“It’s Relaxing” She Says.

We share the earth with some seriously sick people, y’all.

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  • green eyed girl

    Mock!!!! Oh my word!!! “It’s relaxing” was not enough warning and now I cannot get this crazy person out of my mind!! And it’s bedtime! You are so bad….. 😁

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I know enough from the screen capture to NOT watch this video. I just had breakfast.

  • Jane K.

    This is totally mean, but there is something to her diet other than cat hair!

  • china lady

    i bet she can literally cough up a hair ball

  • Mizz M

    That is disgusting. Closest I’ve come to um…hugging the porcelain throne over one of your posts, Mock. We have three cats thanks to my daughter who moved out and left them with us, so I am acquainted with cat hair. I have to throw food away if I find one cat hair. I would shave them all if I thought I could do it without being sliced to ribbons in the process. This is seriously sick.

  • SunnyAZ

    Wow, to say that she has issues is an understatement!