So Today Sucked.

Mr. Mock was in a car accident today. He’s completely fine, and so is the woman who was in the other car. But Mr. Mock’s car? Totaled. And he’s only had it for like 5 months, and he really loved it, and so it’s just a huge bummer.

But he’s fine. And that’s what matters, and that’s what I keep telling him. But it still sucks that his car is totaled.

So anyway, today kind of sucked, and so I’m not in much of a mocky mood.

Tomorrow, I’m off to get ready for the COTR Meet and Greet, and I’m meeting Daisy for pedicures and lunch, so that will hopefully help erase the suckiness of today. And I’m thinking that Mr. Mock and I will go have massages in the morning too, so that he can have some suck-erasure too.

Anyway, there’s no appropriate photo to go with this post, so here’s hideous fashion.

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  • Amy

    How scary! So sorry, but really glad he is okay.

  • cdinttown

    I am so sorry and completely know what you are going through. 6 weeks ago my husband was hit driving my car. The damage was bad but fixable..only problem is the lady that hit him was very old, confused and didn’t even realize she had blasted through a red light prior to hitting him. After 6 weeks of thinking the car was never going to be fixed, today the insurance company decided we weren’t at fault and we’re getting our car fixed. It’s been a long road but again, at least he was ok. So glad Mr. Mock is fine and hopefully the check for that car will help ease him into the next one! Enjoy your massage/mani/lunch day…

  • ER

    So sorry Mr. Mock was in an accident, but glad he’s all right. Cars are replaceable. People, not so much! Stay safe and enjoy your day tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Victor

    I’m just glad Mr. Mock is OK.

  • Nancy

    That he is ok is the most important part. But it still sucks!

  • green eyed girl

    Considering what could have been, so grateful he is ok. Enjoy your weekend w/COTR friends!

  • Gyrene

    Scary…and so fortunate his guardian Angel was keeping an eye on him! Remember, just good times with your friends on Saturday…DO. NOT. STRESS! I know, easier said than done…

    Oh hey, are we going to have name tags??? If so, I hope everyone puts their posting name on them. Take care both of you and get some sleep! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Formerly jim

    Glad that Mr. Mock is OK. I hope it wasn’t the Happy Car that was involved.

    I had a sucky day too, though largely of my own doing. I decided to take a slow leisurely trip to Indy taking two days there and back. I was 150 miles into it this morning
    when I realized I had forgotten my passport. Indy just became 300 miles further away.

    See you all on Saturday

  • el pato

    Hope Mr mock is feeling better in the morning. He may feel sore and achy after totaling his car. You are right mock, the main thing is that he is o.k. The car can be replaced, he can’t. Best wishes to him. In the meantime, have a great time at the meet and greet. Wish I could go. _

  • Rachel

    So sorry for you and Mr. Mock (and his car)! I was rear-ended on the Westside about two months ago, and it turned into a nightmare. I was completely stopped and she hit me at 45 mph, so it was obviously her fault, but her insurance company still put up a horrible fight. It was ridiculous. I finally called my insurance company in to figure it out and got my car fixed. However, I actually wanted them to total my car because it’s a stupid two-door coupe that I bought when I was single and now I’m married with a kid and another on the way — it’s not exactly a car that’s built for two carseats. We were hoping to use the money from the totaled car to buy a van or SUV. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen so the two-door lives on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hatchetwoman

    I’m sorry to hear this, Mock, but you’re right — at least no one was hurt. I always figure if something relatively minor like this is how I pay my dues (so to speak), then so be it. Sort of, “If I had to have an accident, at least no one was hurt and I’m insured.” Prayers for continued safety for you and your family.

  • SunnyAZ

    Very scary! Glad Mr. Mock is O K. Have a great weekend.

  • Mockarena

    Gyrene – yes – there will be name tags! Will be printing them today! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Hoping for a better day today.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I’m sorry to hear this, Mock. I am so relieved Mr. Mock is ok, though. Try to relax some and enjoy your time with Daisy, and here’s a virtual hug until I can give you a real one on Saturday.


  • WakeUp

    Cars can be replaced, thank goodness Mr.Mock is ok!

  • Mamabear

    So glad he is ok. Everything else will work its self out in time. Definitely get those massages!

  • Hannah955

    Yowza, I just saw this! I’m so glad Mr. Mock is OK and I assume in time your insurance will replace the car?

    Hope the masssages and meet ‘n greet went great!

    BTW I dont know whose fault it was but one thing I was taught years ago is this – if the other party’s insurance rep asks your husband to record a statement – DON’T DO IT. They only want it so they can have his version of the events on record, lock him in, and use it against him. I know that here in California you are not legally required to record a statement, but YMMV in Indiana.