually, have been legal according to Kentucky law, even though by one Kentucky statute, you cannot audiotape a meeting without the consent of one participant. If it can be heard from a common area, you don’t need permission. HOWEVER … distributing and publishing it is a separate kettle of fish, and I believe that’s a felony under Federal law. But I’m not a lawyer so don’t quote me!

  • Hannah955

    Progress KY is also the group that tweeted racist remarks about McConnell’s Chinese wife.

  • Jessica

    I found that really annoying. I mean I have amazing God parents. Even better than hers.
    But for a “poor me” person she’s had a pretty charmed life.
    She’s never purchased her own car! Ever!
    She’s never purchased or rented her own homes, it’s always been someone else picking up the tab.
    So her “poor me” crap sucks

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, that’s what I heard. Wynonna gave her a car when she was about 16. This was at the tail end of a long “poor me” section about how she lived alone in Louisville when her father took off for parts unknown (Florida?) and she was going to a fancy private high school that was too far away to walk to, and she used to bum rides off her schoolmates, but then one girl complained and she was so embarrassed she stayed home for a week watching TV. At the tail end of this story, she mentions that Wynonna gave her a car – but manages to complain even about THAT, saying it arrived at the end of the school year, too late to be any good.

    In any event, by the time she graduated from college she had a Beemer, also a gift from Wynonna I believe, and she drove cross-country to L.A. in it.

    Then I believe at some point between arriving in 1990, and when she left in 1994, she was caught speeding in L.A. and asked the police officer if he knew who she was. At that time she was in a Mercedes given to her by Naomi. And yes, she got the ticket, and no she never paid it.

    Then in 1994 she was living in a rental home in Malibu. Paid for by Naomi? And when that burned down in the big Malibu fires, Wynonna offered her a farmhouse and 10 acres of land on her and Naomi’s 1000 acre parcel, and she moved to Tennessee.

    Didn’t she go on “Car Talk” asking for advice about 10 years ago, and she ended up buying an SUV or pickup? Then recently she said she drives a little car – a mini Cooper? So I would imagine she paid for that.

    But of course, whenever she was on location for a movie, she wouldn’t pay for a rental house, the movie company would pay for it.

    And… what about when she was bombing on Broadway in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Did they pay for her housing as well?

    I hear her makeup artist works for free. And she borrows the clothes and accessories she wears on the red carpet.

    She is very cheap about clothing as well, she was quoted as saying she has to think long and hard about paying $50 for a blouse.

  • Jay

    Ladies, you are remarkable! I’ve been away a few days and am in awe of what you have been able to dig up. How do you find these things – google?

    Now from what I’ve read, she constantly preaches about addiction and 12 step programs. I thought she must have been an alcoholic? But, in the links you posted, she talks about spending no more than $30 for a bottle of wine and in one picture, a flute of champagne is at her feet while she poses.

    What’s the deal?

  • Jessica

    The Honda and BMW came from “Sister”
    Mercedes came from Naomi
    Naomi also paid for her various LA rental homes. Even after she was earning good money.
    She had a range rover briefly but it was a gift from a boyfriend.
    She didn’t pay for the Mini Cooper. It was a gift.

    The free makeup artist was part of her AB contract.

    Clothing – she claims she’s cheap with it so I guess a $300 dress is “budget” for the Armani princess.

    She used a hotel then a friends apartment in NYC. Production couldn’t afford to put her in the kind of place that she considers “decent”

  • Hannah955

    Jay, I don’t know where Jessica gets her intel but mine is all from the internet! And one person I know who had a relative who worked on Dario’s IndyCar crew back in the day. This person could not STAND Assley.

    Assley probably worked the guilt angle with Naomi who she claimed wasn’t there for her when she was little, so she got Naomi to compensate with money.

    I wrote a big – LONG – essay today that I was considering posting about my early childhood, but decided I didn’t really want it out there in public, even though you all don’t know my full name.

    But then, I wouldn’t want to trump Assley in the “poor me” department though I certainly could in some areas (not sexual abuse though, thankfully I never experienced that). However I will say one thing – I had something precious my entire life. I had a mother who I knew – KNEW – with 100% certainty loved me and would never abandon me and would die for me. I never felt like a burden, I never felt neglected, I always felt loved. Yeah, my mom was eccentric and headstrong and drove me crazy and stuff, we had very dissimilar personalities. But my mom was incredibly talented (and beautiful) – she taught herself to sew and made couture suits from Vogue Patterns and then taught herself to upholster and make slipcovers, so even though we didn’t have much money, I always had beautiful clothes, and we lived in a beautifully decorated house in a great neighborhood. Many’s the time my mom stayed up all night finishing an outfit for me to wear to a special occasion the next day.

    I didn’t appreciate her as much as I should have, when she was alive. I guess you take it for granted when your mother is beautiful, and works hard all day as a chef then comes home and cooks your dinner, then cheerfully sits down at the sewing machine and makes you something beautiful to wear.

    Anyway, whenever I am tempted to post about the more traumatic aspects of my early childhood, I just think about the fact that I had the one thing that every child needs, a happy safe childhood with at least one parent who loved me unconditionally and was always there for me.

  • Jessica

    It’s hard isn’t it Hannah? You’ll start typing about a situation, etc then you’re like ack I can’t post that! It’s either too personal or – alludes too much in to who you are. We all deserve to have some anonymity you know?
    Vogue patterns? I die! Especially the 60’s and 70’s ones. I bought some years ago but don’t have the talent for sewing. But I can fix your car blind folded.

  • Hannah955

    I don’t have the talent for sewing either! I mean, I can make duvet covers and drapes, but I can’t make clothes. My mom could just look at a piece of fabric and see how it draped and envision what to make with it. And she could adapt it to her body, or mine. I have to follow a pattern rigidly or I’m lost.

    When I was 15 she made me this incredible suit. Imagine a kelly green wool boucle plaid fabric, with the plaid being just a single thin line of another color, every 6″ or so – pink, aqua, orange, yellow. I think this suit was Christian Lacroix but it looked like Chanel – little jacket with self-covered buttons rimmed in gold, and a miniskirt to go with it. The lining was hot pink raw silk! So, she was 45 and I was 15 and she dresses me in this suit, I was probably already 5’7″ or 5’8″ (my adult height) … and I’m wearing high heel brown leather ankle booties. And she’s wearing a suit she made for herself, too. She drags me down to Union Square to show me off to the ladies at Britex Fabrics (where she always shopped the remnants, rarely buying off the bolt because it was mucho expensive). I WAS MORTIFIED! I wanted to be just like all the other girls and wear store-bought clothes, and people were LOOKING AT ME – UGH! I wish I still had that suit, I have no idea what happened to it. And I’m probably 25# heavier now than I was then, so it would never fit. But still…

  • Jessica

    Just the thought of that suit! Wow!

  • AA

    Ethics Complaints filed against McConell.

    Citzens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) asked the FBI and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to investigate whether Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) violated federal law and Senate rules by misusing Senate staff or resources to conduct opposition research on potential campaign opponents.

  • AA

    Clearly AJ(or her people) are not monitoring her facebook page. (I didn’t know AJ had one until now.)

  • AA

    AJ’s supporter Jonathan Miller proffered in an interview yesterday that AJ will be moving back to Kentucky and running for something. I found it interesting that while he will not say that AJ did not make the dealing with McConnell easy compared to being raped without any doubt, he said that her private conversations should be private. What about McConnells meeting with Campaign staff’s meeting being private.

  • AA

    I wonder if AJ asked Dario about the provenance of that huge diamond he gave her? I mean consider all the human rights violations and environmental violations.

  • AA

    I found a bio of Shawn Reilly from 2011 where he was running for Kentucky State Senate. He was one of the DEMS who recorded the McConnell Meeting illegally.

  • Hannah955

    AA, I think I posted that Shawn Reilly bio over at COTR.

    Good links on your other posts. I moseyed over to the link you posted and wrote a long comment. comments are moderated so I figured it would end up in the trash bin, but the author published it – hee! You all should click through and check it out 🙂

    I have seen AJ’s FB page, it’s usually full of fawning posts. I don’t think she reads it at all, she pretty much conducts her public life on twitter. Which – 9 days since her last tweet, isn’t it heaven?

    Somebody tweeted to Wynonna something like “why did Ashley bug McConnell’s office?” and Wy tweeted back that she hadn’t, she has been on a retreat for a couple of weeks.

    Wonder if she’s at that monastery again, and if they let her bring all her support animals. She said at the GWU talk a month ago that one of her dogs is on a hunger strike – since Buttermilk is 15, I’m wondering whether he’s ill and whether she would consider being away from him for this long (I know if one of my pets is sick, all bets are off, I don’t leave home).

    Jessica, did you get dispensation from Mock to post some juicy intel? Would love to read it!

    You know, I see now why McConnell is such a formidable opponent. Even though a lot of liberals are decrying his nasty plot to bring up Assley’s mental stability (a plot of which there is no evidence, BTW) … he called it absolutely right when his campaign tweeted that Progress KY was probably behind the tape (it was) … and there may well be criminal charges against the Progress KY idiots. Not to mention, it was a Kentucky Democratic legislator who threw them under the bus, thus further tainting them when the people who supposedly benefited from the tapes are denouncing them.

    Of course, the biggest beneficiary is Assley, who will use this to increase her speaking fees, will probably get more bookings, and will undoubtedly incorporate this new evidence of her victimhood into her Rape Victim speaking tour.

  • Hannah955

    And, the “retired” Ashley Judd is continuing to get supporting roles in movies, go figure:

  • Hannah955

    The bad news: it’s a trilogy. The good news? She’s killed off in the first installment, so unless she’s going to appear in flashbacks in subsequent movies, we won’t have to see much of her.

    Once again, the barren Assley Judd plays a loving mother.

    And once again, she’s killed off early in the movie.

    Gee, no Morgan Freeman in this one – how on earth did she get the role?

  • Hannah955

    Ah, Aaron Eckhart plays her husband (as he did in Olympus Has Fallen). Maybe he’s her new Morgan Freeman?

  • Jessica

    Retired to her means Give me a good paycheck and ill do it.

  • Jessica

    Hannah, I haven’t send it yet I feel kind of silly bothering her but I don’t want to get her site in trouble because I’m a snarky person.

    Poor Buttermilk. I hope his hunger strike is over.

    I wouldn’t leave an ill pet either – but we have hearts. We know the Earth doesn’t revolve around us.

  • Mockarena

    I can’t imagine how anything you said would get the site in trouble! Feel free to say whatever you’re willing to say! 🙂

  • Jay

    Hannah, you’re a rock-star commenter. Well done!

    Jessica – snark away!

    New news on the movie. Something just occurred to me. This ‘retreat’. You don’t do 2 retreats in a row. And retreats don’t last 9 days. Since filming has already begun, maybe she’s having little something something done to freshen up for the big screen.

    Ya think???

  • Jessica

    Sorry I’m late! I had a car emergency. That crap they put on roads to melt the snow got on my car and I had a flip out. I have an un-natural attachment to a material possession. Oh well at least I admit my craziness.

    Jay, Isn’t Hannah amazing?

    Also, I doubt she’s having any “work” as she’s had allergic reactions to fillers in the past. She had some string lifting done for her cheekbones. But anything than a little laser work or a chemical peel she doesn’t react well to.

    As for her so called retirement – we’ve discussed it before but another factor is her difficulty to function like the rest of us do.
    She’s famous for ditching rental cars. What kind of person forgets where they left a car?
    She’s famous for damaging rental properties and/or altering them to her liking without permission which ends up costing production more.
    It amazes me that Lohan kid gets so much crap for being late to sets but not a peep about Ashley’s insane delays. Maybe it’s because when she was “hot” the Internet wasn’t like it is now.

    Another random annoying thing for all the feminist crap she spouts she wanted something she bashes other women for – a man to take care of her!

    I wish I could comment more about the political things but I’m not on your level yet to do so (I’m still learning! If anyone else out there is like me please go read Mock’s other site! It’s very educational)
    I only know about her personal/professional life but the thought of her in any office frightens me. I would’ve moved to Kentucky and ran against her which would’ve been crazy as I’m clueless and would have to create my own party. I’m sure the Coal industry people would’ve loved me though. I don’t use a toaster oven (despite my threat to walk around the Indy 500 with a wagon full to give to strangers) and there’s nothing Eco about anything I drive.

  • Hannah955

    Heya Jay and Jessica, thanks for the love – right back atcha.

    So…I wonder if you know anything about that celebrity blind that said Assley has been on fertility drugs for years trying to have a baby.

    There was some pretty good research posted by someone with the handle Jessie27 who combed back through Assley’s past interviews to find quotes about having children. Is that you, Jessica?

    I should post there and add the quote AA found!

    The Mock Dock is not supposed to be political although a bunch of us are also aficionados of Chicks on the Right, Mockarena and Daisy’s conservative web site, so sometimes that bleeds through a little. I try to be careful about that though, since my dislike of Assley is entirely agnostic and has nothing to do with her being a liberal. I actually agree with her on some issues (shhh!)

    I did read somewhere (in some comments below a news article or blog, I forget which) that someone who knew someone who flew rental helicopters, said that Assley used to hire helicopters to come pick her up at the farm and fly her to the Nashville airport, and the company eventually refused to work for her because she would let her dogs crap in the helicopters and didn’t pick up after them.

    Another commenter said that she had this bizarre habit of greeting people (strangers) in the nude. Like a yoga instructor she hired to come out and give her a session, she walks down the stairs naked. The instructor was really grossed out by this and left.

    There was another celebrity blind about an actress who liked to walk back and forth completely nude in front of the plate glass windows in her rental home while she was on location in Canada filming a movie (this was at the exact same time that she was filming “Helen” in Canada).

    And you hear all the time about her not wearing underwear, and flashing people her private parts, and going barefoot all the time, and it seems like she just has an unnatural desire to be an exhibitionist. Which for someone who claims to be a victim of sexual abuse, is a bit weird.

    I think that if she wanted a man to take care of her, she wouldn’t have married Dario, because he’s very wrapped up in his career and travels six months out of the year. Does he foot the bill for anything? I think I read that she said that she had stopped paying her share of expensive stuff like private plane charters… but otherwise they share equally.

    Seems to me like she’s gender-neutral in wanting people to take care of her – she wants SOMEBODY (sister, mother, father, husband, movie company, cosmetics company, designer) to foot the bill, but she doesn’t really care who it is, does she?

    Or are you referring to emotions rather than to money?

  • Jessica

    No that wasn’t me.
    The fertility issue I wrote Mock about to see if its okay to post.
    I will say I’m tired of people spinning it that he only wants natural children, it makes him look bad. It’s not true.

    That’s true. She’s pissed off Helicopter and Plane companies. They should feel privileged to have her in their presence. Ashley does SO much for the world you can’t expect her to potty train Buttermilk too! Yeah, the therapy dogs aren’t potty trained.

    Unfortunately the nudity, flashing people rumors are true. It’s blamed on the hyper sexuality part of her illness.

    Her financial equality claims are hilarious.
    I was referring to both. She is gender neutral though. It’s anyone willing to take care of her financially and emotionally – even for a moment.

  • Hannah955

    Well, if Dario would be willing to adopt, then why didn’t they do that?

    Although I cannot imagine Assley Judd signing up to focus on another human being’s needs for 18 years (or more). Nor sharing Dario’s attention with a child.

    Wow, she’s one sick puppy if all those rumors are true. I suppose promiscuity comes with that hyper-sexualization as well. Almost lends credence to the sexual abuse talk, because that is a known symptom of childhood sexual abuse.

    I read a bit of Wynonna’s autobiography, she told a story about being young and naive, and some guy shoves her into the back seat of a car and then comes in after her, takes his belt off, and presses his hand down on her mouth so hard that her braces cut the inside of her mouth.

    What does Wynonna do? Waits until he’s off guard and then hauls off and punch him as hard as she could, then she scrambles out of the car.

    Contrast that with Assley, playing the victim because she didn’t know how to say “no.”

    They truly couldn’t be more different, could they?

    And of course, Assley fancies herself the strong and resilient one in the family. I actually ALMOST like Wynonna, though of course she has a healthy dose of that Judd craziness and her relationship with her mother is beyond unhealthy, and she loves all that psychobabble, so she’s often hard to take. But I get the impression that down under all of that, she’s REAL PEOPLE. Whereas I want to scream from the rooftops what an absolute phony Assley Judd is. Just – it’s soooo obvious. Just listen to her speeches, watch her interviews on youtube (the Craig Ferguson one is my all-time favorite), and read her writings. They just SCREAM self-absorbed narcissist!

    Her pathology apparently runs pretty deep. Never has there been such a disconnect between public perception, self-image and reality.

