MockDog Has Taken Over My Side Of The Bed

I know. You’re probably all, “WHY did you start letting her sleep in your bed?” And the answer is that I am POWERLESS against her sad brown eyes looking at me when I ask her to go into her den at night. She looks at me as if to say, “You mean it? You’re going to make me go into that cage thing while you are all snuggled in your warm fleece sheets?” And I’m FINISHED.

So yeah – she sleeps with us most nights now. At first, it was fine, because she’d settle in about mid way down the center of the bed, in between us, and we all had our own space and were all quite comfortable.

But lately, she’s insisting that she be higher up in the bed, near our pillows. That was ok, until the last couple of nights, when she has basically taken OVER my pillow, leaving me with just the edge of it, and waaaaaay too much distance between me and Mr. Mock.

Yesterday I got up from my teeny tiny fraction of the bed that Mockdog has left to me, and went to shower. When I came out, this is what I saw:

This is what our bed has become.  It has become Mockdog’s bed, which she generously allows us to share small pieces of when it suits her.

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  • Formerly jim

    I hope Mockdog realizes that she has won the Doggy lottery! Free house, free people, free food. What a life!

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    HAHAHAHAHA, what a little princess. And so unself-conscious, all splayed out like that without a care in the world. That photo is priceless.

  • Rick’s Cafe

    What do ya think of the possibilities that Buckeye Bob has been reincarnated? {not that I believe in such things}

  • Bronagh

    Mockdog is mocking you, Mock.

  • Nancy

    Try putting a dog bed next to your bed ON THE FLOOR. And have her sleep next to your bed ON THE FLOOR. My Lab is very happy next to the bed and near me ON THE FLOOR.

  • Angela

    My dog is 7 pounds and he still takes up most the bed lol.

  • Mary

    That bitch is trying to steal your man.

  • Victor

    I totally agree with what Nancy said. I know this is funny and cute and everything, but the dog must never think he’s the boss.

  • Mockarena

    Mary – Mr. Mock and I totally cracked up at your comment!! 🙂

  • Mrs. K

    Multiply that times three and you’ve got the K household. We’ve finally decided that our queen-size bed is no longer adequate, and the king we’re going to buy may not be, either. But, it sure is handy to have all those warm puppies in the middle of a cold Midwest winter. 🙂

  • Mrs. K

    And likewise, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That made our morning.

  • CA

    If BB were to come come back as a canine it most certainly would be a houndog.

  • CA

    or a rabbit.