I know this is totally TMI, but I just got back from zumba, and it totally sucked because a) I’m all mid-month bloated and b) I was fighting foot cramps the entire class.

Do you ever get those foot cramps? The kind where your toes involuntarily curl and freeze that way?  It super hurts, and I get them ALL THE TIME. But it super sucks to get them in the middle of the hour that you’re trying to jump and shake your booty all over the place.

Off topic, but Mr. Mock is currently making me watch the most HEINOUSLY DISGUSTING EPISODE OF HOARDERS EVER, where some chick named Shanna poops and pees in buckets and then dumps the buckets in her backyard, because it hasn’t occurred to her that her toilets would get fixed if she called a plumber.  So she poops in a bucket, you guys. 

Oddly, the bucket of poop turned out to be the perfect cure for my foot cramps, because when you see that kind of horror on TV, you become way too distracted by it to feel physical pain.  Join me, won’t you, in this quick video clip of the crazy?


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  • Dani

    I get cramps in the arches of my feet all the time, and I hate it too. I’m not sure what causes it, but I feel your pain!

  • Sarah

    I always get foot cramps and charlie horses when I haven’t drank enough water. You’re burning a helluva lot of calories doing Zumba so you probably just need to drink lots more water.

    A friend once told me a story about a house he lived in. The previous tenant let a lady of the night rent out the back garage to service her gentlemen clients. Unfortunately, the garage didn’t have a bathroom so in between appointments she would “drop a deuce” in the backyard. I have to drive by that house every day and I can’t help but think “hooker poo” every time.

  • Rachel

    I saw that episode!! They mentioned it really quick, so don’t know if you caught it, but the house was full of bottles and jugs of urine/feces from the chick’s mother before she died! Two generations of nastiness! UGH!!!

  • Susan

    Is it just me or does Shanna look like Chunk from The Goonies??!?!!? Anyone???

  • jen

    in addition to being dehydrated, the cramps might also be caused by low potassium or low calcium. Try some coconut water and a few tums.

  • janice

    FYI – I used to get lots of calf cramps when I was swimming. Doc told me to eat bananas. It worked – maybe you could eat more bananas?

    Hoarders totally gets me everytime. There are a bunch of them who do their business in pots, bags, boxes, etc. I can’t help but watch.

  • Gail

    Ditto on Chunk from The Goonies!

    I can’t believe how many hoarders poop in bags and/or buckets.

    I totally get the foot cramps, too, except mine happen for absolutely no reason whatsoever. If I move my foot a certain way…bam!

  • Gail

    I also wish the therapist on this show would wear a different color lipstick. The one she is using is extremely unflattering.

  • ER

    Shawn is hilarious. “If there was a level 100 this would be it.” LOL

    I was going to mention water and bananas, but all the others beat me to it. Feel better Mock!

  • Rick’s Cafe

    1) Potassium (bananas) and vinegar (pickles) are often used as a way to help balance internal chemistry – cramps (non-monthly type) are just your body telling you ya did something a little bit wrong.
    2) “got to save the family” “got to have compassion for Shannon”. Really? Where did these guys get their psy.license? Shannon (and apparently her mother too) have made their bed…let them lay in it, cause Shannon has shown no compassion for the rest of her family.
    3. Was really hoping for some unique and inexpensive suggestions/methods on how to fertalize a yard without paying a fortune for store bought fertilizer ….soooooo disappointed! hahaha

  • Rick’s Cafe

    ps. Best source for pickles (in case ya don’t like the thought of eating a vinegar soaked cucumber) is a White Castle slider!

  • Hannah955

    I have heard that cramps like that are the result of a calcium deficiency. Also that calcium is absorbed better with magnesium, in a acid medium like fruit juice. There’s this white powdered product called CalM (Calcium + Magnesium) that you can stir into a glass of juice…I get it at Real Foods (do you have that in Indiana?) – here’s a web page about it:{keyword}&gclid=CPLn1fD-mLMCFUlxQgod-BYA3g

  • KayZee

    Agree, foot cramps are from low potassium – Gatorade, Smart Water or similar will do the trick. (Bananas, too!)