    Poor Wynonna, tweeted a photo of Assley in the bandage dress at DWTS, waving her arms madly in the air. Wy tweeted “I love this picture” and I thought “yup, there’s Assley in the aisle seat, standing up, waving her arms, calling attention to herself, while your HUSBAND, Cactus, the guy with one leg, is sitting several seats down in the corner, off-camera. That picture isn’t about Assley supporting YOU, Wynonna – it’s her freaking AUDITION for DWTS.”

    I bet Assley would do DWTS in a second, even over Wynonna’s objections, if she could.

    I wonder how much Assley is actually worth. AA is really good at internet research, she found a production company based in L.A. whose only asset is a retirement plan with about $500K in it. Some web sites say her net worth is $22 million but I doubt that she made that much in her entire career, and after paying an agent and taxes, she would have half of that if that. Of course, she has apparently never had to pay for housing, cars or clothing in her life, so perhaps she invested every penny she ever made. But I still don’t see it adding up to anything like that much. Wonder how much her American Beauty contract paid her – and the jeweler thing (Sydney Katz, is it?) … and I wonder how much she put into Redneck House (excuse me, Rednock House) in Scotland – or was that all Dario?

    That has been taken off the market, not sure why. Did it sell? Did Dario decide to buy her out and keep it?

  • Jessica

    She’s too unstable for a child, natural or adopted.

    I’m not sure if this will make sense but sometimes I think Wynonna’s psychobabble is how she survives JuddLand.

    For a cosmetic contract the number was low but she was provided with a lot of services.

  • Jessica

    I don’t know how much she financially put in to Redneck (lol!) House but I can find out.
    I do know she put a lot of input in to it and was upset that as its a listed building the renovations didn’t quite come out the way she wanted.
    I want the barn/garage

  • Hannah955

    I like Redneck House, but I think the master bathroom is hideously out of character with the feel of a historic home. It’s so weird that the toilet walls are glass – someone on a celebrity houses site said they sure hoped that the walls turn opaque with the flip of a switch. I like to think they don’t, and that she sits on the toilet expecting Dario to applaud loudly when she says “Look honey, I made #2!”

    I think for some reason Wynonna doesn’t trust her own instincts, so she falls back on the psychobabble. If you read her twitter feed, she’s always overreacting to things people say, then backtracking and apologizing and trying to make everybody feel OK. It’s almost sweet – but it’s also kind of a dysfunctional way to approach being a celebrity vis a vis 40,000+ followers – some of whom are crazy and stalkerish. Recently some guy was posting really crazy stuff, and she said she was going to ban him, then she apologized and unblocked him, and I’m all “NOOOOO, that one you SHOULD block, he’s CUH-RAZY!”

    Basically what I’m trying to say is, she shouldn’t try to please everybody. I notice she responds more quickly to negative stuff than to positive, then she goes on these tweeting jags where she writes like 15 140-character tweets in a row to express herself to this person who criticized her.

  • Hannah955

    Well Jessica, you seem to have a lot of good insider knowledge (I won’t ask where you got it, just keep it comin’!) … so was she trying to get preggers?

  • AA

    DWTS dumped Wynonna before she died on them.

  • AA

    Who would have worked for AJ and Dario as a nanny? Where would the child have been raised(educated) in Scotland or one of AJ’s HOMES? The poor kid would not have had a stable home with stable parents – how could it have had those things?

    I still think that AJ and Dario had a partnership, not a real marriage. (Bill and Hillary Clinton have the partnership not the real marriage too.) Remember this appears to have been the first serious relationship for two very inexperienced people. People who may have dated but not seriously. Their needs perfectly fit each other. And how great was it that they each got a trophy spouse?

    In a previous post here I wondered wheter AJ had Histrionic Personality Disorder or Narcissitic?
    AJ displays:
    (1) is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention

    (2) interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior

    (3) displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions

    (4) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self

    (5) has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail

    (6) shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion

    (8) considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are.

    I left out (7) because I’m not sure. However I think All the other characteristics are there.

  • AA

    The Judds are a disfunctional family that don’t want to change. They want their nutty behavior to work! Well most of us learn that somethings no matter how many times we do them, just don’t work. I hope that Wynonna’s children don’t pay the price of repeating family history, but they’ve been raised in a very strange setting. As for Naomi, Wynonna and AJ, they have more options open to them than most people do and the only feeling that can be felt for them is annoyance.

  • AA

    I sort have been wondering if AJ doesn’t seek some sort of treatment, so she can list Dario as her emergency call person. Someone here posted that she never had anyone to put down to call in case of emergency until Dario, and they’re still married. Dario had better start getting his lawyers to work for his protection.

    Dario doesn’t appear to be a fighter, but an easygoing kind of guy. If she feels she’s not going to get her way, he’d better watch out. It will get CRAZY in ways that will blow his mind.

  • AA

    Hannah I loved your comment at mycn2. I’m surprized they left it too.

  • Hannah955

    AA, I clicked through to that National Enquirer link and I just don’t buy the story. If you watched Wynonna on DWTS – she looked like she was barely moving. I don’t think she ever had a “grueling workout” in her life. Seems like she was always stuck in first gear, as one judge said.

    Wow 5’5″ and 245 pounds. That’s morbidly obese.

    The list of personality traits – is that Histrionic or Narcissistic? That list certainly seems to fit her to a T – except #5, I’m not sure her speech is lacking in detail…

    I think Dario will be fine. I’ve dated men like him, they simply don’t get drawn in to the drama. He’s the strong silent type. She can try whatever she wants, if he doesn’t respond she’s SOL.

    I don’t think she’ll go after his money in court. Unless of course he files for divorce and she realizes it’s finally over.

  • AA

    Hannah I doubt Wynonna walks for five minutes a day. If she’s as inactive as I think she is, DWTS was grueling for her. Poor Tony danced around her walking routine…. it was so crazy. Wynonna has been sitting around (her term would be nursing) with Cactus and feeling sorry for herself.

    I put up both Narcisstic and Histrionic Personality Disorders earlier, but the last was some of the Histrionic. I see (5) because her rapes are impressionistic rather than factually based.

    All of this brings us to MAMA Naomi the trained nurse who should have seen that both daughters got some real help instead of the quacks they are seeing.

    Wynonna is in terrible shape for someone who is around menopause age, in depression and morbidly obese.

    If this family doesn’t have every resource availible to help themselves and still refuses to change, I don’t know who does.

  • AA

    I thought for sure AJ would have a NOH8 picture with the rest of the celebrites. She going to have to get with the younger crowd if she wants to keep working. Actually, I thought that Jay might be right and she was doing something for her looks. Mama Judd is a PS junkie and AJ’s age is showing, so it would be time for it in Hollywood standards. Maybe she has checked herself into some type of clinic. The retreat thing seems to be an escape from life as opposed to a spiritual pursuit.

    Look for a psychotic break to happen if the pressure starts getting to AJ, then Dario better take cover.

  • Jay

    I just had the best laugh and had to share.

    If you click on her last twitter where she asked what your most unusual carry on item was, someone wrote
    “My baby #unconscionable”.

    And someone else wrote “Pink fuzzy socks”.

    Hahahahaha, wait ’til she sees that!

  • Jessica

    Hahaha! A baby and pink fuzzy socks! What about Tupperware or faucets?

  • Hannah955

    Jay, I love that!

  • Hannah955

    Here’s a link to the best essay I have read on the McConnell-Judd kerfuffle:

    Written by a woman!

  • Jessica

    Hannah thank you for sharing that awesome article

  • AA

    If you can believe it there are those who are still thinking AJ may run.

  • Hannah955

    AA, that piece you linked to is the worst piece of biased crap and flawed logic I have ever seen. Not even worth breaking it down point by point because it’s so ridiculous.

    In these days of the internet, everybody is a “reporter” even if they’re just some jacka$$ sitting in his parents’ basement with a laptop and a wifi connection.

    And yes, to address one point in the piece where the guy says people will accuse her of being a flipflopper if she gets back in, but really she isn’t because all she did was announce she wasn’t running … um, there’s that little part about “focus on family” that she used – you know, the traditional cover story failed/disgraced pols use when they drop out of races.

    All of a sudden “family” is not important?

    Or maybe she’ll spin it that her “family” said to her “your nation needs you Ashley!”

    Gag me.

    But anyway, she’s not getting back into this race. Maybe 2016 if Rand Paul runs for Pres and his seat is up for grabs. But let’s see if she moves to Kentucky in the next couple of years first. She should know that she should do it sooner rather than later. I mean, if she waits until May of 2016 then Kentuckians really WILL know her heart is not in the Bluegrass State.

  • Hannah955

    AA, this is a belated response to your posting on April 11th of the description of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    I didn’t read it in detail until just now.

    OMFG – if that isn’t a 20 point bulls-eye perfect description of Assley Judd.

    You are amazing!

    I think she also mostly fits the Histrionic Personality but she is a bingo on every single point of the Narcissistic Personality. It’s almost scary.

    For everybody else, so they don’t have to scroll back through 600+ comments, here it is again, as you posted it:

    Diagnostic criteria for 301.81 Narcissistic Personality Disorder (DSM IV – TR)

    (cautionary statement)
    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    (1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    (2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    (3) believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    (4) requires excessive admiration

    (5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

    (6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

    (7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

    (8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

    (9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Copyright 2000 American Psychiatric Association

  • AA

    I wondered about the stabletimes piece being trash, however the fact that there are those still saying it annoys me. (maybe I should say scares me.)

    I’ve personally had to deal with people who have personality disorders and trush me, it is a hell on earth type of experience. I think AJ has both mental illness( bipolar disorder or deep depression)and a personality disorder. She can be medically treated for the mental illness, but the personality disorder requires years of intense therapy. AJ would never believe she has a personality disorder and would never be treated for that. AJ makes an interesting case study for us. This is a learning experience.

    This is why I am as interested as I am, because I’ve dealt with it. And trust me I look for it whenever I get that funny feeling that this is more than a difficult person.

  • AA

    AJ bought the Kentucky house in March. It doesn’t seem to be the kind of house Hollywood’s once highest paid actress or a future senator would buy.

  • AA

    (The House)The purchase occurred six days before Judd, a Tennessee resident, ended speculation that she would run for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky against Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell.

    Three bedrooms/1 bath. Why bother? She could have bought a condo and not had to deal with maintenance of a yard and stuff. It is not what I would have guessed, but she had no more intention of living there than one of us would have. Maybe this served two purposes: helping daddy and giving her a cheap Kentucky residence.

    The fact that the sale went through six days before she got out of the race, tells me that she was running right until the end. ( My quess is that Bill Clinton told her that it wasn’t her time.)

    Notice that AJ didn’t buy a house in the Golden Triangle(Kentucky)but back where she experienced all her abandonment in Ashland.

  • Jessica

    Her new house isn’t spectacular but have you seen her TN home? It’s not impressive either despite all the renovations and money pumped in to that place. It just looks like a regular house.

    Dealing with personality disorders can be true hell on Earth. I deal with it daily with my Stepmonster.

  • AA

    I’m have never been impressed with AJ’s taste, in clothes or her homes. Naomi shows her house off on tv shows every chance she gets. For someone who loves San Francisco I would have thought AJ would have hired great decorators here and in Scotland. The Scottish place had no personality and they had plenty of money to get the best decorators – it was he kind of place that would be great if the right people get their hands on it.

  • AA

    Maybe buying Daddy’s house was helping her family. I know going to a retreat(exile) would be a helpful cause they don’t have to listen to her.

  • Jessica

    The Scotland house’s “personal” touches were removed for photo staging.
    Not that her doilies or whatever they’re called made it any better but I thought it looked very sterile for the real estate staging.
    Everyone’s taste is different – but I think hers is terrible.

  • Hannah955

    AA, good intel on the house in Kentucky. According to the article you linked to, it was a house her father had previously owned that he had sold to a next-door neighbor, and Assley bought it from the neighbor.

    It must have pained her to spend ANY money on housing since as Jessica said, she has managed to avoid doing so for a whopping 45 years. Literally, has never spent money on housing in her life. So naturally she would do it on the cheap when she did buy a house. My guess is she has no intention of actually moving there and having close neighbors. Though … think of the opportunities for flashing passersby. I wonder if it has a large plate glass window facing the street. But I jest …if she really intended to pull up roots and move to Kentucky she would have bought a house on some land, far away from the common folk.

    She talks about decorating the house in Tennessee in her book, how she made all sorts of notes about things that gave her comfort in her childhood – sheets and towels and coverlets that her grandparents had in their homes. So I think she wasn’t interested in making an Architectural Digest statement so much as in recreating the past. But I could be wrong.

    At some point I’ll find out the exact address and maybe contact the neighbors to find out how often she spends time in the new house – my guess is NEVER.

    Wynonna is suing her dad over a $250,000 unpaid loan from 1994 to buy his present house in Louisville. Who knows, she might foreclose and repossess the house. Though if her twitter behavior is any hint of her attitude, she may go all soft and let him off the hook. She’s always doing that on twitter, getting mad at people and firing off 10 tweets in a row defending herself, telling them they’re blocked and then an hour later apologizing and saying they’re not blocked after all, and trotting out some reassuring “needlepoint pillow” wisdom such as “hurt people hurt people” … so who knows what she will do with Daddy and his Louisville house.

    BTW Assley is always tweeting about her “famous” cakes and pies and bread that she bakes. Isn’t it amazing what you can get done with a TOASTER OVEN?

    (for those who don’t know what that means, she claimed at one point that she doesn’t use a real oven, just a toaster oven, to save the environment).

    As for AJ’s taste in clothes, it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen, but she’s definitely not a fashionista. She always seems to wear dresses that are not that pretty, I mean they’re not BAD, they’re just – meh. And they all look the same. They are definitely not the sort of dresses that a sophisticated 40-something woman should be wearing, and when she turns 50 in five years they will be even less appropriate. But of course, her mom has zero taste (even in the 80’s she looked ridiculous (like Barbie dressed up for a prom) and Sister has worn exclusively black for 30 years, like someone told her it’s slimming and she’s afraid to wear anything else.

    BTW a belated ROFL to Jessica for her comment about the Tang/Cheetos skin color on Wynonna! Word dat.

    Oh, Wynonna announced on twitter that she is going to sing on DWTS in May. Wonder if Assley will come along to get another 5 minutes of attention on national TV?

  • Hannah955

    And yes, she was running right up until the last minute. One of her insiders blabbed about that.

  • Jessica

    LOL! It’s true! It’s like she mixes Tang with her body lotion.

    Ashley’s always about recreating this or that, or rewriting this or that. The time she spends recreating all these childhood things she should spend working on herself. Oh wait, she’s consumed with herself 24 hours a day.

    Hannah, she contributed $200k US dollars to the Scotland home.

  • Jessica

    Think we’ll get a toaster oven cookbook? That would be mocktastic! After her healthy cooking for kids Martha appearance years ago I’ve been waiting for her to do a cookbook.

  • Hannah955

    Assley acts proud of her family roots, always talking about them, 8th generation kentuckian, that really ridiculous blog entry about how she magically found her way to some ancestor’s home buried in some Kentucky holler, even though she’d never been there, as if somehow all this Kentucky malarky is imprinted in her DNA.

    And of course great-uncle Elijah who got his leg cut off in the Civil War, and the Mayflower preacher, ,and how MawMaw and PawPaw were elegant dancers…she positively WALLOWS in the family lore. And yet, seems oddly disconnected from it. Like she wants to climb into it and wrap it around herself and she can’t, to her it’s just a story, once removed. Like a prop in her own mythology.

    Seems like she spends her life trying to get connected to things and yet is always once-removed, apart, in her head and not in her heart.

    That house in Scotland cost millions to renovate, and she only contributed $200K? Sheesh.

    The house is off the market, was it sold, or did Dario decide to keep it and buy her out? If so, would she expect him to pay her the appreciated value of her 5-10% stake in it? Or does she consider herself a half owner even though she didn’t contribute half?

    I mean there’s cheap, and there’s pathologically cheap, and she’s the latter.

    Back during the Presidential election last year I checked out her political contributions on-line. Double-checked by searching on Franchitti and Ciminella as well.

    In the prior 10 years she had given a grand total of $3500 to political causes. That’s $350 a year on average – poor people money. You and me money. She gave nothing to Hillary Clinton, a total of $250 to Emily’s List (who were promoting her so heavily to run for office, she appears on their panels, and touts them, but doesn’t put her money where her mouth is). Gave about $250 to one local politician. And nothing to Obama in 2012, the last time she donated to him was in 2008.

    Contrast that with Eva Longoria, the national cochair of Obama’s 2012 re-election committee, who gave a total of $75,000 in the prior two years. Which works out to roughly a 100:1 ratio compared to Assley’s level of giving.

    And she claims to have been one of the highest-paid women in Hollywood. Not true, but she made enough that she could contribute generously to the causes she believes in, and she contributes just about NOTHING.

