Nope. Still Not Over It.

I’m still kind of morbidly fascinated by Ashley Judd’s conehead from this past weekend.  It’s just MINDBOGGLING to me that she saw this in the mirror and thought it was suitable to display in public.  This is simply the worst hair ever.

ANYWAY, sorry that posting has been so slow lately, y’all.  Once this weekend is over, and Daisy and I are recovered from our first ever COTR Meet and Greet, then stuff should get back to normal.

I’m sort of a big fat ball of nerves right now, just THINKING about the M&G tomorrow.  YIIIIIIIIKES!  Daisy’s taking Xanax, and I’m bringing a flask of bourbon.  Hopefully that’ll help.

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  • SunnyAZ

    You two will rock, not to worry! You all will have so much fun that you will wonder why in the hell you were worried at all. Rock on!

  • Hatchetwoman

    You’ll do great — just be yourselves. Look, when you started this site and the other one, you just let your personalities shine through — taaah daaah! Same will happen tomorrow.

  • KiwiGirl

    I keep forgetting she has a short bob-do so to get this looking how it does – well, that must be a huge amount of hairspray right there… and there’s certainly a lot of back-combing action happening. It will probably be like one big dreadlock when it comes to washing it out – yuck.

    I’m sure the Meet & Greet will go awesomely… At least your hair will be looking better than Brunette Smurf.

  • Amy

    You will be awesome!!!

    There has not been a positive thing said anywhere about Assley’s Emmy get up. The nicest thing I could find was that her dress, while hideous, was not half as bad as her awful hair.

  • Hannah955

    Kudos Mock, just when I thought we had seen the worst photo of her taken at the Emmys, you top yourself!

    She tweeted today that she accompanied her father to his 50th high school reunion. That would be in Kentucky somewhere. I’m guessing it was an opportunity for her to be the absolute center of attention for an entire event. Her head must be so swelled today! I wonder if all those wives of 68 year old men were happy to see her hijack their husbands’ reunion and suck all the air out of the room. It’s my worst nightmare to be at a private event and have some narcissistic B-list celebrity show up and hold court!

  • Mrs. K

    B-list is awfully generous, Hannah.

  • Tracy Anne

    My grandma and her friends wore their hair like this in the early 70’s…even they knew it was bad by 1979.

  • Hannah955

    Watching Dancing With the Stars tonight, Elio Castroneves is on (All-Star Edition). I am laughing because while both he and Dario are three-time Indy 500 winners, he is one mirror ball trophy up on Dario and that must drive Assley bats. Something tells me Dario can’t dance worth crap, and although I could see Assley wangling an invite onto DWTS for herself, I can’t see her doing very well. Remember her dreadful “tango” with Salma Hayak in “Frida?” That was meant to be all hot forbidden lesbian sexiness and it was just – pffft. Quick cuts because they probably couldn’t get a continuous take out of her.

    Assley is always tweeting how her MawMaw and PawPaw were graceful dancers and taught her father, and then her. But I’m not buying it.

    Hey, I think I actually hope she DOES go on DWTS – and then flops.


  • AA
  • Amy

    AA, we should all enter and if one of us wins, we can send Mock and Hannah to the dinner!!!!! How absolutely awesome, though not for Ass, would that be?


    Yes, unfortunately live in Nashville, not far from her. Anytime she does anything, it’s in the Tennessean, etc. like she’s the ‘home-town celeb’; think the whole family is freakin’ nuts, judging from what I’ve heard, people who’ve encountered them

  • AA
  • AA
  • Hannah955

    AA I can’t see the Kenosha News link (have to be a subscriber).

    But that photo of her flabby arms – yowza!

    Hey, remember how she said at #DNC2012 it’s her ambition to have Obama ask her to introduce him, because her “thing” is introducing 2-term Presidents? (never mind that her “thing” is a pattern of one – Bill Clinton).

    Knowing her massive ego which is always on display – which I find hysterically funny because she’s totally unaware of how obvious her ambition and narcissism are – I’m sure she’s angling like crazy to become besties with Obama like she thinks she is with Clinton. And yet, it’s quite possible she has never actually MET Obama because you know she would tweet photos of herself with him if she could.

    Here, however, she’s doing the best she can, tweeting a photo of herself and her dogs with – wait for it – a cardboard cutout of POTUS and FLOTUS!!/AshleyJudd/media/slideshow?

  • Hannah955

    Oh wait, sorry. That’s her, ONE of her dogs,and Bo, the “rescue” dog that was given to the Obamas by Ted Kennedy. Yeah, the same Ted Kennedy who to date, has the only confirmed kill in the War on Women – Chappaquiddick.

  • Amy

    Hannah, did you know that Bo is a Portugese Water dog, and that Ted also had one named Splash? An equally appropriate name Would have been Mary Jo. How can these people be so removed from reality?

  • Hannah955

    Hi Amy, I did know the Bo is a Portugese Water dog, though until your post I hadn’t noticed the irony of that.

    Ted Kennedy naming his dog Splash? Ugh. Although it’s not surprising – I heard that he used to LOVE Chappaquiddick jokes and would ask people, decades later, if they had heard any good ones lately.

    Apparently Bo qualifies as a “rescue” because although he was from a breeder, and was initially purchased, his first adoption failed. Yeah right.

  • Amy

    The first time I heard it I thought it was a joke, sadly not. You cannot make this stuff up!!!

    Did see on AJ’s twitter that she was rude to some guy in the airport and he tweeted to her that he thought “B-list” celebrities should be nicer! oh snap!