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I Could Be Wrong…

…but I’m pretty sure this chick is wearing a pair of Mini Mock’s underwear on her head.

2013-01-23 19 02 20 (2)

Spiders Are Already Creepy Enough…

….without freaky looking chicks trying to imitate them.


2013-01-22 19 36 02 (2)

Definitely The Most Brutal Meme I’ve Seen Yet…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SNAP.

2013-01-22 19 32 46 (2)

I Am Proud To Say…

…that I, too, work in a similarly velociraptor-free environment.

2013-01-22 18 25 17 (2)


So, if you’re a follower of my other site, you’re probably aware that Daisy and I got some major national publicity yesterday.


2013-01-22 14 32 09

Holy crap.  Those are our big ole faces on that big ole web page.  We’re still reeling from it all.

ANYWAY, that’s why I never got around to posting here.  We’ve been SWAMPED with emails and calls and messages – and I’m still way behind.

Plus, I had a hair appointment last night in preparation for our trip to New York City this weekend. So yeah. NO TIME FOR MOCKERY.

Agent J stopped by to visit me at my hair appointment, and she brought me and Daisy the most hilarious flowers to celebrate our day, as well as a bottle of Skinny Girl, which we happily dipped into while my hair was being foiled.


It was a good day.  Will be back this evening in full mock mode.  🙂


cat models

This Movie Poster Placement…

…is inappropriate.

2013-01-20 20 30 24 (2)

Ashley Judd Wore This Dress ON PURPOSE, You Guys.

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this photo of Ashley Judd at the Bluegrass Ball in KY from last night:

2013-01-19 20 38 30 (2)

Holy heinous.  She also tweeted this one from her limo on her way to the event:

2013-01-19 20 42 21 (2)

The caption to that read, “So … Just how big is my ball gown?”

I’ll tell you how big, Ashley.  TOO FREAKING BIG.  That gown is absurd.

As an added treat, the same alert and astute mockdocker who sent me these two photos also sent one from a past event which I CANNOT BELIEVE I haven’t seen before, because you know I’ve seen just about every bad photo of Ashley that ever existed.   Still – somehow, someway, this one was new to me:

2013-01-19 20 40 40 (2)


For someone who has the ABILITY to look quite pretty, I’m surprised at how often she chooses to look like a haggard bag lady.

You Never Know.

Someday, you may thank me for this information.

2013-01-19 15 58 05 (2)

How To Tell If Your Shorts Are Too Small

If they look like this, you miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight want to consider the next 18 sizes up.

2013-01-19 12 48 38 (2)

I wonder how much she paid for the off-center trampstamp.  Because whatever it was – was way too much.

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