    I swear, she is so bizarrely unpleasant in almost every way that a human being can be unpleasant. Little did I know when I read her ridiculous puffy face essay a year ago, and became so annoyed with how banal and trite it was that I actually googled “Ashley Judd” together with “annoying” … that I had only scratched the surface.

    I suppose there are other celebrities whose pathology is worse than hers, but they are better at hiding it than she is. What stuns me is that so many people are taken in by her. You just have to watch ONE SPEECH to know she’s a huge narcissist!

    I didn’t see her on Martha…wish it was on youtube!

  • Hannah955

    Here’s the campaign contribution search page:

    (there’s nothing under Franchitti or Ciminella, just under Judd).

    Oh, her total is up from $3750 to $4100. She gave $350 last October, after I last checked.

    Somehow she gave $5000 to Obama in 2008 and then it got reversed?

    Interesting that she was a big Hillary supporter in the 2008 primaries but she did not actually donate to her campaign.

  • Jessica

    Don’t forget about her anonymous donations to millions in need Worldwide! All the children she’s donated to, to better their lives. All the women she’s provided for in third world countries.
    I know – I’m awful. But I hate it when a self proclaimed Crusader rambles about all these causes but there’s no proof because she was in her words “Anonymous because I didn’t want attention”
    He’s keeping it for now.
    He’s giving/gave her half the value price.
    But she’s not getting anything from the other property he listed.

    I’m sorry you missed her Martha appearance. It was very amusing. My eyes were sore from rolling so much in such a short period of time.

  • Hannah955

    You are so right, I bet she gives like $20 a year to some kid in Africa.

    Did you hear about the starving cockapoo that was thrown from a car in Tennesse not far from where she lives? A local politician found him and got him to a rescue group, the man’s name was Walter so they named the dog after him. This rescue group named Snooty Giggles took him on, and he went to a vet clinic where he was cared for around the clock. Assley got involved (Walter looked exactly like Buttermilk and Shug) and all of a sudden the story was all about HER, and how SHE rescued Walter.

    Anyway she tweeted tons of photos of herself with him, trying to look like the Mother Teresa of animals, and lots of nauseating tweets about him. And word was, she pledged to pay for all his vet care.

    I think she was planning to adopt him, but unfortunately he died. Then she got involved in an effort in Tennessee to pass Walter’s Law to punish animal abuse.

    Anyway, I joined the FB page for Snooty Giggles… the woman who runs it is very attractive, and all about the animals, not about promoting herself. She never mentioned Assley on her FB page except maybe once. I could be wrong but I got the impression they were not friendly. I think because at one point some fawning follower on Twitter told Assley she had made some portrait of Walter and wanted to send it to her, and was going to send it to Snooty Giggles, and Assley said not to, she should send it to the vet clinic.

    Anyway I always wanted to write to the woman at Snooty Giggles and ask if Assley had followed through to pay Walter’s vet bills.

    And although I am an animal lover (and rescuer) … and I would have loved for Walter to live and have a “happily ever after” there was a tiny part of me that was relieved that Assley was not going to get to parade him around and get lots of fawning attention when she dragged him to symposia and on planes and such. Because she would have milked that one for all it’s worth.

    So wait, she put $200K into Redneck house, it was on the market for the UK equivalent of $6 million so he’s giving her THREE MILLION DOLLARS? So she clears a $2.8 million profit on a $200K investment? Makes me sick.

    What other property did he list?

    I am curious about the source of Dario’s wealth. He doesn’t make that much in IndyCar winnings – last year he made $2.5 million and almost all of that was from winning the Indy 500. And he wasn’t really successful or a big name in IndyCar until he won the Indy 500 in 2007, was he? Does he get a big salary from Ganassi? Lots of endorsement deals?

    Oh, and since you seem to “know somebody who knows somebody” who will dish about the inside stuff, do you know whose idea was the divorce? Mock thinks it was Assley’s idea, I kinda think it was Dario’s.

    And is she campaigning behind the scenes to get him back?

    Jessica, have you seen her Craig Ferguson appearance? Please do so we can snark together about it. It’s my favorite appearance of hers EVER. It is chock full of classic Assley narcissism. I mean, I could write a 5000 word essay on how priceless it is, (I probably have, in my aggregate comments about it).

    Dario does seem like a super nice guy. He’s turning 40 next month, he’s still young enough to get married and have babies. And now that he’s the second-oldest man on the Indy circuit, his mind may be turning more to such things, don’t you think? I mean, he still loves racing and I bet he wouldn’t want to retire without winning four Indy 500’s but still…he probably only has 5 years left in IndyCar.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and I forgot to say, last year when they had that big “vote for a charity to win $$$” thing on Facebook, Snooty Giggles was up for a grant, and Assley went on twitter promoting some OTHER rescue group, and that group got $100K and Snooty Giggles got nothing.

  • Jay

    An oldie but goodie from April 2006:

    (teapot pose and toaster oven reference at the 1 minute mark)


  • AA

    One of the guys who recorded the McConnell strategy meeting is wanting eeryone to donate to his cause. (He and AJ think we shouldtake care of them.)

  • Hannah955

    AA that guy Curtis Morrison is an idiot. Just some unemployed bum living in his parents’ basement who wants us to pay his legal fees and he will use anything left over for food and rent. Yeah right. He probably thinks he’s Anonymous and wants to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame. It might work except even the Democrats are distancing themselves from these bums. Their PAC Progressive KY has been “fundraising” since last November, they’ve only raised $1,000 and I bet they’re spending it on fast food. Gee, sic the FBI on THEM for fundraising under false pretenses.

    Jay, funny thing is Firefox will not load the Martha Stewart videos but Internet Explorer will. Assley looked very pretty there, I must admit. But yeah, the teapot is her “go to” move. I LURVE how Martha Stewart just does all the talking and interrupts Assley. I think Assley knows she has met her match, she just shuts up while MS talks. Poor Assley, must have been torture for her.

    She said in response to someone on twitter last year that she doesn’t plant vegetables, she belongs to a local co-op.

    And what’s all this “we” stuff she’s talking about. Her and her support dogs?

    When Martha said she loves buttermilk I half expected Assley to reach under the counter and pick up her dog.

  • Jessica

    Hannah, I just watched her Craig Ferguson appearance. I am speechless. I do not know where to start on it as every second is WOW smug snarktastic.

    The Walter situation was sad 🙁
    I wondered what happened there, and why she had people vote for another place.

    He listed property near the house.

    I can’t list specifics on a public forum but he’s made a lot of smart investments over the years. Very smart ones. His net worth is close to, or exceeds what’s listed.

    With every racing driver you see everyone and everything changing around you as you get older and your thoughts start to turn to your personal legacy opposed to your professional one. If all you have to show for your life is a room full of trophies and a bunch of personal drama it’s depressing.

    Oh no! They edited the good stuff from her Martha appearance.

  • AA

    AJ came out of seclusion to perform her Three Times A Rape Victim Speech in Dallas.

  • AA

    Soon to come…. the indepth interview. (Oprah, Piers Morgan, ?)

  • Jessica

    I should start giving speeches.
    Speeches about why people should stop paying her to speak.
    If they want to hear repetitive crap for a half hour? I could do it!

  • Jay

    Re. the Martha video, I could only get it to work on IE too. Buttermilk under the counter – haha, no doubt! From what I recall from her book (that I returned to the library), she was in her 42 rehab stint around April 2006, so she must have just gotten out. They thought she was anorexic and she sure was thin.

    Re. the Dallas luncheon, that was from a few weeks ago. If you’re on Facebook, Dallas Advocacy Center has a page. There are lots of picture with that dress on.

    Re. not giving charitable donations, she probably figures her appearances (worth $50K) are in lieu of actual $$.

    She’s still gone awol which is very odd. I still don’t think it’s a retreat. Wonder if she’ll make an appearance for her birthday later this week?

  • Hannah955

    Jessa, that Craig Ferguson video is PURE ASSLEY GOLD! I cannot figure out which is my best moment. I think, if I had to pick, it would be when she’s telling him about how she’s so brave and outspoken, and she got DEATH THREATS on Twitter. She pauses dramatically for Craig to gallantly express shock that Our Heroine is the target of – gasp – DEATH THREATS – and Craig jumps right in:

    “Oh, are you on the Twitter? I’m on the Twitter too! We should follow each other.”

    And you can just tell by the look on her face, she wants to stamp her little feet and do what she does at the beginning of all her speeches when she says “Hello everyone” and they all treat it as a rhetorical greeting, because that’s what people DO at the beginning of their speeches … and say “Take Two” – but of course she can’t say that.

    And then, the moment when she says to him “I notice you are studiously avoiding mentioning that my book is #5 on the NYT bestseller list” – and then invents this convoluted reason why he would have “studiously avoided” mentioning her book’s rank….

    …so he plays along, talking about how his book was up against some killer bestsellers when it was released, and then asks her – not caring about the answer – what she’s up against and she purses her lips and says primly “Oh, I don’t pay attention to those things. I just try to do the next good right thing and let everything else take care of itself.” After having just SHOEHORNED her book’s bestseller-dom into the interview.

    Or, when he does the “awkward stare or mouth organ” challenge, and she picks mouth organ, then she picks up the harmonica and you get the DISTINCT impression that she has gone out and BOUGHT ONE, and PRACTISED before the show because Assley of course wants us to think she’s naturally gifted at EVERYTHING, even the freaking mouth organ.

    And then, Craig Ferguson is idly drawing a moustache on her photo on the cover of her book, and she just simply cannot get that stick out from up her A$$ley and play alon and have fun, and he’s probalby wondering “what on EARTH does my delightful countryman Dario SEE in this prune?”

    I could go on and on!!!

  • Jessica

    Hannah I can’t stop laughing!

  • Hannah955

    Oh, trying to find the address of the house she bought in Ashland, I’ve narrowed it down to one cul-de-sac but don’t have the exact address. Her father sold it to a “next-door neighbor” named Beth O. Kee, who apparently lives at 1516 Morningside Drive, so if they literally meant next-door neighbor then it’s either:

    1504 Morningside Drive or 1515 Morningside Drive.

    Although if I go to a “find my neighbors” website, Beth O. Kee is not listing as living at 1516 Morningside. But then, that site is often out of date.

  • Jessica

    Cul de sac? What’s she trying to re-live now? Memories watching Knots Landing?

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, how creepy is it that she went looking for her father’s old house that she probably lived in when she was a teenager, and bought it? I mean, she didn’t exactly have a happy childhood, according to her.

    And there’s not much opportunity for people seeing you strutting naked in the front window of a cul-de-sac, is there?

    Hey, you know how at those huge industrial plants they often have a sign out front that says “### days since our last serious accident?”

    I always wondered how demoralizing it must be for the workers the day after a serious accident. “1 day since our last serious accident!”

    Well, Assley has been silent on twitter since the 3rd of April.

    I feel like signing every post “14 days since the last tweet by Assley Judd.”

    Of course, I will be equally demoralized the day she starts up with her self-important blather again – hee!

  • Jessica

    If she actually moves in I feel sorry for her neighbors. She’s not a people person

  • Hannah955

    Assley is not a people person – that’s an understatement. The web abounds with stories of her being nasty to the little people. And the one person I know who has ever had anything to do with her (not Jessica) has told me several stories about how odious she is to commoners – including to children, and hardworking minimum-wage female grocery store clerks – you know, the downtrodden people she is supposed to be championing?

    There’s a video of her at an Obama campaign office from last summer, somewhere in the midwest, she has stepped outside to guzzle water from a plastic bottle, with her dogs on leash, and someone videotaped her as a couple of kids petted the dogs, and she literally never looked at, let alone interacted with, these two adorable children. Myself? Whenever a child shows an interest in my dog I crouch down at the kid’s (and dog’s) level and interact with the kid. Because I want children to have good experiences with dogs, and because I can’t resist children – especially kids with the good taste to like dogs. But her? She’ll hug an orphan in Cambodia as long as a camera is nearby to record it, but she simply doesn’t want to engage with AMERICAN children.

    Yeah, I couldn’t see her campaigning in Kentucky for that reason alone. Plus, is she over her germ phobia? Because you could probably make a good McConnell campaign ad out of a continuous loop of scenes of her her wiping her hands off with an anti-bacterial handiwipe after shaking some voter’s hand – hee!

    Oh, and in that video the kids petting the dog? Some guy is standing off to the side with some movie memorabilia, and she catches sight of him and gestures to him rather rudely like “oh, gimme the damn thing” and then she signs it. Methinks if the camera hadn’t been rolling she would have completely ignored him.

  • Hannah955

    Here’s the video – not quite as awful as I remembered, but – pretty accurate all-told.

    (bonus – teapot pose and ridiculous posture)

  • Hannah955

    Here’s a video about Dario, sort of a documentary. Bad quality, I think someone taped it off a TV, but at the 5 minute mark they talk about Dario crashing in 1999 and getting a severe concussion. He said “the next couple of years weren’t much fun” and the narrator refers to how serious his brain injury was.

    He met Assley in 1999 and they got married in 2001, and now I understand – he wasn’t in his right mind!!!

  • Jessica

    But Hannah, those are HER therapy dogs. She can’t invest time in to children, or anyone else. I mean she’s being generous enough by letting someone else touch them. She barely has the strength to be in public like that! (Note sarcasm)

    Seriously though, I’ve seen her go off on people who try to touch the dogs, even kids so that video is a miracle.

    I do the same with my dog Hannah, isn’t it precious to see how excited children get over them?

    That was part of a short feature they did on Dario. It’s a shame they didn’t post the entire thing.
    Watch his Ferguson appearances – he has more personality in 3 minutes than Ashley’s shown her entire life.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I have seen Dario on Craig Ferguson and he’s delightful. He’s so naturally at ease, and has a real easy way with language, he manages to be funny and witty without trying hard, whereas Assley is always trying to MANAGE how she is perceived.

    I watched his and Tony Kanaan and Scott Dixon’s tribute to Dan Wheldon, it’s in several pieces on youtube, and the tribute is just PERFECT. They are so wonderful – funny, warm, bringing Dan to life, showing their love for him, and not making it all about THEM as Assley would have.

    The only reservation I have about Dario Franchitti is that I cannot understand how anybody could actually marry Ashley Judd. How could anybody be FOOLED by her act? Yes, he was inexperienced and came from an insular world of racing from an early age, where maybe he didn’t have the usual growing up and having girlfriends kind of youth, but still…

    I know she did show up and support him at his races, and apparently had the wisdom to back off and let him have his career, and not nag him about his safety, and she stuck with him from 1999 to 2007 when he didn’t win the Indy 500 or the Series title, so although he was earning good money apparently, and was well-respected in IndyCar, he wasn’t the “Champion” that would suit her over-sized ego.

    But then, points off for how she mugged at the track and horned in on every photo opp, and chugged the winner’s milk, and tweeted on his behalf giving opinions about IndyCar, when she should have just shut up and faded into the background and let him shine. I mean, Indy 500 fans in the stand in 2012 BOOED her when she appeared on the jumbotron!

    I mean, this is a woman who, until she was 31 years old, had apparently not had a long-term serious relationship. What was the longest one – six weeks? So why did Dario “stick” when others didn’t? Was it really just his inexperience? Or did she actually treat him well?

  • Hannah955

    About people who won’t let people touch their dogs, that always bugs me. I have always had a dog. And I’m passionate about rescue. About once a year there’s a dog posted by one of my 250+ rescue friends on FB, and for some reason that’s the dog I have to save, no matter how far away. And I take it on as a project and find it a home. Here’s a photo of Valentina … she had the most amazing story. She was tied to the fence outside the Bakersfield, California shelter in mid-February. That’s freaking COLD. She only weighed 9 pounds, and she was just standing there when they opened up in the morning, in the winter. This is a shelter that has over 500 dogs at any one time, and they might put 100 of them to sleep on a weekend. She was in a cage for 35 days, and nobody adopted her. She was very shy, and quiet. And people don’t adopt black dogs as often for some reason. So, I saw her, and a rescue group agreed to sponsor her out for me, so I didn’t have to go through the adoption procedure, and I drove 300 miles down to Bakersfield to get her … they brought her out, she was so quiet, she wouldn’t look at me, and I carried her out in my arms and when she smelled fresh air for the first time, I could feel her little tail start to wag. And then I turned around and drove 300 miles home with her in a big crate in the back seat, and whenever I would turn around to look at her, I’d see this pointy little face, and these shiny black eyes staring at me, and such intelligence and alertness…

    Then the foster home I had arranged, flaked (of course, they always seem to!) so I brought her home and I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch with her on my chest, and slept like that, and she was so HAPPY that I let her sleep with me that she didn’t move all night, she was afraid I’d wake up and dump her back in the yard or something.

    Within a week she had turned into the most amazing dog ever, HUGE personality, afraid of nothing, throwing herself at life, playing with huge mastiffs, chasing skateboards.

