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Mock’s Fashion Tip O’ The Day

ALL of your toes should fit within the main foot holding compartment of any shoe. If they do not, chances are you need a wider shoe. Or a toe amputation.

Either way, don’t do this.

Let Us Unite…

…in unison, in our universe, uniformly, to praise this. For being so unique.

Toddler Drama

Your Thursday Science Joke


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this song and I love it SO SO SO MUCH.

I’m a relentlessly cheerful person as it is, but this just makes me even more gleed out than usual. ENJOY!!!

Mini Mock Draws An Inappropriate Picture

Mini Mock was asked earlier this school year to tell a story about what he did this past summer, and draw a picture to go along with the story. He wrote about going to play glow in the dark mini golf with Mr. Mock’s parents’ neighbors’ grandkids. And the story was adorable, and well written for a 6 year old, but the picture kind of threw us for a loop. You’ll see why.

I love that he ended his story talking about balls.

We asked him what the flesh-colored thing on the right of the picture was, after snickering and giggling about it for like ten straight minutes, and he informed us that it was the mini-golf 15th hole.  He is utterly unaware that it looks like a weewee.

I love this age. 🙂

Parenting FAIL.


Mock’s Fashion Tip O’ The Day

Do not feed your jeans to tigers. It’s bad for their digestive systems, and when you wear the remains, it’s drafty.

Do You See It?

That’s an awful lot of young kids. It’s no wonder that the oldest gets overlooked sometimes.


I have become TOTALLY PROFICIENT at these.

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