How Often Do You See This On Your Screen?

I swear, I get these popups like EVERY OTHER DAY.  We get it, Adobe.  You love updates OMG.

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  • Rachel

    YES! I finally updated my Adobe Flash today because I got tired of seeing the stupid pop-ups (I usually ignore them).

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    UGH. I see that a lot too. I also see this one, which I HATE:

  • SunnyAZ

    Drives me nuts!

  • janice

    Mock for Adobe Acrobat Reader or Pro:

    Edit>preferences>Updates (or updater in Reader)> Set option to do not automatically download or install updates. Poof, this stops.

    On the Adobe Flash Player download – there is an option on the install box to “do not automatically notify me of updates” and you can turn this off. However, since without Flash you’ll eventually end up with red x’s for images on the web, you might want to keep that one up to date.

    As for the Windows Updates, for XP – right click My Computer, go to properties, click the auto updates tab, and you can choose how you want them to update. Keep in mind these are critical patches from MS addressing vulnerabilities in Windows – so if you get out of date your computer is more at risk to certain viruses.

    In Windows 7 – Start>search – “Update”, in results select Windows updates. Left pane choose Important Updates. Under Recommended updates you can make your choices there.

  • rkwhyte2

    Janice, Good set of instructions for those who didn’t already know these things. One point while it may be inconvenient keeping the flash updated I really believe it is worthwhile. Many bad things to be found on the net lately and one of the favorite ways into your system is through flash. Keeping it updated helps to stop the bad guys from getting a foothold in your computer and then letting all of their friends in. I manage a medium sized network and while it is a pain we find it easier than having to clean up or rebuild a machine.

  • WingMan

    This might answer things.