    I found her a good home (took seven foster homes and a year of trying) … didn’t see her for a year after that, and then her new mom had a birthday party for her in a park, and when I showed up, Valentina HURLED herself into my arms and wanted to leave with me. Her mommy was kind of hurt 🙂

    I think dogs imprint on the first person who ever showed them kindness. There’s a bond with her that will never be broken.

    Anyway, my present dog is a rescue, and she’s kind of “broken” – long story – but she’s very afraid of people. She’s also very beautiful so people want to pet her, and I do my best to let them, but the circumstances have to be right, so she is not too stressed out. If there are too many other people around, she just can’t deal, so I have to say no.

    Anyhoo…I actually started to say that it really bugs me when people don’t let people pet their dogs. I have met some people who simply WILL NOT let anyone approach their dog, and oftentimes, if you observe the person for a while, you’ll see some sort of mental illness or personality disorder.

    I mean, I always respect it when people don’t want me to pet their dogs. And if the dogs are aggressive, that’s reasonable (but then, you wonder if the dog had been properly socialized and trained from puppyhood, whether it would have grown up to be aggressive).

  • Jessica

    This isn’t meant to be a complement to her but – she was there.
    99-01 was a really terrible time for him. And she was there. Definitely not the best support system to have but she show up and make effort.
    (Funny you mention the brain injury, if only you knew how many people joke that his memory lapses made her more tolerable)

  • Jessica

    Aw! It’s beautiful you did that!
    My current dog was a rescue. He’s 2 and was born at a shelter so I’m his first home. He’s learning.

    People get so angry at me when I say this but I wish there was more pet owner education. So many people think loving their pets is enough. They need to be socialized, exercised, etc.
    One of my friends has little yorkies. Adorable but at the age of 5, they’re aggressive, not potty trained. She ignores it and blames the aggressiveness on their personality *shakes head*

  • Hannah955

    Jessica – so wait, did your dog grow up at a shelter for a while? if so, that’s a rough start in life.

    You’re absolutely right that pet owners need to be educated. So many of them are clueless. And the owners of the little dogs like Yorkies and chihuahuas are the worst. They carry their dogs around like accessories and don’t let people pet them, and don’t let them off leash, so they develop leash aggression, and then this vicious cycle starts where the owner tenses up when other dogs or people come around, and the dog can sense that the owner is tensing up, so the dog thinks “Oh, other people and dogs must be BAD” and it just reinforces the dog’s aggression. I always try to get people with “aggressive” dogs to let their dogs meet mine, because she’s really gentle and good with other dogs. And I tell them “if your dog cops an attitude, my dog is not going to react so she’s a good dog to practise on.” Half of them will do it, but the second their dog snarls or lunges, they’ll tighten up on the leash, and I’ll say “no, really, it’s OK, just let the leash go slack and don’t tighten up on it. Your dog is going to do what it knows best, which is act like a brat, and when my dog doesn’t react, if we ignore them both, eventually your dog is going to drop the ‘tude and relax.”

    And that’s generally what happens, then you see the lightbulb go off. And I hope – HOPE – that they let their dog meet other dogs after that, though I suspect most of them revert… but once in a while, the lightbulb stays on!

    And yes, exercise is key. Unexercised dogs get neurotic. And dogs who are never let off leash get neurotic.

    My absolute favorite success story was many years ago with my previous dog who was the Best Dog Who Ever Lived (seriously) … we were at this fabulous beach, and there were dogs off-leash everywhere, playing in the ocean, chasing sticks, romping around. And there was this couple with a German Shepherd female, less than a year old, on a very short leash, and the dog was obviously jumpy and nervous. So I approached them, and they warned me that their dog was “aggressive.” I’m sorry but no puppy is truly aggressive, in my experience. Under-socialized, yes. Ill-mannered, yes. But aggressive? Almost never.

    So I talked to them for a while and said I really thought their dog would be fine if they let her off-leash to play with my dog, and I said my dog was non-reactive… and they hemmed and hawed, and the husband said “Well, maybe after we get her some training” and my heart sank, but then the wife just reached down and unclipped her lead. And the dog simply didn’t know what to do! She went behind their legs, and kind of darted out like maybe she needed to attack, but my dog didn’t react, and we just stood there talking, and gradually their dog relaxed and ended up sniffing my dog!

    So I went on my way down the beach, and a half hour later as I was walking back up the beach, I saw them again. They were running around with their dog, she was off-leash, flying along next to them happy, excited, not reacting to other dogs. And I thought – hoped – that maybe the course of that dog’s life changed that day.

    So yeah, I’m the obnoxious person who tries to get people to see things differently, and sometimes I get yelled at, but sometimes I make a teensy bit of headway and hopefully just plant the seed in someone’s mind that maybe their dog ISN’T actually “aggressive.”

  • Jessica

    Yes, he was born in a shelter and spent 2 years there. His siblings were adopted out as puppies. From what the Petsmart adoption workers said, the shelter in Mississippi where he, and the other dogs there came from recently closed due to the shelter owner’s ill health. So kind volunteers drove the dogs to different states to find homes.
    After my dog died a few years ago (not to be dramatic like Ashley) I thought I’d never get another one.
    But there I was in Petsmart getting cat treats for my diva cat and there he was. He looked at me from inside the cage with such sad eyes I knew I had to adopt him.
    As he’s never lived in a home before there’s been some adjustments.
    But he’s very smart, sweet and happy.
    I enrolled in their classes not so much for education purposes but for socialization and activity. He loves it.

    I get really annoyed at other pet owners. Especially the ones that confuse love, and proper care.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, your poor sweet boo, to spend his first two years at a shelter. It’s like some Romanian orphan who never had a normal home life, or love. Though I hope the shelter director was kind to him while he was there, she probably was, and that would have gone a long way toward giving him a chance at adapting to life after the shelter.

    You and I lead oddly parallel lives. I have a diva cat as well. Fostered her tiny teenage mommy and her litter of six kittens when they were 4 weeks old, and kept this one.

    Like you I had a dog so wonderful I didn’t want to get another one after she died, but then I heard about a feral dog who’d lived on the streets for three years who was the same breed as my previous dog, and this woman on the dog list was really upset that he had been captured by an ACO and was in a cage at a kill shelter, and he was totally shut down, and his “disposition date” was the next day, so I went to get him out of the pokey, and they wouldn’t even let me SEE him! (no worries, he got adopted by some woman who was a smoother talker than I, and she was the perfect person for a really fearful, shut down, feral dog, far better than I would have been). But while I’m at the shelter failing to get in to see him, they say “Hey, if you want to foster a dog, what about this one?” and they bring out this gorgeous red Aussie/Husky mix with a broken leg, who is CUH-RAZY as I find out on the way to the parking lot because it’s like having a 50 pound kite on a leash on a very windy day, she just panics at everything and her instinct when she panics is to BOLT (arm, say goodbye to shoulder socket).

    And I took her home, and because she was so totally unadoptable, and this was a high kill shelter, and I knew somebody would adopt her because she was beautiful, and then dump her because she was crazy … I decided to keep her a while longer. I resisted calling her my dog for at least three years, all my friends joked about my “foster” dog. She bonded with me the first day. Again, that gratitude thing. I call her the Velcro dog. If I go to a friend’s house I can do figure eights in the living room and she’ll shadow me.

    Took me two years before I could walk her down a city street in broad daylight because she panicked when she saw someone a block away.

    I stupidly had thought, a couple of months in a good home and she’d be normal. WRONG! She’ll never be normal. People to this day (6.5 years later) still comment on how nervous she is. But she’s WAAAY better than she used to be, and I no longer find walking her in public to be something I dread. We’ve figured out a way to cope. But I have to say, the contrast between her and the previous perfect dog is – painful. I jokingly chalk it up to the Law of Averages.

    I’m so glad you gave your boy a REAL HOME. And being so young, he has a long, long happy life ahead of him.

    I love happy endings!

  • Jessica

    Such a sweet story! I’m so glad your dog is doing well. When they have such awful beginnings its so wonderful to hear that they’re happy and healthy!
    I too love happy endings!
    One of the diva cats is a fold and I had to take him to a vet a few days ago because I thought he had ear mites (How does Ashley travel with so many cats? Mine hate being moved for two minutes) and the Vet tech had never heard of them and thought he was ran over by a car or something as a kitten lol!

  • Hannah955

    Back to Assley, looks like Aaron Eckhart is not going to be playing her husband in “Divergent” but Tony Goldwyn is. Interestingly, both Aaron and Tony have played the President recently (AE in “Olympus Has Fallen” and TG in “Scandal” on TV). And I believe TG directed Assley in something forgettable years ago. Ah yes, that dreadful rom-com called “Someone Like You.”

  • Jessica

    I’m excited for her self proclaimed comeback! I need more comedy to watch.

  • Hannah955

    A Scottish fold!!! Jessica, you must have heard of this book but if not, you should definitely read it:

    It’s a magical story about a writer named Peter Gethers who claimed he HATED cats, until a girlfriend showed up one day with a tiny kitten and thrust it into his hand, and he took one look at this cat and fell in love, instantly. Nelson was a Scottish fold who went EVERYWHERE with Gethers, and became world famous. A cat who actually liked to travel – go figure.

    He wrote two more books about Nelson.

    Taylor Swift also has a Scottish fold and I think she travels with it.

  • Jessica

    No I haven’t heard of that book! I’m ordering it.
    Mine travels well but he misses Italy (actually I think he misses all the attention he received from everyone)

  • Hannah955

    Ah, good news. If you search Google News for Ashley Judd, the rape quote is back on top! I hope that ends up on her tombstone when she finally shuffles off this mortal coil – hee!

    So, she’ll be surfacing soon to go to the White House correspondents dinner in DC, and then I think she has a speech in June? And she said she was going back to Africa this year.

    [15 days since the last annoying Ashley Judd tweet]

  • Jessica

    The White House correspondents dinner? Why wasn’t I invited to that? I could give my Porsche was scratched twice sob speech

  • amazonian
  • Jay

    Interesting tidbit. A friend of a friend of a friend who is six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon 😉 says she was spotted shopping near Abilene Texas the other day.

  • Hannah955

    Assley was spotted near Abilene? Or is Kevin Bacon a woman and I didn’t know 🙂

    LOL cat for you Jessica.

  • AA

    Shades of Hope?

  • Hannah955

    Well, Dario was at Pocono in Pennsylvania last week and will be in Long Beach CA this week so I don’t think she was with him.

  • AA

    Tennie McCarty’s(Shades of Hope) husband died. AJ is listed as adopted granddaughter(I kid you not.)

  • Hannah955

    AA – of course!!!! Hannah slaps head. Shades of Hope is 12 miles south of Abilene. Well, if she was spotted in Abilene, that was either before checking in or after checking out.

    Guess her grandmother-of-choice is giving her a touch-up. Lordy me.

  • Jessica

    She hasn’t been with Dario. He’s been on a fun spree. Ah,The joys of buying things without someone worrying about it hurting their cheap, charitable reputation.

    Ashley’s been spending time with two of her favorite people. Herself and her adoptive family.

    I should check in to Shades of Hope because my car was dinged by a red Prius. Think they’ll take me?

    Oh and my future as a Diplomat is out. There was an article about one in a magazine and it’s not for me.
    I’m still open to being an Ambassador and Professional Speaker though

  • Hannah955

    AA you weren’t kidding about her being listed as an adopted granddaughter:

    Except, “adopted” is a term of law.

    Sheesh, she’s so competitive she even has to one-up Wynonna at being “favorite patient in rehab” – she wins the gold ring, the therapist likes her best!

    So Jessica, you never said who left whom, or whether it was more or less mutual, or what.

    I’m interested in that, but primarily interested to know whether Dario is standing firm and is actually going through with the divorce!

  • AA

    Jay, I think your friend was right.

  • AA

    Tennie McCarthy’s latest tv Appearance.

  • Jay

    Interesting stuff, gotta love teamwork 🙂

    So she’s worth $22 million according to amazonian’s link? wowza! (tx btw :).

    Must be something with Shades, maybe a personalized retreat for less than 42 days since she has a big $50K speech scheduled for May.

    Ya’ll know it’s her birthday tomorrow, don’t you?

  • Jessica

    Of course I do! I was going to suggest we all go in on a fruit basket or a Proud Therapy Dog Owner t-shirt but I’d rather give the money to the animal shelter she screwed over.

  • AA

    AJ’s birthday article from the National Enquirer.

  • AA

    AJ has needed competent mental health treatment for some time, NOT the handmaidens at the Shades of Hope FAT FARM. If Mama Naomi or Sister Wynonna want to help AJ they should have an intervention and give AJ a choice – either go to a psych ward by your own choice or the family will petition the court for her involuntary commitment. Let’s see if Mama (a registered nurse) will act in her daughter’s best interest or will everyone with the last name Judd choice to indulge their own ego.

  • AA

    If AJ has been at Shades of Hope either as a patient or a visiting friend and those “trained” mental health “professionals” didn’t see that she needed hospitalization and something happens, I wonder if AJ will still be calling them her adopted family?

  • AA

    I went back to re-read Tennie McCarty’s husband’s, ( R. L. “Papaw” McCarty) obituary.
    And I presume that Tennie,( Papaw’s wife) is responsible for how it’s written. And I find it SO ODD that AJ is listed as an “adopted granddaughter” and she is mentioned BEFORE “three children from a previous marriage.” The whole structure is very wierd with “adopted family” placed in the very center.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but is everyone down there nuts? All this new age psychobabble is annoying and I’m sure some of his family must hate Tennie with a passion for being nothing more than an afterthought.

    I haven’t seen Wynonna tweet any condolences and she went to Shades of Hope before AJ went. Wynonna can see that Tennie didn’t help her weight issues and AJ has to go right behind Wynonna to diminish Wynonna’s experience.


  • AA

    If you’ll notice Wynonna performed( I’m hoping she didn’t dance) at Dan Wheldon’s fueneral and I doubt Wynonna volunteered herself.
    What about performing at Papaw’s funeral? After all, Tennie saved you from yourself and Papaw was your half-sister’s adopted grandfather!

    (AJ is the gift that keeps on giving.)

  • Jessica

    Actually she did volunteer herself for Dan’s service.
    Wy actually had a little crush on Dan.
    She called, wanting to know if there was anything she could do.
    Her kids were upset seeing Dario so upset.
    They have a good relationship with him.

  • Hannah955

    Poor Assley, on her birthday the National Enquirer publishes a horrible piece about her mental stability. And now she has to cope with being closer to 50 than to 40.

    I somehow don’t think that Dario is going to tweet a birthday message to her. What do you all think?

  • Jessica

    She should be happy the National Enquirer still knows she exists. No other publications seem to acknowledge her.

  • Hannah955

    Then again, this Divergent series could become really popular with fans and give her a following. Of course, since her character gets killed off pretty early…

  • AA

    I don’t think Dario or Wynonna are going to give AJ a tweet on her birthday. Dario is trying to stay detached and Wynonna doesn’t want people asking questions about AJ.
    I’m wondering whether Mama Judd is calling Dario and encouraging him to call AJ. I noticed the new movie has started filming. So maybe that will give AJ something to do.(Is AJ doomed to playing mothers from here on?)

  • AA

    Dario must concentrate on his race Sunday, so he’s got to avoid the drama.
    Read the comments too.

  • Jessica

    That’s terrible! He’s still paying her bills.

  • JanetEl

    Maybe they’ll send her messages in private, not on Twitter.

  • Hannah955

    Hmm, Wynonna tweeted a happy birthday to somebody, but not to Assley. Dario silent on the b’day as well.

  • Hannah955

    doesn’t she pay her own bills? sheesh!

  • Hannah955

    Ugh. zero days since the last annoying tweet by Assley Judd – she’s baaaack. Thanking people for the “luminous” birthday wishes. And promoting her “directorial debut” (a short on Lifetime).

    Back when they were filming it she regularly posted about how good she was at directing. If she said so herself.

    Here are some gems of typical Assley modesty:

    Wish me luck! I start filming tomorrow, but not, for the first time, as the actor, but as the director. I wonder if I’ll sleep?

    It is amazing how I intuitively & instantly have answers to questions from crew & actors I had not even previously considered.

    asked about the wardrobe for the young boy, I said I want short sleeves to see how small his little arms are, how young he is.

    That was a totally organic on the moment response and a great one! 🙂

    @redrocketdave Yes, I’ll say action, although sometimes I will tail slate for rehearsal to morph into quietly rolling & the take.

    @redrocketdave I’ll also crouch near camera and watch performances face to face & not on a monitor.

    I am all over this directing thing!! Being actor does make a huge difference. I feel heads up about it al…

    Yeah, Baby, just did a Michael Mann hommge from “Heat” while directing “Maggie,” for the “Five More” movie.

    @brittanysnow & @iamjhud were a director’s dream today! Interesting, powerful, ultimately very moving scene. Loving this job! #FiveMore

    I like having my director’s chair but of course prefer sitting on the earth.

