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Today’s Horribly Awesome Pun

This Is, Without Question…

…the world’s largest human throat.

WARNING: Language

And not just the cursing kind. This is bad language in every possible sense.


My heart is SO FULL.

Sunday. Punday.

A Little Something For The Men Folk


This Is Why We’re Doomed

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video of a regular dude who pranks NYC successfully. It’s hilarious, but also incredibly depressing, because THIS is how celebrity-obsessed America is. And I’m not saying that to be above it all, because if I saw Robbie Williams or Victoria Beckham walking down the street I would LUNGE at them. But I would NOT lunge at a person I didn’t know, and then proceed to tell interviewers how awesome they are in movies/on the radio OMG.

This Girl…

…is obviously very hungry.

This Is, Without Question, The Worst Riddle In The World.

It doesn’t help that it’s being told by a creepy eel.

Good Morning!

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