• Rachel

    If only my car hadn’t broken down on the way home from this, I’d be the luckiest chick on the planet. Instead, I’m a close second — good enough! :D

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Sorry to hear about your car, Rachel. I had a few close calls on the way there: I blew right through a stop sign, and there was a family of deer that ran in front of me. So glad everyone is safe and that we got to enjoy each other’s company yesterday.

  • MrsK

    Mock, you look like you’re 2 feet tall in that top pic, and it is seriously cracking me up. Are you doing the crouch?? You don’t need to do the crouch when you’re photographed from above, goofy.


  • Hatchetwoman

    LOL, yes, I looked at the first picture and thought, “How TALL are her friends?” Love that lion pic, too — I’m in a couple of groups on FB, and in one of them, one person repeatedly hits “like” after he posts. It’s not ironic, either.

  • Lori E.

    The lion picture made me laugh SO HARD. Perfect. I stopped at the Carmel Goodwill (love me some bargains) after Cracker Barrel and scored some great deals. :)

    Sorry to hear about the treacherous trips RoP and Rachel! Jeepers…

  • Bronagh

    I live in the area now too! How do I get an invite to the next one? I’m not a troll or a leftist, and I never like my own posts on FB. Am I in?

  • Caegyn

    Okay if I am forced to move due to Economic Armageddon, or NY tyranny run amock, expect my godless horde to show up in Indy or Texas. I do believe its my 2 best choices for survival.

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