Parenting FAIL.


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  • Rachel

    Bumping and grinding on your own son. I…I…have no words. Those kids are all but doomed already. I feel sorry for their future teachers.

  • Anonymous99


  • Ta


  • Hatchetwoman

    That’s beyond horrid. I hate to point this out, but I have to because I don’t want to be the only one to suffer … did you see the expression on that woman’s face when she was shaking her ass? She didn’t really look like she was just pretending — it’s just really gross.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I saw areola. That was so horrifically awful.

  • Hannah955

    Somebody call CPS!

  • Rachel

    I thought so, too, RoP, but I think that’s just her black bra sticking out of her shirt.

  • janice

    What the hell is wrong with people. Show me a woman dancing in heat behind her kids and I’ll show you an Obama voter.

    Seriously, this is beyond disgusting. Sodom and Gomorrah, your citizens are calling.

  • Hannah955

    The most disturbing thing is when the kid is kind of ad libbing his rap, and he’s talking about taking the woman in a car, and the blue pants, and you can see since he was probably raised on disgusting rape rap that it’s going in a sexual direction, and then he stops, kinda confused, and you can tell the thought maybe crossed his mind “oh, that’s my momma, I can’t go there.”

    Momma wouldn’t have minded, I don’t think. But that poor confused kid!

  • SunnyAZ

    My heart hurts for that kid! He has a sick and twisted Mom.

  • Hannah955

    OK wait, I don’t think the woman in the blue shorts is his mother. Toward the end he reaches out to the woman who’s laughing in the background, and he says “there go my mamma” and it’s like he wants her to join in, and she says “oh no” – so maybe that was his mother laughing in the background and the woman in the shorts is some friend or relative.

    if so, makes it SLIGHTLY less disgusting, but not by much!

  • Yvonne

    I miss Buckeye Bob so much!

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    See, now if the genders were reversed, a man would be in jail by now. Some people have no class, and these people in particular are pushing the line of legal behavior.

  • Queenie

    DEGENERATES! THIS is our country today… sad, pathetic, ugly, and degenerate. I’m sorry for the children but they will grow up JUST LIKE the filth that raises them. God help them all…

  • southernlites

    Oh my……this is one of those things you wish you could unwatch and I only watched a second or two. Holy Moly…somebody call CPS.