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Epic Dog Shaming



2013-01-30 20 45 26 (2)

I am so a cool ranch person and so NOT a nacho cheese person.


When You See It…

…let me know.

2013-01-30 20 36 35 (2)

Hint:  It’s a hula hoop.

Wanna Hear Something Ridiculous?

Daisy and I are going to write a book.

I’m not even making that up.

We’ve been talking to a literary agent from NYC since late October, and have finally reached the point where she told us the other night, “Hey – you need to start talking about this now.”  And so we announced it to our readers today (see the above sourcelink) and we’re both sort of freaking out about it, because what it means is that we have to start writing a book.

We have gobs of ideas, of course, and a general outline of what we want to cover.  But (and our agent is well aware of this) we have never WRITTEN a book before.  And, as most of you are well aware, we are DORKS.

Virgin book writers + dorks = ?????

Hopefully not a recipe for disaster.

ANYWAY, that’s what’s going on right now.  Isn’t that crazy?

So here’s some alpaca pun humor, which I think really suits this occasion:

2012-12-23 11 46 44 (2)


Yup.  He’s finally making a break for it.

Ashley’s statement: “”We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We’ll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed.”

Is that the standard Hollywood break-up statement?  Because it sounds sooooo familiar.

Anyway.  I’d love to say this isn’t a huge shock, but it kinda is, considering he lasted for over 10 years, you guys.  THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING.

2013-01-20 17 57 14 (2)

This Is Accurate.

Which is why I will not allow Mini-Mock to EVER HAVE a real light saber, if and when they become available in reality.

2013-01-28 20 21 24 (2)

Psoriasis. Now There’s A Curedashian!

Have psoriasis? Just have your sister squirt some breastmilk onto it. ALL BETTER!

I love how Kim Kardashian pronounces the word “eew” as “ewwwaaaah.”

“It’s Relaxing” She Says.

We share the earth with some seriously sick people, y’all.


2013-01-25 15 07 53 (2)

This is TOTALLY how I feel about mixed nuts.


I know.  I’ve been totally MIA.  And I feel bad leaving you here without new stuff to mock.  I’ve been in NYC for the past couple days and it was a hugely busy and exhausting trip, and tomorrow is MONDAY already.  UGH.

Anyway, one thing that Daisy and I avoided doing during our brief stay in NYC was riding the subway.  And this is why.

2013-01-25 15 16 12 (2)

Not that I don’t like rabbits, mind you.  I adore rabbits. Just not on subways with dudes who aren’t wearing shirts.

Plus, THIS:

2013-01-25 15 15 11 (2)

I don’t even KNOW.

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