  • Hannah955

    But wait – there’s more!

    No shoes, feet up. A quick rest on set in my very own director’s chair as the DP and I consult. . #FiveMore.

    Holy cow. Sean Carrigan KILLED it today for me – blew everyone on seat away. I just smiled & said, “That’s how we roll at Playhouse West.”

    Apparently I am doing a good job directing my first film! From my darling 8 year old star:

    Mercy me, wrapped #FiveMore, memorable experience w/ DP Karl Walter Lindenlaub & directing actors.

    @tpro74 Well, I am a very demonstrative directing, so I actually got to do quite a bit of acting as I rehearsed with and prepped the actors

  • Jessica

    Great. She’s back.
    How sweet she’s wearing her beloved Pawpaw’s cap.
    My brain hurts from reading her modesty.

  • AA

    Papaw died in AJ’s arms. AJ is consistent. IT”S ALL ABOUT AJ! She was doing hospice care….. what? AJ was playing to an audience. She really is sickening.

  • AA

    The good news for AJ is there are plenty more gullible prey out there to make your adopted grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, sister and brother. The bad news is AJ must first find the poor prey. If Dario is still family, he’s doing a great job of not showing it. I’ll bet he’s being harassed in all sorts of ways. And I’m sure he is kept informed of all of this drama.

  • Hannah955

    He died in her arms? Are you freaking KIDDING me?

    From the obituary that AA found:

    “Roscoe Lee McCarty completed his journey early Wednesday Morning, April 17, 2013 with his wife of 50 years, Tennie and his grandson Spencer, by his side with other family members present in the home.”

  • Hannah955

    Think this tweet will finally get me blocked?

    Hannah 955 [email protected]_955

    @AshleyJudd “…with his wife of 50 years, Tennie and his grandson Spencer, by his side with other family members present in the home” #liar

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and his obit says “He was a friend of Bill W for 32 years” – that’s code for “he was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

  • AA

    I’ve seen many people who swear by the 12-stepping programs. However, it’s like they are replacing their problem with the program. And where is the FACTUAL DATA that 12-stepping works? There is none. I’m just not convinced. If you want to see a funny take on 12-stepping watch the Penn & Teller video.

  • AA

    Hannah, your tweet will be trashed. AND you probably will be blocked. I’m sure you’re SO worried.

  • AA

    Perhaps at Papaw’s final breath, AJ dove on to the bed and tried to wrestle him back to life with Tennie and Spencer standing by the bed. ( An AJ movie?)

  • AA

    I don’t think anyone linked to this AJ article before.
    I loved the part where “Judd lightened the mood by apologizing for tugging at her only winter dress, which was giving her fits because she wore it with the wrong brassiere.”

  • AA

    Quote on Ashley Judd: “Ashley is a stupid, arrogant, raging egomaniac. She’s one of those insufferable “new-agey” people who think there’s something fundamentally spiritual about every dump she takes.” – Indy race car driver Milka Duno

  • AA

    Looking at Google Images of AJ, it’s clear AJ sees her chest as her best assest.

  • Hannah955

    From Assley’s wikipedia page:

    A disagreement between Judd and Indy race car driver Milka Duno took place during the 2007 Indy Racing League season. After the final race of the 2007 season, the actress stated to the assembled news media, “I know this is not very sportsmanlike, but they’ve got to get the 23 car (Duno) off the track. It’s very dangerous. I’m tired of holding my tongue. She shouldn’t be out there. When a car is 10 miles (an hour) off the pace, it’s not appropriate to be racing. People’s lives are at stake.”

    I don’t know if Milka Duno actually said that, but – she should have!

    As for Assley holding PawPaw in her arms when he died, surely she would have handed her iPhone to someone to memorialize the moment so she could post it on twitter, right? So on that basis alone I don’t believe it.

    Oh wait, I found a photo of it!

  • Hannah955

    Assley as she sees herself in PawPaw’s last moments:

  • JanetEl

    When I read the words ‘grandiose’ and ‘delusional’, it reminds me of Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire. And you know what happened to HER… Well, that’s not what I’m wishing on Ashley of course, but as long as Ashley has enablers, she’s not going to get better.

    Maybe Dario got tired of being used as an accessory to Ashley’s delusions and passive agressive bs.

  • JanetEl

    Wait Hannah, do you mean that Milka said that (about people’s lives being at stake)? I thought it was Ashley who made that comment…

  • AA

    I saw the quote here. So I’ve no idea if it was said or not, BUT I LIKE IT ANYWAY.

  • AA

    Hannah I love the picture. However did you get it? LOL!

  • Jessica

    She thinks her chest is her best asset? She has a chest?

  • Hannah955

    AA, thanks! I searched Google Images for “pieta.”

    more info here:

    Janet, yes, Assley said that about Milka needing to get off the track because she was 10 mph slower than the other drivers – it’s on Assley’s Wikipedia page, bizarrely.

    So apparently Milkda doesn’t like her and made that fabulous quote about Assley thinking her turds are spiritual. Maybe that’s why Assley’s toilet in the castle in Scotland has GLASS WALLS.

  • Jessica

    She’s jealous that Milka has real masters degrees

  • Hannah955


    “Duno holds master’s degrees in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Maritime Business, and Marine Biology, and she has prior experience working as a naval engineer.”

    Plus, she’s a former model.

    She finished 19th in the 2008 Indy 500 so if she didn’t belong there, neither did the 12 men and 2 women she beat.

    Assley must HATE her!

  • Jessica

    Honestly, Milka gets a bad rap. She’s a cool person. Very intelligent, very sweet.
    You can talk cars with her. She knows the history of every circuit. Even the ones that aren’t around anymore.
    I’ve always wondered if she’d have better luck in better equipment.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, you said you love film…I wonder if you have seen this amazing film from 2008 called “The Visitor?” It’s about a 50-something academic, who has an apartment in NYC but he doesn’t spend much time there, and comes into the city one day to find a couple living there, a Syrian man and his Senegalese girlfriend. Someone has tricked them into renting this guy’s apartment. The man is a drummer. Anyway, it’s this amazing story of how the man’s life changes as a result of encountering these two people.

    I LOVE – *L*O*V*E* this film.

    If Assley Judd had gone anywhere near it, it would have been ruined. Just sayin’.

  • Jessica

    Hannah, I LOVE that film. The beauty and simplicity of little moments in it reminded me of The Things of Life.

  • Amy

    I too love that movie. I just adore Richard Jenkins.

    How has Ass not made the Boston bombing all about her? After all, she spent eight months there.

  • Amy

    Hannah, Jessica, have you seen “Flawless,” with Robert DeNiro and Philip Seymour Hoffman? If not, please watch. It is a beautiful movie.

  • Jessica

    I’m surprised she hasn’t made it all about her because she’s a Harvard girl and all.
    I lived there too. But I’m not a Harvard girl like she is.
    I’m also surprised she hasn’t mentioned Dario’s pole or 250th start because its all about her.
    She’s probably too consumed with grief.

    I love Richard Jenkins too.

  • Amy

    Hannah, love, I think she means you: “After being away 2+ weeks & doing hospice & death at same time, in 10 seconds I’m reminded if the default negativity of so many.”

  • Amy

    In reply to “he died in my arms” (“because he wanted to!!!):

    robertedwardandrew [email protected] 4m
    @AshleyJudd Did you have to push REAL grandson, Spencer, out of the way? #attentionwhore

  • Amy

    Jessica, apparently she’s been is Assleyville and didn’t know of the bombing.

    ashley judd [email protected] 19h
    @MTomPatt Yes, just learning of it all. Wow.
    View conversation
    ashley judd [email protected] 19h
    I have been away from media, etc on a cloistered retreat & in hospice w/ Papaw. Thoughts & prayers for all that has happened as I was away.

    I am sure she will make up for lost time, and tell us how it COULD HAVE BEEN SHE WHO DIED, and thanks to HER HIGHER POWER, she still walks among us.

    I have a step-neice by marriage, who lives in Boston, volunteered at the marathon LAST year, ALMOST volunteered this year, but didn’t because she is lazy, and it is ALL ABOUT HER. She is still “shaken up.” This girl could give Ass a run for her money in the “all about me” department.

  • Amy

    I am sure she misses “Dario’s pole.” Hee, hee. Sorry, I am immature.

  • Jessica

    I doubt she meant our Hannah.
    Hannah brings sunshine to our lives.
    I think the negativity she was referring to is the people who didn’t shower her with praise immediately upon her return.

  • Hannah955

    Hey you know how Assley claims to be a three-time survivor of rape? Wonder how Wynonna squares that with her own philosophy that she tweeted today (in her usual 140 character run-on chunks – Wynonna doesn’t let the pesky little twitter length rules deter her at all):

    @0oBieberFevero0 Setting a boundary may be necessary. Getting an adult involved too. It must stop. The abuse has gone on long enough. My

    @0oBieberFevero0 mother has a saying “First time, shame in you, 2nd time, shame in me.” Meaning……You are a victim once, then you

    @0oBieberFevero0 become a volunteer. They do it because they can. They need to know where it ends. Today is a good day to start.

  • Hannah955

    You guys are on fire today! And that @robertedwardandrew, that’s a woman I believe who made up her twitter handle out of her three sons’ names, she has posted on TMD before, and she posts amazing Ashley snark on twitter.

    So, Jessica, we seem to have lived in a lot of the same places! I have primarily lived in San Francisco as an adult, but I actually spent a year in Cambridge MA a while back. I just decided to up and move one day, took my dog and got on a plane!

    And, small world, my most recent ex-boyfriend at the time (of Scottish descent, a multi-millionaire and the cheapest man I have EVER met) … he had gone to the Kennedy School and gotten the exact same degree that Assley got. This was after we broke up. So I told him that I was going to move to Cambridge for a year and he said that the best way to find housing was to go to the Harvard Housing Office and sign up. Only glitch is, it’s only available to people who are affiliated with Harvard. Which – I wasn’t.

    But here’s the thing. There was a woman who went to Harvard who had my EXACT name, which is kind of like lightning striking because my first+last name is pretty unusual. Even stranger, I had never met her, but I had found out about her while attending a local telecast of the Harvard-Yale game here in San Francisco, some Harvard guy had come up to me, seen my (blue = Yale) nametag (Harvard’s were red) and said “Oh, Hannah _____, I know someone by your name who went to Harvard.”

    Well, I put that in my mental Rolodex, and years later when I needed housing in Cambridge, I wandered into the Harvard Housing Office, showed my ID with my name on it, they looked “me” up in the alumni directory, there “I” was and they let me sign up! (even though the address – heck the STATE was different, that didn’t faze them).

    And…I ended up sharing a house with a guy who was a grad student at Harvard, but who had gone to Yale – in fact he and I were in the same residential college at Yale, but not at the same time. And he had a fabulous dog who got along with my dog, so it was just a perfect arrangement.

    I was very happy in Cambridge for a year, til I got a $$$ contract with a government agency and went to DC and then got a $$$ contract here in SF so I came back home even though I didn’t intend to!

    Anyway I LOVED Cambridge, LOVED Massachusetts, felt way more at home in New England than I ever have in California. The winters and summers are a bit tough back east, but I love the seasons.

    And the thing that I love best about New England is the feel of the air on my bare skin. Sultry late-summer evenings, sitting out on the porch, and you just FEEL it.

    Here in San Francisco, our weather doesn’t change much, and the air is dry, and it’s just – meh. We get maybe one day every two or three years that has that New Englandy feel, and I always just wander around San Francisco reveling in the evening air when we do.

    All this stuff in Boston lately has made me very nostalgic for New England!!!

    And no, I wasn’t the reason for the negative comment, I hadn’t tweeted yet!

    You know, she only came back to Twitter on her b’day so she could remind people of it and pretend to thank her legion of fans for wishing her a happy one.

    So… Dario got pole today?

    I wish I could figure out whether I want him to do well or not. I figured that once he split from her I could stop sticking pins in voodoo dolls of him and root for him, because I really REALLY like him – at least I like what I see of him on media, I’ve never met him. But if he went back to her I’d want him to lose. Because we CANNOT allow Assley to prance down pit lane ever again.

    On the other hand, if he wins after they split, she’ll still tweet obnoxious proud crap about him.

    On the third hand, if he loses, she’ll secretly gloat that he lost his mojo because she’s not there to support him.

    Overall, I think I’m rooting for him. As long as I can snark at her when she tweets proudly after he does well.

    And as long as he promises to marry somebody and make beautiful babies with her. Soon!

  • Hannah955

    PS who was it (Amy? AA?) who posted that if Dario remarried and had children, Assley would probably push her way into the delivery room?

    And, I venture, tweet that she personally delivered the baby. Her stepchild-of-choice?

    Sheesh, if she didn’t “abstain from all media” about herself and she found this page, she’d really have some negativity to complain about wouldnt’ she?

  • Jessica

    I’d love to say I lived there for culture or something interesting but I ended up there because my boyfriend at the time worked there.
    I, or actually we lived on Avery street.
    I remember being mad at myself after the break up that I didn’t explore the area more.
    I went to classes and baseball games.
    New England Summers, and Autumns are amazing.

    Ugh! The thought of Ashley at a track makes me ill.
    Anyone he ends up with, I’m sure she’ll spin as “I’m his one true love. He’s just with her for breeding”
    She better not show up at a race I attend. I’ll suddenly be the most clingy, flirty friend ever. (Yes I dislike her that much)
    And they say Jersey Shore wasn’t educational.

  • Hannah955
  • Hannah955

    Jessica, well I confess I kinda moved to Boston to stalk a semi-ex-boyfriend who I thought should be the love of my life. He had other ideas, and a few years later I realized he had done me a YOOOGE favor. He lived in Maine, and I thought the closest I could move and plausibly be able to deny actually stalking him was – Boston 🙂

    So wait, confused … who would you cling to? (or, in AssleySpeak: to whom would you cling?)

    Don’t you think that if/when Dario remarries, she’ll have to tone down publicly claiming the Franchitti clan as her family? Because seriously … new wife would NOT like that.

  • Jessica

    Ha! I moved there thinking this guy was the one – only to have him run in to the girl he wanted in High School but wouldn’t give him the time of day back then.

    Everyone! Anyone and everyone Ashley tried to speak to or get attention from. I’d totally block her.

  • Jessica

    Anyone he ends up with will have to be strong willed because boundaries don’t exist for Ashley. Unless she’s the one setting them.

  • JanetEl

    Hannah, just out of curiosity – have you always disliked Ashley, or were you once a fan (like I was)?

  • JanetEl

    OMG Hannah – ‘who would you cling to? (or, in AssleySpeak: to whom would you cling?)’

    I laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah955

    Hi Janet, I was never a fan. I would say she was hardly on my radar. Occasionally when one of her movies would come on TV I’d think “Oh, she seems pretty intelligent and noble” and then I’d find her performance kind of flat and unfulfilling, but I don’t remember ever THINKING that – she just wasn’t someone who ever piqued my interest one way or the other and I’d forget about her the second the movie was over.

    I literally knew nothing about her, had never googled her. Zero interest.

    I do remember liking “Ruby in Paradise” but again – I don’t think she ever lived up to the potential she showed in that role, and in hindsight I think it was the writing and the direction that made RIP special – as Jessica said, any of a number of actresses could have played Ruby and the movie would still have been wonderful.

    Then … one fateful day in 2012 I heard some buzz on the internet about this supposedly brilliant piece of social commentary that the actress Ashley Judd had written, so I went looking for it. And I couldn’t believe what a banal, trite, cliche-laden piece of psychobabble it was. I found myself instantly irritated by the person who wrote it, so I googled “Ashley Judd” + the word “pretentious” – and found The Mock Dock!

    I read a few of Mockarena’s posts from the archives and realized I had stumbled upon a rare unicorn, the pure narcissist. Once you realize that’s what makes Assley Judd tick, you kind of go looking for more examples and they’re EVERYWHERE. It’s like picking a scab.

    The Craig Ferguson interview. The National Press Club speech. The TedX/Nasnhville speech. Comments by muggles who have met her. The article in 2005 where she talks about her “place in the pantheon.”

    And the book – the gift that keeps on giving. Something over which she had 100% control, like a 300+ page PR piece, and she still is so lead-footed and obvious that the narcissism drips from just about every page.

    Such beasts live amongst us, people, and they actually have followers!

  • JanetEl

    Oh, I see… I spent a small fortune buying a rare copy of Ruby in Paradise, but you’re right, I think a different actress could’ve played it well with the good direction it was given.

    As for her book… I was still a fan when I started reading it and gradually, my irritation increased and it was really difficult to finish it. It wasn’t just the book, but a number of other little things I noticed while I was reading it which put me off.

    Her comment about being SHOCKED at the Puffy Face comment was absolutely ridiculous and laughable! Really Ashley??? THAT is what hurt your feelings and shocked you???

