This Dude Does Not Fear Hurricane Sandy

I am one of those people who absolutely LOATHES thunderstorms, so this whole Hurricane Sandy thing has me pretty freaked out.  Mr. Mock is that guy who wants to be out on the deck watching lightning strikes and who thinks thunderstorms are awesome.  I do not get this.  They are NOT awesome.  They are destructive jerks.

Far away rumbly storms are acceptable, but only if they are not coming closer to me.  And soft pittery pattery rain showers are fine.  But there is NOTHING, not a SINGLE REDEEMING THING, about real thunderstorms.  All they do is flood things, and hail on things, and blow things around, and make power go away.  I HATE THEM.

So, if you’re in Sandy’s way right now, just know that I really feel for you.  But the horse dude thinks we’re all overreacting.

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  • green eyed girl

    I’m in Northern VA and the rain has been pouring for hours and the wind is howling… it is scary. I still have power though, so I’m pretty lucky! This guy did make me giggle.

  • SunnyAZ

    To all of you in the storms path, stay safe.

  • Victor

    We’re in Maryland in a county bordering Washington DC. The only damage I’ve seen is the dead tree in our neighbor’s yard came down on their car, narrowly missing my gf’s car. I have no sympathy for them, as they borrowed a snow shovel from us during Snowpocalypse that was never returned (They may have placed it on our doorstep and it was stolen by someone else, but they were responsible for it), nor did they pay for it. Karma finally got them back for us.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I used to be like Mr. Mock, marveling at the lightning and loving the sound of thunder and blowing rain. Now, I’m like Mock, HATING thunderstorms. Becoming a homeowner and having your house hit by lightning definitely changes your perspective. :/

  • Hannah955

    Oh, Victor, I am so with you! 30 years later I am still mad about a girl who borrowed an Italian dictionary from me in college. This was an extremely expensive dictionary, which I paid for out of my $4 an hour wages from slaving in the Law School dining hall scraping mashed potatoes with cigarettes stubbed out in them off plates in a steamy hot dishwasher room.

    But I digress. I asked her back for it a couple of times, and the third time I asked her she casually said that she had put it in my mail slot in the entryway of my dorm. Of course it wasn’t there. She had either kept it or someone else in my entryway had stolen but seriously, it’s not like any of the 15 other people in my dorm were studying Italian. I was so angry with her because I had lent it to her as a favor, I barely knew her, and then she basically either stole it, or let it get stolen. I got the blank-eyed zombie response when I suggested she might be responsible for replacing it. I hope something like that happened to HER later in life!

  • Dani

    I can definitely relate to you, Hannah and Victor! When I was in college, one of my roommates borrowed my graphing calculator. She kept it for like 2 months, and when it came time to move out at the end of the year, I asked her about it at least 3 times. I remember coming back to the dorm after my last final and realizing when I walked through the door that she was all moved out and gone. I was SO mad! I know that graphing calculators aren’t super expensive, but they aren’t cheap either, and it was just the point that she stole my stuff! After that she promised me a couple of times through emails that she would mail it to me, but it never came.

    I think it made me even more angry that one of the guys in the room next door had borrowed it earlier in the year, and he tracked me down to make sure that I got it back, yet she lived in the same suite as me and managed to keep it. Ugh!