I know.  I’ve been totally MIA.  And I feel bad leaving you here without new stuff to mock.  I’ve been in NYC for the past couple days and it was a hugely busy and exhausting trip, and tomorrow is MONDAY already.  UGH.

Anyway, one thing that Daisy and I avoided doing during our brief stay in NYC was riding the subway.  And this is why.

2013-01-25 15 16 12 (2)

Not that I don’t like rabbits, mind you.  I adore rabbits. Just not on subways with dudes who aren’t wearing shirts.

Plus, THIS:

2013-01-25 15 15 11 (2)

I don’t even KNOW.

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  • Carol0717

    I’ve been riding the NYC subway since i was a kid. I should send you some of the pics i have taken. 🙂

    hope you had a great trip, even though it was ridiculously cold!