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Conehead Level: EPIC.

I cannot TELL you how delighted I am that Ashley Judd keeps showing up on Worst Dressed lists.

I believe she mentioned on Twitter that she had THREE fittings for this frock.  And yet, it’s the most unflattering, too-big-in-the-bust, not-big-enough-in-the-hips nightmare of a dress EVER.

Plus, I LOATHE mermaid style dresses with the fury of a billion suns.

Meanwhile, check out the glorious reviews here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Also, WTF is this pose?

Teapot poses are already ridiculous, but this variation of it is just ABSURD.



More Of Conehead

Gleees! She Looks Horrid.

Seriously.  This is heinous. And her hair is absurd. And she’s puffy.

This makes me positively JOYFUL.

This Person MEANS IT.

Maybe it’s this guy.  In which case, he should really consider a more comfortable napping spot.

I Can’t Watch.

So, the Emmy awards are on tonight. I can’t watch, because any award show that deems it acceptable to nominate Ashley Judd for the best actress in anything, least of all a MINISERIES WHEN THE SHOW WAS CANCELLED AND NOT ACTUALLY A MINISERIES,  is simply not worthy of my time. So I’ll look at dresses and whatnot online, but I’m not watching that crap.

She tweeted this earlier:

“Maestra?” Seriously? GAWD.

She’s still going on and on to anyone on Twitter who will listen that the show was” DESIGNED to be a 10 episode experience.”  She’s saying that, despite being quoted elsewhere that season TWO was going to be in Africa. (See the comments in this post.)

And there are people out there who just believe this, as if she’s not simply spouting off what ABC has TOLD her to spout off, if she wants to keep her stupid Emmy nomination.  Because the second she admits that it WASN’T a miniseries, that’s precisely when she admits that she shouldn’t be nominated in the miniseries category.  And we can’t have her not eligible to wear her maestra’s gown, now can we.


See? I’m Not The Only One Who Thinks This Sport Is Creepy.

I mean, COME ON. This is like a horror movie.

Saturday Pun Fun

Parental Rap


Parents rap about maintaining their household by videosonlytube

I’m Going To Need Proof…

…that in fact, cats do love this.  Because knowing cats, I am having a hard time believing that there is ANY empirical evidence which suggests anything of the sort.


Best. Birthday Card. EVER.

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