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Nope. Still Not Over It.

I’m still kind of morbidly fascinated by Ashley Judd’s conehead from this past weekend.  It’s just MINDBOGGLING to me that she saw this in the mirror and thought it was suitable to display in public.  This is simply the worst hair ever.

ANYWAY, sorry that posting has been so slow lately, y’all.  Once this weekend is over, and Daisy and I are recovered from our first ever COTR Meet and Greet, then stuff should get back to normal.

I’m sort of a big fat ball of nerves right now, just THINKING about the M&G tomorrow.  YIIIIIIIIKES!  Daisy’s taking Xanax, and I’m bringing a flask of bourbon.  Hopefully that’ll help.


So Today Sucked.

Mr. Mock was in a car accident today. He’s completely fine, and so is the woman who was in the other car. But Mr. Mock’s car? Totaled. And he’s only had it for like 5 months, and he really loved it, and so it’s just a huge bummer.

But he’s fine. And that’s what matters, and that’s what I keep telling him. But it still sucks that his car is totaled.

So anyway, today kind of sucked, and so I’m not in much of a mocky mood.

Tomorrow, I’m off to get ready for the COTR Meet and Greet, and I’m meeting Daisy for pedicures and lunch, so that will hopefully help erase the suckiness of today. And I’m thinking that Mr. Mock and I will go have massages in the morning too, so that he can have some suck-erasure too.

Anyway, there’s no appropriate photo to go with this post, so here’s hideous fashion.


I cannot even TELL you how many group chick photos I have, in which ALL of us are crouching. I have no idea why this happens, but it invariably does. And sometimes, I even comment immediately after the camera crouch when I’m chimping the photos to see how they turned out, “WHY ARE WE ALL CROUCHING?!?” And no one knows. It’s just what we do.

And since I know NO ONE in this photo, I’m kind of relieved, frankly, to learn that it’s not just groups of girls I’m with who do this. It appears to be a universal chick phenomenon.

Chick Camera Crouch. Do you do this?

This Was Me, In Every Math Class I Ever Took Ever.


But hilarious.

Your Tuesday Interesting Factoid

This Is The Best Gingerbread Man Pun You Will Ever See Ever.

Thank You But No

I can wait a year or two before upgrading to something that allows me to text dragonheads on plates.


I hope SO MUCH that this is an actress, and that there is no one this completely stupid, in actual existence, breathing the same air that I do.

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