  • Amy

    I was just looking at her Twatter again — when she posted that she was just finishing her retreat, and asked how everyone was, she got a lot of nasty tweets because she hadn’t said anything about the Boston bombing. She then started tweeting how she was “cloistered” and was “just learning about it.” I call BS, there was no way she didn’t know about it, especially since she was hanging out with Tennie and the other nutters. Not a chance. She inadvertently exposed herself as the selfish, self-absorbed biatch that she is. She then tried to backtrack and pretend she knew nothing about it.

  • Jay

    Spot on Amy! I was thinking the same thing. She was shopping and buying stuff at a mall in Abilene after the marathon.

    Her very first tweet HAD to mention her birthday! Then she had to ask how everyone was because she wanted even MORE birthday wishes. #unconscionable

    Then she HAD to brag about her directorial debut and tell everyone to watch. Kinda hilarious that the name is “Call Me Crazy”

    Ok, don’t mind if I do!

  • Hannah955

    Janet, kudos to you for having the perceptiveness to see through her book. If you look at the amazon comments (it has 3.5 stars out of 5) you’ll see a lot of people who comment on her narcissism, and they are almost apologetic but it’s SO obvious.

    And Amy, you called it perfectly. Twatter! Although I am somewhat disturbed that people CARE what Assley Judd thinks about the Boston bombings.

    I remember tuning in to CBS and there’s Scott Pelle, Charlie Rose and Oprah’s best friend Gayle King talking about the bombings – this is ON THE NEWS – and I’m thinking I just do not care what Oprah’s best friend thinks about the Bostom bombings, why on earth is she employed by CBS news?

    Jay – you called it perfectly. The only reason she broke her silence was to troll for more birthday wishes. And while she might have been “cloistered” at Gethsemani, she wasn’t “cloistered” at Shades of Hope nor the hospice where she supposedly kept vigil round the clock with PawPaw until he died in her arms as she fended off REAL family members and handed her iPhone to an orderly to take a photo.

    How many PawPaws does she HAVE, anyway?

    I bet she gets a cut of all new patient fees at Shades of Hope.

    JK about the photo and the commissions BTW. Though I absolutely think if she could have arranged for someone to take a photo “without her knowledge” and then post it on twitter (ditto) she would have been thrilled – as long as she didn’t look puffy of course.

    Call Me Crazy – hee! why didn’t I think of that?

  • Hannah955

    I notice she didn’t brag about Dario getting pole yesterday. Maybe she’s giving up on the campaign to get him back.

  • Hannah955

    Takuma Sato is leading with 5 laps to go, Dario is in 4th (had a problem in the pit, lost track positions).

    Takuma Sato ALMOST won the Indy 500 last year – went to pass Dario on the inside, I think in the last lap or very close to the end of the race, there was some controversy over whether Dario behaved appropriately in that incident … in any event, Sato crashed and Dario went on to win.

  • Hannah955

    So, Sato won, Dario missed the podium.

  • Jessica

    For some reason Amazon won’t post my review of the book.
    I hope she finishes the other book about her pets she was working on so we can add to our entertainment. I should write a book about my cats. Or my cars. I bet I’d sell more than she did.

    SO glad her Home line never happened. Could you imagine all the gingham, doilies, and other crap she’d be throwing at us?

    Gayle King annoys me. I think it’s because she’s more girlfriend chatty than serious news person if that makes sense.

  • Hannah955

    Ugh, she’s NOT writing a book about her pets? I’m sure poor dead Walter will have a huge place in it, she certainly arranged for enough photos to be taken of herself with him – actually I think she took a lot of them herself with her $hit and urine-stained iPhone. And of course, not one penny of the proceeds will go to animal welfare groups.

    By the way Jessica, I have had a lot of fun editing her wikipedia page and submitting additions to her IMDB page. On Wikipedia, I aded “Mid-Career” to her masters degree. Someone who had NEVER posted anything on wikipedia before reverted my change – I wonder who? and why? – and I changed it back and this time it stuck. I also added lots of other stuff, such as the fact that Missing was canceled, that Twisted was the worst-reviewed movie of 2004, that the company that sponsored her clothing line went bankrupt a year later, and that her face had disappeared from the American Beauty web site.

    Wikipedia has roving censors that go through reverting stuff but I have been sneaky (and everything I wrote was true) so, so far so good.

    On IMDB I suggested a couple of those changes – they go through editor review so not everything I suggested made it, but the one-year degree did.

    I have no idea who added deep sultry voice and voluptuous figure as her “trademarks” on IMDB but those are beyond ridiculous so I am quite annoyed.

  • Hannah955

    Ah, I was just inspired to edit her wikipedia page yet again, I added a paragraph to her political section, about her hypocrisy in continuing to own Apple products while accusing Apple of using “rape minerals.” Let’s see if that edit sticks.

  • Jessica

    Must be one of her “people”
    Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.
    Apple, marriage (Disgusting how she rants about Fathers in weddings yet went through a lot to get her Father to her own) charity, I could go on.
    It’s all annoying, and disturbing.

    Her photos with poor Walter are upsetting.

  • Jessica

    I’m still trying to figure out on what planet is her voice sultry

  • JanetEl

    I don’t think she became voluptuous until recently. She was much thinner before (when she made Someone Like You). I shouldn’t be the one to talk, I’m US size 6-8, so I’m not winning any pageants anytime soon.

    Wow, I didn’t realise how badly reviewed Twisted was! Am I a bad person for thinking that, that’s funny?

    I kind of felt sorry for her in Normal Life and Eye of the Beholder. I didn’t understand why she took those roles. And I certainly don’t want to watch Bug again. Actually, I didn’t even finish it. I had the picture going, but turned the volume down while I cleaned my desk.

  • Jessica

    Janet, you’re not a bad person for finding anything to do with Ashley or her career funny 🙂

  • JanetEl

    I’m amazed Ashley wears diamonds. I would think that she would be ranting non-stop about blood diamonds and how badly the miners are treated for the humongous rocks she wears on her fingers.

    Thanks Jessica 🙂

  • Jessica

    That’s always annoyed me! But remember Ashley is special. No one has ever loved the way she has. No one deserves diamonds the way she does

  • Amy

    We all need to have an “I Loathe Assley Summit!”

  • Jessica

    Hahaha summit? We need an annual convention there’s so much material to cover!

  • Anonymous


    So, I was talking to a friend who is into car racing and showed him the Mock classic from last year where Dario photobombed “her” Indy win. (5/28/12 – not sure why but I’m not able to add the url).

    After some serious laughter, he pointed out Dario sure doesn’t look happy (enlarge the pic and you’ll see). I mentioned how she drank the milk and he said that’s sacrilegious and the racing community must have been appalled!

    He doesn’t look happy in the 5/29 picture either. And speaking of diamonds, there’s a good shot of hers in the 5/30 entry.

    The signs have been there for a while. Interesting, eh?

  • Jessica

    It was a heavy week for him. He had a lot going on emotionally, add in Ashley’s erratic behavior, it was sad that such a big moment was kind of ruined.
    Oh and King Buttermilk lifted his leg to the Borg Warner trophy. I’m not kidding. Luckily he didn’t pee but he did lift his leg to it.

  • Angelia

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    When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, excellent blog!

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  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I’ve always been curious about why Dario let Assley “invade” (for lack of a better word) the Indy 500 experience. I was appalled that she chugged the milk as well, it seemed totally inappropriate. And I heard that when he won last year and she was prancing down pit lane and appeared on the JumboTron, the crowd booed her.

    Another thing that bugged me was when she pontificated about races on twitter – didn’t he ever tell her to cut it out? Either she was doing it because he wanted her to, saying things he couldn’t say, or she was doing it over his objections. Either way it seemed inappropriate to me.

  • Amy
  • AA
  • AA

    I wonder if AJ will be going to Washington, DC early so she can attend the Planned Parenthood Gala with Obama on Thursday?

    It would be fitting for AJ to suck up as much as she can over a 3 day period. And AJ can play to the baby killers. Maybe she’ll say a special tribute for that butcher Kermit Gosnell.

  • AA

    I just read this AJ note from her blog and cannot believe that someone (Dario?) didn’t slap her.

  • Hannah955

    AA, OMFG, if I didn’t already loathe her with the fury of a thousand suns, I would after reading that. The smugness, self-congratulation, name-dropping (she would have become Nelson Mandela’s “favorite person in the room” – in her own narcissistic mind)…

    …and there we have the mention of hitching a ride on a private plane (something she said on twitter last year she doesn’t do) … and she casually mentions that she has flown seven times recently with the flu. I’m sure all her fellow passengers were honored to be the recipients of her flu virus – what an honor – to get the flu from the luminous Ashley Judd! I bet they’re selling their snot on eBay right now.

    (yeah, I know, this was written about 7 years ago).

    Every time I read anything written by her I lose more respect for Dario for marrying her. Nobody completely sane marries a narcissistic sociopath and then stays with her for 12 years. I know you adore him Jessica, and everything I have seen of him has been wonderful, but you have to wonder… in my more generous moments, I will just choose to think that he led a rather cloistered youth, wasn’t that experienced, she turned on the charm, hid the nasty side of her personality from him and then once he was hooked and had married her, he was too much of a traditionalist to give up on her. Not to mention they didn’t spend that much time together.

    But in my less generous moments, I QUESTION HIS SANITY.

  • Mockarena

    Dammit, AA – I had completely forgotten about that ridiculous drivel. WHY WHY WHY did you have to resurrect it???


  • AA

    AJ will not go away and neither can we. I did’t see anyone mention that crap when she was running and I wonder what other crap I missed.

    I must confess that Dario must have been totally tuned out. I still believe his marriage was convenient and people told them him lucky he was. But he was living in denial.

  • Jessica

    I was just awarded a speeding ticket. I feel special.

    She waited a while before the crazy started pouring out. And she became crazier every year.
    He’s tuned most of it out.
    Also, people that know him, work with him do it too. He’s stated many times he ignores her statements. A few times the ignore hasn’t worked.
    There was a very public argument over the Dario/Will/Ashley “Princess” thing.

    I think they lasted as long as they did because he meant “For better or for worse”, and honestly they weren’t together that much.

    I question his sanity too. I mean, What kind of person takes a German car to the Stelvio pass when you have a bunch of gorgeous Italian ones?
    I don’t get it.

  • Mockarena
  • Jessica

    Between her husband yelling at her in public, and the Will Power fans who (her words) sent her threats for being an outspoken feminist who cares about Indycar fans (I laughed at that one. I could spend the next 10 hours posting fan horror stories) I couldn’t stop laughing

  • JanetEl

    Oh my fellow Mockdockers, you must know that if Dario ever *dared* to tell Ashley NOT to do something, she would bring out her crazy Feminazi bs and accuse him of Telling Her What To Do and label him as a misogynist. Remember how she tweeted the ‘Princess’ comment after Will Power mentioned it to Dario?

  • Jessica

    I’m really surprised Ashley was so quiet about her feature being aired the other night.

  • Hannah955

    I’m glad Dario yelled at her publicly – I would imagine people in the racing community heard about it, and it got back to Will Power, which is probably what he wanted, even if the general public still might have thought he was pu$$y-whipped (hope Mockarena doesn’t mind my sidestepping the censor that way).

    There’s a guy with the handle KennySmith11 on twitter who basically retweets everything nasty he can find about Assley on twitter. I am honored that he retweets me occasionally. One stop shopping – he’s been on a roll lately, and there were some doozy responses to her post-retreat tweet.

    As far as her taking on people in the racing world, there was this woman who tweeted that Dario was a cheat, I think it was last spring right around the time that I first became fascinated by the train wreck that is Assley.

    Anyway I think Mock covered it. Assley wrote back some smug tweet that if that woman took on her husband, she was going to have to deal with Assley, and “you don’t want to deal with me” (because, you know, she played a CIA agent on TV).

    I was so disappointed that the woman BACKED DOWN and APOLOGIZED. It was especially ridiculous because I looked her up and she’s a fourth degree black belt in judo. I would have liked to see Assley take HER on!

    Turns out the woman’s husband works in racing (on a different team) and I’m sure she got scared that Assley would try to get her husband fired.

    Still, if that had been me? (or: “if that had been I” in Assley-speak) I would have retweeted it IMMEDIATELY, like about 10 times.

    I think poor widdle Ashwee’s feelings are hurt that people didn’t welcome her back with open arms to twitter.

    She now has 176,000 followers. She was at about 100K when I started reading her tweets. Like Mock, unofficially, I would NEVER actually follow her!

  • Hannah955

    I heard a couple of fan horror stories. The time she was in a little borrowed car (go-cart) and wanted to cross the track and the track crew told her she couldn’t, so she got “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” mad and gunned it and nearly hit a kid?

    Or the time she was standing in pit lane and some sweet little girl in the stands kept trying to get her attention to get an autograph and she turned around and snapped “No! And you need to stay back behind the fence where you belong.”

    Dish, Jessica, we’d all like more validation of our Assley loathing!

  • JanetEl

    Could you please tell me what show was on the other night? I live in Australia, so I haven’t seen it. Or if you could let me know where I can watch the clip of Dario yelling at her.

  • Amy

    Hannah — i was just reading that kenny guy’s twitter. He tweets repeatedly that Ass stalks girls and has restraining orders against her. Wonder what’s up with that. Jessica?

  • Jessica

    Word is her private Facebook is back up and full of crazy. I want to check it out. Hopefully the kind people at Facebook will un-ban me. (I was kicked off last year for going psycho on someone who called my sister the “R” word that I’d like to banish from the English language)

    Every time I post on here Diva cat #2 aka Ella comes up to sniff the screen so I think she really likes the mock dock.

    The movie I was talking about was her Lifetime short about mental illness. She directed it and I’m surprised that she wasn’t on a crazy tweet fest bragging about how wonderful it was.

    There is no video of Dario yelling at her because there was maybe 12 people in the room.
    It was an argument that escalated in to yelling. He told her she shouldn’t make public statements like that and if she’s offended by someone to address the issue privately. She did her usual blame game to make it someone else’s fault, and he asked her how she would feel if he did that with her co-workers.

    There’s so many horror stories where to start?
    Her refusal for autographs but she’ll give you a political brochure?

    Or turning down autographs because she doesn’t believe in participating in such things but here’s a pamphlet on how to help women in Africa?

    The people she’s bullied so much they quit their jobs?

    Her behavior at social gatherings?

    All the times she’s left a restaurant in a huff, or been physically removed by her former husband because she was making a scene?

  • Hannah955


    What is the “R” word that you’d like to banish? I can’t think of anything except one word having to do with mental ability…

    Wow, you got kicked off FB? That takes some doing!

    AA, I think that Kenny guy is a bit over-the-top. On my stalker-radar he’s definitely pinging a little, but I think he’s harmless.

    In case I get dumped off twitter, I have two accounts – my hannah_955 account and my personal account.

    Assley has been off twitter since around April 3rd except she hopped back on for one day to troll for birthday wishes, pat herself on the back for “doing death,” lie about being cloistered and holding her non-relative PawPaw in her arms as he died, and promote her Lifetime short. When people were mean to her she went off twitter again. I think all the negativity is getting to her. Good!

    She made scenes in public? I had no idea, I thought she was just narcissistic, snooty and nasty. What were the scenes about? Geez, I guess she’s crazier than I thought – and I thought she was pretty crazy.

    And Dario has actually had to drag her out of restaurants? Wow, the man is a saint.

    You know, if there were any justice, in this day and age of the ubiquitous smart phone, SOMEBODY would video her having a hissy fit and post it on youtube and it would go viral!

    So, from trolling the internet I’ve read lots of stories about her.

    One celebrity blind is legendary. It’s about an actress who handed out “mute stones” on set. If she gave you one you weren’t allowed to speak to her until she took it back.

    I did hear that she is widely loathed among crews on sets, they can’t stand to work with her, she’s really nasty to the little people and has gotten a lot of crew fired.

    Jason Patric, her co-star in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on Broadway, said – for the record – that she is lazy, selfish and arrogant. This guy is Jackie Gleason’s grandson and dated Julia Roberts. He’s not just some nobody.

    Her other co-star didn’t deny it. And rumors were that she wasn’t getting good reviews so she faked an injury so she could leave the play early. I have read the reviews – they weren’t kind. She was on Broadway in “Picnic” as well and also got bad reviews. The only kind thing the reviewers said was that she was very pretty.

    Then the story about how this great feminist and supporter of women is buying something at a supermarket in the South, and the checkout clerk, a 40-something working woman probably making close to minimum wage standing on her feet all day, and possibly a single mother supporting a family (I mean, who knows? but she could be for all ASSLEY knew) … she says in a sweet apologetic shy voice “Oh, Miss Judd, I’m a huge fan. I hope I’m not disturbing you, but if it wouldn’t be too much trouble would you mind giving me an autograph?”

    Assley’s response? “You ARE bothering me, I DO mind, and no I WON’T give you an autograph.” And she takes her groceries and stomps out.

    Or the man who went to some event with his girlfriend and Assley was there and was incredibly rude (I forget the details) and he said “That woman is the biggest c*** I have ever met.”

    Or the story that she “accidentally” gave a bunch of photographs to her fat half-sister Wynonna – photographs of herself having sex with some guy, in all her skinny glory. Just to rub it in that she’s the skinny sister.

    And then, the rumors that she never wears underwear and used to “accidentally” flash her private parts in front of Dario’s pit crew.

    Or how she answers the door nude to handymen and yoga instructors.

    Or she has private helicopters pick her and her dogs up to take them to the airport, and they won’t pick her up anymore because she lets her dogs crap in the helicopters and doesn’t pick up after them.

  • Jessica

    Yeah that’s the word.
    The really screwed up part is, usually that word doesn’t bother me. I’m not politically correct at all. I say very offensive things. I have no filter.
    It just made me angry that someone continuously kept using the word in an offensive, attacking manner toward someone incapable of defending herself. So I went off.
    It’s okay though I was bored with FB anyway. It felt like a daily attention wh0re fest. Everyone complaining, etc.

    Ugh! I cringe thinking about it all.
    Does it annoy anyone else that such a loudmouth feminist is so horrible to other women unless they are in a higher position of power, or she can get something from them?

  • Jessica

    Another thing that makes me shake my head.
    She’s always ranting about women’s issues, yet never accepts any debates. Even her beloved Oxford where she went to Graduate School. Lol

  • Amy

    Here’s what Ned Beatty had to say about working with ASS:

    Mr. Beatty engaged in a candid assessment of his co-stars. He said he very much liked his glamorous colleagues personally: Mr. Patric, best known for the film ”After Dark, My Sweet,” and Ms. Judd, who starred in ”Ruby in Paradise.” He simply thinks, he said, that they are ill equipped for their parts: Brick, a brooding, boozing former athlete mourning his friend’s death, and Maggie, his long-suffering wife who craves his attention Mr. Beatty said of Ms. Judd: ”She is a sweetie, and yet she doesn’t have a whole lot of tools. But she works very hard.”

    Asked about it later, he LAUDS Wynnona! Ass must have been so pissed:

    “Ashley Judd wanted to kill me,” Mr. Beatty said with a chuckle and a shudder. “And the thing about it was, Ashley could have killed me. I got to meet her mom and Wynonna, I got to hear them all sing together—oh, it was big! Wynonna—now there’s an incredible talent. We were sitting somewhere downtown with all these rich New Yorkers, you know, and she had every bee-hind off of the chairs in that room and people were moving.” He did a little shimmy in his seat. “I tell you, I never was so proud to be a redneck. Oh, but they were mad. And we had months left to perform. Months!”

  • Amy

    Ashley = not “a whole lot of tools.”

    Wynonna = “incredible talent.”

    Tee Hee. It’s like he knew just how to push her buttoms.

  • AA
  • AA

    An old video showing AJ as feminist activist. I had to laugh Amy Goodman identifies AJ as a singer, so clearly AJ hasn’t impressed her fellow travelers. If you only want to see AJ bore the crowd go to allitle past the 27 minute part.

    Notice that some of the women are the Planned Parenthood Hags that will be at the big Gala in Washington, tonight.
    I still can’t find if AJ is attending.

  • Amy

    AA — did you hear yesterday that Obama has bailed out of speaking at the “gala?”

  • AA

    Amy, maybe AJ will speak. She could do the wierd thing with her mouth that Mock has up in that video. LOL.

  • AA

    I love this guy’s take on AJ not running, this part especially:
    The source, a close political adviser (Forget Morgan Freeman. Is it Hugh Jackman?), said that there was no single factor driving Judd’s decision not to run, but that one consideration was a recently arising “family situation” involving a relative — “not one of the famous ones” (“Famous” is a bit of a stretch, isn’t it?) – that “caused her to consider how she wanted to spend the next two years or more of her life.”

  • AA

    This has no connection to AJ, unless she begs an invitation. But look at Chelsea Clinton’s new place. Clearly someone is getting ready to run for office.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica: “Does it annoy anyone else that such a loudmouth feminist is so horrible to other women unless they are in a higher position of power, or she can get something from them?”

    Hannah frantically waves arm over her head. Yes, it bothers me! You know, someone once said to me “You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat people who can’t help them get ahead in life.” And I think it might have been George Bernard Shaw who said something along the lines of “The mark of a gentleman is not necessarily that he treats everyone WELL, but that he treats everyone EQUALLY.”

    Jessica: “Another thing that makes me shake my head.
    She’s always ranting about women’s issues, yet never accepts any debates. Even her beloved Oxford where she went to Graduate School. Lol”

    Exactly. She’s an intellectual poseur. She sets herself up in situations where she can do all the talking and nobody challenges anything she says. Interviews with respectful entertainment journalists. Liberal panels with like-minded panelists and fawning audiences. Paid speeches with audiences filled with starf**kers who are more interested in autographs than in what she has to say.

    I think her biggest fear in running for public office was probably the thought of (a) facing probing questions from people in the audience at town meetings, or from reporters and (b) the prospect of having to debate McConnell. She probably was weighing the chances that she could enter the race, never have to debate him, and still win.

    And as for Oxford? Good lord! She attended two weeks of seminars. TWO WEEKS! Almost no admission criteria. No papers to write, no exams, no course credit. My friend’s rich septuagenarian Aunt Ginny toddles off to these seminars every year on her way to a month in France.

    Mockarena pointed out that Assley likes to play coy and have people drag “prestigious” information out of her. She did that with Oxford, dropping little hints on Twitter – which nobody picked up on – and then making the hints broader and more obvious until finally some follower asked her where she was going to study that summer and she replied with one word: “Oxford.” Is it disgusting of me to imagine her climaxing as she pressed the “send” button on that tweet?

    And then, she tweeted from Oxford that she was doing “a bit more grad school.”

    Wow. Planet Assley, where they breathe pure nitrous oxide.

    Amy on Ned Beatty: “Ashley = not “a whole lot of tools.”

    Wynonna = “incredible talent.”

    Tee Hee. It’s like he knew just how to push her buttoms.”

    Yes! I had read that somewhere. Might have been right around that time that she faked the accident that got her out of the play.

    AA: I fell asleep during a Law & Order rerun, but I remember waking up right as they’re arresting the bad guy and the detective calls him a “malignant narcissist.” I wondered what the difference was between that and garden-variety narcissism. It’s like you have ESP, right on cue you post a video!

    I started watching it and it’s fascinating, I’m going to watch the rest this evening. It’s especially interesting because there are two people having a conversation – a woman who married a narcissist then wrote a book about it (she talks about the early days of the romance and how charming he was, and the red flags she saw), and then a psychotherapist who explains the clinical signs, and why some things that might not seem overtly narcissistic (idealizing and flattering your romantic counterpart) actually are part of the whole narcissistic package. And that’s just in the first three minutes. Thanks Amy!

    AA: “An old video showing AJ as feminist activist.”

    I find it almost impossible to watch more than 10 seconds of Amy Goodman because of her extremely weird voice. I’ve tried for years to figure it out, the best I can do is to say it’s like she’s holding her breath while she talks. Try it, you’ll see what I mean. Talk while you are neither exhaling nor inhaling. You’ll sound just like her!

    Anyway, thanks for bookmarking Assley’s appearance. Gee, she threatens that women who don’t get their birth control paid for by the government are going to have 12 to 15 pregnancies in their lives and have to have abortions – and that will be the GOVERNMENT’S fault. Brilliant logic. Keep your hands off our bodies, but yet we are not responsible for what we do with them?

    Oh, and I am delighted to say, when she introduced Dolores Huerta as the “Vice President emeritus” (of the farm workers union) she mispronounced emeritus. The emphasis is on the second syllable, but she pronounced it like “amaryllis.” Besides, when referring to a female, the term is “emerita” not “emeritus.”

    Amy: “AA — did you hear yesterday that Obama has bailed out of speaking at the “gala?””

    Must be because of the abortion doctor’s trial.

    AA: “… one consideration was a recently arising “family situation” involving a relative — “not one of the famous ones” (“Famous” is a bit of a stretch, isn’t it?) – that “caused her to consider how she wanted to spend the next two years or more of her life.”

    Must be her non-PawPaw’s Alzheimers. Considering that he died seven months before she would even have to establish residency in Kentucky, that seems mighty convenient.

    Anyway, thank you fellow Mock Dockers for the morning’s entertainment!

  • Hannah955

    Oh, and I should have thanked AA for the narcissist video, not Amy. All these A names!

  • Hannah955

    OK, fellow mock dockers, we MUST get this book into Dario’s hands! It’s the book written by one of the guests on the narcissism video that AA linked to: “Divorcing a Narcissist” by Tina Swithins. It has 40 reviews on amazon: 39 5-star reviews and one 4-star review.

    Should I tweet him about it?

  • Hannah955
  • AA

    Hannah, don’t send Dario a link to the book…. make him an appointment with therapist in the video. LOL!

    If anyone wants a transcript of the AJ I’m-a-GREAT-HUMANITARIAN speech here’s the link:

    I love the part where Tavis Smiley sets AJ up for the shot of being antiracial and so concerced about black childen in Africa. However NEVER is the topic of black babies being here broached by the great AJ.

  • AA

    AJ needs to ponder that millions of black babies are being killed right here in North America.

  • Hannah955

    The Smiley page says she holds an MFA from Harvard. Sloppy.

    Vintage Assley overspeak from the transcript: “Judd: Well, I definitely could have used the word “some.” I also could have done a better job of anticipating that those who live hip-hop as a way of life, for whom it’s a cultural identity, would take a very personal umbrage. I just would have done a more clear job of individuating that which is in hip-hop and rap, which are distinct art forms, misogynistic and expresses extraordinary objectification and hypersexualization of girls and women, and the part that obviously does not.”

  • Hannah955

    Ah, and we have her explaining the origin of her expression “find your pig” – I find it to be a rather incoherent explanation, but FWIW here it is:

    “My godmother is a neat woman, and she has a pig for a pet, and she’s in Pacific Heights, a kind of fancy community in San Francisco, and I think initially people were like, “Wow, you have a pig. That’s kind of weird,” and she would say, “It’s my pig. No, it’s my pig.” (Laughter)

    So it’s become an expression for me to represent that we each have our little thing. We each have our little precious thing, and what I encourage people to do is find their pig. What is your area of extreme sensitivity? For me, it’s gender discrimination, it’s sexual exploitation, it’s kicking a disempowered person when they’re already down.

    Like, I can’t stand that stuff, so I’m going to leverage my core competencies from my soul very effectively, or more effectively, if I am connected with my values and principles on an issue. So for those around the country who are concerned with their own hand-to-mouth living, what is your pig, and make a difference in that area and broaden your horizons.”

  • Hannah955

    You know, I can understand why a lot of people are fooled by Assley Judd, because a lot of what she says, on paper, sounds REALLY good. I can get behind what she says. BUT…when you look at who she is as a person, there’s a disconnect between the compassion she says she feels, and her actual affect as a human being. And by “affect” I mean – her vibe, how she speaks, how she presents herself, how she interacts with others. They just don’t match up. She has a very cold, aloof, arrogant affect.

    She only shows compassion when she’s fake-gulping and squeezing out a perfectly-timed tear during one of her speeches. Or when she’s hugging an orphan or prostitute with someone photographing her. Otherwise? not so much.

    That’s why I don’t buy any of her malarkey. My BS-meter goes into overdrive whenever I see videos of her or read anything she writes.

    But yeah, I can buy, in the abstract, much of what she says. Except the way she packages it in all that spiritual babble really irritates me.

  • Jessica

    Told you the family she was concentrating on wasn’t her husband.

    That book would be perfect for Dario. Unfortunately it would end up in the Salvation Army pile along with all the Shades of Hope recommended books he never read. Speaking of books. Hannah I LOVED the book you told me about. The cat who went to Paris. I ordered the other ones earlier.

    You hit it with the faux intellectual!
    I laugh that she rants about things but always declines debates. Even on women’s issues.

    I know this is off topic but can someone help me out? If they don’t want to discuss it here or if its a touchy subject Mock doesnt think belongs here maybe they can email me because I’m really confused about something.
    Ashley is always rambling about birth control, etc
    Why do people think its the governments responsibility to provide free birth control or abortions? I mean I’ve told you guys before all this political stuff is new to me. But that baffles me. If you’re so empowered as a woman to control your sexuality and own it – aren’t you powerful enough to control/provide for your own birth control? I was baffled by this when I was forced to do my clinicals at a women’s health center. Especially all the young women coming in with $400 coach bags and wearing $200 jeans but they couldn’t afford a $75 prescription.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I’m so glad you liked “The Cat Who Went to Paris.” I found it at the Goodwill one day – and being a cat owner I couldn’t resist that amazing Scottish Fold on the cover – I just sat there in a dirty second-hand chair and read the whole thing in the store!

    You know, Mock and her co-founder Daisy have EXTENSIVELY covered this “pay for my birth control” thing over at I’m sure Mock will chime in with a direct link or you can use the search feature, probably search on “Sandra Fluke” and/or “birth control” and the relevant posts will come up. You should definitely read Mock and Daisy’s essays over there, and also there are extensive comments by readers. AND, COTR has a facebook page. Oh wait, you’re blocked – hee!

    BTW on the subject of political correctness, I went to Australia years ago, and took a bus from Brisbane to Sydney, which is – I forget – 700 miles? Anyway out in the middle of nowhere was this massive building with a massive sign on it that said “SPASTIC SOCIETY.” Yeah, that’s what the Aussies call Cerebral Palsy. They are not very PC down under which to be honest I find refreshing.

    If you’ve never read the story by Christy Brown called “My Left Foot” (Daniel Day Lewis won his first Best Actor Oscar for playing this role) – it’s refreshing. IIRC Christy Brown was born with severe cerebral palsy in an Irish slum, and his brothers and their friends just dragged him around with them in a little cart with wheels on it, and didn’t treat him with any deference or anything, they just accepted him for who he was without a lot of hoohaw.

  • Jessica

    I read it to my cats too because I’m weird like that. If I were president all women would have Scottish folds and Victoria Beckham sunglasses.

    Thank you! It was something I really struggled with during my clinicals. It sucked.
    I LOVE Mock’s other site but I’m not politically intelligent to post over there yet. I’m making another Facebook.

    I’ve read that book and watched the film. My sister had cerebal palsy (I say had because she died last year) and my family would get such a kick out of strangers who made such a big deal about it. The verbal stumbling people would go through as not to offend was hilarious. She found it hilarious too.

  • Amy

    Jessica — I am so sorry about your sister. It is funny how the people who are usually offended by political incorrectness are not the “protected ones,” but the politically correct themselves. My uncle has cerebral palsy. I was visiting him in his nursing home and went to get him coffee. I asked the volunteer who was helping me to please not fill it to the top, explaining that my uncle is “handicapped,” and that he would spill it if it were too full. The volunteer very condescendingly said: “Young lady, we do not use the word handicapped. The proper word is disabled.” I asked him to please explain why handicapped is offensive and disabled is not, and had his life, depended on it, he could not have done it. He was so tongue-tied, I felt sorry for him. I really think a lot of this political correctness is just to make people afraid to speak at all.

    Another funny story: I volunteer with the elderly in low-income housing. I was trying to ask the receptionist, who is black, what had happened to one of the residents. I described him in every way I could, painstakingly trying to avoid his race, until she finally asked:”Is he black or white? It is really okay to say that.” I think she offended by the fact that I thought she would be offended if I described the man as black.

    Finally, I just read somewhere that realtors are not using the phrase “Master Bedroom,” because it: (1) connotes slavery; and/or (2) is offensive to women, as it suggests that women are subordinate to men. Apparently, the politically correct term is “owner’s suite.”

    God help us all.

  • Jessica

    Thank you! My sister was fabulous and her life was incredible.
    My mom always swore that the people who made such a big deal political correctness were the ones who had never dealt with any of the issues/terms they were so uptight about. Daft cows she’d call them.

    Isn’t it ridiculous? Master suite! Sheesh
    What’s next? “Guest suite for unwed pregnant relatives”
    It’s all so dumb.

  • Mockarena

    Amy – hopefully you read about the master bedroom thing right here:


    As most of you know, Junior Mock has cerebral palsy and is severely mentally retarded. I say stuff is “retarded” all the time, and have no problem with the word unless it’s being used purposefully to be hateful to an Actually Retarded person.

    See here for more on that:

    That’s from Feb, 2010, but it’s still how I feel. 🙂

  • Mockarena

    Jessica – SO SO SO SO SO sorry about your sister. 🙁

  • Amy

    Mock! LOL, I am sure I read it on Chicks on the Right. There is so much stupidity out there, can’t keep track of it all.

    In vino veritas — I LOVE ALL OF MY FELLOW MOCKDOCKERS!!!! xooxoxoxoxooxoxo

  • Jessica

    Thanks Mock! You would’ve loved Monica. She hated Ashley too. She thought Ashley smelled and had “bad fashion”. She loved fashion. We buried her in a Victoria Beckham cat print dress.
    Her life was full, and very fabulous. A beautiful 40 years.
    Another reason I hate political correctness is the way politically correct people verbally limit others.
    How many “able bodied” people have traveled the world?
    She even got her dream car. Of course she couldn’t drive it. But it was her car and she could ride in it whenever she wanted.
    So yeah, screw political correctness.

    I’m wondering though. If something is now called an Owner’s bedroom what are the other rooms called? Peasant rooms? Non owner quarters?

  • Mockarena

    Monica was clearly a woman after my own heart. I love EVERYTHING Victoria. EVERYTHING.

  • Amy

    Jessica, זיכרונה לברכה (may [Monica’s] memory be a blessing).

  • Amy

    P.S. Just knowing that Monica hated Assley makes me love her. The rest is icing on the cake.

  • Amy

    Yikes! I just realized I am randomly speaking Latin and Hebrew. I am becoming Assley! It’s the wine, I swear. Please forgive me.

  • Amy

    My dad used to say the “truth in wine” thing, but he always said it when he was drinking gin. It always made me laugh.

  • Jessica

    My parents were going to do a documentary once because they were so pissed off at all the political correctness and the way people are treated they wanted to show the World that yes, you can have a normal happy functioning home with 3 “special needs” children in it.
    Mock loves Victoria too? Are you sure we aren’t related? You love Robbie AND Victoria too! (I’m obsessed with her.)

  • Jessica

    Amy I’m rusty so תודה לך חסד, ברכה. אשרי אנו עבור כל אהבה.

    And no we’re not like Ashley. We admit our mistakes, we are proper in our use of language. We’d never drop italian phrases randomly during an interview. We don’t speak bad over enunciated French (is that the right word Hannah?)
    We don’t loudly recite poems to memorize them on car rides. We wear shoes. We’re not one with the mountains. We wouldn’t disconnect the satellite because we felt our husband was ignoring us for the television (I’m no longer married thank god) We wouldn’t burn books or clothes out of spite because our husband/boyfriend/whatever helped out a family member. We’d never tell anyone who races cars for a living that there is more to life and they should seek out patient treatment because they are addicted to cars.
    I could go on but the point is we will never ever be like Ashley.

  • Hannah955

    Jessica, I’m so sorry about your sister. Seems like you have lots of happy memories of her and 40 years of fabulous life is better than 80 years of – meh – right?

    So she met Assley and didn’t like her? Nothing RETARDED about Monica 🙂

    Did Assley act all “kind” and “gracious” to your sister? Pose for a photo with her? Gah.

    One wonderful thing about Christy Brown’s book “My Left Foot” is that anybody who read it, regardless of whether they knew someone with CP, had their eyes opened about CP – people with Cerebral Palsy do not necessarily have cognitive impairment although about 1/3 do (I just brushed up on wikipedia).

    My best friend is African-American. I don’t get to see her very much because she moved to London and married a Scot. I adore her husband. In fact, I got him a present for his 50th birthday two years ago and have yet to mail hers (her 50th was just last month). But then again, he drove all the way to Heathrow to pick me up at 6 am with her sitting grumpy and half-asleep in the passenger seat. She had pretty much told me I would have to find my own way to their flat in Croydon after FLYING ALL NIGHT FROM SAN FRANCISCO. Of course, after I experienced the drive back from Heathrow I understood what a huge undertaking that was. And no, (I don’t think) she would have let me take the bus/underground/taxi … but I *know* HE wouldn’t have!

    She’s a New Yorker, which is probably more relevant than the fact that she is African-American. So, think crusty on the surface, with a heart of gold underneath.

    Anyway, she said to me one day when I was telling a story “Why did you feel the need to mention the guy was black?” And I found myself being very defensive. Then, years ago I finally met another friend of hers about whom she’d told me lots of stories, and this woman was from Thailand, and I said in exasperation “Why didn’t you ever tell me she was from Thailand?” and she said “Why would I? It’s irrelevant.” And I said “but it’s NOT irrelevant. It’s part of her FLAVOR – I would have had a better understanding of her if I’d known her cultural roots.”

    To some people, mentioning race is the same thing as being racist. And living in San Francisco, I am *always* biting my tongue because of all the PC crap in this City.

    My mother? OMG she had a really provocative streak, she said exactly the wrong politically incorrect thing, in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time, so many times over the years that I just KNEW she was doing it on purpose. Standing in line at a movie theater, she says in a loud voice “Gawd, I could use a FAG.” Right behind two lesbians holding hands. (translation for those who don’t know Britishisms: a fag is a cigarette).

    And my mom’s best friend of almost 50 years (well, it would be 49 years this year if my mom hadn’t died 5 years ago!!!) we were talking on the phone today and I said someday I want to sit down with a tape recorder and have you talk about your memories of my mom, because you’re the only person left among her friends who knew her back then”) … and she told me about the day they met, she had moved into the building next door to us and she was leaning over the back staircase shaking out her floormats, and my mother yells “Typical – you Chinese people are always doing that!” Um, except she’s not Chinese, doesn’t even look remotely Chinese! Of course, she found my mom a hoot, they became best friends almost instantly. For some reason my mom could get away with stuff like that.

    Another time, I took her back to Ireland, her HOMELAND, for the first time since she emigrated to the United States, and of course after a long flight from San Francisco she was in a foul mood, jonesing for a cigarette and a cup of coffee, going through the DT’s practically, and the plane lands and she’s up and out of her seat and I said “Mom, you have to wait until the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign is off” and she says – mind you, this was an Aer Lingus flight, and the first time she had been on Irish soil in 40 years – “F**king Irish, why do they have to make everything so complicated?”

    My mom was gorgeous (photos up-thread) – she looked like Grace Kelly and had a mouth on her like a truckdriver when she got in a bad mood. Which was whenever she needed a “fag” or a cuppa joe.

  • Hannah955

    Oh, I had no idea that would get censored. The word that reads “***” is actually .F.A.G. (hope that comes through!)

  • Hannah955

    So, Jessica, about Assley’s French. Her accent, to my (half-trained) ear, is actually really good. But yeah, it’s like school-learnt French where she focused more on learning to have a great accent but not so much on building a vocabulary so she could really COMMUNICATE. Her vocabulary is really limited.

    There’s this fan website (not to be confused with that URL without the dash which is her official site)… and they had this video of her up for a while, where she’s gone to – some island in the far east where one of the official languages is French? I completely forget its name. But she’s gone as a representative of Youth AIDS. She’s met at the airport by a handsome young Frenchman, and of course Youth AIDS or PSI has a video camera going, and he greets her in English and she greets him in French, and he says to her “Ah, vous parlez Francais?” (forgive me for not typing the accents properly, I don’t have the hotkeys memorized) … and she gets this smug cat-that-ate-the-canary look on her face and says “Bien sur!”

    So, fast forward, she’s in a large bright room with locals gathered at her feet, and they’re asking questions in French, and sh’s answering in – Franglais! I mean, she doesn’t even know AIDS-related words in French – and that’s WHY SHE WAS THERE! So she just substitutes the English word. Meaning that this audience of people who don’t speak English, are understanding perhaps half of what she says.

    Then she mispronounces the word VIRUS. It’s spelled the same but in French it’s pronounced (roughly) vee-roos and she pronounced it vee-russ.

    And mind you, some NGO had paid to fly her halfway around the world, first class no doubt, and I’m not kidding, in 30 minutes on Google Translate I could pretty competently translate an entire speech and deliver it in French. You have to be incredibly lazy not to do that in preparation for a trip halfway around the world. But I guess she figured, her ACCENT was great so – who cares about communicating concepts, right?

    Viewing that video is when I began to realize what a massive POSEUR FRAUD she is.

  • Hannah955

    BTW if you want to know what Amy and Jessica said to each other in Hebrew, you can cut and paste THAT into Google Translate as well 🙂

    I bought a gorgeous sweater recently at the Goodwill that was made in Japan, and the fiber content was in Japanese. I actually thought it was linen or silk, or at least cotton … so I went to Google translate, typed in those three words and then clicked on “translate to Japanese” then compared the glyphs that came up with the glyphs on the fiber content label. None matched. So I typed in rayon, nylon and polyester and found out that my sweater is 50% rayon / 50% polyester. How cool is that? (I mean, not that it’s rayon/poly, that was kind of disappointing, but that I could figure it out on Google Translate!)

  • Jessica

    40 years of fabulousness! Best older sister anyone could have.

    It was embarrassing Hannah – the first time she fawned and did the sympathy thing which pissed everyone off because It made her feel uncomfortable. Touching her hair, etc
    She spoke in her hoity toity baby voice like Monica couldn’t understand normal speaking. Thankfully a kind guy later pulled her aside and said If you’re not going to speak to her properly don’t speak at all. It’s condescending to act like that.
    Oh and only Monica would communicate to someone’s husband that their wife smells and has bad fashion.

    Ashley’s French accent is good but her vocabulary and verbs seem limited.

    Omg! My Mom did that stuff too! Everyone gave her a pass because “oh she’s British she doesn’t know any better” lol

  • Jessica

    I saw that video and it cracked me up because even if she was flying in unprepared you’re spending hours on a plane and you can’t learn a few words? Or did you need the 17 hour flight for sleep?

  • Hannah955

    OK, I gotta follow up on these two Jessica!

    -We wouldn’t burn books or clothes out of spite because our husband/boyfriend/whatever helped out a family member.

    -We’d never tell anyone who races cars for a living that there is more to life and they should seek out patient treatment because they are addicted to cars.

    So, am I getting this right, Dario helped one of HIS family members and she burned his stuff? What, did he spend money on somebody other than her? His own money? That he earned, and invested? Correct me if I made the wrong inference…

    And as for his passion for cars, that’s Dario’s PIG, right? Didn’t she say we should all find our PIG?

    She’s all over the media talking about how “extraordinary” he is at driving racecars, then she’s denigrating him in private?

    Sounds like she can only be in a relationship where (a) she shares nothing with any third party and (b) she has to be the morally superior one whose life has a greater purpose.

  • Hannah955

    But wait – Jessica! You’ve been around her in person and you speak French. Surely she’s dropped some French on you (or at least when you were there). What do YOU think of her French???

  • Jessica

    Yes and Yes.

    Yes we should all find our pig but not when someone else feels their husband’s greed for finer things (owning several expensive cars) and career make her look like a hypocrite for her charity work. (Hate that I can’t be specific sometimes)

    Yes, a long time ago a relative helped him out career wise and now that he’s established he wanted to return the kindness to help said relative’s son. The original plan was scrapped but eventually a lesser form of help was given and it paid off.

  • Jessica

    I haven’t had the pleasure of her French except for that video. I didn’t even know she knew it until I saw that.

    I can say for an absolute fact that her Italian is terrible.

  • Hannah955

    Paul di Resta? (don’t answer that )

    I thought Assley is all about FAMILY. So why is it a bad thing to her when Dario helps his own family?

    Mind you I have never met her, never met him, never met any of their family or friends, but I have this image stuck in my mind that the Scottish clan basically can’t stand her. And for some reason, there’s this little scene that runs over and over in my head, they’re over in Scotland for the winter, and Dario wants to drive in to the local pub to hoist a few pints and shoot the breeze with his mates … and she insists on coming. And they walk into the pub, Dario happy to see everybody, and they happy to see him, and Assley basking in what she thinks is the admiration of these Scottish hicks in a pub, and he goes over to his friends, and she goes and sits primly on a bar stool with her perfect stick-up-her-a$$ posture and her size A chest stuck out, and she waits to hold court with anybody who will give her the time of day, so she can lecture them about The Things That Really Count In Life, such as social justice, and getting clean water to rural villages in Congo, and EVERYBODY AVOIDS HER LIKE THE PLAGUE, so she heads over to where Dario is shooting darts and hoisting a beer and catching up with his friends, and they all see her coming and go (under their breaths, or in Assley-speak “sotto voce”) “Oh crap, here she comes.”

    That visual gives me great comfort 🙂

  • Jessica

    Without specifics, if you have seven figures to put toward a racing career, or six figures for a rare car you can and should give that money to a cause.

    Omg Hannah! You’ve been hanging out at the Glenmavis Tavern? 😉

  • Hannah955

    Oooh, Assley didn’t make the top three of the most influential people in Dario’s life:

    He ranks Jackie Stewart higher than Assley – that must have annoyed her!

  • Hannah955

    I seem to recall from skimming her book that she went to some pains to separate her money values from his. So, HE had the plane and the helicopter and the fast cars, and SHE had the little Mini Cooper or whatever she drives (I forget) and the toaster oven, and she flies commercial supposedly. Although Mock found the smoking gun, a photo of her in a private plane going to a UK game with her “beloved” Uncle Mark (who unbelievably actually IS a blood relative rather than an uncle-of-choice).

    I think “beloved” is one of her favorite words, she uses it a lot. I laughed out loud when somebody tweeted to her that they liked “Double Jeopardy” and she tweeted back that it was nice to have been part of such a “beloved” movie and I’m thinking it’s not “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Old Yeller” fer chrissakes!

  • Jessica

    His new site should’ve been up last month

    Jackie Stewart is one of the most amazing men on the planet. Kind, hilarious, and generous.
    So so sad Ashley wasn’t one of the top 3.

    Yeah that’s always been and probably always would’ve been a struggle. I’m like Seriously? You had NO problem with any of this when you met him now suddenly it’s an issue? What about your Birkin bags?

    I still think the private plane stuff is hilarious.

  • Jessica

    I’ve ranted about this before but the constant Mini Cooper bragging annoys me. From the way she talks about it you’d think she was driving a hybrid or a smart car. It’s a freaking Mini Cooper! They tend to have excessive maintenance costs.

  • Hannah955

    I don’t have a problem with rich people spending their money, even on expensive stuff. It trickles down. When you by a Birkin bag, you help employ the working class people who take 100 hours to sew it together by hand (or however they’re emade, I don’t really know).

    Yes, there are better things to spend money on, like charity. But being cheap and hoarding money is worse than spending it on SOMETHING – at least it stimulates the economy when you SPEND it.

    I do have a problem with people taking private planes, especially huge private jets, because the pollution per passenger hour is absolutely obscene compared to that generated by commercial aircraft.

  • Jessica

    It’s annoyingly hypocritical when she criticizes the purchases of others when she’s just as ridiculous.

    I never understood why she criticized others for taking private planes. At least the ones she was criticizing were doing it for work purposes not basketball games

  • Hannah955

    Tonight I came across one of my favorite poems by my absolute favorite poet, A.E. Housman.

    I know Dario lost two close friends in the racing community, Greg Moore in 1999 and Dan Wheldon in 2011. I wonder if he has ever read this poem.

    “To an Athlete Dying Young”

    The time you won your town the race,
    We chaired you through the market-place;
    Man and boy stood cheering by,
    And home we brought you shoulder-high.

    To-day, the road all runners come,
    Shoulder-high we bring you home,
    And set you at your threshold down,
    Townsman of a stiller town.

    Smart lad, to slip betimes away
    From fields where glory does not stay
    And early though the laurel grows
    It withers quicker than the rose.

    Eyes the shady night has shut
    Cannot see the record cut,
    And silence sounds no worse than cheers
    After earth has stopped the ears:

    Now you will not swell the rout
    Of lads that wore their honours out,
    Runners whom renown outran
    And the name died before the man.

    So set, before its echoes fade,
    The fleet foot on the sill of shade,
    And hold to the low lintel up
    The still-defended challenge-cup.

    And round that early-laurelled head
    Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead,
    And find unwithered on its curls
    The garland briefer than a girl’s.

  • Jessica

    It’s a beautiful poem.

  • Amy

    Okay, everyone — we need to kidnap Jessica and pump her full of sodium pentathol and make her talk!

  • Hannah955

    Amy, I know! We need a data dump of the section of her brain labeled “Ashley Judd.”

    Tweet of the day:

    Alexandra Jaffe [email protected] 9h

    Just unfollowed @AshleyJudd. Felt good.

  • Amy

    Awesome. Can you tweet her and ask her to come and join the party over here?

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  • Mockarena

    Jessica – you MUST search on “Beckham” or “Victoria” right here at the Mock Dock. And you will see my obsession in all its glory.

    Clearly, we were separated at birth. (You and me, I mean. Not me and Victoria. Although, I can dream. 😉 )

  • AA
  • AA

    Jonathan Miller( AJ’s Kentucky political mentor) just can’t stop yapping. “In the end, the nastiness and overwhelming work of a campaign were too much for Judd, who was already dealing with a divorce and the illness of close relatives, and she announced she wouldn’t run in late March.”